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In-Depth Series: general

  • Number of episodes: 1941
  • Open/closed: open
  • Date of earliest show: 2007-12-31
  • Date of latest show: 2023-03-29
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hpr3823 :: Gitlab Pages for website hosting hosted by norrist

2023-03-29. 00:26:00. Clean.
Three examples of using Gitlab's CICD to generate a website.

hpr3822 :: A tale of wonder, angst and woe hosted by Bookewyrmm

2023-03-28. 00:08:46. Clean.
Dissecting a COVID watch issued by Hong Kong Department of Health

hpr3821 :: The Oh No! News. hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

2023-03-27. 00:13:17. Clean.
Oh No! News, is Good News.

hpr3820 :: Introduction to Gaming hosted by Ahuka

2023-03-24. 00:16:31. Clean.
How I first got started with Computer Strategy Games

hpr3819 :: Remapping Mouse Buttons with XBindKeys on Linux hosted by Jon Kulp

2023-03-23. 00:10:00. Clean.
I explain how I assigned different functions to the spare buttons on my trackball mice.

hpr3818 :: nop test redux hosted by Brian in Ohio

2023-03-22. 00:09:31. Clean.
A better nop test

hpr3817 :: The Oh No! News. hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

2023-03-21. 00:11:40. Clean.
Oh No! News, is Good News.

hpr3815 :: The UNIVAC Uniscope - The first terminal with a video monitor hosted by Deltaray

2023-03-17. 00:39:05. Clean.
Hear about the Uniscope 300 mainframe terminal from 1964.

hpr3812 :: PeePaw's computer does nothing hosted by Brian in Ohio

2023-03-14. 00:25:27. Clean.
a z80 nop test

hpr3808 :: Funkwhale A social platform to enjoy and share music hosted by Ken Fallon

2023-03-08. 01:00:50. Clean.
Ken interviews Ciarán Ainsworth about Funkwhale that lets you listen and share music and audio

hpr3807 :: PeePaw builds a computer hosted by Brian in Ohio

2023-03-07. 00:34:00. Clean.
Brian starts the process of building an 8 bit retro computer

hpr3805 :: Document File Formats on Wikipedia hosted by Archer72

2023-03-03. 00:12:16. Clean.
Document File Format - a continuation of Content Format

hpr3803 :: Chatbot hallucination hosted by dnt

2023-03-01. 00:06:47. Explicit.
The inevitable show featuring a segment written by the chatbot ChatGPT.

hpr3802 :: Attack of the Squishmallow hosted by Rho`n

2023-02-28. 01:36:49. Clean.
Rho`n records replacing the screen to a MacBook Pro

hpr3801 :: Enter the gopher hosted by screwtape

2023-02-27. 00:13:42. Clean.
Participating in the gopher internet protocol

hpr3799 :: My home router history hosted by norrist

2023-02-23. 00:32:01. Clean.
Recent router maintenance makes me remember all the fun I've had with my home network router

hpr3797 :: How to submit changes to HPR hosted by Ken Fallon

2023-02-21. 00:31:35. Clean.
rho_n shows Ken how to submit changes to the new HPR static site.

hpr3796 :: Dependent Types hosted by David Thrane Christiansen

2023-02-20. 00:08:28. Clean.
A quick taste of programming with dependent types

hpr3794 :: Retro Karaoke machine restored hosted by Archer72

2023-02-16. 00:08:11. Clean.
I fix the cassette tape mechanism to a resale shop karaoke machine

hpr3793 :: RE: Zen_Floater2 hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

2023-02-15. 00:18:47. Explicit.
GOD probably will use a Chromebook.

hpr3792 :: Learning to read music, part one hosted by enistello

2023-02-14. 00:23:24. Clean.
In which we learn to read music by going for a walk

hpr3789 :: Common lisp portable games including acl2 formal logic hosted by screwtape

2023-02-09. 00:53:40. Clean.
Describing exploratory libre common lisp portable games I am using acl2 formal methods in modules of

hpr3788 :: Nitecore Tube torch hosted by Dave Morriss

2023-02-08. 00:06:37. Explicit.
I have owned one of these for many years and find it very useful

hpr3787 :: It shouldn't crackle like that hosted by Rho`n

2023-02-07. 00:09:44. Clean.
Rho`n describes fixing the wiring to a ceramic Christmas tree

hpr3783 :: Accessibility, and Navigating the HPR Web Pages with a Screen Reader hosted by Mike Ray

2023-02-01. 00:21:44. Explicit.
Mike puts the HPR Web Site to the test.

hpr3782 :: Content Format article from Wikipedia hosted by Archer72

2023-01-31. 00:05:00. Clean.
Wikipedia article on the various types of content formats

hpr3781 :: The Joule Thief hosted by Andrew Conway

2023-01-30. 00:13:11. Clean.
Using the Joule Thief to suck energy out of flat batteries

hpr3779 :: Just Because You Can Do a Thing... hosted by Trey

2023-01-26. 00:03:18. Clean.
Just because you can do a thing, does that mean you should?

hpr3778 :: A Squirrel Beeing on Google Products and Google Security hosted by Zen_Floater2

2023-01-25. 00:20:23. Explicit.
I made a 'beeing" podcast about Google products, interoperability and their lousy security

hpr3777 :: Running Haiku on Bhyve, the BSD Hypervisor hosted by Claudio Miranda

2023-01-24. 00:08:51. Clean.
Claudio talks about installing and running Haiku R1/beta4 on Bhyve

hpr3776 :: A linux distro review hosted by Bookewyrmm

2023-01-23. 00:09:32. Clean.
A linux distro review

hpr3775 :: Emergency Show posted in 2014. How to make a punch-card computer hosted by Mike Ray

2023-01-20. 00:14:10. Clean.
How to make a punch-card computer from stuff from the kitchen

hpr3774 :: Emergency Show posted in 2014. Chump Car Report hosted by David Whitman

2023-01-19. 00:25:00. Explicit.
The racing series for $500 cars.

hpr3773 :: My Public Speaking Rules hosted by Mike Ray

2023-01-18. 00:17:35. Explicit.
Some tips on public speaking for technical talks or lectures.

hpr3772 :: Adventures with a small solar panel hosted by Andrew Conway

2023-01-17. 00:27:43. Clean.
I have a look at a cheap solar panel and learn a bit about how it works, and doesn't work.

hpr3771 :: How I eliminated pain naturally hosted by Paul Quirk

2023-01-16. 00:19:46. Clean.
I describe how I managed to eliminate pain from carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis.

hpr3768 :: Jeep Ignition Repair hosted by Stache_AF

2023-01-11. 00:10:31. Clean.
Replacing ignition on my 1999 Jeep Wrangler

hpr3767 :: LP article from Wikipedia hosted by Archer72

2023-01-10. 00:42:41. Explicit.
LP article from Wikipedia about the long playing vinyl record and its history.

hpr3766 :: ACER Nitro 5 laptop review hosted by Bookewyrmm

2023-01-09. 00:09:48. Clean.
ACER Nitro 5 laptop review

hpr3764 :: My text-focused journey into tech hosted by enistello

2023-01-05. 00:19:11. Clean.
My journey into technology covering some of the prose-writing technology I've used along the way.

hpr3763 :: The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon hosted by Mike Ray

2023-01-04. 00:12:47. Explicit.
A look into this psychological phenomenon

hpr3762 :: Existence is pain hosted by operat0r

2023-01-03. 00:22:09. Explicit.
RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome and ergonomics

hpr3759 :: Chatting with dnt. hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

2022-12-29. 00:43:49. Clean.
Small talk on SBCs and free software.

hpr3758 :: First sysadmin job - war story hosted by norrist

2022-12-28. 00:28:05. Clean.
How I got my first job as a sysadmin and a story about NFS

hpr3757 :: Career changes. hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

2022-12-27. 00:27:05. Clean.
Chatting about recent career changes

hpr3756 :: Verify yourself on Mastodon with PGP and Keyoxide hosted by Klaatu

2022-12-26. 00:32:20. Clean.
Verify your Mastodon account using GnuPG and

hpr3755 :: Synergy over ssh hosted by Ken Fallon

2022-12-23. 00:24:55. Clean.
Control your other PC securely using synergy over ssh

hpr3754 :: GOD probably will use a Chromebook hosted by Zen_Floater2

2022-12-22. 00:37:30. Explicit.
A Squirrels Rebuttal of GNU World Order episode 489 Cloud Services

hpr3753 :: Some thoughts on "Numeronyms" hosted by Dave Morriss

2022-12-21. 00:11:56. Explicit.
AKA alphanumeric acronyms, alphanumeric abbreviations, or numerical contractions

hpr3752 :: It only took me 2 years to record using some 'new' hardware hosted by Jezra

2022-12-20. 00:09:42. Clean.
the why and what of some new recording hardware

hpr3751 :: Using Noisetorch hosted by Deltaray

2022-12-19. 00:07:07. Clean.
Noisetorch is a program for Linux that creates a virtual microphone that removes background sounds.

hpr3749 :: Making your own parts hosted by Deltaray

2022-12-15. 00:14:15. Clean.
3D printers are useful for making your own custom parts and I talk about the parts I've made.

hpr3748 :: The Squirrels gift to HPR hosted by Zen_Floater2

2022-12-14. 00:09:29. Explicit.
The Squirrels have modified Bash Podder to do something different

hpr3747 :: Twitter and Dinner with the Humans hosted by Zen_Floater2

2022-12-13. 00:26:54. Explicit.
I talk about Twitter after dinner with some Humans

hpr3746 :: Cpuinfo hosted by Klaatu

2022-12-12. 00:14:54. Clean.
How to get CPU info on Linux

hpr3745 :: Pinecil walkthrough hosted by Archer72

2022-12-09. 00:08:45. Clean.
Details of the Pinecil soldering iron menu with a secret menu

hpr3744 :: Advent of code Day 1 - 4 hosted by Daniel Persson

2022-12-08. 00:05:08. Clean.
Talking about my experience of advent of code so far

hpr3743 :: HPR News hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

2022-12-07. 00:09:35. Clean.
News for the Community, by the Community.

hpr3739 :: Multipactors for the masses. hosted by one_of_spoons

2022-12-01. 00:26:27. Explicit.
Seemingly advanced artefacts of one's locale are tangled whims upon exponential inspiration.

hpr3738 :: Intro to KMyMoney hosted by Kinghezy

2022-11-30. 00:03:02. Clean.
Brief Intro to KMyMoney on KDE

hpr3737 :: Review of KOBO Libra H20 e-reader hosted by Rho`n

2022-11-29. 00:11:48. Clean.
Rho`n talks about his new KOBO Libra H20 e-reader

hpr3736 :: Metasyntactic words hosted by Klaatu

2022-11-28. 00:11:43. Clean.
Blah blah blah (literally)

hpr3734 :: Inetd: the internet super-server hosted by binrc

2022-11-24. 00:16:48. Explicit.
I talk about inetd and give an example of how to write a service for it

hpr3733 :: Smite hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

2022-11-23. 00:28:58. Explicit.
The battleground of the gods.

hpr3732 :: My experience owning an Atari Jaguar hosted by m0dese7en

2022-11-22. 00:32:56. Clean.
I talk about my experience with the Atari Jaguar and Jaguar CD

hpr3731 :: Speech recognition in Kdenlive hosted by dnt

2022-11-21. 00:05:32. Clean.
A brief description of how you can use speech recognition to transcribe your clips in Kdenlive

hpr3729 :: Contributing to SuperTuxKart hosted by Celeste

2022-11-17. 00:15:14. Explicit.
Explaining the workflow to contribute to this foss game with media assets

hpr3728 :: Pinebook Pro review hosted by binrc

2022-11-16. 00:48:37. Explicit.
I talk about the Pinebook Pro (and bricking various other arm devices)

hpr3727 :: Expanding your filesystem with LVM hosted by Rho`n

2022-11-15. 00:24:40. Clean.
Rho`n describes adding a new hard drive to his work computer and expanding its filesystem

hpr3725 :: How to use OSMAnd with Public Transport hosted by Ken Fallon

2022-11-11. 00:02:04. Clean.
Ken shows you how to use this mapping tool to display transit routes in your area.

hpr3724 :: My top Android apps hosted by Archer72

2022-11-10. 00:09:39. Clean.
I walk through the top apps on my phone

hpr3723 :: HPR News hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

2022-11-09. 00:12:02. Clean.
News for the Community, by the Community.

hpr3719 :: HPR News hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

2022-11-03. 00:09:54. Clean.
InfoSec; the language of security.

hpr3717 :: Video editing with Shotcut on a low end PC hosted by MrX

2022-11-01. 00:11:35. Clean.
In this episode I explain how I use the shotcut video editor to edit video on a low end PC.

hpr3715 :: Secret hat conversations, Part 2. hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

2022-10-28. 01:04:59. Explicit.
Twin Tin Hats, feat. archer72.

hpr3714 :: The News with Some Guy On the Internet hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

2022-10-27. 00:10:09. Clean.
Threat Analysis

hpr3712 :: The last ever Show hosted by Team

2022-10-25. 01:35:56. Clean.
The team talk about the nearly 12 years of producing

hpr3711 :: Cars hosted by Zen_Floater2

2022-10-24. 00:34:02. Clean.
A short review of Cars today

hpr3709 :: Relationships to games and console generations hosted by m0dese7en

2022-10-20. 00:09:28. Clean.
Some ramblings about what next generation consoles used to mean to games, gamers and game developers

hpr3708 :: Insomnia as a Hobby hosted by TrumpetJohn

2022-10-19. 00:07:46. Clean.
Fighting insomnia? Enjoy it...with a few tricks!

hpr3707 :: Recovering a Massive 3.5 HP Electric Motor from a Treadmill hosted by Mechatroniac

2022-10-18. 00:16:46. Explicit.
Retrieval of future robot parts in the field

hpr3705 :: The Year of the FreeBSD Desktop hosted by binrc

2022-10-14. 01:09:15. Explicit.
I talk about configuring FreeBSD as a desktop OS and give tips for those coming from Linux

hpr3704 :: Follow up to hpr3685 :: Budget and an Android app hosted by Archer72

2022-10-13. 00:01:44. Clean.
I add a calendar to the budget spreadsheet in LibreOffice

hpr3703 :: McCurdy House Tour hosted by operat0r

2022-10-12. 00:12:47. Explicit.
operat0r brings us on a House Tour

hpr3702 :: Easter Ogg hosted by Dave Morriss

2022-10-11. 01:02:02. Explicit.
From Scotland, another chat between MrX and Dave Morriss

hpr3701 :: ReiserFS - the file system of the future hosted by Paul J

2022-10-10. 00:19:31. Clean.
The history and future of ReiserFS, its involvement with DARPA, a sordid murder and Kernel politics

hpr3699 :: Old and new videogames/board games with guest binrc hosted by Celeste

2022-10-06. 00:42:32. Explicit.
We will dive into our favorite games or others with interesting mechanics.

hpr3698 :: Spectrogram hosted by Klaatu

2022-10-05. 00:15:49. Clean.
Edit audio as a spectrogram

hpr3695 :: How I watch youtube with newsboat hosted by binrc

2022-09-30. 00:11:03. Explicit.
Using youtube's channel RSS feeds to watch youtube from the command line

hpr3694 :: Robo Tripping Ravelords of the Apocalypse hosted by Mechatroniac

2022-09-29. 00:10:16. Clean.
Organic Synthesis of Human and Machine Occurs Post Cosmic Event

hpr3693 :: Fixing the automatic cutoff mechanism to an electric mower hosted by Rho`n

2022-09-28. 00:04:34. Clean.
Rho`n describes fixing the safety mechanism to his electric mower

hpr3691 :: the best prompt I don't use hosted by Klaatu

2022-09-26. 00:25:29. Clean.
Bash prompts

hpr3686 :: Followup for HPR3675: Clarifications on the path traversal bug hosted by binrc

2022-09-19. 00:38:55. Explicit.
installing a plan 9 cpu+web server, namespaces to the rescue, web app security models and more

hpr3685 :: Budget and an Android app hosted by Archer72

2022-09-16. 00:02:02. Clean.
Zoho docs for budgeting

hpr3684 :: Wake on Lan hosted by JWP

2022-09-15. 00:10:02. Clean.
Wake on Lan mother board feature

hpr3683 :: Add a favourite to OSMAnd hosted by Ken Fallon

2022-09-14. 00:01:37. Clean.
Ken keeps forgetting how to add a favourite to OSMAnd

hpr3675 :: Plan 9: An exercise in futility hosted by binrc

2022-09-02. 01:19:31. Explicit.
I talk about the design of Plan 9 and how I use it

hpr3674 :: Emergency Show posted in 2012. MUD hosted by Klaatu

2022-09-01. 00:20:41. Clean.
In today's show klaatu drags us through the mud with his somewhat belated descovery.

hpr3671 :: Response to Episode 3655, "BSD for Linux Users" hosted by Claudio Miranda

2022-08-29. 00:11:14. Explicit.
Claudio responds to binrc's episode on BSD for Linux Users and rambles on about other BSD stuff.

hpr3665 :: UNIX Is Sublime hosted by binrc

2022-08-19. 00:59:46. Explicit.
I talk about all of the reasons I love UNIX

hpr3664 :: Secret hat conversations hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

2022-08-18. 00:17:50. Explicit.
You'll need your tin hat for this one.

hpr3659 :: Developing an HPR static site generator hosted by Rho`n

2022-08-11. 00:11:13. Clean.
Rho`n describes his approach to developing a static site generator for HPR

hpr3657 :: Small time sysadmin hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

2022-08-09. 00:26:08. Clean.
How I maintain my Linux Box, Part One.

hpr3656 :: Importance of Small toy projects hosted by norrist

2022-08-08. 00:19:09. Clean.
Toy projects are a great way to learn a new language, and a project I did just for fun.

hpr3655 :: BSD for Linux users hosted by binrc

2022-08-05. 01:07:53. Explicit.
I attempt to explain the wacky and wonderful world of BSD in a Linux friendly way

hpr3654 :: Use the data in the Ogg feed to create a website. hosted by norrist

2022-08-04. 00:13:27. Clean.
How much of of site can I make using only the data from the feed?

hpr3653 :: Hello HPR Community hosted by Stache_AF

2022-08-03. 00:00:53. Clean.
Introducing myself to the HPR community

hpr3652 :: Registered memory hosted by JWP

2022-08-02. 00:11:30. Clean.
Not to be confused with ECC memory, although memory modules often use both technologies.

hpr3648 :: A response to tomorrows show hosted by Ken Fallon

2022-07-27. 00:28:02. Explicit.
Ken brings the DeLorean up to 141.6Kph to address monochromec's comment on stats

hpr3647 :: Weekend projects hosted by Rho`n

2022-07-26. 00:16:44. Clean.
Rho`n rambles about some weekend projects

hpr3646 :: arm, slackware, forth oh my! hosted by Brian in Ohio

2022-07-25. 00:13:54. Clean.
a description of a laptop

hpr3643 :: My computing history and the software I use hosted by binrc

2022-07-20. 00:55:45. Explicit.
Rambling about my computing history and tech stack.

hpr3642 :: Interview with a Hacker: Vitaliy hosted by operat0r

2022-07-19. 01:39:14. Explicit.
We go back ... WAY BACK to golden days of hacking

hpr3641 :: Turntable audio capture Part 2 hosted by Archer72

2022-07-18. 00:05:54. Clean.
I revise previous capture scripts

hpr3638 :: Ken drops a bear on his android phone hosted by Ken Fallon

2022-07-13. 00:05:16. Clean.
How to enable sftp using a sshd server on android/lineageos

hpr3637 :: HPR feed to Sqlite hosted by norrist

2022-07-12. 00:07:34. Clean.
First step in creating a static copy of HPR

hpr3634 :: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About PEX Part 05 - PEX and the Single Installer hosted by Trey

2022-07-07. 00:27:47. Clean.
My PEX installation experience part 2

hpr3633 :: The collective history of RAID controller brands hosted by JWP

2022-07-06. 00:13:41. Clean.
Computer memory is a generic term for all of the different types of data storage technology that a c

hpr3628 :: Building a Mobile Computer Battlestation: Extended Power Supply hosted by Mechatroniac

2022-06-29. 00:20:35. Clean.
Mobile computer Battlestation part 1; 16 cell power supply and BMS

hpr3624 :: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About PEX Parts 3 & 4 hosted by Trey

2022-06-23. 00:13:36. Clean.
Discusses plumbing code and installation

hpr3616 :: Filling free Slots from the Reserve Queue hosted by Dave Morriss

2022-06-13. 00:14:59. Explicit.
You can now submit shows to the Reserve Queue for when free slots are not filled on time.

hpr3615 :: I am a troll and I'm trolling HPR, trolling HPR, trolling HPR. hosted by Ken Fallon

2022-06-10. 00:26:48. Explicit.
We got trolled and what we're going to do about it.

hpr3614 :: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About PEX Part 02- The Joy of PEX - What is it and how is it us hosted by Trey

2022-06-09. 00:13:58. Clean.
Information about PEX and how it is used

hpr3613 :: Man buys cheap Adirondack chair hosted by dnt

2022-06-08. 00:07:33. Clean.
An anecdote about buying a cheap lawn chair and trying to get a part replaced.

hpr3606 :: Infinity is just a big number and other proofs hosted by Ken Fallon

2022-05-30. 00:09:21. Clean.
Ken proves Mathematically that programming is not easier with maths.

hpr3605 :: Aspire-ing to use 13 year hardware hosted by Archer72

2022-05-27. 00:08:22. Clean.
Part 2 of using Slackware on the old netbook

hpr3604 :: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About PEX Part 01- Let's Talk About PEX - Introduction hosted by Trey

2022-05-26. 00:13:02. Clean.
Introduction to PEX

hpr3602 :: Hacker Stories April 20 22 hosted by operat0r

2022-05-24. 00:26:01. Explicit.
origin story and trouble in school

hpr3601 :: Re: The Worst Car I Ever Had hosted by Dave Morriss

2022-05-23. 00:05:56. Explicit.
In the 1980's, out of ignorance, I bought a real dud of a car

hpr3598 :: Slackware 15 - 32 bit Operating System from day one. hosted by Zen_Floater2

2022-05-18. 01:02:36. Explicit.
The PRO's of using a Slackware 32 bit operating system

hpr3594 :: Peely-wally in Edinburgh hosted by Dave Morriss

2022-05-12. 01:07:37. Explicit.
MrX and Dave Morriss chatting about this and that

hpr3593 :: Home office setup mouse shoulder and Auto Hot Key Scripts hosted by operat0r

2022-05-11. 00:22:51. Clean.
I talk about my issues and solutions for desk ergonomics

hpr3592 :: A quick look at the Surface pro X hosted by knightwise

2022-05-10. 00:23:00. Clean.
Knightwise gives a quick overview of 3 months on the Surface pro X

hpr3591 :: Small Flashlights hosted by JWP

2022-05-09. 00:11:15. Clean.
Stuff that goes in your pocket

hpr3589 :: Sample of my microphones hosted by Archer72

2022-05-05. 00:07:14. Clean.
Microphones I have around the apartment

hpr3587 :: 20220406_UDM hosted by operat0r

2022-05-03. 00:12:46. Explicit.
I talk about my Home Router U D M from ubiquity

hpr3585 :: Freedom of speech in open source, Part 2. hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

2022-04-29. 00:13:13. Clean.
Freedom has a cost.

hpr3584 :: The collective history of RAID controller brands hosted by JWP

2022-04-28. 00:17:54. Clean.
The story of Raid cards 1999 to present

hpr3583 :: takov751 and dnt talk about browsers hosted by dnt

2022-04-27. 00:07:53. Explicit.
After episode 3543, some messages were exchanged

hpr3581 :: My daily Linux driver. hosted by knightwise

2022-04-25. 00:22:56. Clean.
Knightwise talks about the Linux system he uses as a daily driver.

hpr3579 :: PINN is not NOOBS hosted by Archer72

2022-04-21. 00:10:50. Clean.
Multibooting raspberry pi

hpr3576 :: First impressions of Ubuntu 22.04 as a daily driver. hosted by knightwise

2022-04-18. 00:23:00. Clean.
Knightwise gives his first impressions on the latest LTS release of Ubuntu

hpr3575 :: An Edinburgh Blether hosted by Dave Morriss

2022-04-15. 01:02:04. Explicit.
MrX and Dave Morriss catching up after nearly a year

hpr3572 :: More about NVMe hosted by JWP

2022-04-12. 00:19:02. Clean.
Who what when and were of NVMe

hpr3571 :: The Meatball Mystery hosted by Windigo

2022-04-11. 00:08:32. Explicit.
A naming oddity leads to questions about geneaology and American history

hpr3568 :: PopKorn Episode 2: Programming, Mathematics, and Asymmetric Literacy hosted by BlacKernel

2022-04-06. 00:14:59. Clean.
in This episOde, blackeRnel Tries to help yoU undeRstand Enough about math and programming

hpr3567 :: What is NVMeâ„¢ and why is it important? hosted by JWP

2022-04-05. 00:17:00. Clean.
A short Podcast about NVMe how it works and it is good

hpr3565 :: Heavy Hacking down in the quarry. hosted by timttmy

2022-04-01. 00:07:48. Clean.
How to adjust a toggle plate on a MOBICAT MC 120 PRO Jaw Crusher

hpr3564 :: Removing EXIF data from an image hosted by Dave Morriss

2022-03-31. 00:12:25. Explicit.
An image might reveal data you want to keep private

hpr3561 :: Employment security hosted by Archer72

2022-03-28. 00:06:50. Clean.
Phone system for the state of Illinois

hpr3557 :: A short story about Lenovo and laptop batteries hosted by folky

2022-03-22. 00:09:40. Clean.
How Lenovo is spicing up the life of their user with strange challenges

hpr3556 :: TTS for HPR hosted by takov751

2022-03-21. 00:03:46. Clean.
Few voice samples to swap espeak TTS in HPR intro

hpr3555 :: PopKorn Episode 1: The Fallacy of the Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the ETC hosted by BlacKernel

2022-03-18. 00:16:09. Explicit.
BlacKernel tries talking off the cuff with mixed results

hpr3554 :: Guide to the Science and Technology Section of Bitchute hosted by Mechatroniac

2022-03-17. 00:12:55. Explicit.
Guide to some cool science and tech channels on Bitchute

hpr3552 :: Unboxing a PineTime development kit hosted by Rho`n

2022-03-15. 00:28:04. Clean.
Rho`n talks about his new PineTime smart watch development kit

hpr3544 :: All my microphones hosted by Andrew Conway

2022-03-03. 00:10:55. Explicit.
A show recording using every microphone I had to hand.

hpr3543 :: Idle thoughts on web browsers hosted by dnt

2022-03-02. 00:07:56. Explicit.
and a call for your own on the same

hpr3542 :: The Worst Car I Ever Had hosted by Beeza

2022-03-01. 00:10:51. Clean.
Beeza releases 30 years of frustration about a particularly dreadful car he once owned.

hpr3541 :: The case of missing ideas. hosted by one_of_spoons

2022-02-28. 00:15:40. Explicit.
With negotiation painful barely legible robotic voices will develop into beautiful expressive music

hpr3538 :: Installing the Tenacity audio editor hosted by Archer72

2022-02-23. 00:04:32. Clean.
Installing Tenacity, and the reasons behind the fork.

hpr3537 :: getting to blinky with flashforth hosted by Brian in Ohio

2022-02-22. 00:28:28. Clean.
making an arduino board useful

hpr3536 :: Laptop power problems hosted by Andrew Conway

2022-02-21. 00:23:18. Clean.
This is a story of a laptop with two power problems.

hpr3535 :: template Haskell hosted by tuturto

2022-02-18. 00:47:29. Clean.
turturto talks how she's using template Haskell to cut down amount of code she writes

hpr3534 :: Vernier caliper hosted by Ken Fallon

2022-02-17. 00:08:39. Clean.
Ken recommends a very useful tool for measuring stuff

hpr3533 :: Porridge hosted by dnt

2022-02-16. 00:29:01. Clean.
A show about porridge

hpr3532 :: Self-hosting in small scale E0: Disclaimer and general idea hosted by takov751

2022-02-15. 00:09:05. Clean.
This ep is just explanation of the general idea and introducing useful communities around the topic

hpr3531 :: Barrier: Software KVM hosted by Windigo

2022-02-14. 00:17:19. Clean.
A brief inroduction to the Barrier software KVM

hpr3528 :: Slackware on a netbook hosted by Archer72

2022-02-09. 00:05:46. Clean.
A response show to HPR3512

hpr3527 :: My gEeeky Experiment - Part 3 hosted by Claudio Miranda

2022-02-08. 00:13:36. Clean.
Claudio talks about how he upgraded the SSD on his Asus Eee PC 901 netbook.

hpr3524 :: Wheels Addendum - How to Reliably Attach Wheels to PAR Robot Platform hosted by Mechatroniac

2022-02-03. 00:06:33. Clean.
The most difficult part of Post Apocalyptic Robotics - how to keep the wheels on

hpr3523 :: The Compose key hosted by dnt

2022-02-02. 00:06:46. Clean.
What is the compose key, and how to set it up on X, GNOME and Windows.

hpr3522 :: Set up your Robot Building Lab and build a $0 Robot Platform hosted by Mechatroniac

2022-02-01. 00:26:20. Explicit.
Ep 1 of Robot Warlords of the Apocalypse, build a free robot platform/crash buggy from old printers

hpr3517 :: Hp stream laptop with Lubuntu 20.04 hosted by JWP

2022-01-25. 00:37:37. Clean.
Laptop update

hpr3515 :: ADB and scrcpy hosted by Ken Fallon

2022-01-21. 00:09:25. Clean.
Some useful tools for working with Android Devices

hpr3514 :: Hacking Stories: Soft Drink hosted by operat0r

2022-01-20. 00:21:10. Explicit.
I talk about old pentest stories

hpr3513 :: HB9HNT and PA7KEN on SOTA, Summits on the Air hosted by beni

2022-01-19. 00:43:15. Explicit.
Summits on the Air is the combination of mountain climbing and amateur radio

hpr3512 :: Auld Acquaintance hosted by Jezra

2022-01-18. 00:10:59. Clean.
flappin gums aboot auld hardware and how I use it.

hpr3507 :: USB Turntable fix and sound journey hosted by Archer72

2022-01-11. 00:08:48. Clean.
USB Turntable fix and sound journey with arecord, asound and ffmpeg

hpr3506 :: HPR CONTEST 2022 01 hosted by operat0r

2022-01-10. 00:01:59. Explicit.
I give away 50$ prize !

hpr3504 :: James Webb Space Telescope hosted by Dave Morriss

2022-01-06. 00:45:18. Explicit.
Andrew and Dave watch the launch of the JWST

hpr3503 :: Configuring Mumble hosted by Ken Fallon

2022-01-05. 00:15:06. Clean.
In this episode we will show you how to connect to the HPR Community Room on Mumble.

hpr3502 :: New year Greetings and a short review of my new Juno PC hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

2022-01-04. 00:04:51. Clean.
I just ramble for a few minutes about my new Juno PC

hpr3499 :: Fixing a noisy blower motor hosted by Archer72

2021-12-30. 00:04:24. Clean.
I fix a noisy blower motor that I put off since last winter.

hpr3497 :: Jankilators. hosted by one_of_spoons

2021-12-28. 00:21:15. Explicit.
Follow the wail of the janky scissor monster into the muddy flux of headtorch borderlands.

hpr3496 :: How I record HPR Episodes hosted by norrist

2021-12-27. 00:28:27. Clean.
Some python to record short segments of audio.

hpr3494 :: Recent Generator Repairs and Maintenance hosted by Jon Kulp

2021-12-23. 00:18:00. Clean.
I talk about my Generac 4000XL gasoline-powered generator and what I've done to get it running right

hpr3493 :: My First Spanish HPR Episode hosted by Claudio Miranda

2021-12-22. 00:05:02. Clean.
A short Spanish episode inspired by discussions about non-English episodes on the HPR mailing list.

hpr3491 :: My Github and flickmetrix hosted by operat0r

2021-12-20. 00:25:53. Explicit.
Bear with me as I go though my github over the past year some real gems in here

hpr3487 :: Installing a cat door hosted by Rho`n

2021-12-14. 00:24:06. Clean.
Rho`n installs a cat door in his interior basement door

hpr3485 :: 50 years since the 1st Edition of Unix was published hosted by Ken Fallon

2021-12-10. 00:12:27. Explicit.
Ken (Fallon not Thompson) checks his unix like computer to see how many commands still exist.

hpr3483 :: Pinephone64 review hosted by sigflup

2021-12-08. 00:09:23. Clean.
Sigflup got a pinephone and wants to talk about it.

hpr3482 :: Introduction to Post Apocalyptic Robotics Meta Technology hosted by Mechatroniac

2021-12-07. 00:13:30. Explicit.
Building robots from junk parts and tech prepping

hpr3478 :: Audio Wiring Hack on a Classroom Podium hosted by Jon Kulp

2021-12-01. 00:18:13. Clean.
Listen in while I hack the wiring on our classroom podium for custom audio routing.

hpr3477 :: Picking a Forth hosted by Brian in Ohio

2021-11-30. 00:21:53. Clean.
Available forths, old and new

hpr3475 :: How I Watch Everything Using Open Source Software hosted by minnix

2021-11-26. 00:14:38. Clean.
Using Libreelec, Kodi, a tuner, and a Raspberry Pi to create a great media center

hpr3474 :: H P R and Audio Fun hosted by operat0r

2021-11-25. 00:11:11. Explicit.
Comments on show and audio processing

hpr3471 :: The Sony Walkman WM-F41 hosted by Jon Kulp

2021-11-22. 00:08:51. Clean.
A quick talk about one of my favorite Legacy Audio devices, a genuine Sony FM/AM cassette Walkman.

hpr3468 :: Distro upgrade intervals on my Raspberry Pi hosted by MrX

2021-11-17. 00:13:06. Explicit.
In this episode I discuss Debian distro upgrade intervals for my raspberry Pi

hpr3467 :: Protonmail in the terminal hosted by dnt

2021-11-16. 00:37:42. Explicit.
One way of doing Protonmail in the terminal.

hpr3466 :: Why HPR has less downloads hosted by JWP

2021-11-15. 00:09:11. Clean.
A short summary on why podcast listening might be on decline.

hpr3465 :: Walmart Onn 7 inch tablet gen 2 hosted by JWP

2021-11-12. 00:14:23. Clean.
Podcast about a new Android go Tablet I purchased

hpr3464 :: Being irrational hosted by Andrew Conway

2021-11-11. 00:12:57. Clean.
Being irrational is rational.

hpr3463 :: Clonezilla: A backup story hosted by Rho`n

2021-11-10. 00:34:06. Clean.
Rho`n walks through the process of backing up his laptop with Clonezilla

hpr3462 :: Metal marbles. hosted by one_of_spoons

2021-11-09. 00:10:18. Explicit.
Introduction of new host, with reference to semantic playgrounds.

hpr3458 :: Living in the Terminal 2: The Obligatory Sequel hosted by BlacKernel

2021-11-03. 01:00:48. Explicit.
A very tired BlacKernel tries to handle feedback from the previous episode

hpr3455 :: Podcast Recommendation: IBM and Quantum computing hosted by Archer72

2021-10-29. 00:03:13. Clean.
Highlights of a podcast from Moore's Lobby

hpr3452 :: Neuton battery test hosted by Rho`n

2021-10-26. 00:05:24. Clean.
Rho`n describes testing the battery in his Neuton EM 4.1 electric lawn mower

hpr3451 :: Bricklink hosted by operat0r

2021-10-25. 00:13:57. Clean.
Custom 3rd Part Lego Shops

hpr3448 :: Installing GuixSD hosted by Rho`n

2021-10-20. 00:44:39. Clean.
Rho`n records installing GuixSD to an external USB drive to be run on a Mac Mini computer

hpr3447 :: BlacKernel's Journey Into Technology: Episode 2 hosted by BlacKernel

2021-10-19. 00:20:49. Explicit.
In which BlacKernel struggles to talk about Windows

hpr3446 :: Speech To Text hosted by operat0r

2021-10-18. 00:22:58. Clean.
I talk about converting HPR audio to text and tagging

hpr3444 :: The Psion series 5mx hosted by Nihilazo

2021-10-14. 00:19:38. Clean.
A show where I talk about my experiences of the Psion 5mx, a portable computer from the late 90s

hpr3443 :: Neuton battery replacement hosted by Rho`n

2021-10-13. 00:09:53. Clean.
Rho`n describes replacing the battery in his Neuton EM 4.1 electric lawn mower

hpr3442 :: What is this thing called science hosted by Klaatu

2021-10-12. 00:13:10. Clean.
Critical thinking is only part of the equation. Here's the other part.

hpr3441 :: Murphy Work Bench hosted by operat0r

2021-10-11. 00:14:02. Explicit.
Operator talks about hitting his head on his work bench

hpr3437 :: The HTML document format hosted by Daniel Persson

2021-10-05. 00:06:42. Clean.
Talking about my favorite document format.

hpr3435 :: Hacking Stories with Reacted: part 5 hosted by operat0r

2021-10-01. 00:17:40. Explicit.
I talk about some old old old pentesting stories from days old!

hpr3433 :: A Squirrels thoughts about RMS hosted by Zen_Floater2

2021-09-29. 00:42:45. Explicit.
RMS and the subject of freedom

hpr3432 :: Reading a license: Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International hosted by clacke

2021-09-28. 00:32:36. Clean.
We jump into the future of 2013 and see how content licensing has changed

hpr3428 :: Bad disk rescue hosted by Andrew Conway

2021-09-22. 00:29:54. Clean.
Bad disk rescue - tragedy or happy ending?

hpr3427 :: Ranger for the Win! hosted by b-yeezi

2021-09-21. 00:18:16. Clean.
In this episode, I go over some typical use cases for the Ranger file manager

hpr3425 :: Hacking Stories with Reacted: part 4 hosted by operat0r

2021-09-17. 00:17:35. Clean.
I talk about some old old old pentesting stories from days old!

hpr3423 :: "" my "dump.txt" to "" hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

2021-09-15. 00:37:58. Clean.
I upgraded my scripts.

hpr3422 :: Update about Phones and Devices hosted by JWP

2021-09-14. 00:22:21. Clean.
An Update about my New Phone and second one that is coming

hpr3421 :: BlacKernel's Journey Into Technology: Episode 1 hosted by BlacKernel

2021-09-13. 00:16:07. Clean.
Learning about Assembly and Social Engineering before I could read

hpr3418 :: My gEeeky Experiment - Part 2 hosted by Claudio Miranda

2021-09-08. 00:10:48. Clean.
Claudio talks about how he installed Haiku on an Asus Eee PC 900a received from a friend.

hpr3417 :: Ceph cluster hardware hosted by Daniel Persson

2021-09-07. 00:12:09. Clean.
Looking into the hardware behind my ceph cluster

hpr3415 :: Hacking Stories with Reacted: part 3 hosted by operat0r

2021-09-03. 00:13:56. Explicit.
I talk about some old old old pentesting stories from days old!

hpr3414 :: Critical Thinking may make You Critical of the Covid Crisis hosted by CoGo

2021-09-02. 00:10:45. Explicit.
Some Science YOU can observe about covid fallacies, and some preventative medicine.

hpr3412 :: Reading a license: Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Unported hosted by clacke

2021-08-31. 00:34:58. Clean.
We are using this license but we didn't publish it on HPR ... until now!

hpr3408 :: Composting hosted by Rho`n

2021-08-25. 00:05:36. Clean.
Inspired by episode 3157, Rho`n describes his experience of learning to compost

hpr3405 :: Hacking Stories with Reacted: part 2 hosted by operat0r

2021-08-20. 00:02:32. Clean.
I talk about some old old old pentesting stories from days old!

hpr3404 :: Suse 15.3 Leap hosted by JWP

2021-08-19. 00:10:52. Clean.
A short review of Suse 15.3

hpr3403 :: Forth on microcontrollers hosted by Brian in Ohio

2021-08-18. 00:22:21. Clean.
A little more about forth and a couple of chapters in the novel of my life

hpr3402 :: Reading a manifesto: Declaration of Digital Autonomy hosted by clacke

2021-08-17. 00:14:37. Explicit.
Reading and brief commentary and background on Molly DeBlanc's and Karen Sandler's

hpr3398 :: Anacron hosted by Klaatu

2021-08-11. 00:15:49. Clean.
Put down that crontab and get started with anacron

hpr3397 :: What is a PineTime hosted by Daniel Persson

2021-08-10. 00:09:55. Clean.
In this podcast I talk a little bit about the pinetime.

hpr3396 :: Card roles in Magic the Gathering hosted by Klaatu

2021-08-09. 00:39:27. Clean.
There are over 25,000 cards in MTG. You only need 60 to play.

hpr3395 :: Hacking Stories with Reacted: part 1 hosted by operat0r

2021-08-06. 00:32:59. Explicit.
I talk about some old old old pentesting stories from days old!

hpr3394 :: Be an XML star with xmlstarlet hosted by Klaatu

2021-08-05. 00:26:31. Clean.
Parse XML from the terminal

hpr3393 :: We need to talk about XML hosted by Klaatu

2021-08-04. 00:31:25. Clean.
An extensible markup language? This is too good to be true!

hpr3389 :: Tales of a Tagger hosted by Archer72

2021-07-29. 00:06:06. Clean.
Adventures and mishaps tagging past shows

hpr3386 :: What's for dinner? hosted by Dave Morriss

2021-07-26. 00:22:22. Explicit.
Some scripts and a database for randomly choosing which meal to cook

hpr3385 :: DIY Cat feeder! hosted by operat0r

2021-07-23. 00:13:44. Clean.
I talk about 3d printed cat feeders

hpr3384 :: Page Numbers in EPUB eBook Files hosted by Jon Kulp

2021-07-22. 00:28:19. Clean.
Response to HPR 3367 I describe how to specify page numbers in an EPUB eBook.

hpr3383 :: My gEeeky Experiment - Part 1 hosted by Claudio Miranda

2021-07-21. 00:17:09. Clean.
ClaudioM talks about how he revived his lowly Asus Eee PC 901 netbook with OpenBSD.

hpr3382 :: How I fixed a fault on my car for free thanks to YouTube hosted by MrX

2021-07-20. 00:12:40. Explicit.
How I fixed a fault on my car for free and as an added bonus without injuring myself!

hpr3381 :: Learning to skate hosted by Klaatu

2021-07-19. 00:35:52. Clean.
Klaatu goes for a walk, and talks about learning to ride a skateboard

hpr3378 :: A bit of my experience with Starlink internet service hosted by Jezra

2021-07-14. 00:10:08. Clean.
some ramblings about satellite internet service and how Starlink is different

hpr3377 :: Chromebook support and more hosted by Zen_Floater2

2021-07-13. 00:16:34. Explicit.
I've run into disaster using my chrome book

hpr3376 :: Making books with Linux - part 2 hosted by Dave Morriss

2021-07-12. 00:48:39. Explicit.
Part 2 of a discussion about how two HPR hosts create books

hpr3375 :: Car ODB2 Fun and Fail hosted by operat0r

2021-07-09. 00:10:17. Clean.
I try to figure out ODB2 stuff again

hpr3374 :: Why I love the MacBook Mid 2010 hosted by swift110

2021-07-08. 00:23:51. Clean.
I talk about the upgrades I made to the machine and how it's benefited me since I got it

hpr3367 :: Making books with linux - part 1 hosted by Andrew Conway

2021-06-29. 00:56:07. Clean.
A discussion about assembling books using simple tools commonly found in most linux distros.

hpr3365 :: Diablo 2 Portable and Modding hosted by operat0r

2021-06-25. 00:07:32. Clean.
I talk about Diablo 2 and modding

hpr3364 :: Part One - all the covid crap hosted by Clinton Roy

2021-06-24. 00:01:39. Clean.
My new coffee pot, covid motivation

hpr3362 :: Spam Bot Honey Pot: Eating your own dog food hosted by Rho`n

2021-06-22. 00:19:08. Clean.
Reviewing some stats and the accessibility by screen reader of this spam filter method.

hpr3358 :: BlastEm! A wicked awesome Sega Genesis/Megadrive emulator hosted by sigflup

2021-06-16. 00:22:00. Clean.
This is an interview with the author of BlastEm, a Sega Genesis/Megadrive emulator

hpr3355 :: Tiki Hell hosted by operat0r

2021-06-11. 00:12:41. Clean.
I talk about my thoughts on outdoor torches

hpr3354 :: My Devices hosted by operat0r

2021-06-10. 00:24:15. Clean.
I walk around my house and talk about any interesting Devices i have

hpr3348 :: Feedback on the Article by hedorah about HPR hosted by Ken Fallon

2021-06-02. 01:13:40. Explicit.
Join the policy discussions on the mail list

hpr3347 :: Ethical Analysis of Renewable Energy and Conservation hosted by Paul Quirk

2021-06-01. 00:15:04. Clean.
I read a paper I wrote about the ethical issues of renewable energy and conservation efforts.

hpr3343 :: The Forth programming language hosted by Brian in Ohio

2021-05-26. 00:12:41. Clean.
A less than complete history of Forth

hpr3341 :: Linux on a serial Terminal - And Jorome's MainFrame Challenge hosted by JWP

2021-05-24. 00:05:14. Clean.
My experiment with Getty and A Getty Ansi - And wanting to have a Serial Terminal Mainframe

hpr3337 :: I like that the boat is stuck hosted by Daniel Persson

2021-05-18. 00:08:47. Clean.
A dramatic reading of a work by Gailey

hpr3333 :: My TV Stand devices and hosted by JWP

2021-05-12. 00:23:28. Clean.
About my TV devices - TV Stand & Pine64

hpr3332 :: My current Devices hosted by JWP

2021-05-11. 00:10:42. Clean.
A short list of tablets and phones that I am using these Days

hpr3327 :: Looking into Ceph storage solution hosted by Daniel Persson

2021-05-04. 00:13:38. Clean.
We look into what a Ceph implementation entails, what specific use-cases it excels at.

hpr3323 :: The alternate Internet you never knew existed hosted by Klaatu

2021-04-28. 00:29:17. Clean.
I changed my DNS server and you won't believe what happened next.

hpr3322 :: Tune system performance with tuned hosted by Klaatu

2021-04-27. 00:22:41. Clean.
Introduction to tuned and tuned-adm

hpr3321 :: DNS66 URANDOM RANDOM hosted by operat0r

2021-04-26. 00:31:51. Clean.
I talk about D N S 66 and go over some comments from Urandom episode

hpr3318 :: Modding a Wii classic with a DNS exploit hosted by Archer72

2021-04-21. 00:07:37. Clean.
Modding a Wii with a DNS exploit and using a USB drive to save games

hpr3317 :: Reading a manifesto: Towards A Cooperative Technology Movement hosted by clacke

2021-04-20. 00:16:55. Clean.
If open source misses the point of free software philosophy, what point is free software missing?

hpr3316 :: FSF and RMS on election of Richard Stallman hosted by Anonymous Host

2021-04-19. 00:14:01. Clean.
The Free Software Foundation (FSF) and Richard Stallman have released statements on the matter

hpr3315 :: tesseract optical character recognition hosted by Ken Fallon

2021-04-16. 00:02:08. Clean.
How to use this amazing tool

hpr3314 :: Introduction... A little bit about me hosted by Trey

2021-04-15. 00:03:46. Clean.
My first HPR episode, introducing myself and sharing a bit about me

hpr3312 :: COVID Doldrums hosted by Dave Morriss

2021-04-13. 01:11:28. Explicit.
MrX and Dave Morriss have a chat over Mumble in these trying times

hpr3311 :: Bradley M. Kuhn's article from 2019 on Richard M. Stallman hosted by Anonymous Host

2021-04-12. 00:26:24. Explicit.
This text to speech article requires listener discretion.

hpr3308 :: let's talk about Thunderbird hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

2021-04-07. 00:33:25. Clean.
Using Thunderbird to manage emails.

hpr3305 :: Nagios part 2 hosted by norrist

2021-04-02. 00:23:48. Clean.
Follow up to hpr3264 - Notifications, SNMP, Remote Checks

hpr3304 :: Newsflash 21/01/04 hosted by Anonymous Host

2021-04-01. 00:02:58. Clean.
An upgrade to some standard information formats

hpr3303 :: Slackware on RaspberryPi hosted by Brian in Ohio

2021-03-31. 00:19:42. Clean.
An alternative to raspberrypi os

hpr3302 :: Input Methods on Ubuntu hosted by clacke

2021-03-30. 00:15:24. Clean.
I'm adding some input methods to a standard Ubuntu 20.04 install

hpr3301 :: K S P Kerbal Space Program! (Game) hosted by operat0r

2021-03-29. 00:35:31. Clean.
400 hours into the game I talk about howto get into Kerbal Space Program!

hpr3298 :: Poisoning The Well hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

2021-03-24. 00:25:05. Clean.
Shutdown the negativity in our community.

hpr3297 :: Nextcloud Application Updating hosted by ToeJet

2021-03-23. 00:02:16. Clean.
Automatically Update Nextcloud Applications via Cron

hpr3296 :: Spam Bot Honey Pot hosted by Rho`n

2021-03-22. 00:06:04. Clean.
Implementing a honey pot style spam filter for your HTML forms

hpr3295 :: Renewing a Let's Encrypt cert for Home Network use hosted by Ken Fallon

2021-03-19. 00:03:15. Clean.
How to update a cert when the automatic processes don't work

hpr3294 :: Update to MakeMKV to back up media hosted by Archer72

2021-03-18. 00:06:18. Clean.
Update to MakeMKV to back up media, now on Raspberry Pi

hpr3292 :: Squirrel FSF blog hosted by Zen_Floater2

2021-03-16. 00:46:25. Clean.
The trouble with HUMANS and HUMAN things....

hpr3291 :: The New Audacity and Batch Processing Macros hosted by Ahuka

2021-03-15. 00:08:21. Clean.
A brief look at at the new Audacity and how I got it working for me

hpr3289 :: NextCloud the hard way hosted by Ken Fallon

2021-03-11. 00:32:13. Explicit.
A private NextCloud instance on a Pi 4x8, with lets encrypt and wireguard vpn access

hpr3286 :: Wireguard How To hosted by timttmy

2021-03-08. 00:09:34. Clean.
My findings setting up wireguard at home and in my office at work.

hpr3285 :: Upgrading Lubuntu on my Samsung N150 Plus netbook hosted by MrX

2021-03-05. 00:17:59. Explicit.
Lubuntu 16.04 LTS to 20.04.1 LTS upgrade on ageing Samsung N150 Plus netbook.

hpr3278 :: A Minor Victory Against Designed-In Obsolescence hosted by Beeza

2021-02-24. 00:08:33. Clean.
Extracting a bit more life out of a device that Apple would rather have you dump

hpr3277 :: Microsoft in my Debian repo hosted by Archer72

2021-02-23. 00:04:32. Clean.
microsoft, raspberry pi, bash, script

hpr3274 :: My Custom dwm Setup hosted by arfab

2021-02-18. 00:35:59. Explicit.
Me talking about how I've customised dwm, added and removed patches and written various scripts.

hpr3273 :: Embrace Firefox hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

2021-02-17. 00:14:13. Explicit.
That's Our Browser!

hpr3272 :: In GNU/Linux, there is no "diversity", we're all just data. hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

2021-02-16. 00:17:12. Explicit.
How I experienced GNU/Linux and the topic of "diversity".

hpr3268 :: Video Game Review - Ark Survival Evolved hosted by Enigma

2021-02-10. 00:08:52. Explicit.
Enigma reviews Ark survival evolved

hpr3267 :: Ripping Media 2021 hosted by operat0r

2021-02-09. 00:16:40. Explicit.
I go over ripping webpage media

hpr3266 :: Upgrading Debian on my raspberry pi hosted by MrX

2021-02-08. 00:33:21. Explicit.
In this episode I cover the process of upgrading Debian from Jessie 8 to Stretch 9 on my raspberrypi

hpr3265 :: My Chromebook Experience hosted by Ahuka

2021-02-05. 00:08:45. Clean.
Adding my own perspective to the Chromebook discussion

hpr3264 :: Intro to Nagios hosted by norrist

2021-02-04. 00:20:00. Clean.
Introduce some nagios basics and walk through setting up nagios on Ubuntu

hpr3263 :: My Beginnings in Tech hosted by o9l

2021-02-03. 00:19:17. Explicit.
Rambling about how I got in to technology and linux.

hpr3262 :: My thoughts on diversity in Linux and open source hosted by swift110

2021-02-02. 00:33:30. Clean.
I give some of my background story and certain frustrations I have experienced in life

hpr3259 :: Nextcloud - The easy way hosted by Archer72

2021-01-28. 00:08:02. Clean.
Self hosting a Nextcloud instance.

hpr3257 :: Lack of diversity in Linux and other open source communities hosted by swift110

2021-01-26. 00:11:54. Clean.
I consider some reasons that there is a lack of diversity when it comes to open source communities.

hpr3256 :: Update, MS Teams, Covid 19, Raspberry PI 400 Raspberry PI 4 8GB Centos hosted by JWP

2021-01-25. 00:08:59. Clean.
Hey guys just a short update, whats going with Centos? Raspberry PI 400 Good buy

hpr3255 :: garage door part 2 hosted by operat0r

2021-01-22. 00:09:34. Explicit.
tis teh season COUGH COUGH

hpr3254 :: The Markdown editor Retext hosted by MrX

2021-01-21. 00:24:54. Explicit.
In this episode I cover the markdown editor ReText. I found this useful when creating show notes

hpr3252 :: Simple JSON querying tool (also YAML, and to a lesser extent XML) hosted by crvs

2021-01-19. 00:18:57. Explicit.
crvs talks about jq, yq and xq

hpr3251 :: Opposing Views on Alcohol hosted by Windigo

2021-01-18. 00:30:40. Explicit.
Windigo and Mrs. Honeyhume discuss their views on alcohol

hpr3247 :: Saturday Morning Automotive Routine hosted by TrumpetJohn

2021-01-12. 00:18:30. Clean.
I have developed a relaxing 10-step routine for keeping your car in running condition.

hpr3245 :: ELECTRICITY hosted by operat0r

2021-01-08. 00:30:43. Explicit.
I talk about tips on ELECTRICITY

hpr3243 :: Pictor - free and open radio astronomy hosted by Andrew Conway

2021-01-06. 00:47:34. Clean.
Discussion with the people that created the Pictor radio telescope.

hpr3242 :: The eternal battle over how to run your chromebook is about to begin hosted by Zen_Floater2

2021-01-05. 02:27:45. Explicit.
Squirrel VS ALIEN Chromebook discussions

hpr3239 :: New Community Project Proposal hosted by Enigma

2020-12-31. 00:08:36. Explicit.
Enigma discusses a project proposal called Hacker exchange

hpr3237 :: Cloning a Hard Drive with Clonezilla hosted by Jon Kulp

2020-12-29. 00:17:37. Clean.
I had some hard drive failures recently and am getting back to the habit of cloning for backups.

hpr3236 :: The State of Linux Audio Apps in 2020 hosted by Pat from TLLTS

2020-12-28. 00:51:41. Clean.
Patrick Davila and Claudio Miranda discuss the current state of Linux Audio Application in 2020

hpr3234 :: Apple products I have owned hosted by swift110

2020-12-24. 00:23:17. Clean.
I talk about Apple products that I have owned over the years

hpr3227 :: Fresh water Aquarium Basics hosted by Enigma

2020-12-15. 00:26:29. Explicit.
Enigma discusses the high level basics of getting into the aquarium hobby

hpr3226 :: Using taskwarrior to structurize your work hosted by Jeroen Baten

2020-12-14. 00:16:10. Clean.
How using taskwarrior can help you to structure your work

hpr3225 :: Grill repair hosted by operat0r

2020-12-11. 00:17:07. Explicit.
I go over some grill tips/repair

hpr3222 :: Musings about writing a book about the Odoo software suite hosted by Jeroen Baten

2020-12-08. 00:26:56. Clean.
How I started writing again after 20 years and this time about the Odoo software

hpr3218 :: An introduction to Darktable hosted by Paul Quirk

2020-12-02. 00:26:14. Clean.
A brief introduction to RAW photography, the Darktable application, and then sheep may safely graze

hpr3216 :: Buying a second home in France hosted by Jeroen Baten

2020-11-30. 00:15:52. Clean.
Steps I have taken up to now for buying a second home in another country

hpr3215 :: Why I Gave Away a 3-D Printer hosted by Ahuka

2020-11-27. 00:07:22. Clean.
I briefly had a 3-D printer and gave it away. This is why.

hpr3214 :: Rant about websites hosted by operat0r

2020-11-26. 00:31:20. Explicit.
I go over history of websites and the complex nature of security in complex websites

hpr3213 :: Electrical Safety hosted by Paul Quirk

2020-11-25. 00:30:35. Clean.
I discuss why and how I stay safe when working with electricity, with some ear candy at the end.

hpr3212 :: A Pi Model 3B as your daily driver? You must be joking. hosted by Beeza

2020-11-24. 00:12:35. Clean.
Beeza's laptop is away being fixed. Can he manage for a few days using just his Raspberry Pi 3B?

hpr3211 :: Chainsaws hosted by operat0r

2020-11-23. 00:18:18. Explicit.
Info about chainsaws and what I know so far!

hpr3208 :: The Paul Quirk show: Wacom with Pinebook, and thoughts on the DMCA takedown hosted by Paul Quirk

2020-11-18. 00:18:40. Clean.
I got a Wacom tablet to use with my Pinebook, and then share my thoughts on the recent DMCA takedown

hpr3207 :: Fireside chat with E Nigma hosted by Ken Fallon

2020-11-17. 01:03:19. Explicit.
Ken talks to the original HPR and Today with a Techie Admin.

hpr3205 :: Backups of your Backups of Backups hosted by operat0r

2020-11-13. 00:53:25. Explicit.
Do you have backups of your backups? Well you better! Listen to this rant

hpr3204 :: Getting Started in 3D Printing hosted by Thaj Sara

2020-11-12. 00:16:00. Explicit.
Thaj gives his opinions and recommendations on how to get started in 3D printing

hpr3203 :: The Paul Quirk show: Retro Computing hosted by Paul Quirk

2020-11-11. 00:30:38. Clean.
I discuss the hobby of retro computing in this episode.

hpr3201 :: A small intro to 3D printing hosted by Jeroen Baten

2020-11-09. 00:11:28. Clean.
Everything a newbie needs to know to start 3D printing

hpr3199 :: Bad Audio Weed Eater Bugs Sprinkler and Bubbles ! hosted by operat0r

2020-11-05. 00:25:16. Explicit.
Pushing the definition of "Audible" to the limit, join us for some home repair tips

hpr3198 :: Income Life insurance and then Chopin hosted by Paul Quirk

2020-11-04. 00:23:01. Clean.
I talk about my thoughts on Income Life insurance, and then we listen to some Chopin

hpr3192 :: A light bulb moment, part 3 hosted by MrX

2020-10-27. 00:12:57. Explicit.
The LED revolution

hpr3189 :: How the Dutch dig Graves hosted by Ken Fallon

2020-10-22. 00:02:43. Explicit.
Ken explains how they dig graves when the ground is essentially sand

hpr3188 :: Thrift store quick fix hosted by Archer72

2020-10-21. 00:01:07. Clean.
Fixing up a dog coat for the cool weather.

hpr3187 :: Ansible for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol hosted by norrist

2020-10-20. 00:08:38. Clean.
How I use ansible to configure my OpenBSD router

hpr3186 :: A light bulb moment, part 2 hosted by MrX

2020-10-19. 00:07:30. Clean.
The history of lighting

hpr3182 :: Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of Cholecalciferol hosted by Dave Morriss

2020-10-13. 01:19:23. Explicit.
From Scotland, two HPR hosts chew the fat

hpr3181 :: RealVNC cloud offering hosted by JWP

2020-10-12. 00:04:22. Explicit.
JWP emails in a show about using VNC while out and about

hpr3179 :: MakeMKV to back up media, and a Question hosted by Archer72

2020-10-08. 00:06:44. Clean.
Describing two ways to install MakeMKV DVD/Blu-ray backup program on Fedora 32

hpr3177 :: Zero cost VPN hosted by norrist

2020-10-06. 00:06:47. Clean.
OpenVPN on a Free Tier VPS for securing phone trafic

hpr3173 :: Manage your Raspberry Pi fleet with Ansible hosted by Ken Fallon

2020-09-30. 00:20:09. Clean.
A solution to the problem of updating difficult-to-reach Raspberry Pis in the enterprise.

hpr3172 :: A ramble with the Pentland Squires (part 2) hosted by Dave Morriss

2020-09-29. 00:49:43. Explicit.
Second half of the chat between MrX and Dave Morriss

hpr3171 :: A Week On Soylent hosted by lostnbronx

2020-09-28. 00:12:15. Clean.
Lostnbronx tries eating nothing but Soylent, so you don't have to.

hpr3168 :: FreeBSD Jails and iocage hosted by norrist

2020-09-23. 00:08:51. Clean.
Use iocage to manage freebsd jails

hpr3167 :: A ramble with the Pentland Squires (part 1) hosted by Dave Morriss

2020-09-22. 00:42:27. Explicit.
MrX and Dave Morriss chat from opposite sides of the Pentland Hills, Edinburgh

hpr3166 :: Using Ansible to mirror a Git repo hosted by Klaatu

2020-09-21. 00:26:20. Clean.
Klaatu uses Ansible to mirror a Git repo on two separate Git hosts

hpr3162 :: Introduction to Ansible hosted by Klaatu

2020-09-15. 00:44:34. Clean.
Klaatu demonstrates some Ansible tricks, and how Ansible can be a better choice than scripting.

hpr3161 :: How I manage podcast listening hosted by Dave Morriss

2020-09-14. 00:19:52. Explicit.
Another reply to MrX's episode on how he listens to podcasts

hpr3154 :: Make NextCloud your next cloud hosted by Paul Quirk

2020-09-03. 00:12:51. Clean.
I go into my reasons for using NextCloud, what it is, and why you might want it.

hpr3153 :: Fixing eBooks with Calibre and pdfcrop hosted by Ken Fallon

2020-09-02. 00:05:08. Clean.
Ken uses Calibre to convert a epub to PDF then uses pdfcrop to trim the margins

hpr3152 :: My Pocket Knives hosted by Dave Morriss

2020-09-01. 00:14:30. Explicit.
I talk a little about some pocket knives I often carry

hpr3151 :: How I listen to podcasts hosted by Daniel Persson

2020-08-31. 00:06:33. Clean.
This is a reply to MrX episode on how to listen to podcasts

hpr3148 :: Why Open Source matters (to me) hosted by Paul Quirk

2020-08-26. 00:26:52. Clean.
I go briefly into my own history that has lead me to choose open source software exclusively.

hpr3146 :: Help Me Help you with HPR eps! hosted by operat0r

2020-08-24. 00:05:58. Clean.
What should I do and how should I do it ?

hpr3145 :: A light bulb moment, part 1 hosted by MrX

2020-08-21. 00:10:49. Explicit.
Finding the working voltage of a bulb

hpr3142 :: tcsh hosted by Klaatu

2020-08-18. 00:28:39. Clean.
Klaatu talks about tcsh

hpr3139 :: MIDI Sysex hosted by Klaatu

2020-08-13. 00:20:38. Clean.
Klaatu talks about Sysex functions in MIDI

hpr3135 :: Quick Tips for May 20 20 hosted by operat0r

2020-08-07. 00:16:17. Explicit.

hpr3134 :: Tomorrowland 2020 hosted by Daniel Persson

2020-08-06. 00:09:44. Clean.
Explaining the experience of the first virtual music festival

hpr3133 :: Quick tip - Using MPV with Youtube links hosted by Archer72

2020-08-05. 00:02:04. Clean.
I give a quick tip on shortcut keys for watching Youtube or other video sites in MPV

hpr3132 :: Keeping track of where I am hosted by MrX

2020-08-04. 00:22:42. Explicit.
How I keep track of where I am

hpr3130 :: More Quick Tips hosted by operat0r

2020-07-31. 00:11:07. Explicit.
This time tips onNvidia ffmpeg transcoding Fallout Perks Late to Movies,Shared 2FA,Time to leave app

hpr3129 :: Followup on HPR3122 hosted by Zen_Floater2

2020-07-30. 00:35:57. Clean.
Followup on HPR3122 and *MORE* - percent *MORE* undescribed

hpr3126 :: Metrics part II hosted by Andrew Conway

2020-07-27. 00:32:47. Clean.
The metric of a 2D curved surface

hpr3122 :: Devuan review - and commentary hosted by Zen_Floater2

2020-07-21. 00:34:46. Clean.
Devuan Review plus I talk about race

hpr3121 :: Opposing Views on Tattoos hosted by Windigo

2020-07-20. 00:31:06. Explicit.
Windigo and Mrs. Honeyhume discuss their views on tattoos

hpr3120 :: How open are roleplaying games? hosted by Andrew Conway

2020-07-17. 00:46:07. Clean.
Klaatu and mcnalu talk through what open and free mean in roleplaying games.

hpr3119 :: Converting to FFS2 hosted by Zen_Floater2

2020-07-16. 00:40:26. Clean.
FFS2, FuguIta encryption and UUID's and 9 volt batteries

hpr3117 :: The joy of retro computing hosted by knightwise

2020-07-14. 00:31:54. Clean.
Knightwise talks about the old computers in his attic and how it is a loverly geek getaway

hpr3116 :: Unscripted ramblings on a walk: Crisis at The Manor hosted by Christopher M. Hobbs

2020-07-13. 00:18:57. Explicit.
A walk and a talk about a lightning strike zapping a network.

hpr3115 :: Pest Control hosted by operat0r

2020-07-10. 00:38:11. Explicit.
Talk about pest control

hpr3114 :: Using the Akaso EK7000 Pro hosted by Ahuka

2020-07-09. 00:11:06. Clean.
Some tips on using the camera based on my limited experience on one trip.

hpr3113 :: OpenJDK 15 - Unsafe Garbage hosted by Daniel Persson

2020-07-08. 00:14:53. Clean.
We take a quick look at what is coming in JDK 15

hpr3110 :: Finding an Android phone to run LineageOS hosted by Ken Fallon

2020-07-03. 00:37:57. Explicit.
Join Ken on this 6 year long journey of success but also failure

hpr3108 :: Fuguita as a Desktop hosted by Zen_Floater2

2020-07-01. 00:52:28. Clean.
I cover all the wonderful things about using Fuguita as your Desktop

hpr3107 :: Generating comfortable passwords hosted by crvs

2020-06-30. 00:30:00. Explicit.
generating passwords to be comfortably type-able

hpr3105 :: Akaso EK7000 Pro hosted by Ahuka

2020-06-26. 00:16:49. Clean.
My experience with an inexpensive Waterproof action camera called the Akaso EK7000 Pro

hpr3103 :: A warning about browser extensions and add-ons. hosted by Ken Fallon

2020-06-24. 00:01:33. Clean.
A unmaintained extension lead to a popup storm

hpr3102 :: RFC 5005 Part 2 – Webcomics, subscribers and feed readers hosted by clacke

2020-06-23. 00:15:02. Clean.
fluffy, Jamey and I go on for another ten minutes about how webcomic artists feel about feeds

hpr3101 :: Metrics hosted by Andrew Conway

2020-06-22. 00:25:53. Clean.
A layman's explanation of the mathematical concept of metric.

hpr3094 :: Holy crud! I have a kinesis advantage 2 keyboard! hosted by sigflup

2020-06-11. 00:04:35. Clean.
Sigflup does a review of the Kinesis Advantage 2 keyboard

hpr3093 :: Response to Linux Inlaws S01E06 (hpr 3079) on NeXT hosted by Claudio Miranda

2020-06-10. 00:07:10. Clean.
Response to Linux Inlaws S01E06 (hpr 3079) regarding NeXT, NeXTSTEP, and what would become Mac OS X.

hpr3091 :: fuguserv hosted by Zen_Floater2

2020-06-08. 00:43:48. Clean.
Fuguita OpenBSD server - building a new wifi-router / server

hpr3089 :: For my Entertainment hosted by Archer72

2020-06-04. 00:07:05. Clean.
How I have my file server and media center put together

hpr3084 :: AudioBookClub 18 - Star Trek: The Continuing Mission hosted by Thaj Sara

2020-05-28. 01:40:17. Explicit.
The HPR Audiobook Club reviews the fan audio drama Star Trek: The Continuing Mission

hpr3083 :: Mumbling while on lockdown hosted by Dave Morriss

2020-05-27. 00:50:21. Explicit.
Two Edinburgh-based hosts have a chat from their respective houses

hpr3082 :: RFC 5005 Part 1 – Paged and archived feeds? Who cares? hosted by clacke

2020-05-26. 00:35:08. Clean.
An interview with two passionate RFC 5005 fans on how to handle big Atom feeds

hpr3081 :: Why do formal verification? hosted by tuturto

2020-05-25. 00:18:40. Clean.
tuturto talks about testing and formal verification of software

hpr3080 :: Ansible ping hosted by Ken Fallon

2020-05-22. 00:07:20. Clean.
Troubleshooting a basic install of Ansible

hpr3076 :: Keep calm and Virion hosted by Dave Morriss

2020-05-18. 00:58:46. Explicit.
A COVID-19 lockdown chat from Scotland

hpr3068 :: Keeping track of downloads in Elm hosted by tuturto

2020-05-06. 00:13:11. Clean.
tuturto shows how to keep track of what data is being downloaded in Elm

hpr3064 :: How I got started in Electronics hosted by Archer72

2020-04-30. 00:07:07. Clean.
How I got started in Electronics and some job stuff

hpr3061 :: Parental Controls With Mike Ivy hosted by operat0r

2020-04-27. 00:34:11. Explicit.
We talk about Parental Controls and IOT device

hpr3060 :: Running a local imap server hosted by Ken Fallon

2020-04-24. 00:06:00. Clean.
Ken installs courier-imap locally to have a local backup of his mail.

hpr3059 :: A quick intro to Snapcast hosted by DanNixon

2020-04-23. 00:04:53. Explicit.
A brief overview of Snapcast, an open source multi-room audio streaming system.

hpr3058 :: The COVID-19 Work From Home Stream - Day 3 hosted by Thaj Sara

2020-04-22. 01:41:05. Explicit.
A few HPR characters decide to spend some of their social distancing time being social

hpr3057 :: Formal verification with Coq hosted by tuturto

2020-04-21. 00:21:11. Clean.
tuturto talks about formally verifying code

hpr3056 :: Jitsi hosted by operat0r

2020-04-20. 00:12:44. Explicit.
Jitsi is an open-source multiplatform videoconferencing

hpr3051 :: The COVID-19 Work From Home Stream - Day 2 hosted by Thaj Sara

2020-04-13. 00:42:32. Explicit.
A few HPR characters decide to spend some of their social distancing time being social

hpr3049 :: What computers taught me about reality hosted by Klaatu

2020-04-09. 00:24:11. Clean.
Klaatu tells us what computers taught him about reality

hpr3047 :: The COVID-19 Work From Home Stream - Day 1 hosted by Thaj Sara

2020-04-07. 00:40:49. Explicit.
A couple of HPR characters decide to spend some of their social distancing time being social

hpr3044 :: mocp snooze tip hosted by MrX

2020-04-02. 00:06:31. Explicit.
A quick snooze tip when using mocp

hpr3043 :: How I record for HPR hosted by Archer72

2020-04-01. 00:01:59. Clean.
The tools I use to record a show for HPR

hpr3042 :: The COVID-19 Work From Home Stream - Day 0 hosted by Thaj Sara

2020-03-31. 01:07:01. Explicit.
A couple of HPR characters decide to spend some of their social distancing time being social

hpr3040 :: Why use GNU Autotools hosted by Klaatu

2020-03-27. 00:29:26. Clean.
6 good reasons you should be using a build system

hpr3039 :: Making a Raspberry Pi status display hosted by Dave Morriss

2020-03-26. 00:26:48. Explicit.
A project making use of my Pi 3A+, an old monitor and MagicMirror2

hpr3036 :: WiiU is dead long live WiiU! hosted by operat0r

2020-03-23. 00:23:59. Explicit.
How to approach dea-ish mod communities

hpr3032 :: piCore on a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B hosted by Claudio Miranda

2020-03-17. 00:10:51. Clean.
How I revived my Raspberry Pi Model 1 B with piCore and a tiny SD card.

hpr3031 :: Daniel Persson - Me? Me! hosted by Daniel Persson

2020-03-16. 00:18:51. Clean.
I talk about who I am and where I come from and what my interests are.

hpr3030 :: My new Samsung tablet hosted by MrX

2020-03-13. 00:28:06. Explicit.
A general discussion about my new 10.5 inch Samsung Galaxy tablet

hpr3027 :: What is quantum computing and why should we care? hosted by mightbemike

2020-03-10. 00:25:15. Clean.
What is all the quantum computing hype about & what is it that quantum computers will be able to do?

hpr3026 :: Hex Bug and Battle Bots hosted by operat0r

2020-03-09. 00:18:40. Clean.
Review/mods of fun Hex Bug and Battle Bots

hpr3024 :: A funny thing happened the other day hosted by MrX

2020-03-05. 00:04:19. Explicit.
Describing a funny thing that happened the other day.

hpr3023 :: Critique My Script, Episode 1 - Qots-Crew-Gen hosted by Carl

2020-03-04. 00:13:02. Clean.
Discussion of using a shell script to randomly generate a ten man aircrew.

hpr3018 :: Encrypted edit hosted by Klaatu

2020-02-26. 00:20:34. Clean.
Klaatu talks about editing and viewing encrypted files in a tmpfs in RAM

hpr3017 :: Developing Black and White Film hosted by Paul Quirk

2020-02-25. 00:42:24. Clean.
Join me as I develop my first roll of black and white film since over 30 years ago.

hpr3016 :: Nixie tube clock and friends! hosted by operat0r

2020-02-24. 00:14:34. Clean.
I chat about Novice Nixie tubes and tronics soldering etc

hpr3014 :: A Headless Raspberry Pi Streaming Radio hosted by Jon Kulp

2020-02-20. 00:17:48. Clean.
I use a Raspberry Pi to make a streaming radio device for my pillow speaker.

hpr3011 :: Linux is HARD rant with Intel graphics hosted by operat0r

2020-02-17. 00:20:28. Explicit.
I go over my issues around Linux in general specifically Video issues

hpr3010 :: FOSDEM first impressions hosted by Andrew Conway

2020-02-14. 00:27:18. Clean.
Impressions from my first attendance at FOSDEM.

hpr3007 :: Photography 101 hosted by Paul Quirk

2020-02-11. 00:24:28. Clean.
I tell you everything I know about the basics of photography

hpr3006 :: Hijack Auxiliary Input of your car! hosted by operat0r

2020-02-10. 00:35:59. Explicit.
I talk about my Q40 and getting Auxiliary Input when your car does not have one

hpr3004 :: Fixing simple audio problems with Audacity hosted by Dave Morriss

2020-02-06. 00:13:28. Explicit.
Sharing a few experiences with Audacity that may be helpful to others

hpr3002 :: World of Commodore 2019 Episode 8: Vote of thanks hosted by Paul Quirk

2020-02-04. 00:19:16. Explicit.
This is the final episode of the World of Commodore 2019 mini series.

hpr3000 :: Chopin Free project hosted by Paul Quirk

2020-01-31. 00:23:53. Clean.
An effort to produce royalty and copyright free versions of Frédéric Chopin work.

hpr2999 :: SQRL - Secure Quick Reliable Login hosted by Daniel Persson

2020-01-30. 00:24:02. Explicit.
In this podcast we talk about what SQRL is and how it works.

hpr2996 :: Spideroak Update hosted by operat0r

2020-01-27. 00:07:45. Explicit.
I give you an update on my cloud backup solution and fixes

hpr2994 :: Wrestling As You Like It Episode 3 hosted by TheDUDE

2020-01-23. 00:22:07. Explicit.
A podcast on why I like wrestling and how it works to draw in fans.

hpr2991 :: Fix yer fog machine hosted by operat0r

2020-01-20. 00:11:14. Explicit.
Save Your Fog Machine today!

hpr2990 :: JDK14 - Wrap up edition hosted by Daniel Persson

2020-01-17. 00:15:11. Clean.
We look into what is included in the next release of the JDK.

hpr2988 :: A tale of two hackers in the same system hosted by sigflup

2020-01-15. 00:08:38. Explicit.
AIX Hacking and modem stuff!!

hpr2987 :: World of Commodore 2019 Episode 5: New games from Double Sided Games hosted by Paul Quirk

2020-01-14. 00:37:30. Clean.
A presentation by Jérémie Marsin of Double Sided games.

hpr2984 :: RHEL 8 Workstation first looks hosted by JWP

2020-01-09. 00:09:03. Clean.
Runing RHEL 8 workstation on a HP Stream Laptop

hpr2983 :: my phone hosted by Jezra

2020-01-08. 00:08:17. Clean.
gnu-linuxy in my pocket

hpr2978 :: GARAGE DOOR hosted by operat0r

2020-01-01. 00:12:18. Explicit.
I talk about various GARAGE DOOR and fixes

hpr2975 :: SimpleScreenRecorder and Vidcutter hosted by Ken Fallon

2019-12-27. 00:05:11. Explicit.
Two useful applications to record a screen, and to chop and trim a video

hpr2974 :: Guitar Setup pt. 2 hosted by NYbill

2019-12-26. 00:51:47. Clean.
NYbill finish a guitar setup.

hpr2973 :: Introduction to Advent of Code hosted by Daniel Persson

2019-12-25. 00:13:56. Clean.
Advent of code is a challenge each year between 1-25 of December.

hpr2972 :: The foot of the ski slope hosted by Dave Morriss

2019-12-24. 00:44:41. Explicit.
MrX and Dave Morriss chat about nerdy things near a ski slope

hpr2967 :: Wrestling As You Like It Episode 2 hosted by TheDUDE

2019-12-17. 00:26:39. Explicit.
Wrestling As You Like It Episode 2

hpr2965 :: instant feedback for students in maths hosted by beni

2019-12-13. 00:13:58. Clean.
How we use old CAS software to give students instant feedback in their maths homework

hpr2964 :: Bolos and Bowties: Neckwear for Nerds hosted by Jon Kulp

2019-12-12. 00:16:20. Clean.
I talk about ties, at least the kind I like to wear when the occasion calls for it.

hpr2961 :: Kubernetics / Cloud - Terminology hosted by Daniel Persson

2019-12-09. 00:11:04. Clean.
We talk about terms often used when using Kubernetes

hpr2955 :: Machine Learning / Data Analysis Basics hosted by Daniel Persson

2019-11-29. 00:21:33. Clean.
We talk about different machine learning techniques

hpr2954 :: Wrestling As You Like It episode 1 hosted by TheDUDE

2019-11-28. 00:07:42. Explicit.
A Wrestling podcast reporting on indie wrestling. Today we are talking about different TV styles.

hpr2952 :: Publishing your book using open source tools hosted by Jeroen Baten

2019-11-26. 00:26:02. Clean.
How I evolved from writing with a publisher to self-publishing using open source tools

hpr2943 :: Music as Life hosted by brian

2019-11-13. 00:09:42. Explicit.
quantum harmony

hpr2942 :: Why I love lisps hosted by Nihilazo

2019-11-12. 00:08:29. Clean.
A very wooden and scripted episode about why I love the lisp programming language family

hpr2941 :: Server Basics 107: Minishift and container management hosted by Klaatu

2019-11-11. 00:38:51. Clean.
Klaatu introduces Minishift, a local test environment for a single-node cloud

hpr2935 :: The work of fire fighters, part 3 hosted by Jeroen Baten

2019-11-01. 00:30:07. Clean.
The continued introduction into the work of fire fighters

hpr2934 :: Server Basics 106: Namespaces and containers hosted by Klaatu

2019-10-31. 00:33:53. Clean.
Klaatu talks about the unshare and lxc commands

hpr2931 :: Wallabag for on premises article aggregation hosted by b-yeezi

2019-10-28. 00:11:30. Clean.
In this episode, I describes my trials and eventual triumph in installing Wallabag

hpr2929 :: Recovering Files from a Dead MacBook Air hosted by Jon Kulp

2019-10-24. 00:08:02. Clean.
I talk about recovering the files from my wife's dead MacBook Air using an Ubuntu Live CD.

hpr2926 :: Full Circle Magazine hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

2019-10-21. 00:03:01. Clean.
Just a short show to request support for one of the Linux communities longest standing Magazines

hpr2925 :: LinuxLugCast's Memorial for FiftyOneFifty hosted by Honkeymagoo

2019-10-18. 02:05:41. Explicit.
We are here tonight to share memories of our friend Donald Grier aka FiftyOneFifty.

hpr2924 :: Hacking an Alarm Clock to Make it Quieter hosted by Jon Kulp

2019-10-17. 00:06:05. Clean.
I talk about installing a resistor in the speaker wire of an alarm clock so it won't be so loud

hpr2923 :: Describing how I listen to podcasts PART 5 hosted by MrX

2019-10-16. 00:29:10. Explicit.
In this episode I cover how I use my 2nd add on board the PiFace Control and Display

hpr2921 :: Geocaching with the family hosted by thelovebug

2019-10-14. 00:48:36. Clean.
Dave and his family take a wander around a wood looking for Geocaches

hpr2915 :: Intro - My Recording Setup hosted by Carl

2019-10-04. 00:20:48. Clean.
My first HPR episode. A bit of an intro and then a description of my recording setup.

hpr2914 :: Describing how I listen to podcasts PART 4 hosted by MrX

2019-10-03. 00:08:46. Explicit.
In this episode I cover my 2nd add on board for the raspberry pi

hpr2911 :: my internet connection hosted by Jezra

2019-09-30. 00:10:55. Explicit.
a bloviated harang with a smattering of spewed expetives, while describing available ISPs

hpr2906 :: Feature Engineering for Data-Driven Decision Making hosted by b-yeezi

2019-09-23. 00:16:46. Clean.
In this episode, I explain feature engineering, and how it can be used to make decisions

hpr2905 :: Two HPR hosts living in the same region finally meet up! hosted by Dave Morriss

2019-09-20. 00:19:05. Explicit.
Dave Morriss and MrX meet up and record a conversation

hpr2904 :: DIY URL shortening hosted by Klaatu

2019-09-19. 00:12:18. Clean.
Quick tip on how to shorten an URL without a silly SaaS

hpr2903 :: What is PMEM hosted by JWP

2019-09-18. 00:07:33. Clean.
Persistent memory (PMEM), also known as storage-class memory

hpr2901 :: Describing how I listen to podcasts PART 3 hosted by MrX

2019-09-16. 00:13:55. Explicit.
In this episode I cover the 1st add-on board I purchased for one of my raspberry pi's

hpr2899 :: Endeavour OS hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

2019-09-12. 00:01:39. Clean.
A quick show introducing Endeavour OS

hpr2896 :: Orange PI Zero LTS version hosted by JWP

2019-09-09. 00:12:17. Clean.
A general overview of the Orange PI Zero LTS

hpr2895 :: The work of fire fighters, part 2 hosted by Jeroen Baten

2019-09-06. 00:39:30. Clean.
The continued introduction into the work of fire fighters

hpr2894 :: Repairing a Musical Instrument Case hosted by Jon Kulp

2019-09-05. 00:21:58. Clean.
I talked about repairing the case for a Vietnamese Dan Tranh

hpr2889 :: Describing how I listen to podcasts PART 2 hosted by MrX

2019-08-29. 00:17:32. Explicit.
In this episode I cover the hardware I've used over the years to listen to podcasts.

hpr2886 :: INFOSECOND hosted by operat0r

2019-08-26. 00:18:56. Explicit.
Thoughts around IT and Information Security

hpr2884 :: TASCAM Porta 02 MiniStudio 4-Track Cassette Recorder Demonstration hosted by Jon Kulp

2019-08-22. 01:17:16. Clean.
I demonstrate the use of a vintage home studio device

hpr2881 :: Automatically split album into tracks in Audacity hosted by Ken Fallon

2019-08-19. 00:04:10. Explicit.
Inspired by a Jon Kulp show, Ken splits a large recording based on silence between tracks

hpr2879 :: Describing how I listen to podcasts PART 1 hosted by MrX

2019-08-15. 00:31:17. Explicit.
This episode badly covers the console audio player moc.

hpr2876 :: Sausage Orzotto hosted by Windigo

2019-08-12. 00:42:23. Explicit.
A favorite recipe, dictated while it is cooked.

hpr2874 :: Repair of G.E. Variable Speed Cassette Recorder hosted by Jon Kulp

2019-08-08. 00:20:28. Clean.
I talk about repairing a 1997 handheld cassette recorder and demonstrate its use.

hpr2872 :: Shoe Lace Tips hosted by MrX

2019-08-06. 00:07:52. Explicit.
In this episode I give some shoe lace tips

hpr2865 :: The YouTube channels I really like hosted by Jeroen Baten

2019-07-26. 00:14:17. Clean.
Just some random thoughts on some random youtube channels

hpr2863 :: Simplified application architectures for improved security hosted by Beeza

2019-07-24. 00:15:55. Clean.
A thought experiment in whether reducing runtime dependencies can improve security and how to do it.

hpr2861 :: Safety Razors hosted by operat0r

2019-07-22. 00:14:30. Clean.
I go over some of my thoughts on Safety Razors Etc

hpr2856 :: Mint Mobile Security Rant hosted by operat0r

2019-07-15. 00:19:45. Explicit.
Settle in for a Mint Mobile Security Rant

hpr2853 :: Feeding the beast hosted by folky

2019-07-10. 00:07:04. Clean.
How the swedes are killing their hardcash and feeding the beast

hpr2851 :: An introduction to the work of fire fighters hosted by Jeroen Baten

2019-07-08. 00:30:47. Clean.
A small introduction into the work of fire fighters

hpr2847 :: earbuds hosted by operat0r

2019-07-02. 00:15:02. Clean.
My trials with earbuds and custom setups

hpr2844 :: The Sony TC-222-A Portable Reel-To-Reel Tape Recorder hosted by Jon Kulp

2019-06-27. 00:31:08. Clean.
I talk about my latest thrift-store gadget, a 1969 Sony portable reel-to-reel tape recorder

hpr2842 :: What's in my Bag an update to hpr2065 hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

2019-06-25. 00:03:45. Clean.
This is a short update show on what I carry in my Geek Bag

hpr2839 :: Sample episode of the Distrohoppers Digest podcast hosted by Ken Fallon

2019-06-20. 00:37:11. Clean.
We bring you the first episode of the new Creative Commons show the Distrohoppers Digest

hpr2837 :: parallax live desktops in android hosted by operat0r

2019-06-18. 00:17:20. Explicit.
Parallax_Wallpaper, mouse gigglers, system d Youtube background play and more !

hpr2834 :: My favorite desktop and android applications hosted by Christopher M. Hobbs

2019-06-13. 00:29:17. Clean.
Moving right along with shows from the requests list, I combine two program lists.

hpr2829 :: Discussion around fair use clips on HPR hosted by Various Hosts

2019-06-06. 00:23:11. Clean.
A request for comments on not publishing clips with known fair use samples

hpr2827 :: Unscripted ramblings from my garage about my first CTF event hosted by Christopher M. Hobbs

2019-06-04. 00:13:52. Clean.
I briefly discss a CTF event I was invited to and what I plan to bring with me.

hpr2825 :: More text to speech trials hosted by Ken Fallon

2019-05-31. 00:04:46. Clean.
A supplementary show to Jeroens episode 2792

hpr2823 :: Gentoo and why I use it hosted by aldenp

2019-05-29. 00:12:28. Clean.
I talk about what Gentoo is, and why I love it so much.

hpr2817 :: Are you successful? Click to find out more! hosted by clacke

2019-05-21. 00:04:41. Clean.
The answer may surprise you!

hpr2815 :: Copy pasta hosted by Klaatu

2019-05-17. 00:38:20. Clean.
Copying and pasting on Linux: X selections, xsel, clipboard managers, GPM, screen, and more

hpr2814 :: Spectre and Meltdown and OpenBSD and our future hosted by Zen_Floater2

2019-05-16. 00:20:51. Clean.
A discussion about CPU's and our future with them, where are we going?

hpr2813 :: Should we dump the linux Desktop. hosted by knightwise

2019-05-15. 00:20:29. Explicit.
Knightwise wonders if we should let go of the linux desktop environments and focus on cross-platform

hpr2812 :: Is 5G mobile data a danger to your health? hosted by clacke

2019-05-14. 00:08:04. Clean.
Apply Betteridge’s Law of Headlines to find out the answer

hpr2810 :: Wi-Fi on Android hosted by Ken Fallon

2019-05-10. 00:07:42. Explicit.
Ken fixes an Android Firewalled Wi-Fi connection that reports no Internet and won’t connect

hpr2809 :: The Blue Oak Model License and Its One Big Gotcha hosted by Joel D

2019-05-09. 00:21:08. Clean.
Introducing and examining a new and elegant permissive software license.

hpr2805 :: My 50th Show hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

2019-05-03. 00:17:44. Clean.
This is a review of the other 49 shows I've posted in the last 3 years

hpr2803 :: Update on my Raspi 3 B OpenMedia Vault and Next Cloud instances hosted by JWP

2019-05-01. 00:07:29. Explicit.
A short podcast on how my little home servers are working or not

hpr2802 :: Mid-life (?) assessment hosted by clacke

2019-04-30. 00:16:31. Clean.
It seems life goes faster and faster and then turns around and goes slower and slower

hpr2801 :: Guitar Set Up Part 1. hosted by NYbill

2019-04-29. 00:28:44. Clean.
NYbill talks about setting up a guitar.

hpr2798 :: Should Podcasters be Pirates ? hosted by knightwise

2019-04-24. 00:12:05. Explicit.
Knightwise waxes nostalgically on the early days of podcasting and wonders if we all sold out?

hpr2796 :: IRS,Credit Freezes and Junk Mail Ohh My! hosted by operat0r

2019-04-22. 00:12:26. Clean.
IRS Credit Freezes and Junk Mail

hpr2787 :: NodeJS Part 1 hosted by operat0r

2019-04-09. 00:10:13. Clean.
I don't know Javascript do ?

hpr2785 :: What is uCPE hosted by JWP

2019-04-05. 00:06:39. Explicit.
A short talk on telco networking standards

hpr2784 :: The Yamaha Disklavier hosted by Jon Kulp

2019-04-04. 00:24:00. Explicit.
I talk about the Yamaha Disklavier DKC500RW that's in my office at work

hpr2783 :: The Windows "Shutdown.exe" Command Explained hosted by Claudio Miranda

2019-04-03. 00:15:23. Clean.
A rundown of the Windows "shutdown.exe" command.

hpr2780 :: My SBC Nextcloud Install Pt. 1 - Hardware hosted by minnix

2019-03-29. 00:22:55. Clean.
How I built my self-enclosed Nextcloud server using a single board computer and a RAID enclosure

hpr2779 :: HTTP, IPFS, and torrents hosted by aldenp

2019-03-28. 00:11:51. Clean.
Replacing the web with new, decentralized protocols

hpr2777 :: The quest for the perfect laptop. hosted by knightwise

2019-03-26. 00:31:07. Clean.
Knightwise is out looking for a new laptop and describes what he is looking for and why.

hpr2774 :: CJDNS and Yggdrasil hosted by aldenp

2019-03-21. 00:10:29. Clean.
A summary of the things I like about CJDNS and Yggdrasil, and the places I think they could improve.

hpr2773 :: Lead/Acid Battery Maintenance and Calcium Charge Voltage hosted by Floyd C Poynter

2019-03-20. 00:31:09. Clean.
Discussion on installing new Calcium battery into older vehicle and resulting maintenance issues.

hpr2772 :: My applications and software part 3 hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

2019-03-19. 00:09:45. Clean.
A short show about the software I use in Linux Mint

hpr2771 :: Embedding hidden text in Djvu files hosted by Klaatu

2019-03-18. 00:41:16. Clean.
Part 2 of Klaatu's Djvu mini series

hpr2769 :: Quick Review of the AstroAI WH5000A Multimeter hosted by NYbill

2019-03-14. 00:24:15. Clean.
NYbill reviews, yet another, inexpensive multimeter.

hpr2767 :: Djvu and other paperless document formats hosted by Klaatu

2019-03-12. 00:32:15. Clean.
A tutorial on how to read and generate djvu files

hpr2766 :: Disk enumeration on Linux hosted by Klaatu

2019-03-11. 00:24:03. Clean.
Klaatu reviews the various commands used to enumerate drives on Linux

hpr2759 :: Cleaning the Potentiometers on a Peavey Bandit 65 hosted by Jon Kulp

2019-02-28. 00:20:44. Clean.
I disassemble and clean the pots on my Peavey Bandit 65 to fix static in the knobs.

hpr2752 :: XSV for fast CSV manipulations - Part 2 hosted by b-yeezi

2019-02-19. 00:22:39. Clean.
Part 2 of my introduction to the XSV tool

hpr2749 :: Lostnbronx and Klaatu commentary from episode 2743 hosted by Klaatu

2019-02-14. 00:14:50. Clean.
Thoughts about RPG character building, modern RPG play style compared to the Old School, and more

hpr2747 :: checking oil hosted by brian

2019-02-12. 00:05:17. Explicit.
checking your oil may not be so simple

hpr2746 :: My software part 2 hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

2019-02-11. 00:05:26. Clean.
More about the software I use regularly on Linux

hpr2744 :: Yet Another Rambling Drive Into Work hosted by MrX

2019-02-07. 00:33:42. Explicit.
Yet another rambling attempt at making a show on the way into work

hpr2742 :: SAP Hana Certification Directory hosted by JWP

2019-02-05. 00:18:05. Clean.
How the SAP Hana certification works

hpr2740 :: Pop!_OS 18.10 (quick) review hosted by Yannick

2019-02-01. 00:07:18. Clean.
In this episode, Yannick does a quick review of Pop OS 18.10

hpr2738 :: My Applications hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

2019-01-30. 00:03:49. Clean.
just a short show on the applications I use on my Linux Mint Box

hpr2737 :: My Pioneer RT-707 Reel-to-Reel Tape Deck hosted by Jon Kulp

2019-01-29. 00:23:01. Clean.
An intro to more of my legacy audio equipment.

hpr2734 :: Mashpodder hosted by MrX

2019-01-24. 00:18:59. Explicit.
A poor rushed attempt at covering the excellent podcast client mashppoder

hpr2731 :: My 8 bit Christmas hosted by Andrew Conway

2019-01-21. 00:26:19. Clean.
I got a new, old computer for Christmas - an Acorn BBC microcomputer model B.

hpr2730 :: Resizing images for vcard on Android hosted by Ken Fallon

2019-01-18. 00:11:28. Explicit.
Automating the steps needed to get images formatted for VCard import into Android phones

hpr2726 :: Home Theater - Part 2 Software (High Level) hosted by operat0r

2019-01-14. 00:20:49. Clean.
I go over a high level of my notes for the software on my Media box as it relates to TV/Movies/Music

hpr2725 :: The Illumos Shutdown Command Explained hosted by Klaatu

2019-01-11. 00:13:32. Clean.
A short pod cast about the Illumos shutdown command

hpr2724 :: Using a DIN Rail to mount a Raspberry Pi hosted by Dave Morriss

2019-01-10. 00:09:09. Explicit.
I created DIN rail fittings for attaching my RPi 3B+ and an SSD disk

hpr2723 :: Using Elm in context of 4X game client hosted by tuturto

2019-01-09. 00:44:31. Clean.
tuturto talks their decisions on structuring Elm application

hpr2722 :: RAID 6 a short description hosted by JWP

2019-01-08. 00:02:30. Explicit.
How Raid 6 works

hpr2720 :: Download youtube channels using the rss feeds hosted by Ken Fallon

2019-01-04. 00:24:07. Explicit.
Ken shares a script that will allow you to quickly keep up to date on your youtube subscriptions

hpr2717 :: Mobile Device Security hosted by Edward Miro / c1ph0r

2019-01-01. 00:10:21. Explicit.
Cell phone cyber security 101

hpr2716 :: Really Simple YouTube hosted by Thaj Sara

2018-12-31. 00:07:21. Clean.
Thaj explains how he makes YouTube come to him using RSS feeds

hpr2714 :: Airplane stalls and Angle of Attack hosted by Brian in Ohio

2018-12-27. 00:16:35. Clean.
A primer on why airplanes quit flying

hpr2712 :: Steganography hosted by Klaatu

2018-12-25. 00:21:30. Clean.
Klaatu wraps up his miniseries about steganography.

hpr2711 :: Raspberry Pi 3A+ Review hosted by Yannick

2018-12-24. 00:05:36. Clean.
In this episode of HPR, I will do a quick review of the Raspberry Pi 3A+.

hpr2710 :: Youtube downloader for channels hosted by Ken Fallon

2018-12-21. 00:14:04. Explicit.
A followup to hpr2675 how you can download an entire youtube channel for local playout

hpr2707 :: Steganalysis 101 hosted by Edward Miro / c1ph0r

2018-12-18. 00:14:24. Clean.
Steganalysis is the process of identifying the presence of, and decrypting, steganography.

hpr2706 :: Why I love the IBM AS/400 computer systems hosted by Jeroen Baten

2018-12-17. 00:28:34. Explicit.
A short talk about how I came to love the IBM As/400 systems and why.

hpr2702 :: Audacity set up and response to episode 2658 hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

2018-12-11. 00:01:47. Clean.
Just a quick response to Ep2658

hpr2700 :: Episode 3000 hosted by Ken Fallon

2018-12-07. 07:27:10. Clean.
We commemorate the 300 Today with a Techie and 2700 Hacker Public Radio shows

hpr2698 :: XSV for fast CSV manipulations - Part 1 hosted by b-yeezi

2018-12-05. 00:30:37. Clean.
Written in Rust, xsv is my new favorite tool for manipulating csv files

hpr2697 :: The Linux Shutdown Command Explained hosted by JWP

2018-12-04. 00:06:42. Clean.
A short pod cast about the linux shutdown command

hpr2694 :: Bandit Update hosted by NYbill

2018-11-29. 00:11:39. Clean.
NYbill does a quick episode to mention there are new Over the Wire, Bandit levels out.

hpr2692 :: YouTube URL tricks hosted by desearcher

2018-11-27. 00:07:16. Clean.
URL tricks for YouTube to enhance viewing experience and an overview of my viewing methodology

hpr2686 :: (NOT) All About Blender - Part the Second hosted by m1rr0r5h4d35

2018-11-19. 00:40:13. Explicit.
A meandering conversation to sooth the nerves, and warm the soul - part 2!!

hpr2684 :: Making a remote control visible hosted by Ken Fallon

2018-11-15. 00:01:17. Explicit.
Yet another amazing life hack !!!

hpr2683 :: Using Open source tools to visualize the heartrate and blood oxygen saturation level of my stepchild hosted by Jeroen Baten

2018-11-14. 00:31:51. Clean.
Using Open source tools to visualize the heartrate and blood oxygen saturation level of my stepchild

hpr2682 :: (NOT) All About Blender hosted by m1rr0r5h4d35

2018-11-13. 00:45:53. Explicit.
A meandering conversation to sooth the nerves, and warm the soul.

hpr2677 :: Thoughts on language learning part 4 - RPG. hosted by dodddummy

2018-11-06. 00:18:10. Explicit.
I ponder the idea of an RPG with players not speaking the same language.

hpr2675 :: YouTube Playlists hosted by Ahuka

2018-11-02. 00:12:47. Clean.
How to solve a problem with following YouTube channels

hpr2674 :: Raspberry pi3 open media server hosted by JWP

2018-11-01. 00:10:16. Explicit.
JWP emails in this episode

hpr2673 :: Urandom - Ohio Linux Fest 2-18 Podcaster Roundtable hosted by Thaj Sara

2018-10-31. 00:34:03. Explicit.
The Urandom crew gathers the podcasters at Ohio Linux Fest for a chat.

hpr2672 :: Porteus hosted by Klaatu

2018-10-30. 00:57:57. Clean.
Installing Porteus and the cool things you can do with thumbdrive installation

hpr2671 :: Algae farming with Desearcher hosted by m1rr0r5h4d35

2018-10-29. 00:39:39. Explicit.
Desearcher edumacates us all on the benefits of algae farming.

hpr2667 :: Create PDF bookmarks with Pdftk hosted by Klaatu

2018-10-23. 00:21:53. Clean.
Basic intro to a few pdftk functions

hpr2666 :: Slackware Post-Install hosted by m1rr0r5h4d35

2018-10-22. 00:30:26. Explicit.
A quick and dirty guide to getting Slack up and running after it's installed.

hpr2662 :: Repairing a motherboard hosted by Archer72

2018-10-16. 00:03:16. Explicit.
I repair a motherboard and get a old tower working again.

hpr2661 :: My Music Production Setup hosted by Claudio Miranda

2018-10-15. 00:11:19. Clean.
ClaudioM shares his music production setup.

hpr2660 :: Installing a bootloader on an Arduino hosted by Ken Fallon

2018-10-12. 00:06:39. Explicit.
Ken uses a Arduino Uno to load a bootloader on an Arduino Nano

hpr2658 :: Questions on podcast production hosted by Al

2018-10-10. 00:46:24. Clean.
Al asks Dave questions about podcast production

hpr2657 :: Why we are all going to shit in 30 years due to computers hosted by Jeroen Baten

2018-10-09. 00:25:55. Explicit.
Some thoughts about the increasing impact of automation

hpr2653 :: Using the EXACT Function in Excel hosted by Shane Shennan

2018-10-03. 00:03:19. Clean.
Shane explains that he just learned a simple and useful Excel function.

hpr2647 :: More Quick Tips hosted by operat0r

2018-09-25. 00:16:50. Explicit.
More Quick Tips For July - Only Key and Nerf Guns

hpr2640 :: Another Rambling Drive Into Work hosted by MrX

2018-09-14. 00:13:55. Explicit.
An second attempt at making a show on the way into work

hpr2637 :: Convert it to Text hosted by b-yeezi

2018-09-11. 00:16:21. Clean.
This episode will make you want to TXT all the things.

hpr2635 :: Running your own mainframe on Linux (for fun and profit) hosted by Jeroen Baten

2018-09-07. 00:55:21. Clean.
This talk is about running your own mainframe on your own hardware.

hpr2633 :: Elm - First Impressions hosted by tuturto

2018-09-05. 00:30:19. Explicit.
My first impressions on Elm programming language

hpr2630 :: Open Source Gaming: Revisiting Meridian 59 hosted by TheDUDE

2018-08-31. 00:03:49. Explicit.
Discussing the steam release of Meridian 59 (recorded before release)

hpr2629 :: Thoughts on language learning part 3 - game/story mode. hosted by dodddummy

2018-08-30. 00:26:04. Clean.
I discuss some of my thoughts on how games might help in language learning.

hpr2628 :: UK Telephone Network Exploration hosted by Xtrato

2018-08-29. 00:09:49. Clean.
I describe the process of finding interesting phone numbers on the UK telephone network.

hpr2627 :: Home Phone Setup!! hosted by sigflup

2018-08-28. 00:23:22. Clean.
This episode we set up a small phone system.

hpr2625 :: My thoughts on language learning communication applications. hosted by dodddummy

2018-08-24. 00:16:20. Clean.
I discuss some of my thoughts regarding using chat programs in language learning

hpr2624 :: Cycling through Brussels hosted by knightwise

2018-08-23. 00:22:07. Explicit.
On a hot day Knightwise rides his bike through Brussels.

hpr2623 :: Actors and Agents, Sprites and Fractals hosted by clacke

2018-08-22. 00:57:06. Clean.
In which I sit down with cwebber and try to keep it short, but end up with an hour of tangents

hpr2620 :: Thoughts on language learning part 1 hosted by dodddummy

2018-08-17. 00:24:31. Clean.
My thoughts on an approach to language learning which makes sense to me.

hpr2619 :: A Gentle Introduction to Quilt hosted by bjb

2018-08-16. 00:20:25. Clean.
Quilt - the patch manager. Introduction and tutorial.

hpr2617 :: Exposing a Raspberry Pi database through a REST API hosted by b-yeezi

2018-08-14. 00:20:19. Clean.
In this episode, I discuss how I used python to make my speedtest data available across my network

hpr2614 :: My 1948 Truetone D1835 Tube Radio hosted by Jon Kulp

2018-08-09. 00:10:57. Clean.
I talk about my "new" 1948 D1835 Tube-powered radio.

hpr2604 :: Restoration of a Fasco L55A Hassock Fan hosted by Jon Kulp

2018-07-26. 00:17:54. Clean.
I talk about my recent restoration project of a mid-century modern hassock fan

hpr2603 :: Dummy shares a tip and a tip/rant about asking and answering questions hosted by dodddummy

2018-07-25. 00:25:03. Explicit.
Those blasted rubber coffee mug seals and "Let me Google that for you."

hpr2602 :: HPR Quick Tips July 2018 hosted by operat0r

2018-07-24. 00:24:34. Explicit.
SpiderOAK Backup and Trekking the AT

hpr2600 :: Special episode on 2600, Blue Boxes, Phreaking hosted by Ken Fallon

2018-07-20. 00:52:53. Explicit.
We celebrate the history of hackers, with a nod to the old skool phreak community.

hpr2599 :: Fitting a 3.5mm adapter to a bluetooth receiver. hosted by Ken Fallon

2018-07-19. 00:08:09. Explicit.
Ken cobbles together a bluetooth adapter for any 3.5mm headphone

hpr2597 :: How to Fix a Remote with Buttons that Don't Work hosted by Jon Kulp

2018-07-17. 00:06:32. Clean.
A response to Ken Fallon's episode about how to check whether your remote is working or not.

hpr2594 :: Using nmtui, the Network Manager Terminal User interface hosted by Philip

2018-07-12. 00:10:38. Clean.
A use case for nmtui and general discussion about how to use it

hpr2592 :: Tech Talk With Allison hosted by sigflup

2018-07-10. 00:50:10. Clean.
This is a talk with Allison about webites, ruby, os design and other such things.

hpr2589 :: Saving Money: a response to Klaatu's Personal Finance Series hosted by Jon Kulp

2018-07-05. 00:14:27. Clean.
A response to Klaatu's very nice series about personal finance.

hpr2587 :: Cleaning out your Digital Gutters hosted by knightwise

2018-07-03. 00:25:19. Explicit.
Knightwise talks about being a geek and his quest to curate the library of his mind

hpr2585 :: Check to see if a Remote Control is working hosted by Ken Fallon

2018-06-29. 00:01:39. Explicit.
Yet another amazing life hack from Ken

hpr2583 :: Random Rant hosted by TheDUDE

2018-06-27. 00:15:17. Explicit.
Rant on how US sound recordings copyright laws are weird & how I miss Juiced Penguin

hpr2582 :: 3 Contribution case studies hosted by Klaatu

2018-06-26. 00:44:59. Clean.
How easy is it for your potential contributors to contribute?

hpr2581 :: My new 3D printer - impressions of the Creality Ender 3 hosted by Dave Morriss

2018-06-25. 00:20:39. Explicit.
I bought a Creality Ender 3 3D printer in June 2018. Here are my first impressions of it

hpr2578 :: LinuxLUGcast 102 the lost episode hosted by Honkeymagoo

2018-06-20. 03:52:56. Explicit.
LinuxLUGcast episode 102. The lost episode.

hpr2577 :: Emigration hosted by Klaatu

2018-06-19. 00:30:55. Clean.
Howto emigrate

hpr2575 :: Quick Tips June 2018 hosted by operat0r

2018-06-15. 00:13:46. Explicit.
I go over a few quick tips for June

hpr2574 :: Personal cash-only finance hosted by Klaatu

2018-06-14. 00:30:00. Clean.
Klaatu discusses the advantages and disadvantages of going [mostly] cash-only

hpr2568 :: Personal finance hosted by Klaatu

2018-06-06. 00:54:42. Clean.
How to manage personal finances.

hpr2567 :: Son of Hunky Punk hosted by Claudio Miranda

2018-06-05. 00:04:29. Clean.
I follow-up on my Frotz episode by covering Son of Hunky Punk, a Z-machine interpreter for Android.

hpr2564 :: Intro to Fossil hosted by Klaatu

2018-05-31. 00:33:11. Clean.
Klaatu talks about the Fossil version control system

hpr2562 :: I bought a laptop hosted by clacke

2018-05-29. 00:21:32. Clean.
... in which clacke takes months (or years?) to buy a laptop, but comes out pretty pleased

hpr2559 :: My Favourite Browser extension hosted by MrX

2018-05-24. 00:18:37. Explicit.
In this episode I cover my favourite browser Add-on

hpr2557 :: Styx -- The Purely Functional Static Site Generator hosted by clacke

2018-05-22. 00:13:52. Clean.
For the Fractalide web site, we are using Styx as a site generator. Here's a bit of how and why.

hpr2552 :: What is stow? hosted by clacke

2018-05-15. 00:12:01. Clean.
How does stow work, why would you want it and what are its limitations?

hpr2551 :: Calibrating Calibration hosted by NYbill

2018-05-14. 00:25:19. Clean.
NYbill talks about calibration issues with the Siglent SDS1202X-E oscilloscope

hpr2549 :: DVD ripping using old hardware hosted by Archer72

2018-05-10. 00:05:14. Clean.
How I put an older machine and a little cash to repurpose it.

hpr2547 :: MSYS2 hosted by clacke

2018-05-08. 00:10:57. Clean.
In which I talk briefly about the history of MSYS2 and Cygwin and why you might want MSYS2

hpr2544 :: How I prepared episode 2493: YouTube Subscriptions - update hosted by Dave Morriss

2018-05-03. 00:32:58. Explicit.
In show 2493 I listed some of my YT subscriptions - here's how

hpr2543 :: Home Theater - Part 1 Hardware hosted by operat0r

2018-05-02. 00:08:50. Clean.
I go over my Home Theater / Media setup starting with Hardware

hpr2542 :: How I helped my dad run a static website using SparkleShare hosted by clacke

2018-05-01. 00:12:08. Clean.
In which I describe my setup of SparkleShare and GitLab Pages to maintain a static website

hpr2541 :: Microphone Wind Screen Demo hosted by lostnbronx

2018-04-30. 00:06:24. Clean.
Lostnbronx demonstrates the effectiveness of his new microphone wind screen.

hpr2538 :: My geeky plans for the new house. hosted by knightwise

2018-04-25. 00:26:53. Explicit.
Knightwise talks about the new geek infrastructure in his house

hpr2537 :: Recording HPR on the fly Part II hosted by clacke

2018-04-24. 00:03:28. Clean.
In which I update the recommendation from HPR 1877: Just use Audio Recorder!

hpr2534 :: Moving to Office 365 (and painting the ceiling) hosted by knightwise

2018-04-19. 00:31:28. Clean.
Knightwise talks about moving his company email to Office 365

hpr2533 :: Burp Suite / ABCMouse Game hosted by operat0r

2018-04-18. 00:25:04. Clean.
I got over my approach for most mobile/web app pentesting

hpr2532 :: Podcrawl Glasgow 2018 hosted by thelovebug

2018-04-17. 00:26:24. Clean.
The TuxJam guys introduce and invite the HPR community to join them at Podcrawl Glasgow in July 2018

hpr2528 :: CCTV with DARKNET hosted by operat0r

2018-04-11. 00:14:23. Explicit.
I got over my current setup for CCTV with Darknet and YOLO

hpr2524 :: General problem solver hosted by tuturto

2018-04-05. 00:18:08. Clean.
Brief look into general problem solver system and how to use it solve simple problems

hpr2523 :: Run Linux on a Windows Box hosted by JWP

2018-04-04. 00:13:29. Explicit.
HP Stream book with windows 10

hpr2518 :: Converting My Laptop to Dual Boot hosted by Steve Saner

2018-03-28. 00:24:00. Explicit.
Converting a Linux only laptop to dual boot using information from a previous HPR episode.

hpr2517 :: DIY CCTV Security System hosted by operat0r

2018-03-27. 00:15:40. Clean.
I go over my Home CCTV setup

hpr2513 :: Why I choose Aperture first hosted by David Whitman

2018-03-21. 00:12:03. Clean.
David Whitman encourages you to choose Aperture as the most important setting in setting up your cam

hpr2511 :: Response to episode 2496 hosted by b-yeezi

2018-03-19. 00:06:59. Clean.
How I am using the Raspberry Pi script discussed Episode 2496

hpr2508 :: False Prophets hosted by lostnbronx

2018-03-14. 00:09:10. Explicit.
Lostnbronx considers how a cult-of-personality may affect space exploration.

hpr2507 :: Racket, Nix, Fractalide and the sounds of a Hong Kong New Town hosted by clacke

2018-03-13. 00:18:47. Clean.
It's a triple whammy! It's functional programming, functional package management and soundscape!

hpr2506 :: Build Your Own Lisp (A Book Review) hosted by Brian in Ohio

2018-03-12. 00:09:04. Clean.
Learn C programming while building a LISP

hpr2503 :: My journey into podcasting hosted by thelovebug

2018-03-07. 00:14:28. Clean.
Dave takes us on his journey into 10 years of podcasting

hpr2502 :: Volume Of Thought hosted by lostnbronx

2018-03-06. 00:07:20. Clean.
Lostnbronx attempts to measure the "volume" of his own thoughts.

hpr2498 :: Life without Google hosted by Quvmoh

2018-02-28. 00:04:26. Clean.
Quvmoh goes a month without G apps on his phone

hpr2495 :: 10 Years of Xoke hosted by Xoke

2018-02-23. 00:12:03. Clean.
Tomorrow marks 10 years since his first episode, and Xoke talks a bit about HPR

hpr2493 :: YouTube Subscriptions - update hosted by Dave Morriss

2018-02-21. 00:14:45. Explicit.
Some of the YouTube channels I have subscribed to in the last year

hpr2491 :: Some news with Finux hosted by finux

2018-02-19. 00:17:41. Explicit.
Just a short little podcast on some recent(ish) security related news stories

hpr2489 :: CONTEXT IS EVERYTHING hosted by lostnbronx

2018-02-15. 00:27:14. Explicit.
Lostnbronx creates a tiny video, from a large audio file.

hpr2488 :: Psychology of Love hosted by Aaressaar

2018-02-14. 00:13:12. Explicit.
A look at some of the neuroscience and psychology behind love

hpr2487 :: Simple LibreOffice Repo for Fedora hosted by ToeJet

2018-02-13. 00:03:05. Clean.
Simple LibreOffice Repo for Fedora

hpr2485 :: The Alien Brothers Podcast - S01E05 - I Saw the Invisible Man hosted by The Alien Brothers Podcast (ABP)

2018-02-09. 01:17:09. Explicit.
Casper and Rutiger discuss the now-old-by-internet-standards news of New York Times piece about real

hpr2482 :: lca2018: Katie McLaughlin hosted by Clinton Roy

2018-02-06. 00:22:48. Explicit.
An interview with Katie McLaughlin at 2018

hpr2479 :: Intergraph workstation hosted by JWP

2018-02-01. 00:28:45. Clean.
My rebuild of my Intergraph workstation

hpr2477 :: Reading Audio Books While Distracted hosted by dodddummy

2018-01-30. 00:10:10. Clean.
My attempt to solve the problem of listening to audio books when you can't fully concentrate.

hpr2474 :: Open Source Gaming #3 The Atari Jaguar hosted by TheDUDE

2018-01-25. 00:13:52. Explicit.
Episode 3 is about the Atari Jaguar which has been open source since 1999

hpr2473 :: Frotz - A Portable Z-Machine Interpreter hosted by Claudio Miranda

2018-01-24. 00:10:08. Clean.
How to use Frotz to play those old Infocom text adventure games from the 80s.

hpr2472 :: Forum Failure hosted by lostnbronx

2018-01-23. 00:16:40. Clean.
Lostnbronx talks about his recent experiment in running a forum.

hpr2471 :: Tea Time! hosted by operat0r

2018-01-22. 00:06:19. Explicit.
I go over where I am at with Tea

hpr2468 :: THE WELL hosted by operat0r

2018-01-17. 00:06:48. Explicit.
I record a video with audio on my fathers well setup in the sticks

hpr2467 :: I randomly talk about my laptops hosted by swift110

2018-01-16. 00:09:34. Clean.
Random talk about my laptops and the linux distros that are on them

hpr2466 :: ShareX is awesome hosted by Xoke

2018-01-15. 00:07:27. Clean.
ShareX, for all your screenshot needs and more

hpr2465 :: TronScript where have you been all my life! hosted by operat0r

2018-01-12. 00:27:49. Explicit.
I take an initial look at TronScript and its features

hpr2464 :: The Alien Brothers Podcast - S01E04 - Digital Instruments hosted by The Alien Brothers Podcast (ABP)

2018-01-11. 01:05:06. Explicit.
Casper and Rutiger Detail their Digital and Analog Sonic Setups in IOS and Android

hpr2463 :: Setting up a 32 Bit Ubuntu Server hosted by JWP

2018-01-10. 00:12:42. Clean.
Repurpose a 32 bit small form factor working station

hpr2460 :: The Alien Brothers Podcast - S01E03 - Decline of American Empire hosted by The Alien Brothers Podcast (ABP)

2018-01-05. 01:53:50. Explicit.
The Alien Brothers penetrate the Van Allen belt to tap in, and transmit an intergalactic podcast

hpr2459 :: free software's long tail hosted by Joey Hess

2018-01-04. 00:07:16. Clean.
Response to hpr2443 :: pdmenu by pdmenu's author

hpr2458 :: Chrome Plugins You Must Have hosted by operat0r

2018-01-03. 00:10:43. Explicit.
I go over my current list of Chrome plugins and how I secure my browser

hpr2457 :: Getting ready for my new Macbook Pro hosted by knightwise

2018-01-02. 00:19:25. Explicit.
Knightwise is about to order a new macbook pro and shares some tips and tricks

hpr2454 :: The Alien Brothers Podcast - S01E02 - Strictly Hacking hosted by The Alien Brothers Podcast (ABP)

2017-12-28. 01:46:29. Explicit.
Casper and Rutiger discuss the Uber hacks and the Intel ME known and unknown vulnerabilties

hpr2452 :: Hydraulic Heavy Scale Project hosted by David Whitman

2017-12-26. 00:22:19. Clean.
Hydraulic Jack Mod, DIY, Travel Trailer Balance

hpr2451 :: Server Basics 105 OpenVPN Client hosted by Klaatu

2017-12-25. 00:32:11. Clean.
Klaatu walks you through installing and configuring an OpenVPN client

hpr2450 :: Android Audio with viper 4 android and magisk hosted by operat0r

2017-12-22. 00:10:09. Explicit.
I go over some ways to help manage audio with android

hpr2449 :: Org-mode mobile solution hosted by Brian in Ohio

2017-12-21. 00:09:38. Clean.
My search for taking org mode on the road

hpr2447 :: Server Basics 104 OpenVPN Server hosted by Klaatu

2017-12-19. 00:43:15. Clean.
Klaatu walks you through installing and configuring OpenVPN Server

hpr2443 :: pdmenu hosted by Dave Morriss

2017-12-13. 00:15:27. Explicit.
I have been using this menu tool over the past year, and I really like it

hpr2441 :: Server Basics 103 hosted by Klaatu

2017-12-11. 00:29:33. Clean.
Firewalls and fail2ban

hpr2435 :: Server Basics 102 hosted by Klaatu

2017-12-01. 00:48:46. Clean.
Klaatu talks about SSH configuration on the server you set up in 101.

hpr2433 :: You were right, I was wrong hosted by Ken Fallon

2017-11-29. 00:08:39. Clean.
Ken eats humble pie

hpr2430 :: Scanning books hosted by Ken Fallon

2017-11-24. 00:12:20. Explicit.
Ken explains how and why he is scanning school books

hpr2427 :: Server Basics 101 hosted by Klaatu

2017-11-21. 00:43:10. Clean.
Klaatu endeavours to explain the basics of server administration.

hpr2425 :: Intro to XSL hosted by Klaatu

2017-11-17. 00:41:42. Clean.
A brief introduction to XSL and xsltproc

hpr2423 :: Open Source Gaming #2: Oolite hosted by TheDUDE

2017-11-15. 00:07:11. Explicit.
Episode 2 is about the space travel simulator Oolite, which is an open source remake of Elite

hpr2421 :: Project Interest hosted by lostnbronx

2017-11-13. 00:08:38. Clean.
Lostnbronx wonders how some projects die for lack of interest.

hpr2420 :: Netbooks - Keeping an old friend alive hosted by Beeza

2017-11-10. 00:16:19. Clean.
Why netbooks are not necessarily obsolete and how to keep them performing well

hpr2419 :: Alien Brothers Podcast S1E01 - Introduction hosted by The Alien Brothers Podcast (ABP)

2017-11-09. 02:06:24. Explicit.
Meet the Alien Brothers: Casper and Rutiger. Two tech junkies that take nothing sacred

hpr2417 :: Transmeta Crusoe - Fujitsu-Siemens Futro S210 (ThinClient) - Trouble Shooting and Debian 9 Install hosted by JWP

2017-11-07. 00:13:26. Clean.
I did a basement clean up and got my old transmeta cpu up and running

hpr2415 :: bullet journal to org mode hosted by Brian in Ohio

2017-11-03. 00:15:27. Clean.
my journey from analog to digital

hpr2410 :: OLF 2017 Report hosted by Ahuka

2017-10-27. 00:22:56. Explicit.
OLF 2017, a Free and Open Source Software conference took place on September 29- October 1, 2017

hpr2406 :: Putting Ends onto CAT6 Ethernet Cables hosted by Shane Shennan

2017-10-23. 00:08:29. Clean.
This was my experience learning how to put the ends onto CAT6 cable.

hpr2404 :: Open Source Gaming #1: Meridian59 hosted by TheDUDE

2017-10-19. 00:14:34. Explicit.
A showcase of Open Source games, Starting with the revived MMORPG Meridian59

hpr2401 :: Music Theory Hara-Kiri hosted by TheDUDE

2017-10-16. 00:16:10. Explicit.
A show on music theory, and figuring out what viewers on hear actually want with a music theory show

hpr2400 :: My commute into work hosted by thelovebug

2017-10-13. 00:36:48. Clean.
In this episode, Dave records an episode across his entire commute into work.

hpr2399 :: Using Super Glue to create Landmarks on Keyboards hosted by dodddummy

2017-10-12. 00:10:39. Explicit.
Using Super Glue to create Landmarks on Keyboards

hpr2398 :: AutoHotkey Master of Automation ? hosted by operat0r

2017-10-11. 00:17:22. Clean.
I'll go over my AutoHotkey script I used to give free money in GTA (dropping)

hpr2397 :: The Urban Astronomer hosted by Dave Morriss

2017-10-10. 00:32:39. Clean.
An introduction to an astronomy podcast that you might like

hpr2393 :: PWGen - A password generator hosted by Xoke

2017-10-04. 00:22:35. Clean.
Xoke talks about how he uses PWGen to set people's passwords at work

hpr2392 :: Weather, Ogg Camp, Server Room, ITO collection hosted by JWP

2017-10-03. 00:07:46. Clean.
A short podcast about various things mostly OggCamp

hpr2389 :: Thoughts on Lifetime Learning hosted by b-yeezi

2017-09-28. 00:09:28. Clean.
In this episode, I talk about my experiences in learning to be a good learner

hpr2386 :: The Decline and Fall of Tcl hosted by clacke

2017-09-25. 00:28:53. Clean.
... in which I'm reading Where Tcl and Tk went wrong, by David N Welton, posted on 2010-03-30

hpr2384 :: Slackware in Scotland hosted by Andrew Conway

2017-09-21. 00:56:39. Clean.
Beni comes to Scotland and talks to Andrew about Slackware 14.2, a year after release.

hpr2382 :: A Non Spoilery Review of "git commit murder" and "Forever Falls" by Michael Warren Lucas hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2017-09-19. 00:09:15. Clean.
I met Mike Lucas at Kansas Linux Fest 2017 and review a couple of his novels

hpr2381 :: Benefits of a tabletop hosted by Klaatu

2017-09-18. 00:44:10. Clean.
Klaatu talks about the benefits of analogue gaming

hpr2379 :: sending a text message from the command line hosted by Jezra

2017-09-14. 00:04:55. Explicit.
a bunch of waffling on about email and text message sending from the command line

hpr2378 :: Why Docbook? hosted by Klaatu

2017-09-13. 00:40:05. Clean.
Klaatu talks about why Docbook is the greatest

hpr2377 :: A Rambling Drive Into Work hosted by MrX

2017-09-12. 00:22:41. Explicit.
An attempt at making a show on the way into work

hpr2372 :: Docbook hosted by Klaatu

2017-09-05. 00:54:38. Clean.
How to Docbook

hpr2370 :: Who is HortonWorks? hosted by JWP

2017-09-01. 00:18:59. Clean.
And what they do with Hadoop.

hpr2368 :: Every cloude has a silver lining hosted by mirwi

2017-08-30. 00:02:23. Clean.
Short, somewhat rhyming, thoughts provoked by an emptying show queue.

hpr2367 :: How I create and post a show to HPR hosted by MrX

2017-08-29. 00:20:09. Clean.
In this episode I describe the process I use to create and post a show to HPR.

hpr2365 :: Rolling out a radio-based internet service in rural England hosted by Beeza

2017-08-25. 00:19:36. Clean.
One person's quest to get a decent internet connection when the big corporations aren't interested.

hpr2364 :: Managing Your Android with AirDroid hosted by Frank Bell

2017-08-24. 00:14:35. Clean.
Frank discusses AirDroid, an app for managing Your Android via a browser.

hpr2363 :: Cancelling my TV licence hosted by Dave Morriss

2017-08-23. 00:10:39. Explicit.
I don't watch any TV so I don't need a licence, but cancelling it is unexpectedly difficult

hpr2362 :: Raspbian X86 on Lenovo x61s hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

2017-08-22. 00:11:10. Clean.
This is another distro review show

hpr2359 :: Android ROM and PAIN hosted by operat0r

2017-08-17. 00:25:22. Explicit.
I go over some of my pain and love for Android over the years

hpr2358 :: Amateur radio round table #2 hosted by Various Hosts

2017-08-16. 00:46:09. Clean.
Two of us trying to explain stuff mostly off the cuffs.

hpr2357 :: Air Soft Mini Howto hosted by operat0r

2017-08-15. 00:14:13. Explicit.
I talk about my current setup for AirSoft and how we should all have hobbies!

hpr2356 :: Safely enabling ssh in the default Raspbian Image hosted by Ken Fallon

2017-08-14. 00:32:53. Explicit.
Ken walks us through a script to secure the base Raspbian Pixel image

hpr2355 :: Wii and WiiU Software Modding hosted by operat0r

2017-08-11. 00:12:16. Explicit.
I go over my current Wii and WiiU setup

hpr2353 :: RoboThermometer hosted by Epicanis

2017-08-09. 00:12:36. Clean.
A surprisingly short geeky episode about connecting a temperature sensor to a Raspberry Pi

hpr2350 :: Ahuka Insurance - Understanding The Marketplace hosted by Ahuka

2017-08-04. 00:10:20. Clean.
How the Health Insurance Market works in the U.S

hpr2347 :: An Intro to Apache Hadoop hosted by JWP

2017-08-01. 00:37:29. Explicit.
Just a pretty boring summary of what Hadoop is and how it works.

hpr2345 :: Fixing a toilet roll holder hosted by Ken Fallon

2017-07-28. 00:08:51. Explicit.
A small fix improves someone's life

hpr2342 :: Wherein our hero fails to repair a garage door. hosted by Christopher M. Hobbs

2017-07-25. 00:25:17. Explicit.
I try and fail to fix my garage door.

hpr2340 :: Tracking the HPR queue in Python hosted by MrX

2017-07-21. 00:21:32. Clean.
I explain how I capture the number of HPR shows in the queue using python

hpr2337 :: The Kobo Aura eReader hosted by Jon Kulp

2017-07-18. 00:18:43. Clean.
A review of my new (used) Kobo Aura e-book reader

hpr2334 :: Our Adventure Begins! hosted by Claudio Miranda

2017-07-13. 00:16:06. Clean.
I discuss Colossal Cave Adventure and the adventure of playing it with my son.

hpr2333 :: VirtualenvWrapper for Fish Shell hosted by b-yeezi

2017-07-12. 00:13:55. Explicit.
In this episode, talk about how I created my own virtualenvwrapper-like interface using Fish Shell.

hpr2332 :: Installing DD-WRT on ASUS RT-N66U hosted by Ironic Sodium

2017-07-11. 00:04:11. Explicit.
Describes how to install DD-WRT router firmware on an ASUS RT-N66U router.

hpr2327 :: A Texan's view on Why only a Native Born person can be President hosted by JWP

2017-07-04. 00:07:06. Explicit.
A quick talk about why America is special

hpr2324 :: Opensusecon 2017 and Ubuntu 16.04 hosted by JWP

2017-06-29. 00:05:26. Explicit.
Performance of Ubuntu 16.04 on my MS surface Tablet and Brief Review of OpenSuse Con 2017

hpr2323 :: How to Configure Mumble in Real Time hosted by Thaj Sara

2017-06-28. 00:06:24. Explicit.
The cast of the urandom podcast help a guest troubleshoot their Mumble setup in real time.

hpr2322 :: A bit of background on virtualenvwrapper hosted by bjb

2017-06-27. 00:17:39. Clean.
Linux processes, the process environment and the shell, as they relate to virtualenvwrapper.

hpr2320 :: Living Computers: Museum + Labs hosted by JWP

2017-06-23. 00:15:38. Clean.
Free Shell accounts on old Computers with old programing langs

hpr2319 :: Minimal Music Site 17.05.39 now available on hosted by mattkingusa

2017-06-22. 00:30:09. Explicit.
MattKingUSA review of dell gaming laptop and an update on Minimal Music Site

hpr2318 :: Talking about my thinkpads hosted by swift110

2017-06-21. 00:45:15. Clean.
I talk about why I love my thinkpads so much and how I appreciate having them

hpr2315 :: Penguicon 2017 Report hosted by Ahuka

2017-06-16. 00:20:11. Explicit.
Penguicon 2017 took place on April 28-30, 2017 in Southfield, Michigan

hpr2312 :: Troubleshooting Websites with XAMPP hosted by Frank Bell

2017-06-13. 00:14:46. Clean.
Frank describes how he used XAMPP to clone his website to localhost so he could shoot some trouble.

hpr2310 :: Kdenlive Part 6 Workflow and Conclusion. hosted by Geddes

2017-06-09. 00:18:56. Clean.
A look at the final Kdenlive project workflow and conclusion.

hpr2308 :: Everyday package operations in Guix hosted by clacke

2017-06-07. 00:16:26. Clean.
Here's how I use Guix in my day-to-day. Fleshed out audio of a comment on ep 2198.

hpr2305 :: Configuring an HP Laptop for Dual Boot Linux and Windows 10 hosted by Mongo

2017-06-02. 00:11:24. Clean.
Installing Linux Ubuntu GNOME to dual boot with Windows 10 on an HP laptop.

hpr2304 :: Using Gnome 3 for the First Time hosted by Shane Shennan

2017-06-01. 00:10:43. Clean.
Shane just switched his desktop environment from XFCE to Gnome 3. Here is his experience, so far.

hpr2303 :: Kdenlive Part 5 All About Audio hosted by Geddes

2017-05-31. 00:15:22. Clean.
Recording Audio in Kdenlive

hpr2300 :: The first Intel CompuStick hosted by JWP

2017-05-26. 00:10:55. Explicit.
A talk about the original intel compute stick with ubuntu factory installed

hpr2298 :: Phantom Power Drain hosted by brian

2017-05-24. 00:04:33. Explicit.
diagnosing a phantom power drain on an automobile

hpr2297 :: More Magnatune Favourites hosted by Dave Morriss

2017-05-23. 01:08:32. Explicit.
Andrew and Dave offer you some more tracks from Magnatune

hpr2294 :: Activities with a Toddler hosted by Shane Shennan

2017-05-18. 00:11:03. Clean.
11 things you can do with a toddler you are taking care of.

hpr2291 :: Arch on CELES hosted by Hannah, of Terra, of Sol

2017-05-15. 00:12:05. Explicit.
Convinces you, and herself that Arch Linux on a Chromebook is a good idea!

hpr2290 :: How to change the height of your Ironing board hosted by Ken Fallon

2017-05-12. 00:02:48. Explicit.
Amazing Life Hack that will change your life forever.

hpr2289 :: Sendy Send. Tell if your email has been read!! hosted by sigflup

2017-05-11. 00:04:41. Clean.
Sigflup announces sendy send, which is a mechanism to tell if people read your email.

hpr2288 :: Installing and using virtualenvwrapper for python hosted by Knox

2017-05-10. 00:11:05. Explicit.
Installing and using virtualenvwrapper for python, (What I learned the hard way!)

hpr2287 :: Desparately Seeking Saving RMS - Introduction hosted by dodddummy

2017-05-09. 00:30:30. Explicit.
My attempt to start moving towards the RMS Model

hpr2285 :: The Tick Conspiracy hosted by TheDUDE

2017-05-05. 00:10:21. Explicit.
A show that covers the ongoing war between ticks (may they rot in hell) and everything else.

hpr2284 :: Resurrecting a dead ethernet switch hosted by mirwi

2017-05-04. 00:14:53. Clean.
Replacing a failing capacitor in the power supply of an ethernet switch to make it work again.

hpr2283 :: Saving money shaving with double and single edge safety razors hosted by Dave Yates

2017-05-03. 00:17:11. Clean.
Using double and single edge safety razors to save money

hpr2279 :: The first Intel CompuStick sound fix with LUbuntu hosted by JWP

2017-04-27. 00:04:56. Explicit.
A quick podcast about sound with LUbuntu

hpr2277 :: Outernet and other projects hosted by m1rr0r5h4d35

2017-04-25. 00:14:44. Explicit.
In this episode, I take a look at some different attempts to spread free internet access.

hpr2274 :: First Microsoft Surface Pro Ubuntu 16.04 Dual boot hosted by JWP

2017-04-20. 00:09:16. Explicit.
A short talk about converting a MS Surface pro from windows to unbuntu

hpr2272 :: In Which Our Hero Takes 4 Hours to Install Hyper-V Server 2012 hosted by OnlyHalfTheTime

2017-04-18. 00:12:42. Explicit.
A tale from the trenches. When good servers go bad.

hpr2270 :: Managing tags on HPR episodes - 3 hosted by Dave Morriss

2017-04-14. 00:31:33. Explicit.
Looking for the best way to store and manage tags in the HPR database, part 3

hpr2269 :: Chocolate Milk hosted by venam

2017-04-13. 00:42:09. Clean.
A sample show of the nixers podcast. Adam's story, milky chocolate, unicomp, and plan9

hpr2268 :: Fish On! hosted by Bill "NFMZ1" Miller

2017-04-12. 00:18:58. Clean.
Websites and apps used for planning fishing trips

hpr2267 :: Our Digital Art hosted by sigflup

2017-04-11. 00:29:53. Clean.
Sigflup and Siss talk about digital art and what it means to them

hpr2265 :: WattOS on Lenovo X61s hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

2017-04-07. 00:08:08. Clean.
I talk about installing WattOS on the X61s

hpr2264 :: At The Library hosted by Bill "NFMZ1" Miller

2017-04-06. 00:08:25. Clean.
What my local library offers

hpr2263 :: Freak Does Geek hosted by fth

2017-04-05. 00:24:09. Clean.
A drift through a variety of topic with the letter A as the "Anchor"

hpr2262 :: Abstracting Nurse Jesus hosted by Eric Duhamel

2017-04-04. 00:05:24. Clean.
how I abstracted random number generation for more syntactic sugar

hpr2260 :: Managing tags on HPR episodes - 2 hosted by Dave Morriss

2017-03-31. 00:24:37. Explicit.
Looking for the best way to store and manage tags in the HPR database, part 2

hpr2259 :: Minidiscs: A Response to HPR 2212 hosted by Jon Kulp

2017-03-30. 00:16:42. Clean.
Response to hpr2212 with my own uses and recollections of the awesome legacy medium of the minidisc

hpr2256 :: Modular Game Scaling hosted by Eric Duhamel

2017-03-27. 00:04:37. Clean.
how I allowed more display resolutions in a modular game design

hpr2255 :: The Good Ship HPR hosted by Dave Morriss

2017-03-24. 00:26:11. Explicit.
HPR is a wonderful yet fragile project completely dependent on a steady flow of shows from hosts

hpr2254 :: Introduction to Model Rocketry hosted by Steve Saner

2017-03-23. 00:54:08. Clean.
Steve talks about the hobby of model rocketry including some of the advanced aspects of the hobby.

hpr2253 :: How to make and use a stencil hosted by @einebiene

2017-03-22. 00:13:53. Explicit.
Cutting and using a stencil made of thick foil

hpr2246 :: My Custom RSS Comic and Security Feed hosted by operat0r

2017-03-13. 00:06:36. Explicit.
Ya RSS say something. I talk about my comics only RSS feed

hpr2245 :: Managing tags on HPR episodes - 1 hosted by Dave Morriss

2017-03-10. 00:26:08. Explicit.
Looking for the best way to store and manage tags in the HPR database, part 1

hpr2244 :: building lineageOS hosted by brian

2017-03-09. 00:19:40. Explicit.
I try my hand at building lineageOS for my device

hpr2243 :: My Quick Tips E01 hosted by operat0r

2017-03-08. 00:08:05. Explicit.
I ramble on about some of my tips I recorded

hpr2240 :: Amateur Radio Round Table hosted by Various Hosts

2017-03-03. 00:53:39. Clean.
HPR community hams get together to talk about ham radio

hpr2239 :: making jerky hosted by Jezra

2017-03-02. 00:12:29. Explicit.
jezra goes talks about his process for making jerky, while making jerky

hpr2237 :: Do you care? hosted by Curtis Adkins (CPrompt^)

2017-02-28. 00:07:44. Clean.
Some thoughts on the phrase I couldn't care less.

hpr2236 :: Hoarding Raspberry Pis hosted by b-yeezi

2017-02-27. 00:25:15. Clean.
In this episode, I discuss my growing obsession with building a Raspberry Pi data center.

hpr2223 :: FOSDEM 2017 K (level 1, group B and C) hosted by Ken Fallon

2017-02-08. 01:54:33. Explicit.
Ken interviews the projects in Group B and C of the the K building level 1

hpr2222 :: FOSDEM 2017 K (level 1, group A) hosted by Ken Fallon

2017-02-07. 01:29:52. Explicit.
Ken interviews the projects in Group A of the the K building level 1

hpr2220 :: Taking apart a tablet hosted by laindir

2017-02-03. 00:28:36. Clean.
In which I fail to discover or correct the problem with my son's tablet

hpr2219 :: The Musings of a Novice Cable TV Cord Cutter hosted by Reg A

2017-02-02. 00:58:23. Clean.
My adventures with dealing with my local cable TV provider and my hardware selections.

hpr2218 :: Cool Stuff pt. 5 hosted by Curtis Adkins (CPrompt^)

2017-02-01. 00:14:35. Clean.
CPrompt talks about some more cool stuff for you to enjoy!

hpr2217 :: building a new voice input device hosted by Jezra

2017-01-31. 00:05:51. Clean.
a bunch of jibber jabber about putting a little computer into a phone

hpr2216 :: Working AO-85 with my son hosted by Christopher M. Hobbs

2017-01-30. 00:16:33. Clean.
My son and I try to make a contact on an amateur radio satellite

hpr2214 :: Upgrading Vehicle Lights From Halogen to LED hosted by Jon Kulp

2017-01-26. 00:18:00. Clean.
A quick show about upgrading some of the lights on our vehicles from halogen to LED

hpr2213 :: Clay Body hosted by brian

2017-01-25. 00:10:52. Explicit.
Basic clay theory

hpr2212 :: meanderings Cyberpunk and the Minidisc hosted by Quvmoh

2017-01-24. 00:04:58. Clean.
The Cyberpunk history of the Sony Minidisc

hpr2211 :: My podcast workflow hosted by Dave Morriss

2017-01-23. 00:25:58. Explicit.
How I download, manage, listen to and delete podcasts

hpr2210 :: On Freedom of Speech and Censorship hosted by m1rr0r5h4d35

2017-01-20. 00:21:42. Explicit.
Reflections on Freedom of Speech

hpr2209 :: Calibre eBook Server hosted by Jon Kulp

2017-01-19. 00:12:30. Clean.
A quick rundown of how to share your ebook Library on your network using calibre-server

hpr2208 :: Kayak Camping hosted by droops

2017-01-18. 00:25:02. Clean.
Kayak camping is a really fun (and affordable) way to explore the outdoors and get away.

hpr2207 :: NATO phonetic alphabet hosted by Hannah, of Terra, of Sol

2017-01-17. 00:07:58. Clean.
Neighbourly greetings. We cover the title, podcast recommendations, and well wishes.

hpr2205 :: Quick Tips Roomba and silicone Packets hosted by operat0r

2017-01-13. 00:07:01. Explicit.
Quick Tips Roomba Cleaning and Silicone Packet reuse

hpr2204 :: MASSCAN hosted by operat0r

2017-01-12. 00:08:23. Explicit.

hpr2203 :: NOT SO SMART hosted by operat0r

2017-01-11. 00:07:44. Clean.
How I am failing at troubleshooting disk I O issues

hpr2202 :: Makers on YouTube hosted by Dave Morriss

2017-01-10. 00:24:47. Explicit.
I am trying to learn to make various things and am watching YouTube to find information

hpr2201 :: Matthew "Lord Drachenblut" Williams hosted by HPR Volunteers

2017-01-09. 00:38:12. Explicit.
HPR Community members remember the digital dragon

hpr2200 :: Episode one of the future of free software series hosted by spaceman

2017-01-06. 00:02:34. Explicit.
introduction to the series

hpr2199 :: Replacing the Throttle Position Sensor on My Truck hosted by Jon Kulp

2017-01-05. 00:18:58. Clean.
Sound-seeing episode, listen as I Replace the throttle position sensor on my truck

hpr2198 :: How awesome is Guix and why will it take over the world hosted by clacke

2017-01-04. 01:23:31. Explicit.
I sit down with Chris Webber and we ramble about how great Guix is

hpr2197 :: Why you should not say Free Software hosted by Ken Fallon

2017-01-03. 00:07:09. Clean.
Ken suggests that the term Free Software is a bug.

hpr2195 :: All you need to know when uploading a show hosted by Ken Fallon

2016-12-30. 00:28:16. Clean.
We read aloud various information pages on the HPR website

hpr2194 :: The low-down on what's up in the Taiwan Strait. hosted by clacke

2016-12-29. 00:32:08. Clean.
In which I respond to "I don't get this whole Taiwan/US/China thing"

hpr2193 :: a clean podcast with no swearing hosted by spaceman

2016-12-28. 00:17:54. Explicit.
discussing the swearing drama

hpr2192 :: Fun with Oscilloscopes hosted by m1rr0r5h4d35

2016-12-27. 00:09:32. Explicit.
Taking a look at oscilloscope music.

hpr2191 :: Building a Soundboard Android App with App Inventor hosted by droops

2016-12-26. 00:10:03. Clean.
droops walks us through how to build Android Apps with App Inventor a block based language.

hpr2190 :: fucking botnets how do they work? hosted by spaceman

2016-12-23. 00:03:53. Explicit.
how using botnets for legetimate purposes can be useful

hpr2189 :: Working Amateur Radio Satellites hosted by Christopher M. Hobbs

2016-12-22. 00:32:05. Clean.
A brief overview of how to work your first satellite.

hpr2188 :: Art Appreciation hosted by brian

2016-12-21. 00:05:15. Explicit.
Some thoughts on art appreciation

hpr2187 :: The Toshiba Libretto 100ct hosted by m1rr0r5h4d35

2016-12-20. 00:28:27. Explicit.
In this episode I discuss some of the quirks of setting up Toshiba Libretto for retro gaming.

hpr2185 :: Soldering a Soldering Fan hosted by Ken Fallon

2016-12-16. 00:05:09. Clean.
Practising soldering skills by hacking together a soldering extraction fan.

hpr2183 :: Data Privacy: Farlands or bust hosted by Bill "NFMZ1" Miller

2016-12-14. 00:14:55. Explicit.
Conversation in response to comments about my last Episode called "Google It"

hpr2182 :: why say GNU/Linux ? hosted by spaceman

2016-12-13. 00:07:40. Explicit.
Dedicated to all the people that says Linux instead of GNU/Linux

hpr2181 :: Install OpenBSD from Linux using Grub hosted by norrist

2016-12-12. 00:08:21. Clean.
Install OpenBSD from Linux using Grub

hpr2180 :: Mail to myself@myfirstemployment, Part 2 of 2 hosted by clacke

2016-12-09. 00:08:21. Clean.
I expand on a list of one-liner advice to myself 20 years ago, that I posted on Part 2 of 2

hpr2179 :: Mail to myself@myfirstemployment, Part 1 hosted by clacke

2016-12-08. 00:14:04. Clean.
I expand on a list of one-liner advice to myself 20 years ago, that I posted on

hpr2178 :: Dice Mixer hosted by Klaatu

2016-12-07. 00:26:23. Clean.
Klaatu reviews the Dice Mixer dice tower

hpr2177 :: Knowledge Interconnection, the thai express hack hosted by spaceman

2016-12-06. 00:07:04. Explicit.
learn things that empowers you and interconnects with other of your knowledge

hpr2175 :: Kdenlive Part 4 Colour Correction hosted by Geddes

2016-12-02. 00:18:20. Clean.
A review of the Kdenlive colour correction suite

hpr2173 :: Driving a Blinkt! as an IoT device hosted by Dave Morriss

2016-11-30. 00:39:09. Explicit.
I have a Raspberry Pi Zero with a Blinkt! 8-LED array I'm setting up as a notification device

hpr2171 :: hello world hosted by spaceman

2016-11-28. 00:03:47. Clean.
this first HPR podcast is to introduce myself and what I am about.

hpr2169 :: How I connect to the awesome #oggcastplanet on mobile hosted by clacke

2016-11-24. 00:13:15. Clean.
I give a quick overview of the challenges of IRC on the go and how Riot and Matrix solve them for me

hpr2168 :: Analogue Random Number Generation hosted by Klaatu

2016-11-23. 00:42:01. Clean.
Klaatu ponders analogue random number generation

hpr2167 :: Google It hosted by Bill "NFMZ1" Miller

2016-11-22. 00:19:10. Explicit.
Discussing some of the successes Google has had despite people thinking Google is failing

hpr2166 :: How to use a Slide Rule hosted by Dave Morriss

2016-11-21. 00:14:47. Explicit.
By popular request, a description of how a slide rule works

hpr2165 :: Get the most out of your commute with these great audio suggestions. hosted by knightwise

2016-11-18. 00:35:56. Explicit.
Knightwise talks about ways to stay entertained during your commute to work by listening to podcasts

hpr2162 :: Review/Criticism of Hipp's "Git: Just Say No" hosted by clacke

2016-11-15. 00:21:12. Clean.
In which I take an IRC rant to audio and look at what's really wrong with git.

hpr2161 :: What's in my freezer? hosted by Inscius

2016-11-14. 00:04:06. Clean.
Inscius talks about the food stored in his freezer.

hpr2160 :: An Audio Illustration Tying the Bowline Knot hosted by David Whitman

2016-11-11. 00:05:43. Explicit.
David Whitman attempts an audio illustration of how to tie the bowline knot.

hpr2158 :: Art Club hosted by Brian in Ohio

2016-11-09. 00:06:12. Clean.
Have fun learning about art with your friends

hpr2155 :: Ohio LinuxFest 2016 hosted by Ahuka

2016-11-04. 00:18:44. Clean.
My experience of Ohio LinuxFest 2016

hpr2153 :: Splitting a Block of Bees Wax hosted by brian

2016-11-02. 00:18:21. Explicit.
I need to split a block of bees wax

hpr2149 :: What is in my Pentesting Bag? hosted by operat0r

2016-10-27. 00:17:22. Explicit.
I go over some of the items I use for my technical testing

hpr2147 :: Glass cutting bottles hosted by operat0r

2016-10-25. 00:14:17. Explicit.
You may have seen vases made from bottles and wondered how they cut the glass.

hpr2145 :: Daily notes and todo list with markdown hosted by norrist

2016-10-21. 00:24:50. Clean.
How I use markdown and git to keep up with what I do

hpr2142 :: Book Reviews hosted by m1rr0r5h4d35

2016-10-18. 00:15:37. Explicit.
I take a brief look at two books others may find of interest.

hpr2141 :: Make Web Python with Flask hosted by Klaatu

2016-10-17. 00:36:33. Explicit.
Klaatu talks about Flask, a Python-based web microframework

hpr2139 :: From Org Mode to LaTeX Beamer to PDF hosted by Clinton Roy

2016-10-13. 00:07:34. Explicit.
My presentation pipeline

hpr2138 :: Hack the Box with Bandit hosted by NYbill

2016-10-12. 00:14:53. Clean.
NYbill talks about a Linux 'War Game' called Bandit.

hpr2137 :: Pause All The Things, Sega Genesis hosted by sigflup

2016-10-11. 00:06:19. Clean.
Learn how to create a hardware pause switch for the sega genesis

hpr2134 :: Shutdown Sequence Systemd hosted by Klaatu

2016-10-06. 00:14:48. Explicit.
Klaatu demonstrates how to sequence systemd shutdown processes

hpr2133 :: Compression technology part 1 hosted by The Bishop

2016-10-05. 00:20:00. Clean.
Introduction to data reduction methods: Run-Length-Encoding

hpr2128 :: Various glass bottle cutting methods hosted by operat0r

2016-09-28. 00:14:17. Clean.
This episode I chat briefly about glass bottle cutting and my experiences with it.

hpr2127 :: Tabletop Gaming hosted by Klaatu

2016-09-27. 00:34:11. Explicit.
Klaatu ponders analogue programming and tabletop gaming

hpr2126 :: My new (old) tablet hosted by Alpha32

2016-09-26. 00:07:35. Explicit.
How I got the cruft off my LG Gpad 7

hpr2124 :: Repairing a Cloth Shopping Bag with a Sewing Machine hosted by Jon Kulp

2016-09-22. 00:21:16. Clean.
I talk while sewing the strap back onto a cloth shopping bag

hpr2120 :: WEBDUMP wmap EyeWitness phantomjs selenium hosted by operat0r

2016-09-16. 00:11:17. Clean.
Automate the process of finding unique websites, removing dupes and getting screenshots

hpr2118 :: What is App Inventor? hosted by Nacho Jordi

2016-09-14. 00:17:52. Clean.
An overview of the online free Android app creator

hpr2116 :: Duffer Gardening hosted by Dave Morriss

2016-09-12. 00:12:26. Explicit.
Prior to a Duffercast recording chalkahlom, inscius and I had a conversation about gardening

hpr2113 :: sqlite and bash hosted by norrist

2016-09-07. 00:14:54. Clean.
Using cron, du,sqlite, and bash to find directory growth

hpr2112 :: My old home server hosted by MrX

2016-09-06. 00:15:45. Clean.
A show about my old home server

hpr2109 :: Hacking my inner ear hosted by Dave Morriss

2016-09-01. 00:15:25. Explicit.
How I discovered some new things about how my inner ear works and how to stop falling over

hpr2108 :: Changing the Oil on My Wife's Car hosted by Jon Kulp

2016-08-31. 00:32:21. Clean.
Listen and enjoy as I change the oil on my wife's Honda CR-V

hpr2107 :: Makefiles for Everyday Use hosted by Jon Kulp

2016-08-30. 00:23:12. Clean.
I talk about how I use Makefiles in my Lilypond and HTML projects

hpr2106 :: My Podcast Client hosted by MrX

2016-08-29. 00:19:51. Clean.
A show about my podcast client

hpr2104 :: Basic Audio Production: Reverb hosted by Nacho Jordi

2016-08-25. 00:24:11. Clean.
A very basic description of the reverb effect

hpr2103 :: DIY Book Binding hosted by Ken Fallon

2016-08-24. 00:10:36. Explicit.
With no shows in the queue, Ken rushes in a show on his latest hacks

hpr2102 :: AngularJS's ng-repeat, and the browser that shall not be named hosted by Rho`n

2016-08-23. 00:10:36. Clean.
A method for optimizing the rendering of items when using AngularJS's ng-repeat directive.

hpr2100 :: Re-Enable Copy and Paste in Browsers hosted by Ken Fallon

2016-08-19. 00:04:40. Explicit.
How to bypass the roadblocks implemented by JavaScript

hpr2099 :: Dat Muzak Showz hosted by x1101

2016-08-18. 00:38:32. Explicit.
Lyle (x1101) and Thaj talk about making music on Linux

hpr2098 :: Minimal Music Site? hosted by mattkingusa

2016-08-17. 00:12:48. Explicit.
Matt King discussing the availability of an open source multimedia focused website.

hpr2092 :: My new love hosted by swift110

2016-08-09. 00:31:12. Clean.
I talk about how I got my latest laptop

hpr2091 :: Everyday Unix/Linux Tools for data processing hosted by b-yeezi

2016-08-08. 00:30:15. Clean.
In this episode, I give some examples of common and uncommon tools for processing data files

hpr2090 :: A Docker Dialog hosted by Thaj Sara

2016-08-05. 00:32:52. Explicit.
Thaj and Lyle (x1101) have a discussion about Docker and its use.

hpr2089 :: Solving a blinkstick python problem hosted by MrX

2016-08-04. 00:20:20. Clean.
How I solved a problem I found when trying to control my new blinkstick nano with Python

hpr2087 :: Magazines I read Part 2 hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

2016-08-02. 00:03:40. Clean.
More of the magazines I read

hpr2084 :: Cleaning the Throttle Body on My Pickup Truck hosted by Jon Kulp

2016-07-28. 00:24:29. Clean.
I record the process of cleaning the throttle body on my truck, trying to fix an idling problem

hpr2082 :: Basic Audio Production - Equalization hosted by Nacho Jordi

2016-07-26. 00:18:46. Explicit.
The basics of one of the most fundamental audio production techniques

hpr2081 :: Fixing my daughter's laptop hosted by Dave Morriss

2016-07-25. 00:11:09. Explicit.
My daughter broke the headphone jack in her laptop. I tried to get the remains out

hpr2080 :: Kdenlive Part 3: Effects and Transitions hosted by Geddes

2016-07-22. 00:14:06. Clean.
Using effects and transitions in Kdenlive

hpr2079 :: Everyone Loves Some Acid House hosted by sigflup

2016-07-21. 00:07:21. Clean.
Sigflup demonstrates how to make acid house quickly

hpr2077 :: and self hosting for friends and family hosted by Christopher M. Hobbs

2016-07-19. 00:18:18. Clean.
I talk a little about my network and how you can host services for your friends and family.

hpr2076 :: What Magazines I read Part 1 hosted by Tony Hughes AKA TonyH1212

2016-07-18. 00:05:00. Clean.
This is a short episode about the Magazines I read that may be of interest to other listeners

hpr2074 :: Experience With A Neighborhood Cat hosted by brian

2016-07-14. 00:15:15. Explicit.
A show about a cat. Warning. Repeat. Warning. Contains content that will be disturbing to some.

hpr2072 :: That Awesome Time I Deleted My Home Directory hosted by sigflup

2016-07-12. 00:08:25. Clean.
sigflup deletes her home directory only to recover one important file

hpr2070 :: Adventures with Jonathan Slocum hosted by David Whitman

2016-07-08. 00:11:34. Explicit.
Join me on an audio video adventure with Captain Slocum and another Robert W Service ballad

hpr2067 :: Haste - the pastebin alternative hosted by John Duarte

2016-07-05. 00:09:16. Explicit.
How to install your own haste server

hpr2064 :: Test-Driving Devuan hosted by Frank Bell

2016-06-30. 00:20:13. Clean.
Frank Bell takes Devuan Beta out for a spin.

hpr2062 :: Now The Chips Are Definitely Down hosted by MrX

2016-06-28. 00:40:46. Clean.
Show about an interesting documentary I recently came across and new piece of hardware

hpr2059 :: More Tech, Less Magic hosted by Todd Mitchell

2016-06-23. 00:16:32. Explicit.
More Tech, Less Magic

hpr2055 :: GNU Nano Editor hosted by JWP

2016-06-17. 00:07:02. Explicit.
Why GNU Nano is a real Text Editor and Simple Word Processor

hpr2053 :: My 2nd HPR Beer Podcast hosted by JustMe

2016-06-15. 00:02:12. Clean.
Describing the taste of beers I've tried

hpr2052 :: A Nerdy Conversation With Linden About Technology hosted by sigflup

2016-06-14. 00:40:29. Clean.
In this episode of HPR sigflup interviews Linden who specializes in databases.

hpr2050 :: Developing Black & White Film hosted by handsome_pirate

2016-06-10. 00:16:04. Clean.
Black and white film is actually pretty easy to develop. Follow along as I do so.

hpr2049 :: My Raspberry Pi Home Server hosted by knightwise

2016-06-09. 00:25:24. Clean.
Knightwise talks about how he uses his Raspberry Pi to get things done.

hpr2048 :: The Hubot chat-bot hosted by John Duarte

2016-06-08. 00:21:56. Explicit.
An introduction to the Hubot chat-bot

hpr2047 :: Neo Fetch 1.5 hosted by JWP

2016-06-07. 00:02:53. Clean.
Neofetch is a console command displaying system information

hpr2044 :: Bring on the Power! hosted by NYbill

2016-06-02. 00:19:20. Clean.
It this episode NYbill talks about power supplies used for electronics work.

hpr2043 :: My First Beer Podcast hosted by JustMe

2016-06-01. 00:04:24. Explicit.
Discussing beer tasting

hpr2041 :: Router Antennas More = better ? hosted by Lyle Lastinger

2016-05-30. 00:07:34. Clean.
A ham operators view on router antennas

hpr2038 :: Attempting to fix a plastic boat hosted by Jezra

2016-05-25. 00:15:23. Explicit.
Using fire and various bits of plastic, jezra attempts to repair a hole in a plastic boat.

hpr2036 :: Glasgow Podcrawl 2016 hosted by Dave Morriss

2016-05-23. 00:28:36. Explicit.
Kevie and Dave invite you to the 2016 Glasgow Podcrawl

hpr2035 :: Building Community hosted by droops

2016-05-20. 00:07:45. Clean.
droops discusses some ideas on how to expand the HPR community

hpr2033 :: Distro Review: Bodhi Linux hosted by m1rr0r5h4d35

2016-05-18. 00:18:02. Explicit.
A brief review of Bodhi Linux

hpr2032 :: How I Came to Linux hosted by Steve Saner

2016-05-17. 00:14:28. Explicit.
Steve tells his story of how he came to be a Linux user.

hpr2031 :: A quick intro to OBD2 with Android hosted by pope523

2016-05-16. 00:04:53. Clean.
Introduces automobile OBD2 and briefly profiles three available apps for Android.

hpr2030 :: Book Review: The Pocket Ref hosted by m1rr0r5h4d35

2016-05-13. 00:14:46. Explicit.
This is a short review of the Pocket Ref

hpr2028 :: Some basic info on alarm systems hosted by schism

2016-05-11. 00:07:38. Clean.
A very basic intro into some alarm equipment

hpr2027 :: Old Engineers and New Engineers hosted by Gabriel Evenfire

2016-05-10. 00:13:02. Clean.
I describe my and my children's attempts to solve a puzzle

hpr2025 :: Using a Smartphone as a microphone hosted by njulian

2016-05-06. 00:01:03. Explicit.
I talk about an App that pipes the audio input of my Smartphone into my Computer to record this show

hpr2024 :: Remapping Keys with xmodmap hosted by Jon Kulp

2016-05-05. 00:08:51. Explicit.
I describe how I use xmodmap to remap my spacebar to make underscores

hpr2023 :: Setting up my Raspberry Pi 3 hosted by Dave Morriss

2016-05-04. 00:28:36. Explicit.
I bought a RPi 3, a case, a heatsink and an SSD and have set the Pi up as a server

hpr2020 :: Automotive Billing hosted by brian

2016-04-29. 00:33:40. Explicit.
How I bill for automotive repairs

hpr2019 :: a pi project and an owncloud project hosted by Matt McGraw (g33kdad)

2016-04-28. 00:17:12. Explicit.
A short episode where I describe a couple of geeky projects I've been working on

hpr2017 :: Here are my thoughts on a 3D printer Kit. hosted by cheeto4493

2016-04-26. 00:12:30. Clean.
Bought a 3D printer kit. My thoughts on how it went together.

hpr2016 :: Echoprint hosted by laindir

2016-04-25. 00:13:19. Clean.
I share what I've learned about the Echoprint music identification system

hpr2015 :: Linux in the Church hosted by Joe

2016-04-22. 00:18:36. Clean.
How I'm using Linux for many of my projects at church.

hpr2009 :: Understanding the GNU/Screen Hardstatus line hosted by Curtis Adkins (CPrompt^)

2016-04-14. 00:25:18. Clean.
CPrompt talks about how he configured his GNU/Screen to suit his needs.

hpr2008 :: HPR needs shows to survive. hosted by Ken Fallon

2016-04-13. 00:19:40. Clean.
Do not listen to this show. Record one instead.

hpr2007 :: My new laptop hosted by Dave Morriss

2016-04-12. 00:17:22. Explicit.
I won an Entroware laptop at OggCamp 2015. I talk about it here

hpr2005 :: How I prepare and record my HPR Kdenlive voiceover shows. hosted by Geddes

2016-04-08. 00:16:17. Clean.
My preparation and recording workflow.

hpr2002 :: Just got a Raspberry Pi Zero hosted by swift110

2016-04-05. 00:13:30. Explicit.
Excited about having a Raspberry Pi Zero

hpr1999 :: How I record a full band under Linux hosted by noplacelikeslashhome

2016-03-31. 00:19:53. Clean.
How I use Ardour, Jack audio, and a Presonus interface to record an entire band practice.

hpr1994 :: Truck Repair: Serpentine Belt Replacement hosted by Jon Kulp

2016-03-24. 01:01:28. Explicit.
Listen as I replace the serpentine belt, idler pulley, and belt tensioner in my truck.

hpr1993 :: Can your window manager do this? hosted by Nacho Jordi

2016-03-23. 00:33:42. Clean.
Where I show off my Ratpoison configurations

hpr1992 :: How I'm handling my podcast-subscriptions and -listening hosted by folky

2016-03-22. 00:08:17. Explicit.
I'm describing my workflow from receiving the files to listen to them.

hpr1991 :: Adventures installing Linux on an Asus EeeBook X205A hosted by b-yeezi

2016-03-21. 00:17:45. Clean.
Installation instructions from lessons learned the hard way.

hpr1989 :: WDTV Makes Me Itch hosted by Epicanis

2016-03-17. 00:31:20. Clean.
A step-by-step description of turning an old computer into a simple linux media appliance

hpr1988 :: Linux from Scratch hosted by Brian in Ohio

2016-03-16. 00:07:05. Clean.
My experience of installing Linux from source

hpr1985 :: Fixing Bug 1092571 hosted by Ken Fallon

2016-03-11. 00:03:32. Clean.
Cant mount drive with cifs but can with kioslave smb

hpr1984 :: A Love Letter to hosted by Clinton Roy

2016-03-10. 00:09:55. Clean.
Why I've been to fifteen conferences

hpr1983 :: Review of Sony Vaio VPC hosted by swift110

2016-03-09. 00:33:39. Clean.
Sony vaio is discussed

hpr1980 :: Fixing An Audio Problem while having a rant hosted by MrX

2016-03-04. 00:09:53. Clean.
Describing how I solved an audio problem while having a rant about automation limiting control

hpr1978 :: Ultra High Vacuum: loading samples hosted by Amunizp

2016-03-02. 00:02:42. Explicit.
A short overview of how to load a sample into UHV (ultra high vacuum)

hpr1974 :: Ubuntu Community donations, Governance and Hardware hosted by JWP

2016-02-25. 00:26:38. Clean.
In general I was feeling bad about how donations work with Ubuntu

hpr1973 :: Free/Libre/Vrije Software: The Goal and the Path hosted by Ken Fallon

2016-02-24. 01:55:29. Clean.
A presentation given by Richard Stallman as part of FOSDEM fringe.

hpr1969 :: Horrors of Spam (and the Greater Horror of filtering it) hosted by Josh Knapp

2016-02-18. 00:15:17. Clean.
In this Episode we will cover the Horror that is spam, and the great horror of filtering it.

hpr1968 :: Advanced Terminal Usage: byobu hosted by Jon Doe

2016-02-17. 00:03:16. Explicit.
Use this screen multiplexer wrapper to optimize your usage of the terminal, locally, and abroad.

hpr1965 :: Adding SQLite as a datasource to SQLeo hosted by Ken Fallon

2016-02-12. 00:10:01. Clean.
Using the graphical query builders from SQLeo with SQLite

hpr1955 :: Install Open Street Map on a Garmin 60CX hosted by David Whitman

2016-01-29. 00:20:38. Explicit.
David Whitman installs an Open Street Map of Hawaii on a Garmin 60CX. Yipee for Free.

hpr1954 :: Grandpa Shows Us How to Turn Custom Pens hosted by Jon Kulp

2016-01-28. 01:06:54. Explicit.
Live action audio of my dad teaching us how to turn pens on a mini lathe

hpr1950 :: Kdenlive Part 2: Advanced Editing Technique hosted by Geddes

2016-01-22. 00:17:37. Clean.
We discuss advanced editing techniques and review the tools you'll be using as a video editor.

hpr1949 :: The Kindle/Kobo Open Reader (KOReader) hosted by Jon Kulp

2016-01-21. 00:27:18. Clean.
I talk about installing an alternate ebook reader app on a jailbroken Kindle

hpr1947 :: ocenaudio hosted by lostnbronx

2016-01-19. 00:11:31. Explicit.
ocenaudio is a cross-platform, easy to use, fast and functional audio editor.

hpr1945 :: The Quassel IRC System hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2016-01-15. 00:23:15. Clean.
Quassel is an IRC client that routes your open chat windows into one connection to the IRC server

hpr1944 :: sshfs - Secure SHell FileSystem hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2016-01-14. 00:31:01. Explicit.
How to mount remote storage using sshfs

hpr1942 :: Kobo Touch N-905 E-Reader hosted by Klaatu

2016-01-12. 00:43:20. Clean.
Klaatu reviews the Kobo Touch e-reader

hpr1939 :: Collating Pages with pdftk hosted by Jon Kulp

2016-01-07. 00:15:34. Clean.
I describe how to collate the pages of two separate PDF files using pdftk

hpr1938 :: How I prepare HPR shows hosted by Dave Morriss

2016-01-06. 00:26:14. Explicit.
I use my own tools for preparing my HPR shows. I talk about them in this episode

hpr1935 :: Quick Bashpodder Fix hosted by Charles in NJ

2016-01-01. 00:09:38. Explicit.
Charles in NJ returns with a short show to discuss a fix he made to Bashpodder.

hpr1934 :: Experiencing the Meegopad T-02 Part two hosted by A Shadowy Figure

2015-12-31. 00:15:01. Clean.
Part 2 of the saga of the meegopad T-02

hpr1931 :: Atomic force microscopy hosted by Amunizp

2015-12-28. 00:26:06. Explicit.
General view of the nanoscale tools. Special interest with Atomic force microscopes AFM

hpr1930 :: A systemd primer hosted by Clinton Roy

2015-12-25. 00:08:31. Clean.
An introduction to the modern linux init system

hpr1929 :: I Found a Flashlight hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-12-24. 00:13:40. Clean.
I talk about an amazing flashlight I found while walking to work one day recently

hpr1926 :: National Measurements Institutes hosted by Amunizp

2015-12-21. 00:10:57. Explicit.
A short overview of what these institutes do.

hpr1925 :: Kdenlive Part 1: Introduction to Kdenlive hosted by Geddes

2015-12-18. 00:18:05. Clean.
Geddes narrates the first part of Seth Kenlon's An Introduction to Kdenlive

hpr1922 :: The case to backup Google email. hosted by Archer72

2015-12-15. 00:00:57. Clean.
A quick example of how I imported a backup of Gmail.

hpr1921 :: How to run a conference hosted by Clinton Roy

2015-12-14. 00:11:40. Clean.
How to organise and run a conference, and what can go wrong.

hpr1914 :: Waking up hosted by Jezra

2015-12-03. 00:07:42. Explicit.
A follow up episode in response to Windigo's episode about waking up

hpr1913 :: The Linux Experiment hosted by The Linux Experiment

2015-12-02. 00:03:29. Clean.
Help us take The Linux Experiment to the next level!

hpr1911 :: Thoughts on GUI v CLI and the best distro hosted by Ken Fallon

2015-11-30. 00:15:09. Clean.
Thoughts on which desktop to use, and which GUI to use

hpr1910 :: QMMP--The Qt-based MultiMedia Player hosted by Frank Bell

2015-11-27. 00:11:31. Clean.
QMMP is a simple media player inspired by Winamp and XMMS.

hpr1909 :: Creating an Open, Embedded-Media Music Textbook hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-11-26. 00:29:55. Clean.
This is a recording of my presentation at the recent national joint CMS/ATMI meeting in Indianapolis

hpr1904 :: Windows Command Line Tips and Tricks hosted by OnlyHalfTheTime

2015-11-19. 00:07:21. Clean.
Some tips to make you feel more comfortable on the Windows side of things.

hpr1901 :: Instaling Linux programs without internet hosted by swift110

2015-11-16. 00:04:54. Clean.
I install supertuxkart at home on my PC

hpr1899 :: MyTinyTodo List hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-11-12. 00:12:32. Clean.
Introduction to one of my favorite productivity tools, the web-based todo list called MyTinyTodo

hpr1898 :: Free my music! hosted by Alpha32

2015-11-11. 00:06:32. Explicit.
How I got my music off my Mac and ended my iDependence.

hpr1897 :: Installing Windows 7 Ultimate hosted by swift110

2015-11-10. 00:22:37. Clean.
I talk about installing Windows 7 Ultimate on a 320 GB HDD I got from a friend

hpr1896 :: User Local Software hosted by Eric Duhamel

2015-11-09. 00:04:11. Clean.
Eric describes a technique for organizing and working on user-installed source code and binaries

hpr1890 :: A short walk with my son hosted by thelovebug

2015-10-30. 00:18:42. Clean.
Dave takes a walk with his son Alex and spouts a bunch of random guff about things

hpr1889 :: experiencing the meegopad T-02 part one hosted by A Shadowy Figure

2015-10-29. 00:13:09. Clean.
And now for something completely different

hpr1886 :: Moral Volcano's Linux Tips & Tricks podcast for Hacker Public Radio hosted by Moral Volcano

2015-10-26. 01:04:44. Clean.
A collection of Linux tips and tricks that may be useful new users.

hpr1883 :: Don't Get Locked In hosted by knightwise

2015-10-21. 00:18:00. Clean.
Knightwise discusses how he uses tools from several major software platforms to get his work done

hpr1882 :: How I Compute Away From My Computer hosted by Thaj Sara

2015-10-20. 00:27:46. Clean.
Thaj explains his setup for computing outside of the house, without his laptop.

hpr1879 :: Hacking a Belt to Make it Fit hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-10-15. 00:15:06. Clean.
I record a show while hacking a belt to make it fit.

hpr1877 :: Recording HPR on the fly on your Android phone hosted by clacke

2015-10-13. 00:06:18. Explicit.
How quickly can you get an HPR recording done? 10 minutes including app install! Sort of.

hpr1876 :: MicrobeLog, or: On Shaving Yaks and Doing Things hosted by clacke

2015-10-12. 00:09:21. Clean.
Why I'm making an HPR episode, and why I'm making a vaporware social network engine

hpr1872 :: Sim City BuildIt September 2015 hosted by swift110

2015-10-06. 00:23:37. Clean.
I talk about one of my favorite games sim city buildit

hpr1869 :: Irssi Connectbot hosted by NYbill

2015-10-01. 00:14:08. Clean.
NYbill talks about setting up Irssi Connectbot on a Android phone to access IRC.

hpr1868 :: Glasgow Podcrawl review hosted by Dave Morriss

2015-09-30. 00:48:28. Explicit.
The intrepid Glasgow Podcrawlers meet to discuss their experiences back in July

hpr1867 :: The Lafayette Public Library Maker Space hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-09-29. 00:45:33. Clean.
My son and I visit the Lafayette Public Library to try out the 3d printer in the maker space.

hpr1866 :: An awkward talk with two young computer users hosted by Quvmoh

2015-09-28. 00:05:27. Clean.
Eric and Emily discuss operating systems, school and fun uses of computers.

hpr1864 :: Turning an old printer into a network printer hosted by Dave Morriss

2015-09-24. 00:21:01. Explicit.
Using a Raspberry Pi as a print spooler for an old USB printer

hpr1863 :: The Awesomely Epic Guide To KDE Part 2 hosted by Geddes

2015-09-23. 00:21:47. Clean.
The Awesomely Epic Guide To KDE Part 2

hpr1862 :: The Awesomely Epic Guide To KDE Part 1 hosted by Geddes

2015-09-22. 00:21:47. Clean.
A tutorial of the KDE Desktop

hpr1861 :: Cool Stuff pt. 4 hosted by Curtis Adkins (CPrompt^)

2015-09-21. 00:17:12. Clean.
CPrompt talks about some more cool stuff for you to enjoy!

hpr1856 :: ssh config hosted by Klaatu

2015-09-14. 00:12:27. Clean.
Klaatu talks about ssh config.

hpr1854 :: Installing Ubuntu on the Asus TP500L hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-09-10. 00:15:27. Clean.
I talk about the process of getting Ubuntu onto my son's UEFI-secured laptop.

hpr1853 :: I <3 Vista hosted by Alpha32

2015-09-09. 00:06:40. Clean.
How I got into Linux

hpr1852 :: Operation Wallacea hosted by Dave Morriss

2015-09-08. 00:29:29. Explicit.
I talk to my daughter about her recent trip to Indonesia

hpr1849 :: LinuxLugCast Episode-004 Outtakes hosted by Kevin Wisher

2015-09-03. 00:09:07. Explicit.
Preshow & aftershow banter that does not get published through our normal feeds.

hpr1848 :: Introduction to w3m, a Command Line Web Browser hosted by Frank Bell

2015-09-02. 00:15:01. Explicit.
A brief introduction to using w3m, a command line web browser with tab and image support.

hpr1847 :: Client Side C- WTF Is Wrong With You? hosted by sigflup

2015-09-01. 00:10:40. Explicit.
In this episode of hackerpublicradio sigflup talks about her efforts porting stuff with emscripten

hpr1844 :: The Marantz PMD 660 Professional Solid State Recorder hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-08-27. 00:14:46. Clean.
I talk about the recording device I inherited from my mother-in-law and use it to record the show

hpr1840 :: Running external commands in Kate hosted by Ken Fallon

2015-08-21. 00:04:02. Clean.
Using the text filter option in the kate text editor.

hpr1839 :: My "New" Used Pickup Truck hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-08-20. 00:22:00. Clean.
I talk about my pickup truck and doing some repairs and stuff

hpr1836 :: The Statusnet Shuffle hosted by NYbill

2015-08-17. 00:45:11. Clean.
Theru and NYbill talk about moving a Statusnet instance and converting it to GNU-Social

hpr1833 :: Resurrecting an IBM T40 hosted by swift110

2015-08-12. 00:20:48. Clean.
I make an attempt to bring a 13 year old laptop back to life

hpr1832 :: Simplify writing using markdown and pandoc hosted by b-yeezi

2015-08-11. 00:21:28. Clean.
How I use Markdown and Pandoc in my writing workflow

hpr1831 :: Are speed listening and slow background music compatible? hosted by A Shadowy Figure

2015-08-10. 00:06:52. Clean.
is there room for background music in podcasts for speed listeners?

hpr1830 :: How Holland Works: GreenWheels hosted by Ken Fallon

2015-08-07. 00:10:43. Explicit.
A quick look at the Dutch short term car sharing service

hpr1829 :: My "New" Used Kindle DX hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-08-06. 00:13:56. Clean.
I talk about my latest gadget, a used Kindle DX

hpr1824 :: I'm Learning Some Python hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-07-30. 00:32:00. Explicit.
I discuss how I use Python and some of the cool modules and libraries that I've found

hpr1822 :: Some tips on using ImageMagick hosted by Dave Morriss

2015-07-28. 00:20:31. Explicit.
ImageMagick is an amazing toolkit for manipulating images. Here's how I use it

hpr1816 :: Visualising HPR tags hosted by Dave Morriss

2015-07-20. 00:09:09. Explicit.
Using GraphViz to visualise the tags on HPR episodes

hpr1814 :: Custom Context Menus in GNU/Linux GUI File Managers hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-07-16. 00:12:43. Clean.
I describe how to add custom context menu items in the Nautilus and Thunar file managers.

hpr1812 :: Headphones and a $2 Microphone hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-07-14. 00:19:40. Explicit.
I talk about my various headphones as I walk to my office.

hpr1809 :: My "New" Used Kindle Touch hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-07-09. 00:11:05. Clean.
I talk about why used stuff is often better than new stuff, with my new used Kindle Touch as example

hpr1808 :: David Whitman reads 'The Shooting of Dan McGrew' written by Robert W Service hosted by David Whitman

2015-07-08. 00:07:47. Explicit.
For his birthday David Whitman recites the Robert W Service ballad,

hpr1807 :: Arch Linux Development Environment: Ep1 hosted by cjm

2015-07-07. 00:36:21. Explicit.
A tour of how to setup a base Arch Linux environment.

hpr1801 :: How to tell your left earbud from your right hosted by Ken Fallon

2015-06-29. 00:02:32. Clean.
Lowering the quality of shows, Ken provides a lifehack tip.

hpr1800 :: YouTube Video Subscriptions hosted by Ahuka

2015-06-26. 00:14:42. Clean.
How to subscribe to and watch YouTube Video series, with suggestions

hpr1799 :: Posting From the Command Line on Open Social Networks hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-06-25. 00:12:44. Clean.
I explain how to post content from the command line on open social networks and GNU Social

hpr1794 :: 12-Tone Music and My Random 12 Tone Row of the Day hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-06-18. 00:14:01. Clean.
An Intro to 12-tone music and my "Random 12-Tone Row of the Day" bash script.

hpr1793 :: Some thoughts about the Go language hosted by Stilvoid

2015-06-17. 00:08:59. Clean.
I've been learning Go recently. Here are my initial thoughts about the language and framework.

hpr1789 :: The Ubuntu Quickly Ebook Template and Ebooks in General hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-06-11. 00:33:52. Clean.
Jon Kulp and Mike Hingley talk about ebooks in general and Mike's Quickly Ebook Template project

hpr1788 :: Podcrawl Glasgow 2015 hosted by Kevie

2015-06-10. 00:32:30. Explicit.
Dave Morriss and Kevie have a yarn about the upcoming event Podcrawl Glasgow 2015

hpr1786 :: What is MapReduce? hosted by Charles in NJ

2015-06-08. 00:36:28. Explicit.
Charles in NJ returns in his outdoor studio to explain a Big Data concept.

hpr1784 :: Intro to the Fugue and the Open Well-Tempered Clavier hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-06-04. 00:30:26. Explicit.
Inspired by the release of the Open Well Tempered-Clavier, I try to explain the Fugue.

hpr1783 :: Windows To Linux - Better Late Than Never. hosted by GNULinuxRTM

2015-06-03. 00:10:04. Clean.
Long time Podcast listener finally gets off the fence and makes the switch. Now he's hooked.

hpr1779 :: Cowsay and Figlet hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-05-28. 00:15:44. Explicit.
Cowsay and Figlet: Two fun ASCII text commands

hpr1777 :: Magnatune Favourites hosted by Dave Morriss

2015-05-26. 01:07:13. Explicit.
Andrew and Dave talk about Magnatune and some of their favourite tracks

hpr1775 :: Sonic Pi hosted by Steve Bickle

2015-05-22. 00:11:17. Clean.
A short review of sonic PI and programming the HPR theme

hpr1774 :: Router Hacking hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-05-21. 00:19:50. Clean.
A Quick What, Why, and How of Hacking Routers

hpr1772 :: Random thoughts hosted by swift110

2015-05-19. 00:12:28. Clean.
I talk about some of the things I appreciate in life

hpr1766 :: Sox of Silence hosted by Ken Fallon

2015-05-11. 00:10:16. Explicit.
Using SOX to speed up and remove silence in a podcast

hpr1764 :: Introduction to Rogue Class Linux hosted by Frank Bell

2015-05-07. 00:16:30. Explicit.
Rogue Class Linux is a specialty distribution of Linux for playing the old games.

hpr1763 :: Intro to Homebrewing hosted by Alpha32

2015-05-06. 00:20:09. Explicit.
Beer! and the joy of making it.

hpr1760 :: pdftk: the PDF Toolkit hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-05-01. 00:20:54. Clean.
Intro to the command-line pdf toolkit

hpr1759 :: A brief review of Firefox OS hosted by Stilvoid

2015-04-30. 00:16:47. Clean.
I recently bought a Geeksphone Revolution and this is my review of running Firefox OS on it.

hpr1758 :: Cool Stuff part 3 hosted by Curtis Adkins (CPrompt^)

2015-04-29. 00:25:43. Clean.
CPrompt talks about some more cool stuff for you to check out!

hpr1756 :: Ranger File Manager hosted by b-yeezi

2015-04-27. 00:22:20. Clean.
Introduction to the ranger command line file manager

hpr1754 :: D7? Why Seven? hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-04-23. 00:13:52. Clean.
I explain what 7th chords are and when to use them.

hpr1753 :: Introducing a 5 year old to Sugar on Toast hosted by Amunizp

2015-04-22. 00:15:01. Clean.
This is a podcast in Spanglish (some spanish, some english) with a 5 year old and a 1 year old.

hpr1749 :: Scale 13x Part 6 of 6 hosted by Lord Drachenblut (R.I.P.)

2015-04-16. 00:23:45. Explicit.
Justin King browser based emulated computer

hpr1748 :: Scale 13x Part 5 of 6 hosted by Lord Drachenblut (R.I.P.)

2015-04-15. 01:08:26. Explicit.
Four interviews from Scalex13

hpr1747 :: Scale 13x Part 4 of 6 hosted by Lord Drachenblut (R.I.P.)

2015-04-14. 00:52:30. Explicit.
Five interviews from Scale x13

hpr1746 :: Scale 13x Part 3 of 6 hosted by Lord Drachenblut (R.I.P.)

2015-04-13. 00:53:20. Explicit.
Eight interviews from Scale 13x

hpr1744 :: Scale 13x Part 2 of 6 hosted by Lord Drachenblut (R.I.P.)

2015-04-09. 01:02:50. Explicit.
Postgres SQL in Space, Bryan Lunduke, and OpenSuSe Build Service

hpr1743 :: Scale 13x Part 1 of 6 hosted by Lord Drachenblut (R.I.P.)

2015-04-08. 01:07:59. Explicit.
Lord Drachenblut at Scale 13x. Today Docker, Fedora Activity Day, Matthew Miller Fedora Project Lead

hpr1742 :: How to Get Yourself On an Open Source Podcast - Presentation for Kansas Linux Fest, 22 March 2015 hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2015-04-07. 00:29:46. Clean.
Re-recording of a presentation for KLF that went unrecorded

hpr1740 :: Mailing List Etiquette hosted by Dave Morriss

2015-04-03. 00:45:44. Explicit.
Some advice about best practices on mailing lists

hpr1736 :: How I run my small business using Linux hosted by b-yeezi

2015-03-30. 00:18:59. Explicit.
How I use Linux for my Business

hpr1733 :: LinuxLugCast Episode-003 Outtakes hosted by Kevin Wisher

2015-03-25. 01:11:01. Explicit.
Preshow & aftershow banter that does not get published through our normal feeds.

hpr1732 :: Renovating another Public-Domain Counterpoint Textbook hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-03-24. 00:33:34. Clean.
A follow-up to ep. 1512, I reflect on what I've learned digitizing two Counterpoint textbooks.

hpr1731 :: Upgrading an old laptop hosted by swift110

2015-03-23. 00:11:59. Clean.
I put brand new parts into an old fujitsu lifebook 4215

hpr1729 :: Shield's Up - Wood Stove Heat Shield Project hosted by David Whitman

2015-03-19. 00:15:57. Explicit.
David Whitman builds a safety heat shield for a wood stove in his shop

hpr1727 :: Basic Mutt hosted by Frank Bell

2015-03-17. 00:31:42. Explicit.
Frank Bell discusses setting up and using Mutt as an email client.

hpr1726 :: 15 Excuses not to Record a show for HPR hosted by knightwise

2015-03-16. 00:18:57. Clean.
Inspired by a recent meeting with Ken Fallon, Knightwise presents 15 excuses not to record a show.

hpr1723 :: Success With Students hosted by Kevie

2015-03-11. 00:27:28. Clean.
From taking a podcasting course, students learn the benefit of Creative Commons and open source

hpr1722 :: Kansas Linux Fest 2015, March 21-22, Lawrence KS hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2015-03-10. 00:06:07. Clean.
We wish to announce a new Linux Fest to serve the Midwest

hpr1721 :: Cross-compilers Part 2 hosted by Mike Ray

2015-03-09. 00:47:12. Explicit.
Using one of our cross-compilers to compile a Raspberry Pi kernel

hpr1719 :: The Linux Tree Command hosted by JWP

2015-03-05. 00:14:08. Clean.
The Linux Tree Command and its uses

hpr1717 :: Visualizing electricity hosted by tcuc

2015-03-03. 00:11:27. Clean.
Trying to understand electricity.

hpr1711 :: Problems with video software in Linux hosted by swift110

2015-02-23. 00:13:47. Clean.
A person new to Linux is introduced to video software that was unimpressive

hpr1709 :: Hacking Your Teeth hosted by MrX

2015-02-19. 00:20:50. Explicit.
Advice on hacking your teeth

hpr1708 :: GNU/Nano Editor hosted by JWP

2015-02-18. 00:11:33. Explicit.
JWP emails in an episode on the Editor GNU/Nano

hpr1707 :: A tour round my desktop hosted by Beeza

2015-02-17. 00:47:01. Clean.
A look at the applications I use, why I use them and the alternatives I've tried.

hpr1706 :: Cross-compilers part 1 hosted by Mike Ray

2015-02-16. 00:26:49. Explicit.
What is cross-compiling, and why I might want/need to do it

hpr1704 :: Introducing Jeffrey Powers aka Geekazine hosted by daw

2015-02-12. 00:25:43. Clean.
Jeffrey Powers talks "*azines" and his other tech sites

hpr1703 :: Open Source CD Rippers hosted by Kevie

2015-02-11. 00:26:19. Clean.
Kevie takes a look at a variety of CD ripping software available on Linux

hpr1700 :: Today with a Techie episode two thousand hosted by Ken Fallon

2015-02-06. 00:10:19. Clean.
TWaT started 9 years, 3 months, 27 days ago and today we celebrate the first 2000 episodes

hpr1694 :: My APOD downloader hosted by Dave Morriss

2015-01-29. 00:22:00. Explicit.
My simple Perl script to download the Astronomy Picture of the Day each day

hpr1693 :: DD fun hosted by Cibola Jerry

2015-01-28. 00:23:32. Clean.
Having some Fun with the DD command.

hpr1688 :: Some useful tools when compiling software hosted by Rho`n

2015-01-21. 00:12:46. Clean.
Useful tools I found when compiling software, and creating a debian package.

hpr1682 :: Introduction to the Netizen Empowerment Federation hosted by daw

2015-01-13. 00:10:20. Clean.
Introduction to Netizen Empowerment Federation. It is short, so let me know if you'd like detail.

hpr1672 :: Systemd for Learner Drivers hosted by Steve Smethurst

2014-12-30. 00:21:28. Clean.
How to drive systemd, without crashing the vehicle through arguing with your passenger.

hpr1671 :: LinuxLugCast Episode-002 Outtakes hosted by Kevin Wisher

2014-12-29. 01:21:53. Explicit.
Some good content that we do not publish

hpr1669 :: New Retro Computing hosted by NYbill

2014-12-25. 00:17:33. Clean.
NYbill talks about building a Micromite Companion

hpr1667 :: How to start a Blog hosted by Rill

2014-12-23. 00:13:18. Explicit.
How to start a blog and why you might want to

hpr1662 :: LinuxLugCast Episode-001 Outtakes hosted by Kevin Wisher

2014-12-16. 01:25:22. Explicit.
Preshow and aftershow banter that does not get published through our normal feeds.

hpr1660 :: Trying out Slackware hosted by beni

2014-12-12. 01:05:26. Clean.
Slackware-newbie Beni is talking to long time Slackware user mcnalu

hpr1658 :: Cool Stuff Part 2 hosted by Curtis Adkins (CPrompt^)

2014-12-10. 00:19:37. Clean.
CPrompt talks about some more cool stuff that he has discovered

hpr1657 :: Hacking Gutenberg eBooks hosted by Jon Kulp

2014-12-09. 00:27:03. Clean.
I talk about ebook formatting and how to customize an ebook from Project Gutenberg

hpr1656 :: My audio player collection hosted by Dave Morriss

2014-12-08. 00:21:18. Explicit.
I describe the collection of audio players I use for listening to podcasts

hpr1654 :: Using AS numbers to identify where you are on the Internet hosted by Ken Fallon

2014-12-04. 00:20:04. Clean.
ASN uniquely identifies each network on the Internet

hpr1653 :: Ruth Suehle at Ohio Linux Fest 2014 hosted by Ahuka

2014-12-03. 00:46:19. Clean.
Ruth Suehle reminds us all that hardware needs to be open too.

hpr1652 :: GeekSpeak 2013-06-01 hosted by Various Creative Commons Works

2014-12-02. 01:04:03. Clean.
Showcasing the Central Coast Public Broadcasting radio show slash podcast, Geek Speak

hpr1650 :: OCPLive2014 Night Life In Elysburg PA hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2014-11-28. 03:02:15. Clean.
The real Elysburg experience

hpr1649 :: Raspberry Pi Accessibility Breakthrough hosted by Mike Ray

2014-11-27. 00:17:16. Explicit.
How I fixed the stuttering text-to-speech on a Raspberry Pi

hpr1643 :: Unison Syncing Utility hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2014-11-19. 00:34:44. Clean.
Review of the Unison graphical Syncing Utility

hpr1641 :: The real reasons for using Linux hosted by johanv

2014-11-17. 00:17:48. Clean.
The real reasons for using Linux

hpr1639 :: Ken Starks at Ohio Linux Fest 2014 hosted by Ahuka

2014-11-13. 00:40:28. Clean.
Ken Starks builds computers for kids who need a hand.

hpr1638 :: Surviving A Roadtrip: Food hosted by Windigo

2014-11-12. 00:14:34. Clean.
A few tricks about food and eating that can help you survive a roadtrip.

hpr1637 :: Communities Are Made of People hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2014-11-11. 00:46:44. Clean.
Zuckerberg, Facebook, friends having you back

hpr1629 :: Banana Pi - First Impressions hosted by Mike Ray

2014-10-30. 00:16:52. Explicit.
Banana Pi first impressions

hpr1616 :: Howto Use Webfonts hosted by Klaatu

2014-10-13. 00:20:36. Clean.
Klaatu reveals the secret of webfonts WITHOUT using Google

hpr1613 :: What's in a nickname? hosted by Inscius

2014-10-08. 00:08:25. Explicit.
Mikael talks about his Internet nickname.

hpr1612 :: Don't Forget the Referbs hosted by NYbill

2014-10-07. 00:20:11. Clean.
NYbill talks about a refurbished Lenovo and modifying it to his liking.

hpr1609 :: Sigil And The Process Of The Epub In FOSS hosted by lostnbronx

2014-10-02. 00:38:02. Clean.
lostnbronx rambles on and on about his current process for creating epubs using FOSS tools

hpr1607 :: Migrating from Drupal 6 to Nikola hosted by johanv

2014-09-30. 00:09:33. Clean.
I explain how I migrated my Drupal 6 blog to Nikola.

hpr1606 :: Howto VNC hosted by Klaatu

2014-09-29. 00:14:03. Clean.
Klaatu talks about how to get VNC up and running.

hpr1601 :: Howto Install LAMP hosted by Klaatu

2014-09-22. 00:15:37. Clean.
Klaatu introduces new web developers to LAMP.

hpr1597 :: Extravehicular Activity hosted by Steve Smethurst

2014-09-16. 00:14:10. Clean.
NASA guidelines for EVA from spacecraft are detailed and painstaking, not so films.

hpr1596 :: About the Word "Hack" hosted by Klaatu

2014-09-15. 00:13:31. Clean.
Klaatu muses about the word "hack"

hpr1594 :: Steam and wine with linux hosted by Andrew Conway

2014-09-11. 00:17:13. Clean.
How to coax a windows-only steam game to work under steam in GNU/Linux.

hpr1589 :: KC MakerFair 2014 hosted by MrGadgets

2014-09-04. 00:45:49. Explicit.
A rundown on all the cool things to see at the KC MakerFair 2014

hpr1587 :: Beginner's guide to the night sky 3 - A wee dot on a dark sky hosted by Andrew Conway

2014-09-02. 00:30:09. Clean.
A ramble about stars, by a geeky chap who resides on planet Earth.

hpr1583 :: Podcast Generator hosted by AukonDK

2014-08-27. 00:03:43. Explicit.
Easy software to host a podcast.

hpr1582 :: An Open Source News Break from hosted by semioticrobotic

2014-08-26. 00:05:03. Clean.
Tesla's patent decision, 12 challenges, and an update on the GNU Health project

hpr1579 :: Crowd Sourced Air Quality Monitoring hosted by Klaatu

2014-08-21. 00:07:50. Clean.
Klaatu interviews a programmer about new crowd-sourced air quality detection systems

hpr1577 :: Introducing Nikola the Static Web Site and Blog Generator hosted by guitarman

2014-08-19. 00:15:36. Clean.
I explain how to use the Nikola Static Web Site and Blog Generator to make a simple site with a page

hpr1574 :: Arts and Bots hosted by Klaatu

2014-08-14. 00:10:16. Clean.
robots and programming in liberal arts classes

hpr1573 :: Make your own t-shirt with bleach hosted by Quvmoh

2014-08-13. 00:04:58. Clean.
Making T-shirts with bleach and freezer paper

hpr1571 :: Yahoo Mail Forwarder hosted by ToeJet

2014-08-11. 00:10:24. Clean.
Build, configure and deploy a self maintaining Yahoo mail forwarding virtual client.

hpr1568 :: Blather Speech Recognition for Linux hosted by Jon Kulp

2014-08-06. 00:06:39. Clean.
Jon has a conversation with his computer

hpr1567 :: Multiboot Partitioning with Linux hosted by Matt McGraw (g33kdad)

2014-08-05. 00:17:00. Explicit.
In this episode I discuss the way I set up partitions on my laptop for multibooting.

hpr1563 :: Starting Programs at boot on the Raspberry Pi hosted by MrX

2014-07-30. 00:15:43. Clean.
How I start programs at boot on my Raspberry Pi

hpr1562 :: Android For The cli/c Junkie hosted by sigflup

2014-07-29. 00:07:20. Clean.
This episode should be your companion while installing the android SDK/NDK and creating C-bases apps

hpr1559 :: We don't always need new gear. hosted by knightwise

2014-07-24. 00:25:40. Clean.
Knightwise gives some budget saving tips on why you don't always need to get new gear.

hpr1558 :: Lunch Breaks hosted by Christopher M. Hobbs

2014-07-23. 00:25:05. Explicit.
Break out of your brown bag or greasy box and explore the world around your workplace!

hpr1556 :: Screenplay Writing On Linux and Chromebooks hosted by Thistleweb

2014-07-21. 00:13:09. Clean.
ThistleWeb explores a couple of screenplay writing solutions for Linux and Chromebooks

hpr1551 :: Bitcoin Mining hosted by Scyner

2014-07-14. 00:08:30. Clean.
This is a short summary of what steps I took to get a set and forget bitcoin mining station going

hpr1549 :: Cool Stuff Pt.1 hosted by Curtis Adkins (CPrompt^)

2014-07-10. 00:25:07. Clean.
In this episode CPrompt covers some pretty cool stuff that he has found over the last few days.

hpr1548 :: Heyu and X10 hosted by Peter64

2014-07-09. 00:29:40. Explicit.
Peter64 and Jonathan Nadeau talk about Heyu and X10

hpr1542 :: Agnes is an IT Lawyer hosted by Seetee

2014-07-01. 00:12:28. Clean.
Today on #HPR; listen to @IT_Advokaten talk about the change in EU law regarding personal data!

hpr1538 :: Overhauling the School of Music website hosted by Jon Kulp

2014-06-25. 00:29:00. Clean.
I discuss how I overhauled an outdated website for my employer.

hpr1536 :: The 150-in-1 Electronic Project Kit hosted by Curtis Adkins (CPrompt^)

2014-06-23. 00:11:56. Clean.
CPrompt talks about the Science Fair 150-in-1 Electronic Project Kit.

hpr1534 :: My Introduction to HPR hosted by semioticrobotic

2014-06-19. 00:04:29. Clean.
semioticrobotic talks about himself and his involvement with

hpr1533 :: Beginner's guide to the night sky 2 hosted by Andrew Conway

2014-06-18. 00:24:59. Clean.
A review of some astronomy software, as used on the planet Earth, by a geeky chap.

hpr1532 :: Project Idea - White-Hat Spam Bot hosted by Keith Murray

2014-06-17. 00:15:59. Clean.
Knightwise and Keith discuss their fledgling open-source project to manage social media promotion.

hpr1531 :: How I use Linux hosted by Jezra

2014-06-16. 00:15:43. Explicit.
jezra talks about using Linux

hpr1527 :: Surviving A Roadtrip: GPS hosted by Windigo

2014-06-10. 00:18:30. Clean.
A few GPS tricks that can help survive a roadtrip.

hpr1522 :: How to Use Docker and Linux Containers hosted by Klaatu

2014-06-03. 00:31:39. Clean.
How to use Docker and Linux Containers

hpr1521 :: Cardboard Greeting Cards hosted by Shane Shennan

2014-06-02. 00:09:04. Clean.
Shane Shennan explains why he makes greeting cards out of pieces of cardboard boxes

hpr1517 :: The set of prime numbers is infinite hosted by johanv

2014-05-27. 00:07:23. Clean.
johanv talks about prime numbers

hpr1514 :: Give The Small Guy A Try hosted by Beeza

2014-05-22. 00:12:10. Explicit.
Beeza and seeing if there is software which may suit your needs better than the mainstream

hpr1513 :: Stir-Fried Stochasticity: Bio-Boogers hosted by Epicanis

2014-05-21. 00:14:37. Clean.
Epicanis demonstrates a show concept: REAL science news, direct from a scientific journal articles

hpr1512 :: Adopting and Renovating a Public-Domain Counterpoint Textbook hosted by Jon Kulp

2014-05-20. 00:20:52. Clean.
I discuss one of my latest projects, a digital overhaul of a 100+ year old counterpoint textbook

hpr1511 :: How to skin a snake hosted by Jezra

2014-05-19. 00:16:02. Explicit.
How to skin a snake, and cure the skin for later use

hpr1509 :: HPR Needs Shows hosted by HPR Volunteers

2014-05-15. 00:03:01. Clean.
HPR is short of shows and we need you to send in some today

hpr1508 :: In Defense of Play hosted by Charles in NJ

2014-05-14. 00:26:33. Clean.
Just a few words in defense of play. It is the best way to learn new things.

hpr1504 :: HPR at NELF 2014 Afterparty hosted by Various Hosts

2014-05-08. 00:39:18. Explicit.
In this episode, Members of the HPR community, and attendees of NELF share their thoughts about the

hpr1496 :: wiki on the raspberry pi hosted by MrX

2014-04-28. 00:18:48. Clean.
My experience of playing with wiki software on the raspberry pi

hpr1494 :: The Next Gen is You (2/2) hosted by Klaatu

2014-04-24. 00:25:16. Clean.
Klaatu talks about Steam on Linux and building a system to run it - part 2

hpr1493 :: The Next Gen is You (1/2) hosted by Klaatu

2014-04-23. 00:35:05. Clean.
Klaatu talks about Steam on Linux and building a system to run it - part 1

hpr1492 :: HPR at NELF 2014 Part2 hosted by NYbill

2014-04-22. 00:35:15. Explicit.
Conference Interviews

hpr1490 :: HPR at NELF 2014 Part1 hosted by pokey

2014-04-18. 00:24:03. Explicit.
Conference interviews

hpr1489 :: Setting up a Raspberry Pi and RaspBMC hosted by Curtis Adkins (CPrompt^)

2014-04-17. 00:51:16. Clean.
Putting together a Raspberry Pi, installing the OS and setting up RaspBMC

hpr1484 :: TuxJam31 hosted by Andrew Conway

2014-04-10. 01:21:18. Clean.
Andrew Conway presents TuxJam episode 31, a special for HPR

hpr1480 :: Continuous Ink Supply System hosted by Ken Fallon

2014-04-04. 00:20:00. Explicit.
How goibhniu got Ken to use a Brother MFC-J5910DW with a Continuous Ink Supply System

hpr1478 :: Batteries Part 2 hosted by MrX

2014-04-02. 00:48:03. Clean.
My early experience with batteries & memorable battery operated devices

hpr1476 :: Sega Genesis Music Driver hosted by sigflup

2014-03-31. 00:19:48. Clean.
@sigflup interviews kubilus1 about his VGM driver for the Sega Genesis/Megadrive

hpr1474 :: A behind the Curtain Look at OsmAnd (OSM Automated Navigation Directions) with Pokey and David hosted by David Whitman

2014-03-27. 01:28:23. Explicit.
David and Pokey talk about the OsmAnd app

hpr1470 :: Learn to read time with ccClock hosted by Ken Fallon

2014-03-21. 00:24:02. Explicit.
A teaching tool for children learning to read an analogue clock

hpr1468 :: A Whole Lot of Nothing: Chromebook EOL, CentOS WTF, Non Mainstream GNU/Linux Distros and more... hosted by Beto

2014-03-19. 00:59:05. Explicit.
Beto covers a wide range of subjects in this episode

hpr1467 :: How to win Find-The-Difference games hosted by pokey

2014-03-18. 00:05:58. Explicit.
pokey is probably better than you at "Find The Difference" games, but he won't be after this

hpr1466 :: Thoughts on GPS hosted by pokey

2014-03-17. 00:30:37. Explicit.
pokey meanders through his thoughts on GPS.

hpr1463 :: Code Is a Life Sucking Abyss, Also My Story hosted by sigflup

2014-03-12. 00:15:25. Clean.

hpr1460 :: The road warrios command line combat life. hosted by knightwise

2014-03-07. 00:16:29. Clean.
Podcasting from the car Knightwise shows us his favorite command line applications and how he connec

hpr1457 :: Xubuntu, Kali on EeePc, Markdown Stuff, Pogoplug 4, and more. hosted by Beto

2014-03-04. 00:51:43. Explicit.
A review of several topics including Linux bug community participation and Markdown

hpr1451 :: Jeremy Allison ~ the SAMBA project hosted by Ken Fallon

2014-02-24. 01:14:22. Explicit.
FOSDEM 2014 Report, part 2

hpr1450 :: My Mobile digital life hosted by knightwise

2014-02-21. 00:26:27. Clean.
Knightwise shows us how he stays sane during 3 hour commutes and how he safely tunes tech into his d

hpr1449 :: Timelapse Video hosted by Peter64

2014-02-20. 00:11:38. Clean.
A quick introduction to timelapse video and some of the tools used in linux to help create them.

hpr1448 :: Intro to cable cutting hosted by Tracy Holz_Holzster

2014-02-19. 00:27:13. Clean.
Moving away from Cable or Satellite TV

hpr1444 :: What is Firefox OS? hosted by J. A. Mathis

2014-02-13. 00:13:25. Clean.
A short introduction to Mozilla's Firefox OS mobile operating system and what it is

hpr1443 :: Fahrenheit 0-100 hosted by Bill_MI

2014-02-12. 00:17:13. Clean.
The Fahrenheit scale DOES make sense! Just don't add water.

hpr1442 :: Google Summer of Code hosted by Jonathan Nadeau

2014-02-11. 00:21:58. Explicit.
Google Summer of Code is a global program that pays students to write code for open source projects

hpr1441 :: Jono Bacon and Stuart Langridge talk with pokey hosted by pokey

2014-02-10. 02:10:21. Explicit.
Jono Bacon @jonobacon and Stuart Langridge @sil talk with pokey about how they think he got it wrong

hpr1440 :: Creating a Key Pair - GUI Client hosted by Ahuka

2014-02-07. 00:16:06. Clean.
Using a GUI client (KGpg) to generate an RSA key pair.

hpr1434 :: Why I made an account free android hosted by ToeJet

2014-01-30. 00:09:28. Explicit.
Account Free Android Tablet: minimal Google/Ads without Rooting

hpr1433 :: Ubuntu Quickly Ebook Template hosted by Mike Hingley

2014-01-29. 00:11:00. Clean.
The Quickly Ubuntu eBook Template allows the user to create and manage eBooks

hpr1432 :: Fahrenheit 212 hosted by cyan

2014-01-28. 00:19:08. Clean.
A discussion of temperature systems: Fahrenheit, Celsius (Centigrade) and Kelvin

hpr1431 :: Talking Twenty Fourteen hosted by NYbill

2014-01-27. 00:37:40. Explicit.
New Year predictions from Jezra and NYbill

hpr1429 :: Debian sources.list hosted by Honkeymagoo

2014-01-23. 00:41:39. Clean.
Personalize your Debian distro through the sources.list file

hpr1428 :: Coffee Stain Studios and the Sanctum games hosted by Seetee

2014-01-22. 00:12:37. Clean.
Will #Sanctum2 come to #Linux? Hear @ArminPosts' answer in the latest #HPR!

hpr1427 :: Decoding HPR1216 the easy way and a bit more hosted by mirwi

2014-01-21. 00:24:10. Clean.
An alternative method of decoding audio containing Morse Code into text

hpr1426 :: A Visit to Reglue hosted by David Whitman

2014-01-20. 00:16:11. Explicit.
Reglue gives free Linux computers to under privileged children and their families

hpr1424 :: ohmroep hpr live mini, 03-08-2013, Censorship and Hacking in the Netherlands hosted by Nido Media

2014-01-16. 00:43:40. Explicit.
ohmroep hpr live mini, 03-08-2013, Censorship and Hacking in the netherlands

hpr1423 :: Monty - The man behind your databases hosted by Seetee

2014-01-15. 00:14:03. Clean.
Tune in to today's episode of #HPR and hear Monty talk about YOUR database!

hpr1422 :: Setting up and using SSH and SOCKS hosted by Curtis Adkins (CPrompt^)

2014-01-14. 00:23:52. Clean.
Advice on setting up and using SSH and SOCKS proxy

hpr1421 :: Statistics and Polling hosted by Ahuka

2014-01-13. 00:40:27. Clean.
Polling and the statistical background behind it

hpr1414 :: ohmroep hpr live 4, 31-06-2013, operating lights at Observe Hack Make hosted by Nido Media

2014-01-02. 00:59:06. Explicit.
A live report from OHM2013 in the Netherlands: Lighting

hpr1413 :: ohmroep hpr live 3, 01-08-2013, (Power)DNS hosted by Nido Media

2014-01-01. 00:58:10. Explicit.
A live report from OHM2013 in the Netherlands. PowerDNS and DNSSec; collapsing tent

hpr1412 :: ohmroep hpr live 2, 31-06-2013, advancing local communities hosted by Nido Media

2013-12-31. 00:55:12. Explicit.
A live report from OHM2013 in the Netherlands

hpr1411 :: ohmroep live 1, 31-06-2013, pirate parties hosted by Nido Media

2013-12-30. 00:59:50. Explicit.
A live report from OHM2013 in the Netherlands. Speaking to Pirate Party members

hpr1409 :: Xircom PE pocket ethernet adapter hosted by Ken Fallon

2013-12-26. 00:07:59. Explicit.
Ken's contribution to TheGizWiz on the network, in the GadgetWarehouse segment

hpr1408 :: Drupal in Gothenburg with Addison Berry and others hosted by Seetee

2013-12-25. 00:18:22. Clean.
Today on #HPR we have a conversation with @add1sun from @lullabot about #Drupal at @DrupalGBG.

hpr1407 :: Mars Needs Women, and Hacker Public Radio Needs Shows hosted by Ahuka

2013-12-24. 00:25:51. Clean.
The many ways you can record a show for Hacker Public Radio and get involved.

hpr1404 :: Editing pre-recorded audio in Audacity hosted by Ken Fallon

2013-12-19. 00:24:25. Clean.
Ken demonstrates how to edit an audio file with Audacity

hpr1403 :: hiro from GamingGrannar at Retrospelsmässan hosted by Seetee

2013-12-18. 00:14:01. Clean.
Today on #HPR we talk to @grannen_hiro from @GamingGrannar about retro games at @RSMGBG.

hpr1401 :: Huawei Mate review hosted by knightwise

2013-12-16. 00:09:36. Clean.
Knightwise takes a look at the Huawei Mate 6.1 smartphone and voices his opinions.

hpr1400 :: How We Use Linux hosted by Honkeymagoo

2013-12-13. 01:29:59. Clean.
Honkeymagoo and Kevin Wisher discuss the many ways they use Linux

hpr1398 :: Batteries Part 1 hosted by MrX

2013-12-11. 00:20:22. Clean.
A show about batteries - Part 1

hpr1396 :: First Thoughts of the Google Chromecast hosted by Curtis Adkins (CPrompt^)

2013-12-09. 00:12:17. Clean.
A description of the Google Chromecast and some experiences with it

hpr1394 :: Setting Up Your Own Blog hosted by Keith Murray

2013-12-05. 00:11:37. Clean.
Keith Murray talks about the things you need to consider when setting up your own blog.

hpr1393 :: Audio Metadata in Ogg, MP3, and others hosted by Epicanis

2013-12-04. 00:45:09. Clean.
Epicanis discusses metadata tags in mp3, opus, ogg, flac, speex, and other audio formats.

hpr1392 :: Beginner's guide to the night sky hosted by Andrew Conway

2013-12-03. 00:17:35. Clean.
A personal view of the Universe, as viewed from Earth, by a geeky chap.

hpr1391 :: Google Play Music All Access hosted by Ahuka

2013-12-02. 00:17:11. Clean.
The new online streaming music service from Google

hpr1389 :: Javascript Corrections hosted by sigflup

2013-11-28. 00:04:45. Clean.
In this episode sigflup corrects a few errors made in her previous show about javascript

hpr1388 :: JavaScript hosted by sigflup

2013-11-27. 00:10:13. Explicit.
Introduction to JavaScript, its origins, characteristics, and uses.

hpr1387 :: Christmas Light Synchronization hosted by Underruner

2013-11-26. 00:30:35. Clean.
Christmas Holiday Light synchronization

hpr1386 :: Hacking Public Policy: The Underground Press hosted by Bob Tregilus

2013-11-25. 01:15:07. Clean.
An exploration on how to hack public policy

hpr1377 :: Zareason ZaTab 2 Android Tablet hosted by Frank Bell

2013-11-12. 00:23:35. Clean.
Frank Bell discusses the Zareason ZaTab ZT2 Tablet, an open, rooted Android tablet.

hpr1376 :: How Should We Then Teach the Art of Computing? hosted by Klaatu

2013-11-11. 00:35:20. Clean.
Teaching specific packages versus the Art of Computing

hpr1374 :: Updating The 2009 LifeHacker QuadCore Hackintosh to Mavericks hosted by Richard Hughes

2013-11-07. 00:11:17. Explicit.
Taking a Mountain Lion Hackintosh to Mavericks

hpr1372 :: and federal election commission data processing hosted by James Michael DuPont (h4ck3rm1k3)

2013-11-05. 00:11:19. Clean.
Rootstrikers: reducing the corrosive influence of money in politics

hpr1371 :: The Lost Banner of HPR hosted by pokey

2013-11-04. 00:44:42. Explicit.
The sad tale of the lost HPR banner, and what to do next

hpr1370 :: Blogging With Octopress hosted by Tony Pelaez

2013-11-01. 00:25:11. Clean.
Using Octopress to create a blog with tools already familiar to you as a hacker.

hpr1369 :: NaNoWriMo Prep hosted by Heisenbug

2013-10-31. 00:13:32. Explicit.
twitter handle is whitehatmatt

hpr1368 :: How to Fold a Fitted Sheet hosted by Jon Kulp

2013-10-30. 00:13:29. Clean.
You might think that folding a fitted sheet neatly is a challenge. Not Jon Kulp, he shows us how

hpr1367 :: I'm Sorry Dan hosted by Jezra

2013-10-29. 00:10:08. Clean.
jezra is sorry

hpr1366 :: What I do with my Raspberry Pi hosted by Neandergeek

2013-10-28. 00:29:06. Explicit.
Some suggested uses the Rasperry Pi can be put to

hpr1364 :: Vintage Tech Iron Pay Phone Coin Box hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2013-10-24. 00:17:07. Clean.
How the money was tallied in old payphones

hpr1363 :: Some pacman Tips By Way of Repacing NetworkManager With WICD hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2013-10-23. 00:19:37. Clean.
So you've just installed Arch Linux now what? Arch Lessons from a Newbie Ep 02: Some pacman tips

hpr1362 :: Fixing a bad RSS feed hosted by Dave Morriss

2013-10-22. 00:21:07. Explicit.
Perl scripts to modify broken RSS feeds on the fly

hpr1361 :: SFS and Linux Camp hosted by David Willson

2013-10-21. 00:19:57. Clean.
Software Freedom School helps anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of free software

hpr1359 :: Pipes hosted by Matt McGraw (g33kdad)

2013-10-17. 00:16:55. Clean.
How to fill and smoke a pipe

hpr1358 :: How to set up GnuPG, a PGP-compliant encryption system hosted by Klaatu

2013-10-16. 00:51:47. Clean.
Setting up GnuPG for use with Thunderbird and Mutt

hpr1356 :: So, you've just installed Arch Linux, now what? Arch Lessons from a Newbie, Ep. 01 hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2013-10-14. 00:24:23. Explicit.
Manually installing packages from the AUR

hpr1354 :: Wayne Green hosted by MrGadgets

2013-10-10. 00:31:51. Explicit.
Memories of Wayne Green, an American publisher, writer, and consultant

hpr1350 :: The Origin of ONICS (My Intro) hosted by Gabriel Evenfire

2013-10-04. 00:52:17. Clean.
The Open Network Inspection Command Suite (ONICS)

hpr1349 :: Melissa Dupreast helps me with Audio Compression hosted by Jon Kulp

2013-10-03. 00:17:48. Clean.
A lesson in audio compression from a professional engineer

hpr1348 :: Fuse hosted by MrX

2013-10-02. 00:15:35. Clean.
MrX speaks about a bomb fuse that belonged to his grandfather

hpr1346 :: How to properly evangelize linux or why I use linux as my daily driver. hosted by Riley Gelwicks (glwx)

2013-09-30. 00:17:31. Clean.
Riley Gelwicks gives advice on how to evangelize Linux

hpr1344 :: Filming a Dinosaur egg hatching hosted by Ken Fallon

2013-09-26. 00:04:58. Explicit.
In this episode Ken and his Son hatch a plan to film a Dinosaur egg hatching using fswebcam.

hpr1343 :: Too Clever For Your Own Good hosted by laindir

2013-09-25. 00:18:23. Clean.
laindir uses a computer to translate Morse code from show 1216

hpr1342 :: Power Tool Drag Racing! hosted by MrGadgets

2013-09-24. 00:11:39. Explicit.
MrGadgets speaks of an event he has just visited in Kansas City

hpr1340 :: Out and about at OHM 2013 hosted by Ken Fallon

2013-09-20. 01:20:53. Explicit.
Observe, Hack, Make. A five day outdoor international camping festival for hackers and makers

hpr1339 :: Legacy Technology: My Victrola hosted by Jon Kulp

2013-09-19. 00:29:23. Clean.
A 1917 Victrola demonstrated

hpr1338 :: Pumped Pi's hosted by NYbill

2013-09-18. 00:27:26. Clean.
A discussion between JRobb and NYbill

hpr1337 :: overdrive hosted by sigflup

2013-09-17. 00:26:34. Clean.
An interview with a Sega Genesis developer, oerg866

hpr1336 :: The Rosetta Dream hosted by Julian Neuer

2013-09-16. 00:12:12. Clean.
A short SciFi story from Julian Neuer

hpr1332 :: Jingles hosted by Stitch

2013-09-10. 00:05:23. Clean.
A donation of jingles for HPR

hpr1331 :: A Tale of Chroot hosted by NYbill

2013-09-09. 00:17:47. Clean.
Recovering from a failed Arch upgrade on a VPS using 'chroot'

hpr1324 :: Porting Mega Happy Sprite To Windows hosted by sigflup

2013-08-29. 00:14:37. Explicit.
Porting with the mingw32 cross-compiler

hpr1322 :: Kevin O'Brien - Ohio LinuxFest 2013 hosted by Ken Fallon

2013-08-27. 00:48:38. Explicit.
A discussion with Kevin O'Brien about Ohio LinuxFest

hpr1319 :: Frank Bell Presents HPR to His LUG hosted by Frank Bell

2013-08-22. 00:24:02. Clean.
The Tidewater Unix Users Group hears about HPR

hpr1314 :: Impressions of Mageia hosted by Frank Bell

2013-08-15. 00:28:50. Explicit.
Experiences with Mageia

hpr1313 :: How I Manage Contacts hosted by Jon Kulp

2013-08-14. 00:11:52. Clean.
Strategies for de-duplicating and centralising contact information

hpr1311 :: Modern Inconveniences hosted by Christopher M. Hobbs

2013-08-12. 00:24:20. Clean.
Reflections on how doing things manually can be cathartic

hpr1310 :: Energy Democracy defined hosted by Bob Tregilus

2013-08-09. 00:33:21. Clean.
A special panel discussion episode of This Week in Energy (TWiE)

hpr1309 :: Assisted Human Reproduction hosted by Ken Fallon

2013-08-08. 01:25:38. Explicit.

hpr1308 :: Helping a New Computer User hosted by Shane Shennan

2013-08-07. 00:19:12. Clean.
Skills for new computer users

hpr1306 :: Freedom Followup hosted by Christopher M. Hobbs

2013-08-05. 00:21:44. Explicit.
A follow-up to 'A Week of Freedom'

hpr1304 :: Jon Kulp and His Son Talk Hacking hosted by Jon Kulp

2013-08-01. 00:41:01. Clean.
Jon Kulp and his son talk Hacking

hpr1303 :: A Music Pairing Under Unlikely Circumstances hosted by Dave Morriss

2013-07-31. 00:27:20. Explicit.
Dave interviews Tim, his son, and Tim's friend John, who is visiting from the USA

hpr1302 :: How I Got to Linux hosted by Accipiter

2013-07-30. 00:13:08. Explicit.
Accipiter's journey to Linux

hpr1301 :: Conversation with Nybill and Jon Kulp hosted by Jon Kulp

2013-07-29. 00:54:18. Clean.
HPR hosts Nybill and Jon Kulp meet face-to-face

hpr1300 :: Maker Faire: Kansas City hosted by MrGadgets

2013-07-26. 00:18:41. Explicit.
MrGadgets phones in a show after visiting Maker Faire: Kansas

hpr1298 :: Recording for HPR using Audacity hosted by Nido Media

2013-07-24. 00:19:21. Explicit.
Some hints on using Audacity

hpr1296 :: Intro to camp fires hosted by pokey

2013-07-22. 00:21:03. Explicit.
How to light and keep a small fire going

hpr1293 :: A Week of Freedom hosted by Christopher M. Hobbs

2013-07-17. 00:20:59. Clean.
What happened during a week spent using only FLOSS

hpr1292 :: Doomsday Remainders hosted by Charles in NJ

2013-07-16. 00:34:42. Clean.
Reflections on remainders inspired by Doomsday Rule sign-off. Applications to programming and arithm

hpr1291 :: Parsing an ISO8601 formatted duration field with Perl hosted by Dave Morriss

2013-07-15. 01:20:32. Explicit.
A step-by-step explanation of writing a regular expression in Perl to parse an ISO8601 time duration

hpr1290 :: MultiSystem: The Bootable Thumb Drive Creator hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2013-07-12. 00:26:52. Clean.
A bootable USB thumb drive creation tool called MultiSystem

hpr1289 :: Short Xen Update From JWP hosted by JWP

2013-07-11. 00:13:27. Explicit.
A response to Russ Pavlicek about the Xen Project

hpr1288 :: Nido Media gets Ken to go camping at OHM2013 hosted by Ken Fallon

2013-07-10. 00:30:54. Explicit.
Nido Media and Ken Fallon at OHM2013

hpr1286 :: iCalendar Hacking hosted by Dave Morriss

2013-07-08. 00:18:47. Explicit.
Creating iCalendar rules by hand and with a Perl script

hpr1281 :: Samsung Ativ Premiere hosted by knightwise

2013-07-01. 00:09:14. Explicit.
Knightwise attended Samsung's 2013 premiere event in London

hpr1280 :: Homemade Antennas for OTA Hi-Def TV hosted by Jon Kulp

2013-06-28. 00:14:59. Clean.
Antennas for over-the-air hi-def TV

hpr1279 :: Russ Pavlicek on Xen Project hosted by Alek Grigorian

2013-06-27. 00:57:28. Clean.
A talk at Texas Linux Fest about Xen

hpr1277 :: Icecast 102 hosted by Klaatu

2013-06-25. 00:36:59. Clean.
How to run Icecast - part 2

hpr1276 :: Two Hacker Public Radio hosts meet face-to-face for the first time hosted by Jon Kulp

2013-06-24. 00:08:39. Explicit.
A meeting between Jon Kulp and windigo (and the cat)

hpr1272 :: Open Badges? hosted by Klaatu

2013-06-18. 00:20:25. Clean.
Open Badges communicate skills and achievements through visual symbols of accomplishments

hpr1271 :: Out of style or retro chique. hosted by knightwise

2013-06-17. 00:11:10. Explicit.
Knightwise finds old tech at a garage sale and ponders about the pace of change

hpr1269 :: Frank Bell Achieves Enlightenment Adventures with E17 Pt Two hosted by Frank Bell

2013-06-13. 00:36:15. Explicit.
About Enlightenment E17, part 2

hpr1265 :: Mitigating SQL Injection And Other Message Protocol Attacks Through Compiler Signatures hosted by sigflup

2013-06-07. 00:04:57. Explicit.
Compiler Signatures for mitigating attacks of various sorts

hpr1263 :: 3G Tunnels (Sshuttle) hosted by NYbill

2013-06-05. 00:36:49. Explicit.
3G connectivity and Sshuttle

hpr1259 :: Cyanide Cupcake and Klaatu hosted by Klaatu

2013-05-30. 00:20:20. Clean.
Using Scratch in teaching

hpr1258 :: How to Build a Desktop Computer hosted by Toby Meehan

2013-05-29. 00:21:38. Clean.
Describes how to build a desktop computer with guidance on the order in which to pick components.

hpr1257 :: Getting things done. hosted by knightwise

2013-05-28. 00:10:55. Explicit.
Knightwise speaks of his Apple experiences over recent years

hpr1255 :: A life in a software project hosted by garjola

2013-05-24. 00:10:20. Explicit.
In this episode I will read something for you.

hpr1254 :: X2go Remote Linux server/client hosted by JWP

2013-05-23. 00:04:35. Explicit.
X2Go enables you to access a graphical desktop of a computer over the network

hpr1252 :: The Long Road To Linux hosted by Beeza

2013-05-21. 00:31:35. Explicit.
Beeza has been in the IT world for a long time

hpr1249 :: Software Patents: Who's Behind the Curtain? hosted by Deb Nicholson

2013-05-16. 01:00:46. Explicit.
Deb Nicholson speaks about Software Patents at LinxFest Northwest, April 27, 2013

hpr1248 :: Frank Bell Achieves Enlightenment Adventures with E17 Pt One hosted by Frank Bell

2013-05-15. 00:28:40. Explicit.
About Enlightenment E17, part 1

hpr1246 :: David Whitman On Location at LinuxFest Northwest hosted by David Whitman

2013-05-13. 01:02:18. Explicit.
Our correspondent reports from LFNW

hpr1243 :: Wargames Anniversary hosted by AukonDK

2013-05-08. 00:05:25. Clean.
The film is 30 years old

hpr1242 :: What's Wrong With Free, Anyway? hosted by Ahuka

2013-05-07. 00:23:18. Clean.
Free of Charge versus Free as in Freedom

hpr1240 :: Doomsday Rule hosted by Charles in NJ

2013-05-03. 00:40:05. Clean.
A method of finding the day of the week for any date

hpr1239 :: HPR Saturday Sessions: What is hacking? hosted by Nido Media

2013-05-02. 01:49:40. Explicit.
Saturday Sessions, Hackers, Hacking, Culture, Media

hpr1238 :: Word processors are overrated hosted by johanv

2013-05-01. 00:10:03. Clean.
The typical tools people use to write a text, are often the wrong tools.

hpr1237 :: Cory Doctorow tribute to Aaron Swartz hosted by Various Creative Commons Works

2013-04-30. 01:04:47. Clean.
A commemoration of the late Aaron Swartz

hpr1236 :: Lament For httpd hosted by deepgeek

2013-04-29. 00:07:08. Explicit.
Moving away from the thttpd web server

hpr1235 :: Talk Cyberpunk To Me hosted by sigflup

2013-04-26. 00:10:13. Clean.
A wearable computer constructed from a Raspberry Pi

hpr1234 :: hosted by Mike Hingley

2013-04-25. 00:03:30. Clean.
Mike Hingley highlights a useful site for getting to grips with Javascript.

hpr1233 :: Playing Ingress hosted by Epicanis

2013-04-24. 00:52:37. Explicit.
Epicanis discusses playing Ingress, Google's new location-based capture-the-flag game in beta.

hpr1230 :: Google How Could You hosted by Neodragon

2013-04-19. 00:12:38. Explicit.
About Stephanie Chute, an Android developer whose Google Play account was wrongfully closed

hpr1229 :: Chromebook Acer C7 Review hosted by Helvetin

2013-04-18. 00:11:03. Explicit.
New host Helvetin tells us about his Chromebook Acer C7

hpr1228 :: Utilizing Maximum Space on a Cloned BTRFS Partition hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2013-04-17. 00:16:41. Explicit.
Using the Btrfs Utility to make use of the entirety of a cloned disk

hpr1225 :: Modern Survivalism Part 2 hosted by Tracy Holz_Holzster

2013-04-12. 00:46:08. Clean.
Modern Survivalism - part 2 of 2

hpr1224 :: Podio Book Report on Jake Bible's "Dead Mech" hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2013-04-11. 00:18:03. Explicit.
A review of a well thought of book

hpr1220 :: Cinnarch 64 bit, Installation Review hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2013-04-05. 00:31:38. Explicit.
Cinnarch, an Arch-based distro running Cinnamon

hpr1219 :: The Care and Feeding of the Flintlock Muzzleloading Rifle hosted by Russ Wenner

2013-04-04. 00:25:57. Explicit.
Russ speaks about a hobby he used to be very involved in

hpr1215 :: Pair Programming hosted by Christopher M. Hobbs

2013-03-29. 00:08:18. Clean.
An agile software development technique where two programmers work together at one workstation

hpr1214 :: LinuxFest Northwest is April 27, 28,2013 hosted by David Whitman

2013-03-28. 00:37:32. Explicit.
An Interview with Jakob Perry

hpr1211 :: NELF Wrapup hosted by Various Hosts

2013-03-25. 00:56:09. Explicit.
Final report from the Northeast GNU/Linux Fest 2013

hpr1210 :: Northeast Linux Fest 2013 p3-3 hosted by NYbill

2013-03-22. 00:15:36. Explicit.
Interviews from NELF, part 3

hpr1209 :: Northeast Linux Fest 2013 p2-3 hosted by NYbill

2013-03-21. 00:46:32. Explicit.
Interviews from NELF, part 2

hpr1208 :: Northeast Linux Fest 2013 p1-3 hosted by NYbill

2013-03-20. 00:21:07. Explicit.
Interviews from NELF, part 1

hpr1207 :: Icecast 101 hosted by Klaatu

2013-03-19. 00:37:13. Explicit.
How to run Icecast - part 1

hpr1206 :: Resolving Issues (The Vhost Config File) hosted by Windigo

2013-03-18. 01:03:16. Explicit.
Windigo helps NYbill set up multiple servers on his VPS by explaining the vhost configuration file

hpr1203 :: templer: a static html generator hosted by Chess Griffin

2013-03-13. 00:08:55. Explicit.
An introduction to Steve Kemp's static site generator, written in Perl

hpr1201 :: In My Feed - Episode 01 hosted by Steve Bickle

2013-03-11. 00:13:49. Explicit.
Podcast and other recommendations

hpr1200 :: CJE Computer Jargon Explained 01 hosted by b1ackcr0w

2013-03-08. 00:09:16. Explicit.
Explaining computing and internet terms that confuse and frustrate people

hpr1199 :: Old Time Radio on the web hosted by Frank Bell

2013-03-07. 00:29:55. Explicit.
Radio shows from the early days of radio broadcasting

hpr1195 :: Distractionless Writing hosted by Thistleweb

2013-03-01. 00:20:51. Explicit.
Writing with no distractions using FocusWriter and PyRoom

hpr1194 :: Copying a Printer Definition File Between Systems hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2013-02-28. 00:18:55. Explicit.
Copying a Postscript Printer Definition (PPD) file between systems for use with CUPS

hpr1193 :: Chris Conder Catchup on Broadband for Rural North hosted by Ken Fallon

2013-02-27. 00:52:02. Explicit.
Broadband for the Rural North (B4RN) revisited

hpr1191 :: Arch Linux hosted by Dude-man

2013-02-25. 00:41:28. Explicit.
Experiences of running Arch and thoughts of other distributions

hpr1189 :: Part One: Counting Partridges and Gold Rings hosted by Charles in NJ

2013-02-21. 00:31:17. Explicit.
Intro to Recreational Math Part One

hpr1188 :: Rmail in Emacs hosted by Klaatu

2013-02-20. 00:43:52. Explicit.
Rmail in Emacs, msmtp, procmail, tmail, and fetchmail

hpr1187 :: I live in GNU/Emacs hosted by garjola

2013-02-19. 00:11:29. Explicit.
A journey through the many capabilities of GNU/Emacs

hpr1186 :: A plea and a Follow up hosted by Various Hosts

2013-02-18. 00:16:27. Explicit.
A plea to donate to the Sonar project and a follow-up to show 1184

hpr1185 :: Shooting the Breeze hosted by Jezra and NYbill

2013-02-15. 00:33:22. Explicit.
Two HPR hosts having a geeky conversation

hpr1184 :: Installing Linux without a monitor hosted by Various Hosts

2013-02-14. 01:33:46. Explicit.
An audio-only demonstration of installing Sonar GNU/Linux

hpr1183 :: Boise Lug meeting Feb 7 2013 hosted by Quvmoh

2013-02-13. 00:31:12. Explicit.
A recording from the Boise LUG

hpr1181 :: Mumble Audio Issues hosted by Delwin

2013-02-11. 00:05:49. Explicit.
Some advice on avoiding audio issues in Mumble

hpr1176 :: Intro to editing the Open Street Map hosted by pokey

2013-02-04. 01:02:45. Explicit.
The OpenStreetMap editor and how to use it

hpr1175 :: how to start irssi in screen after reboot hosted by Lord Drachenblut (R.I.P.)

2013-02-01. 00:04:45. Explicit.
Using cron to start screen after a reboot and run irssi in it

hpr1173 :: Sonar GNU/linux hosted by Jonathan Nadeau

2013-01-30. 00:24:12. Explicit.
The Sonar GNU/linux distribution and its Indiegogo campaign

hpr1171 :: Tech and Loathing 13 - Remote Desktop Protocols hosted by KFive

2013-01-28. 00:52:24. Explicit.
We join the Tech and Loathing podcast for episode 13

hpr1169 :: Autotools hosted by Nido Media

2013-01-24. 00:47:59. Explicit.
An HPR Saturday Session discussing GNU autoconf and automake

hpr1168 :: How I started my local Linux User Group hosted by Emilien Klein

2013-01-23. 00:23:45. Explicit.
A story from a new host who set up a local LUG in the Netherlands

hpr1167 :: Kernels in the Boot, or What to Do When Your /boot folder Fills Up hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2013-01-22. 00:15:10. Explicit.
Some experiences learning Linux server administration

hpr1166 :: Airtime Radio Automation hosted by AukonDK

2013-01-21. 00:08:52. Explicit.
Airtime is open source radio automation software which runs on Linux

hpr1163 :: Installing PYWWS on a Raspberry Pi hosted by Peter64

2013-01-16. 00:15:20. Explicit.
Using a Raspberry Pi with pywws to run a wireless weather station

hpr1161 :: PAM Two Factor Auth SSH hosted by Beto

2013-01-14. 00:48:42. Explicit.
Pluggable Authentication Modules and two-factor authentication with SSH

hpr1159 :: Food - Health - Nutritionally Dense food hosted by Dude-man

2013-01-10. 00:54:12. Explicit.
Dude-man speaks of Dr Price and his view that the modern diet leads to physical degeneration

hpr1150 :: Hacking Karma And Reincarnation With The Forgiveness Discipline hosted by deepgeek

2012-12-28. 00:38:51. Explicit.
DeepGeek shares his first speech concerned with Mysticism

hpr1148 :: Development Discussion hosted by Dave Morriss

2012-12-26. 01:07:24. Explicit.
A discussion about the internals of the HPR scheduling system

hpr1147 :: Eulogy for the Netbook hosted by AukonDK

2012-12-25. 00:06:00. Explicit.
Memories of the ASUS Eee PC 701 superseded by the rise of the tablet

hpr1146 :: Wireshark-1 hosted by NewAgeTechnoHippie

2012-12-24. 00:17:39. Explicit.
An introduction to Wireshark

hpr1144 :: Who Owns Your Files hosted by Ahuka

2012-12-20. 00:33:08. Explicit.
Ahuka discusses the aftermath of the wiping a Norwegian user's Kindle by Amazon

hpr1143 :: The N Days of Christmas? Intro to Recreational Math hosted by Charles in NJ

2012-12-19. 00:22:45. Explicit.
Intro to Recreational Math Part Zero

hpr1141 :: mumble client intro hosted by Delwin

2012-12-17. 00:08:38. Explicit.
A brief introduction to the Mumble client

hpr1139 :: The missing episode hosted by MrGadgets

2012-12-13. 00:42:15. Explicit.
Discoveries made while spring cleaning

hpr1137 :: Open Street Maps hosted by NewAgeTechnoHippie

2012-12-11. 00:07:04. Explicit.
Beginner's Guide to OpenStreetMap

hpr1126 :: The DrupalCamp of Adam Evertsson hosted by Seetee

2012-11-26. 00:16:03. Explicit.
Reports and interviews from DrupalCamp Göteborg

hpr1123 :: Move! Bike Computer hosted by Frank Bell

2012-11-21. 00:14:59. Explicit.
An Android app to track your bicycle ride

hpr1120 :: Jerome Leclanche from the razor-qt project hosted by Ken Fallon

2012-11-16. 00:37:26. Explicit.
Ken interviews Jerome Leclanche from the Razor-qt project

hpr1119 :: Spread the Word hosted by Seetee

2012-11-15. 00:08:29. Explicit.
Inspirational stories told on the road

hpr1118 :: My First Brush With FLOSS: Doom hosted by AukonDK

2012-11-14. 00:06:26. Explicit.
The open sourcing of the game engine behind Doom and its legacy

hpr1117 :: The Wayback hosted by Various Hosts

2012-11-13. 00:19:51. Explicit.
Theru, Navigium, and NYbill talk about joining an old school Unix network, SDF

hpr1113 :: TermDuckEn aptsh - screen - guake hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2012-11-07. 00:10:33. Explicit.
A look at running apt shell inside screen inside guake

hpr1110 :: The Doctor Who Restoration Team hosted by AukonDK

2012-11-02. 00:07:49. Explicit.
The restoration of old Doctor Who episodes

hpr1106 :: Of Fuduntu, RescaTux (or the Farmer Buys a Dell) hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2012-10-29. 00:12:34. Explicit.
An installation tale of woe

hpr1103 :: Thoughtkindness: In Defense of Media Freetardation hosted by Epicanis

2012-10-24. 01:19:50. Explicit.
Media formats and freedom

hpr1101 :: Recovery of an (en)crypted home directory in a buntu based system hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2012-10-22. 00:18:27. Explicit.
Encrypted home folder recovery

hpr1100 :: Why Android Tablets Suck Part2 hosted by MrGadgets

2012-10-19. 00:27:22. Explicit.
MrGadgets might be changing his opinion of Android Tablets

hpr1098 :: My Journey to Geekdom hosted by bobobex

2012-10-17. 00:13:15. Explicit.
A personal reminiscence

hpr1096 :: KeepassX hosted by Frank Bell

2012-10-15. 00:20:35. Explicit.
A discussion of KeepassX, a cross platform password manager

hpr1094 :: Linux, Beer, and Who Cares? hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2012-10-11. 00:50:05. Explicit.
A recording of an impromptu podcast session

hpr1092 :: Ham Radio: The Original Tech Geek Passion hosted by MrGadgets

2012-10-08. 00:55:43. Explicit.
Mr Gadgets talks about his interest and long experience in Amateur Radio

hpr1091 :: Useful Vim Plugins hosted by Dave Morriss

2012-10-05. 00:19:27. Explicit.
Some of the Vim/gVim plugins I use and would like to recommend

hpr1084 :: Paul Levy on Learning to Dance with Spiders hosted by Robin Catling

2012-09-26. 00:27:33. Explicit.
A Full Circle Podcast interview with Paul Levy

hpr1081 :: Preparing Pictures for Posting with the GIMP hosted by Frank Bell

2012-09-24. 00:25:04. Explicit.
Preparing photographs for posting on a website

hpr1078 :: A podcast about software patents/unitary patent hosted by Frederic Couchet

2012-09-18. 00:03:21. Explicit.
The European Parliament and the issue of software patentability

hpr1076 :: Ohio LinuxFest 2012 hosted by Ken Fallon

2012-09-17. 00:38:40. Explicit.
Describing the upcoming Ohio LinuxFest conference and expo

hpr1071 :: How I Cut The Cable Cord: My Settup hosted by BrocktonBob

2012-09-10. 00:15:17. Explicit.
Consuming over the air TV rather than cable TV

hpr1068 :: Reformatting Creative Commons Content For Non-Computer Settings hosted by The Air Staff of Erie Looking Productions

2012-09-04. 00:08:21. Explicit.
Thoughts on reformatting CC content for emergency redistibution

hpr1067 :: echo 01 > /dev/random hosted by pegwole

2012-09-04. 02:45:52. Explicit.
An episode of the /dev/random podcast

hpr1065 :: Wireless tip hosted by cleavey

2012-08-30. 00:01:51. Explicit.
Using an Android phone as a wireless hotspot

hpr1063 :: Freedom and Licensing hosted by Ahuka

2012-08-29. 00:26:59. Explicit.
Following an interview with Richard Stallman on the Linux Action Show

hpr1053 :: Zoke with a question hosted by Xoke

2012-08-15. 00:04:38. Explicit.
Thoughts on funding for Linux podcasts

hpr1051 :: Intro to the music hosted by ccmusique

2012-08-13. 00:29:58. Explicit.
5 CC songs from plus tech chat including desktops, the distrowatch chart and android

hpr1048 :: Get off this Rock !!! hosted by MrGadgets

2012-08-08. 00:46:50. Explicit.
Mr Gadgets talks about Space travel and living on other planets

hpr1047 :: Soldering Part 2: An audio demonstration of soldering hosted by MrX

2012-08-07. 00:27:18. Explicit.
More about the process of soldering

hpr1045 :: Genealogy hosted by Mike Hingley

2012-08-03. 00:10:08. Explicit.
A look at the process of researching a UK family tree

hpr1043 :: Hacking Second Hand - Obtaining Old Tech hosted by Famicoman

2012-07-31. 00:28:55. Explicit.
Where to go to get old tech and things you should know before buying

hpr1041 :: Home from H.O.P.E. hosted by Various Hosts

2012-07-30. 00:34:46. Explicit.
A discussion between attendees after HOPE Number Nine

hpr1040 :: Steam on Linux hosted by Downer

2012-07-27. 00:12:39. Explicit.
A discussion of the future of Steam on Linux

hpr1037 :: Soldering Part 1 hosted by MrX

2012-07-24. 00:27:45. Explicit.
A show about the tools needed for soldering

hpr1036 :: Setting up Your First Ham Radio Station hosted by Joel

2012-07-23. 00:29:00. Explicit.
Advice on starting with Amateur Radio

hpr1035 :: OGG Camp 11 Panel Discussion hosted by Robin Catling

2012-07-20. 00:31:35. Explicit.
Fourth in a series of OggCamp 11 highlights from the Full Circle Podcast

hpr1034 :: PXE Boot hosted by Ken Fallon

2012-07-19. 00:16:58. Explicit.
Setting up an information display with a thin client and spare monitor

hpr1033 :: Go RTFM hosted by aparanoidshell

2012-07-18. 00:07:49. Explicit.
Asking for help from others versus trying to find the answer yourself

hpr1031 :: Backing up your dvd collection using mencoder hosted by BrocktonBob

2012-07-16. 00:07:04. Explicit.
Using mencoder from the command line

hpr1028 :: Jonathan Kulp and NYbill: Goodwill Hunting hosted by Various Hosts

2012-07-11. 00:32:42. Explicit.
A discussion of what technology can be found at Goodwill

hpr1027 :: Migrating away from Google Reader hosted by Ken Fallon

2012-07-10. 00:24:15. Explicit.
An alternative to Google Reader for managing feeds

hpr1026 :: Setting up a WordPress blog: part 4 hosted by Frank Bell

2012-07-09. 00:23:05. Explicit.
Episode 4 of the series Setting up a Wordpress blog

hpr1024 :: Episode 1024 hosted by Various Hosts

2012-07-05. 01:22:20. Explicit.
Celebration of Hacker Public Radio's first 1K episodes

hpr1023 :: About Rivendell with Rivendell hosted by AukonDK

2012-07-04. 00:51:04. Explicit.
Rivendell Radio Automation software

hpr1017 :: Phone hacking Samsung Admire hosted by Brotherred

2012-06-25. 00:07:10. Explicit.
Attempting to restore a damaged smartphone

hpr1016 :: Nix: The Functional Package Manager hosted by goibhniu

2012-06-22. 00:31:40. Explicit.
The Nix package manager and related projects such as NixOS

hpr1013 :: Saving Programs From TiVo hosted by Ahuka

2012-06-19. 00:33:54. Explicit.
How to make copies of programs from TiVo for long-term use

hpr1010 :: John Doe on copyright infringement lawsuits hosted by Various Creative Commons Works

2012-06-14. 00:22:03. Explicit.
An account of being sued for copyright infringement

hpr1009 :: John Sullivan Why should I care about Free software? hosted by Various Creative Commons Works

2012-06-13. 00:53:10. Explicit.
A talk from John Sullivan of the Free Software Foundation

hpr1008 :: Fix the "Sticky Keys" Bug in Minecraft hosted by Windigo

2012-06-12. 00:10:36. Explicit.
A way to correct a Minecraft bug

hpr1003 :: My audio gear hosted by Nido Media

2012-06-06. 00:12:39. Explicit.
The recording equipment of a new contributor

hpr1000 :: Episode 1000 hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2012-05-31. 00:20:47. Explicit.
Thoughts and wishes for the 1000th episode of HPR

hpr998 :: Viva la Federation! hosted by Windigo

2012-05-29. 00:24:01. Explicit.
Setting up a instance

hpr997 :: Poorly Recorded Thoughts On Rural Computing hosted by lostnbronx

2012-05-28. 00:11:58. Explicit.
Rural communications problems versus the urban equivalent

hpr996 :: Command line cheat sheet hosted by JWP

2012-05-28. 00:04:51. Explicit.
A Unix command cheat sheet written by FossWire

hpr995 :: Do the four freedoms extend beyond software ? hosted by Ken Fallon

2012-05-24. 00:14:53. Explicit.
The Free Software Definition has a wider scope than just software

hpr993 :: Setting up a Wordpress blog: part 3 - tweaking appearance hosted by Frank Bell

2012-05-23. 00:28:19. Explicit.
Episode 3 of the series Setting up a Wordpress blog

hpr991 :: Making a Music Sampler with Midi and Pygame hosted by bgryderclock

2012-05-20. 00:09:50. Explicit.
Using Python Pygame and a Midi controller to make a sampler

hpr990 :: Portable Apps hosted by JWP

2012-05-17. 00:10:25. Explicit.
JWP talks about portable applications

hpr981 :: Review Indiana LinuxFest 2012 hosted by Ahuka

2012-05-06. 00:23:17. Explicit.
Ahuka speaks of his experiences attending the second of these conferences

hpr980 :: Broadband for Rural North hosted by Ken Fallon

2012-05-03. 01:05:48. Explicit.
The story of a Lancashire community and their high-speed network

hpr977 :: Setting Up a WordPress Blog: part 2 hosted by Frank Bell

2012-04-30. 00:29:55. Explicit.
Episode 2 of the series Setting up a Wordpress blog

hpr975 :: Why 16 Cores ? hosted by deepgeek

2012-04-27. 00:04:25. Explicit.
Do modern workstations need as many as 16 cores?

hpr971 :: /dev/random episode 00 hosted by pegwole

2012-04-23. 01:18:08. Explicit.
Episode zero of the /dev/random podcast

hpr968 :: FFMPEG for video Conversion hosted by BrocktonBob

2012-04-17. 00:10:29. Explicit.
Using ffmpeg to convert videos

hpr967 :: Raspberry Pi spec review hosted by Ken Fallon

2012-04-16. 00:15:56. Explicit.
A discussion of the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi

hpr966 :: The wisdom of our elders hosted by DoorToDoorGeek

2012-04-16. 00:12:24. Explicit.
A first episode from a new (to HPR) host

hpr963 :: How I cut the cord part 3 hosted by BrocktonBob

2012-04-10. 00:06:51. Explicit.
Part 3 of the cable cutting series

hpr958 :: KDE Gathering - Plasma Active - THE Tablet hosted by David Whitman

2012-04-03. 00:23:16. Explicit.
An interview with Carl Symons and John Blanford: all things KDE

hpr955 :: Zombie Circus 00 - Pilot hosted by Various Hosts

2012-03-29. 01:09:13. Explicit.
A no-holds-barred discussion that might be a series pilot

hpr954 :: All Things Chrome hosted by Robin Catling

2012-03-28. 00:24:04. Explicit.
The Chromebook and ChromeOS

hpr952 :: How I cut The Cable Cord Part 2 hosted by BrocktonBob

2012-03-27. 00:06:08. Explicit.
Part 2 of the cable cutting series

hpr951 :: Roku XD box hosted by riddlebox

2012-03-25. 00:08:25. Explicit.
A review of the Roku XD digital media player device

hpr948 :: Exchanging Data Podcast 2 hosted by dmfrey

2012-03-20. 00:18:48. Explicit.
More about the example restaurant web application from the last episode

hpr947 :: Presentation by Jared Smith at the Columbia Area Linux Users Group hosted by Neodragon

2012-03-20. 01:19:20. Explicit.
FOSS Distros and Communities

hpr942 :: Zentyal Linux Small Business Server hosted by riddlebox

2012-03-13. 00:12:05. Explicit.
A small business solution based on Linux

hpr938 :: Cloning Windows WiFi Profiles and Installing Skype Under 64-bit Fedora hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2012-03-06. 00:20:31. Explicit.
Some tips on configuring Windows networking and installing Skype on 64-bit Fedora 15

hpr935 :: Indiana LinuxFest hosted by Ken Fallon

2012-03-02. 00:31:50. Explicit.
Ken talks to Lord Drachenblut about the upcoming Indiana LinuxFest 2012

hpr931 :: The ratpoison window manager hosted by rootoutcast

2012-02-26. 00:06:53. Explicit.
An efficient and minimalist window manager

hpr927 :: Setting up a WordPress blog: part 1 hosted by Frank Bell

2012-02-21. 00:23:40. Explicit.
Episode 1 of the series Setting up a Wordpress blog

hpr926 :: Heresies in the year of the apocalypse ep 1 - computer languages hosted by MrGadgets

2012-02-20. 00:31:57. Explicit.
Thoughts about the evolution of high-level languages from machine language

hpr923 :: 12 Gazillion Buttons hosted by Jezra and NYbill

2012-02-14. 00:35:34. Explicit.
Jezra and NYbill discuss various topics

hpr922 :: Updating a Garmin GPS for free hosted by riddlebox

2012-02-13. 00:06:29. Explicit.
Installing a 2012 North American map on a Garmin

hpr919 :: Elfstedentocht - To be or not to be hosted by Ken Fallon

2012-02-08. 00:15:01. Explicit.
A 200 kilometre skating tour in the province of Friesland in the north of the Netherlands

hpr913 :: Exchanging Data Podcast 1 hosted by dmfrey

2012-01-31. 00:08:50. Explicit.
An introduction to the data formats available when talking to web services

hpr912 :: How I cut The Cable Cord Part1 hosted by BrocktonBob

2012-01-30. 00:05:10. Explicit.
A new host speaks about cable cutting

hpr911 :: Hobbies hosted by MrX

2012-01-27. 00:34:26. Explicit.
Mr X talks about hobbies he's had over the years

hpr910 :: Introduction to Pagekite. hosted by Kevin Granade

2012-01-26. 00:13:56. Explicit.
Software that gives your localhost servers names and makes them globally visible

hpr908 :: TV Downloader TED hosted by riddlebox

2012-01-24. 00:06:12. Explicit.
TED - Torrent Episode Downloader

hpr907 :: Learning hosted by mordancy

2012-01-23. 00:04:20. Explicit.
Using web resources to become an autodidact

hpr903 :: SOPA Protest hosted by HPR Volunteers

2012-01-17. 00:00:16. Explicit.
The HPR domain is redirected to in protest

hpr900 :: Episode 000 - Introduction hosted by garjola

2012-01-13. 00:14:54. Explicit.
A first podcast and introduction

hpr890 :: Where's my flying car ! hosted by MrGadgets

2011-12-30. 00:21:43. Explicit.
What happened to the promise of science and technology?

hpr888 :: EMACS Help Sources hosted by JWP

2011-12-28. 00:04:03. Explicit.
Where to get help on using EMACS

hpr887 :: init() hosted by Windigo

2011-12-27. 00:27:55. Explicit.
NYbill and Windigo and their Linux stories

hpr885 :: Redo Backup and Recovery 1.0.1. hosted by Johninsc

2011-12-22. 00:05:28. Explicit.
A free, open source, backup and recovery tool

hpr881 :: Intel Atom processor hosted by JWP

2011-12-16. 00:06:17. Explicit.
Details of this ultra-low-voltage processor

hpr878 :: OpenShorts Episode 4 hosted by MrGadgets

2011-12-13. 00:32:41. Explicit.
Computer-controlled manufacturing - 3D printers, CNC

hpr875 :: Replacing Older Hardware hosted by JWP

2011-12-08. 00:06:48. Explicit.
Replacing old AMD systems

hpr870 :: Computer Memories hosted by Deltaray

2011-12-02. 00:26:29. Explicit.
Deltaray looks back at his early computer experiences

hpr868 :: Emacs Console hosted by JWP

2011-11-30. 00:07:51. Explicit.
As a keen nano user, JWP tries out EMACS on his NSLU2 "SLUG"

hpr867 :: Gift Guide for Electronics Engineers of the Future hosted by MrGadgets

2011-11-29. 00:32:53. Explicit.
Encouraging young people to get interested in technology

hpr866 :: Publican, the user-friendly Perl frontend to Docbook XML hosted by Klaatu

2011-11-28. 00:41:18. Clean.
Publican is a tool for publishing material authored in DocBook XML

hpr865 :: Desktop Transparency hosted by Deltaray

2011-11-24. 00:14:44. Explicit.
The history of Desktop Transparency

hpr864 :: Opentech Conference 2011: Glen Mehn, SI Camp hosted by Robin Catling

2011-11-23. 00:18:28. Explicit.
Opentech Conference in London, interview with Glen Mehn of Social Innovation Camp

hpr863 :: Tony Hughes Free Cycle hosted by Ken Fallon

2011-11-22. 00:07:30. Explicit.
In today's show Ken talks to Tony Hughes about how he got into Linux

hpr862 :: Breaking Down TFTP hosted by Kevin Granade

2011-11-21. 00:26:45. Explicit.
TFTP, what it's good for and what makes it tick

hpr861 :: Emacs Part 3: The Reckoning. hosted by Klaatu

2011-11-20. 00:18:17. Clean.
Third and final episode of a mini series on GNU Emacs

hpr858 :: Pre micro computer tech in the home #2 hosted by MrGadgets

2011-11-15. 00:33:56. Explicit.
Children's access to science in the 1960s

hpr856 :: GNU Emacs 2 hosted by Klaatu

2011-11-11. 00:39:09. Clean.
Part 2 of a mini series on GNU Emacs

hpr855 :: Packaging for your distro hosted by Mike Hingley

2011-11-10. 00:09:23. Explicit.
The advantages of packaging content for your distro

hpr853 :: Pat Volkerding of Slackware Linux chats with Klaatu hosted by Klaatu

2011-11-08. 00:48:08. Clean.
Pat Volkerding of Slackware Linux at the SELF afterparty

hpr852 :: GNU Emacs 1 hosted by Klaatu

2011-11-07. 00:32:13. Clean.
Part 1 of a mini series on GNU Emacs

hpr850 :: Another Tech Giant Passes - Household Tech in the Pre-Micro Era hosted by MrGadgets

2011-11-03. 00:32:03. Explicit.
Remembering some pioneering greats in the tech field

hpr846 :: Jared Smith from Fedora hosted by Klaatu

2011-10-30. 00:16:00. Clean.
An interview with Jared Smith, the project manager of Fedora Linux

hpr845 :: Open Source Radio Software hosted by AukonDK

2011-10-27. 00:07:39. Explicit.
AukonDK leads us on a tour of Open Source Radio Software

hpr843 :: What holiday tech item hosted by MrGadgets

2011-10-25. 00:19:52. Explicit.
Shopping for technical items in November and December

hpr841 :: Jonathan Nadeau hosted by Klaatu

2011-10-23. 00:16:52. Clean.
Klaatu interviews Jonathan Nadeau

hpr840 :: Android Shopping hosted by cobra2

2011-10-20. 00:11:46. Explicit.
Some advice about shopping for an Android device

hpr839 :: Full Circle Podcast: The Lubuntu Team hosted by Robin Catling

2011-10-19. 00:23:38. Explicit.
An interview with the team behind Lubuntu

hpr836 :: Jeff from No Machine hosted by Klaatu

2011-10-16. 00:06:05. Clean.
Klaatu interviews Jeff from No Machine

hpr835 :: Amazon sets the world on Fire hosted by MrGadgets

2011-10-13. 00:32:04. Explicit.
Speculating about the Amazon Fire tablet

hpr831 :: Chris from hosted by Klaatu

2011-10-09. 00:11:34. Clean.
Klaatu interviews Chris from at OLF

hpr828 :: a+g=-b hosted by MrGadgets

2011-10-04. 00:38:26. Explicit.
The demise of physical retail stores

hpr827 :: HPR booth and HostGator hosted by Klaatu

2011-10-03. 00:11:56. Clean.

hpr824 :: Opentech Conference 2011: Paula Graham, FOSSBox hosted by Robin Catling

2011-09-28. 00:16:01. Explicit.
Fossbox at OpenTech 2011

hpr822 :: Vivean Parkhouse about the GiffGaff Community Phone project hosted by Ken Fallon

2011-09-26. 00:04:07. Explicit.
The GiffGaff Community Phone project

hpr821 :: Why Android tablets suck ! hosted by MrGadgets

2011-09-25. 00:48:07. Explicit.
Mr. Gadgets discusses his experiences with various Android tablets

hpr819 :: Editing Part Five Post and Packing hosted by Robin Catling

2011-09-21. 00:08:16. Explicit.
The process of editing the Full Circle podcast audio, part 5

hpr818 :: Sansa Clip Plus for podcasting hosted by pokey

2011-09-20. 00:27:02. Explicit.
Using a Sansa player as a podcast recorder

hpr817 :: Installing Linux and Windows 7 to a USB Hard Drive hosted by AukonDK

2011-09-19. 00:05:19. Explicit.
Script to install Windows to an external USB hard drive

hpr816 :: Modern Survivalism part 1 hosted by Tracy Holz_Holzster

2011-09-18. 00:28:53. Explicit.
Modern Survivalism - part 1 of 2

hpr815 :: Software Freedom Day Dundee 2011 hosted by Ken Fallon

2011-09-15. 00:11:23. Explicit.
An event to celebrate and promote the use of free and open source software

hpr813 :: Gemma Cameron aka @ruby_gem about Barcamp Blackpool hosted by Ken Fallon

2011-09-13. 00:18:18. Explicit.
Ken talks to Gemma Cameron aka @ruby_gem about Barcamp Blackpool

hpr812 :: Are they a patent troll hosted by MrGadgets

2011-09-12. 00:20:24. Explicit.
Useful tips on how to determine if someone is a patent troll or not

hpr811 :: creative commons torrent tracker hosted by Thistleweb

2011-09-11. 00:46:30. Explicit.
Plans to create a Drupal CMS with a Creative Commons torrent tracker

hpr810 :: Hello HPR! hosted by Joe Wakumara

2011-09-08. 00:10:27. Explicit.
An introduction from a new host

hpr805 :: How Monster Cable got its name hosted by MrGadgets

2011-09-01. 00:43:55. Explicit.
Mr Gadgets phones in to talk about the Monster Cable company

hpr803 :: A novacut support call hosted by saras fox

2011-08-30. 00:47:42. Explicit.
The NovaCut video editor was a Kickstarter project in 2011

hpr800 :: WebOS hosted by Sunzofman1

2011-08-25. 00:07:30. Explicit.
The danger of a open source monoculture in the mobile OS space

hpr799 :: Part Four Assembly, Editing the Podcast hosted by Robin Catling

2011-08-24. 00:07:56. Explicit.
Details of how the Full Circle Podcast is prepared, part four

hpr798 :: The IBM Model M Keyboard hosted by Germ

2011-08-23. 00:12:08. Explicit.
A in-depth look at the IBM Model M keyboard, and why it's so delicious

hpr796 :: Shane Marks Hacker Space Week Ireland hosted by Ken Fallon

2011-08-21. 00:20:15. Explicit.
An interview with Shane Marks from the Nexus maker space in Cork, Ireland

hpr794 :: Full Circle Podcast: U-Cubed De-brief hosted by Robin Catling

2011-08-17. 00:32:17. Explicit.
A report from the U-Cubed unconference at Mad-Lab, Manchester, UK

hpr792 :: Binaural Recording hosted by MrGadgets

2011-08-16. 00:23:46. Explicit.
A response to episode 785 by Quvmoh on binaural recording

hpr790 :: guake a drop-down terminal emulator hosted by diablomarcus

2011-08-11. 00:04:56. Explicit.
A quick overview of the Guake drop-down terminal emulator

hpr788 :: Bitcoin hosted by JWP

2011-08-09. 00:28:21. Explicit.
JWP investigates claims made about bitcoin on other podcasts, and provides an intro to Bitcoin

hpr787 :: Grep for tab hosted by Ken Fallon

2011-08-08. 00:02:38. Explicit.
Ken submits a summer short explaining how to grep for a tab character in a file

hpr786 :: Streaming sporting events hosted by droops

2011-08-07. 00:06:49. Explicit.
Designing a system to live stream video from multiple cameras at a sporting event

hpr785 :: binaural recording hosted by Quvmoh

2011-08-04. 00:06:33. Explicit.
Binaural 3d audio recording, please listen at normal speed with good head phones.

hpr784 :: Full Circle Podcast: Part Three, The Edit hosted by Robin Catling

2011-08-03. 00:12:34. Explicit.
The process of edit the Full Circle podcast audio, including audacity techniques and content policy.

hpr783 :: Libertarianism + IT, a match made in heaven? hosted by Dismal Science

2011-08-02. 00:35:00. Explicit.
An exploration of a possible Libertarian near-future brought on by information technology

hpr782 :: Technological ethics of Open Source Software hosted by MrGadgets

2011-08-01. 00:20:39. Explicit.
MrGadgets discusses Open Source Software versus closed and proprietary options

hpr778 :: George Washington Carver hosted by lostnbronx

2011-07-26. 00:02:24. Explicit.
A "Summer Short" introduction to one of Lostnbronx's personal heroes

hpr777 :: What is Cloud? hosted by StankDawg

2011-07-25. 01:17:26. Explicit.
A look at aspects of the services jointly referred to as "The Cloud"

hpr776 :: Open Shorts ep 3 hosted by MrGadgets

2011-07-22. 00:25:44. Explicit.
Open Source and Hackable Hardware

hpr774 :: Full Circle Podcast: Part Two, Recording and Editing the Podcast hosted by Robin Catling

2011-07-20. 00:05:14. Explicit.
The process of preparing the Full Circle Podcast: recording

hpr772 :: Circuit Bending hosted by NewAgeTechnoHippie

2011-07-18. 00:09:52. Explicit.
Adding volume control to children's electronic toys

hpr771 :: Mischief Managed hosted by Thistleweb

2011-07-15. 00:23:23. Explicit.
Keeping your private data private during a border security check

hpr770 :: byobu hosted by JWP

2011-07-14. 00:10:33. Explicit.
Byobu is an enhancement for the GNU Screen terminal multiplexer

hpr768 :: Sort hosted by Ken Fallon

2011-07-12. 00:14:30. Explicit.
Ken describes the use of the GNU 'sort' command

hpr766 :: MrGadgets finds Linux hosted by MrGadgets

2011-07-10. 00:19:37. Explicit.
A personal account of technological history

hpr764 :: Matt Grove of Miserware - Energy-saving computing hosted by Robin Catling

2011-07-06. 00:23:52. Explicit.
Granola is software that improves the energy efficiency of your PC or laptop

hpr763 :: Worst movie ever hosted by MrGadgets

2011-07-05. 00:10:55. Explicit.
MrGadgets talks about what are in his opinion some very terrible movies

hpr757 :: Episode 0: hosted by Epicanis

2011-06-27. 00:18:52. Explicit.
My first recording: Review of Ohava Computers Linux Laptop: OpenBook DO

hpr756 :: Basics of RF hosted by Joel

2011-06-26. 00:37:43. Explicit.
An introduction to Radio Frequencies

hpr751 :: Binary Evolutions hosted by Downer

2011-06-19. 00:25:46. Explicit.
A submission to HPR by Lord Drachenblut and Downer

hpr749 :: Full Circle Podcast: Editing the Podcast, Part One - Preparation hosted by Robin Catling

2011-06-15. 00:04:41. Explicit.
The process of preparing the Full Circle Podcast: preparation

hpr747 :: Botnets and DNS Tunnelling hosted by finux and code.cruncher

2011-06-13. 00:50:00. Explicit.
A discussion between two HPR hosts, one in Dundee and the other in Vancouver

hpr745 :: Wingz hosted by MrGadgets

2011-06-09. 00:16:46. Explicit.
MrGadgets speaks of lessons learned with a product called Wingz

hpr740 :: DDoS : What is it and how to protect yourself hosted by Josh Knapp

2011-06-02. 00:16:30. Explicit.
Distributed Denial of Service attacks

hpr738 :: Short History of Ham Radio and How I got Involved hosted by Joel

2011-05-31. 00:24:54. Explicit.
A brief history of Ham radio development and Joel's personal connection to it

hpr737 :: My Start in Computing and Linux hosted by ArigornStrider

2011-05-30. 00:07:43. Explicit.
ArigornStrider's journey to Linux, starting at age eight!

hpr736 :: Stop the Ubuntu 11.04 whining hosted by JWP

2011-05-29. 00:06:16. Explicit.
JWP is dismayed at the criticism that the Ubuntu project is receiving regarding its 11.04 release

hpr734 :: The Language Frontier Episode 4.5 hosted by Skirlet

2011-05-25. 00:09:53. Explicit.
Syndicated Thursday Presents: The Language Frontier Episode 4.5

hpr733 :: Linux Packaging Systems (too many) hosted by marcoz

2011-05-24. 00:17:31. Explicit.
Why marcoz thinks there are too many packaging systems for Linux, and how that's harmful

hpr731 :: Klaatu the ubiquity and potential danger of the rm command hosted by Klaatu

2011-05-22. 00:19:29. Clean.
Klaatu explains a creative, more forgiving alternative to the rm command

hpr729 :: Syndicated Thursday: FSP Sam smith, Opentech Conference 2011 hosted by Robin Catling

2011-05-18. 00:19:50. Explicit.
Full Circle interviews Sam Smith, an organizer of Opentech Conference 2011

hpr728 :: Sex, Race and Open Source hosted by Dismal Science and Sunzofman1

2011-05-17. 00:31:32. Explicit.
Two HPR hosts, Dismal Science and Sunzofman1, discuss equality in computing culture

hpr727 :: HOWTO root and mod an Andr0id phone. hosted by Klaatu

2011-05-16. 00:34:33. Clean.
A description of how to get the control you should already have over an electronic device you own

hpr725 :: NELF_Review hosted by pokey

2011-05-12. 00:36:12. Explicit.
Pokey reviews the 2011 Northeast Linuxfest

hpr724 :: Full Circle Podcast: Ubuntu Manual Project hosted by Robin Catling

2011-05-11. 00:23:06. Explicit.
Interview with Benjamin Humphrey, team lead of the Ubuntu Manual Project

hpr720 :: CLI Magic hosted by Klaatu

2011-05-06. 00:12:27. Clean.
Klaatu interviews deltaRay, creator of CLI Magic and

hpr717 :: My Switch from Windows to Linux hosted by Slurry

2011-05-03. 00:25:15. Explicit.
Slurry's journey towards Linux, through the US Military and Windows Vista

hpr711 :: Klaatu and Verbal chat about web2py hosted by Klaatu

2011-04-25. 00:08:03. Clean.
Klaatu interviews Verbal about the basics of the web2py framework, and why someone would choose it

hpr708 :: Enterprise resource planning hosted by JWP

2011-04-20. 00:10:31. Explicit.
A view of Linux in the Enterprise

hpr707 :: Ubuntu on trial hosted by Dismal Science

2011-04-19. 00:37:34. Explicit.
Speculation and critique of Ubuntu, and the desktop paradigm as a whole

hpr705 :: My first linux box hosted by imahuph

2011-04-15. 00:05:08. Explicit.
A new host's first show - about Linux experiences

hpr704 :: Disaster Protocol: Annoyed! hosted by Various Creative Commons Works

2011-04-14. 00:50:12. Explicit.
Episode 20 of Disaster Protocol: A NSFW podcast about information security news

hpr702 :: 50th anniversary of human space flight hosted by Ken Fallon

2011-04-12. 00:57:13. Explicit.
A celebration of the 50th anniversary of manned human space flight

hpr701 :: Backing Up Your Data Introduction hosted by scriptmunkee

2011-04-11. 00:19:30. Explicit.
Considerations to take into account when planning your backup strategy

hpr700 :: Tech Tales of April's Past hosted by MrGadgets

2011-04-08. 00:15:49. Explicit.
Mr Gadgets speaks of Computer History in the context of April

hpr694 :: The U-Cubed Event hosted by Robin Catling

2011-03-31. 00:11:47. Explicit.
The Full circle podcast interview Jon Spriggs and Les Pounder about organizing U-Cubed

hpr693 :: Terminally Stupid Episode 3 hosted by MrsXoke

2011-03-30. 00:13:45. Explicit.
Mrs. Xoke scours the net to find us those that hit rock bottom and started digging.

hpr692 :: audacity to mess with satan hosted by Quvmoh

2011-03-29. 00:05:11. Explicit.
A quick episode including garage security, book recommendations, and devious audio manipulation

hpr691 :: pre-IBM PC computer history 2 hosted by MrGadgets

2011-03-28. 00:23:16. Explicit.
MrGadgets talks more about early computers (before the PC)

hpr690 :: Resources for Autodidacts hosted by Curbuntu

2011-03-25. 00:11:16. Explicit.
Resources for autodidacts - those that learn without the benefit of a teacher or formal education

hpr687 :: pre-IBM PC computer history 1 hosted by MrGadgets

2011-03-22. 00:09:46. Explicit.
MrGadgets speaks of early computers

hpr686 :: Terminally Stupid Episode 2 hosted by MrsXoke

2011-03-21. 00:12:58. Explicit.
Mrs. Xoke scours the net to find us those that hit rock bottom and started digging.

hpr685 :: Product Review SunVolt hosted by riddlebox

2011-03-18. 00:04:40. Explicit.
A product review of the SunVolt solar-powered portable backup battery

hpr683 :: Xorg GSoC call for students hosted by marcoz

2011-03-16. 00:04:52. Explicit.
A call for contributors to X.Org during Google Summer of Code

hpr682 :: NELF & Taxes hosted by pokey

2011-03-15. 00:22:56. Explicit.
Pokey discusses his plans for NELF, and some Linux-friendly tax preparation software

hpr681 :: My first computer hosted by MrGadgets

2011-03-14. 00:12:35. Explicit.
MrGadgets' first phone-in episode

hpr680 :: Auctions yard sales and flea markets hosted by Broam

2011-03-11. 00:16:20. Explicit.
Broam talks of Auctions yard sales and flea markets

hpr678 :: Terminally Stupid Episode 1 hosted by MrsXoke

2011-03-09. 00:09:16. Explicit.
Mrs. Xoke scours the net to find us those that hit rock bottom and started digging.

hpr675 :: Python Response to Bad Apples Podcast 5x18 hosted by Doug Farrell

2011-03-04. 00:07:47. Explicit.
A response to a challenge from Klaatu - translate a bash script into python

hpr673 :: droops returns to geocaching hosted by droops

2011-03-02. 00:17:48. Explicit.
droops voices regrets over the lack of imagination in the placement of some caches

hpr667 :: Your Local Library hosted by Johninsc

2011-02-22. 00:07:08. Explicit.
An overview of some resources provided by American libraries

hpr666 :: Salvaging old Coleman lanterns and stoves hosted by brother mouse

2011-02-21. 00:34:23. Explicit.
Purchasing, utilizing, and refurbishing pre-owned Coleman lanterns and stoves

hpr665 :: Hacking the Craps Table hosted by KFive

2011-02-18. 00:40:41. Explicit.
A mathematical technique for playing craps that aims for financial gain and social ruin

hpr662 :: DD-WRT hosted by Xoke

2011-02-15. 00:21:27. Explicit.
Xoke records an HPR episode while installing DD-WRT

hpr661 :: War walking with smart phone hosted by Quvmoh

2011-02-14. 00:03:34. Explicit.
Finding open wireless networks in a neighbourhood using a smartphone

hpr660 :: An argument against emulators when retrocomputing hosted by Trixter

2011-02-11. 00:18:50. Explicit.
An argument against emulators, explaining why using retro hardware is the superior option.

hpr658 :: Music Management Consoles hosted by Mark Katerberg and Courtney Schauer

2011-02-09. 00:31:46. Explicit.
Courtney and Mark from podcast Degrees of Freedom discuss *nix open source music management software

hpr657 :: HPR Video Proposal hosted by droops

2011-02-08. 00:07:02. Explicit.
Droops submits his proposal for a video companion that would exist alongside HPR

hpr656 :: My first steps in recovering pictures hosted by Sven

2011-02-07. 00:08:35. Explicit.
A overview of file recovery tools, especially those used to recover pictures

hpr654 :: Offline Filesharing hosted by JBu92

2011-02-03. 00:06:37. Explicit.
Offline peer-to-peer filesharing with dead drops and off-the-grid hubs

hpr653 :: Intro to Black Box Testing hosted by Heisenbug

2011-02-02. 00:43:10. Explicit.
A brief overview of software testing methodologies

hpr652 :: Nameless Infosec Podcast Ep 1 hosted by sp0rus and biosshadow

2011-02-01. 00:48:01. Explicit.
A look at what is happening in the world of Information Security

hpr650 :: Dumpster Diving hosted by Broam

2011-01-28. 00:18:16. Explicit.
Tips, tricks and precautions for salvaging hardware from dumpsters and dumps

hpr649 :: Doing your own auto repairs hosted by Quvmoh

2011-01-27. 00:26:53. Explicit.
Methods for saving money while maintaining your vehicle

hpr648 :: Wput: a command-line ftp-client hosted by Ken Fallon

2011-01-26. 00:04:04. Explicit.
A brief overview of wput, a command-line FTP utility

hpr646 :: Do we need a carrier plan for Android hosted by Dismal Science

2011-01-24. 00:26:43. Explicit.
Using Android without a phone or data plan, just WiFi

hpr644 :: The Plop Boot Loader and UNetbootin- A Great Team hosted by N50

2011-01-20. 00:12:11. Explicit.
How to use plop & unetbootin to boot from a USB disk even if BIOS doesn't support it

hpr642 :: Hacking Your Suburban Backyard with Chickens hosted by brother mouse

2011-01-18. 00:37:43. Explicit.
The benefits and drawbacks of keeping chickens in your yard, with audio examples

hpr640 :: About microphones hosted by PipeManMusic

2011-01-14. 00:19:52. Explicit.
An explanation of the technology behind microphones, and how to use them in recording

hpr639 :: Podcasts are not Radio hosted by droops

2011-01-13. 00:04:14. Explicit.
An explanation of the differences between radio and podcast time constraints

hpr637 :: Every Day Carry hosted by brother mouse

2011-01-11. 00:23:43. Explicit.
An incredibly in-depth look at how Brother Mouse organizes items on himself

hpr636 :: Kid3-qt hosted by pokey

2011-01-10. 00:27:36. Explicit.
Using Kid3-qt to modify audio metadata, for changing playback order in some media players

hpr635 :: Cloudy Predictions hosted by Dismal Science

2011-01-07. 00:14:33. Explicit.
A new contributor talks about the downside of external cloud solutions

hpr632 :: Notebook Method for ADHD hosted by droops

2011-01-04. 00:11:51. Explicit.
A technique for coping with the symptoms of ADHD

hpr630 :: HPR at the Northeast GNU-Linux Fest hosted by pokey

2010-12-31. 00:15:25. Explicit.
Pokey outlines his plans for the Northeast GNU/Linuxfest

hpr629 :: RSS 2.0 Specification with iTunes namespace hosted by Ken Fallon

2010-12-30. 00:32:26. Explicit.
An explanation of the RSS 2.0 specification, the iTunes namespace, and HPR's RSS feed

hpr628 :: Tasker - Automation for Android Devices hosted by brother mouse

2010-12-29. 00:14:00. Explicit.
brother mouse speaks of Tasker in his first show for HPR

hpr627 :: From OS X to OS Whoredom to Linux hosted by Ruji

2010-12-28. 00:31:20. Explicit.
Ruji's journey to Linux

hpr625 :: Network Cabling at Resno's House hosted by pokey

2010-12-24. 01:06:32. Explicit.
Standards, equipment and techniques used for cabling your network at home

hpr623 :: nano editor hosted by JWP

2010-12-22. 00:17:10. Explicit.
GNU nano is a simple editor, inspired by Pico

hpr622 :: Influenza hosted by janedoc

2010-12-21. 00:22:04. Explicit.
An introduction to the characteristics of the influenza virus and treatments

hpr621 :: Dann and CafeNinja Book Review: Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged hosted by Dann

2010-12-20. 00:47:26. Explicit.
CafeNinja and Dann review "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand

hpr618 :: Installing Windows XP in VirtualBox hosted by arfab

2010-12-15. 00:21:04. Explicit.
A walkthrough of hosting a Windows XP virtual machine with virtualbox

hpr617 :: So You Wanna Start A Band? hosted by Thistleweb

2010-12-14. 00:45:39. Explicit.
How current copyright laws can affect musicians trying to start a band

hpr616 :: Surfraw hosted by Dave Yates

2010-12-13. 00:11:31. Explicit.
Surfraw, a command-line web searching utility

hpr614 :: Intro To Audio and Pod/Oggcasting hosted by PipeManMusic

2010-12-09. 00:23:08. Explicit.
We look at what sound is, and how we represent it digitally

hpr613 :: alternative investing and how the internet changes the game hosted by JWP

2010-12-08. 00:13:42. Explicit.
Some reflections on investing and saving

hpr612 :: Urban cyclist - Commuting hosted by guitarman

2010-12-07. 00:17:17. Explicit.
Considerations regarding commuting through an urban environment on a bicycle

hpr610 :: First Robotics Competition hosted by Jared Mayes

2010-12-03. 00:21:22. Explicit.
Introduction the First Robotics program - goal of the program, judging criteria, and more

hpr609 :: I Blame Tom Merritt hosted by Curbuntu

2010-12-02. 00:13:13. Explicit.
A new host speaks of his first inklings of a Windows-free world

hpr608 :: sp0rus: My Linux Experience hosted by sp0rus

2010-12-01. 00:14:04. Explicit.
Sampling Linux distributions and learning the command line

hpr606 :: Thread_Repair hosted by pokey

2010-11-29. 00:39:01. Explicit.
Practical techniques for repairing threads, and general tips for using screws/bolts

hpr604 :: Community Run Projects hosted by sp0rus

2010-11-25. 00:15:38. Explicit.
How to contribute to the community by participating in free projects

hpr600 :: Handling spam hosted by Xoke

2010-11-19. 00:12:08. Explicit.
A clever technique for identifying & mitigating services that sell your email to spammers

hpr597 :: QSK Episode 3: Old and in the Way hosted by KFive

2010-11-16. 00:44:35. Explicit.
A syndicated episode of the QSK Netcast discussing handicapped parking laws

hpr596 :: The Importance of Community hosted by sp0rus

2010-11-15. 00:07:17. Explicit.
An explanation of why community is important, especially for the hacker community

hpr594 :: Using FFMPEG To Convert Video Shot With An Android Phone hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2010-11-11. 00:35:40. Explicit.
Converting a 3GP video to a more compatible file format with ffmpeg

hpr593 :: My Linux Experience hosted by Jared Mayes

2010-11-10. 00:13:37. Explicit.
A show from a new host about using Linux at home and at work

hpr591 :: sdf and openvms deathrow hosted by JWP

2010-11-08. 00:15:55. Explicit.
JWP introduces the many features of and Deathrow VMS, an OpenVMS cluster

hpr590 :: QSK Episode 2: MP3 v. OGG hosted by KFive

2010-11-05. 00:40:43. Explicit.
KFive and Klaatu discuss the differences between MP3 and Ogg Vorbis audio formats

hpr589 :: DownThemAll SongFight and a Song hosted by pokey

2010-11-04. 00:17:40. Explicit.
DownThemAll, a firefox extension for downloading files from a web page

hpr586 :: Miscellaneous Radio Theater 4096- The Internet is For Porn hosted by sigflup

2010-11-01. 00:16:14. Explicit.
SigFLUP offers a much needed criticism of the popular internet meme, The Internet is For Porn

hpr580 :: Hacker Public Radio Panel at Ohio Linux Fest 2010 hosted by sigflup

2010-10-22. 00:50:41. Explicit.
Several well-known HPR contributors are recorded in discussion

hpr570 :: New google privacy policy hosted by Ken Fallon

2010-09-11. 00:12:11. Explicit.
The upcoming Google Privacy Policy is read by espeak

hpr569 :: Win7 hosted by Xoke

2010-09-11. 00:30:10. Explicit.
Installing Windows 7 Ultimate under Virtual Box

hpr567 :: Miscellaneous Radio Theater 4096 2, hosted by sigflup

2010-09-02. 00:42:36. Explicit.
Visiting the University of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute

hpr566 :: Shotgun hosted by lostnbronx

2010-08-21. 00:07:43. Explicit.
An experimental scheme to micro-manage personal free time

hpr564 :: robomofo hosted by thewtex

2010-08-14. 00:46:18. Explicit.
An innovative mobile computing platform, the "Robocop mobile computing fortissimo", aka robomofo

hpr560 :: Old soldiers hosted by lostnbronx

2010-08-02. 00:23:57. Explicit.
A discussion of "podfading" - the fading away of once-active podcasts

hpr558 :: xscreensaver hosted by Ken Fallon

2010-07-21. 00:06:19. Explicit.
Ken Fallon describes how to install xscreensaver on a KDE 4 desktop

hpr554 :: Wireless hosted by Xoke

2010-07-13. 00:08:30. Explicit.
Xoke describes setting up a guest wireless network on an older Linksys router for his home

hpr548 :: How to Prevent Spam hosted by Xoke

2010-06-14. 00:12:08. Explicit.
Xoke talks about spam and how to prevent it.

hpr546 :: Shot of Hack - Changing the time offset of a series of photos hosted by Ken Fallon

2010-06-03. 00:06:39. Explicit.
Ken discusses how to modify image metadata from the command line using exiv2

hpr544 :: HPR: A private data cloud hosted by Ken Fallon

2010-05-28. 00:30:23. Explicit.
Backing up your cherished photo and video privately and securely

hpr538 :: asterisk-cast hosted by cobra2

2010-04-19. 00:15:37. Explicit.
cobra2 describes installing and configuring Asterisk PBX with a conference room extension

hpr536 :: Spud Guns hosted by elel

2010-04-13. 00:29:20. Explicit.
First time host elel talks about spud guns and how to build them

hpr533 :: Professional Certs versus Hacker Degree hosted by finux

2010-03-30. 01:03:22. Explicit.
Finux leads a panel debating professional certification versus university hacking degrees

hpr530 :: Setting up the samson C01u in linux hosted by pegwole

2010-03-18. 00:08:49. Explicit.
pegwole explains how to set up the Samson C01U microphone in Linux

hpr528 :: Bordless Networking hosted by finux

2010-03-11. 00:50:23. Explicit.
Robert Laymans explains the concept of borderless networking

hpr525 :: Seccubus hosted by finux

2010-03-05. 00:29:05. Explicit.
Interview with Frank and Jason about Seccubus

hpr523 :: Miscellaneous Radio Theater hosted by sigflup

2010-03-01. 00:49:19. Explicit.
Miscellaneous Radio Theater 4096 - Teaching Kids Math With Petunia

hpr522 :: Piratprat Ep 02 hosted by Urban Koistinen

2010-02-26. 00:05:54. Explicit.
Discussion on the internal Pirate Party election fraud

hpr518 :: Life Without a GUI hosted by Quvmoh

2010-02-17. 00:55:17. Explicit.
Getting Things Done - Life Without a GUI by Jared Bernard

hpr513 :: Piratprat Ep 01 hosted by Urban Koistinen

2010-02-08. 00:11:28. Explicit.
Nilsson and Koistinen talks about the Swedish Pirate Party

hpr509 :: Binrev Radio Lost episode - Telephonic Craptacular hosted by StankDawg

2010-01-29. 01:01:29. Explicit.
Bonus episode created just to work out the timing between seasons of Binrev Radio

hpr507 :: Cron with Ken Fallon hosted by finux

2010-01-28. 00:21:50. Explicit.
Ken Fallon discusses cron and crontab

hpr500 :: 2009 Year in Review hosted by Enigma

2010-01-01. 00:30:08. Explicit.
Enigma and Klaatu talk about 2009, and what 2010 may bring

hpr489 :: SSL Attack hosted by finux

2009-12-01. 00:28:54. Explicit.
Finux talks about SSL attacks

hpr487 :: Demo or Bust 2010 Ep 6 hosted by sigflup

2009-11-26. 01:09:06. Explicit.
SigFLUP host the next episode of Demo or Bust 2010

hpr485 :: Newsbeuter hosted by Thistleweb

2009-11-19. 00:28:24. Explicit.
ThistleWeb talks about the cli RSS reader called Newsbeuter

hpr482 :: Lugging it Home hosted by lostnbronx

2009-11-14. 00:16:51. Explicit.
Lostnbronx talks about real and virtual Linux User Groups

hpr481 :: Mashpodder hosted by Ken Fallon

2009-11-12. 00:08:37. Explicit.
Ken Fallon talks about Mashpodder.

hpr478 :: Demo or Bust 2010 Ep 5 hosted by sigflup

2009-11-06. 01:38:21. Explicit.
This is the party version of Demo or Bust from SigFLUP

hpr468 :: Quvmoh's UTOS trip hosted by Quvmoh

2009-10-19. 00:06:51. Explicit.
Quvmoh details his trip to the Utah Open Source Conference

hpr467 :: AutoNessus News hosted by finux

2009-10-16. 00:27:04. Explicit.
Finux and the author of AutoNessus talk about some upcoming news about this software

hpr466 :: A technique for drum 'n' bass hosted by sigflup

2009-10-16. 00:09:10. Explicit.
In this show SigFLUP shares a program that can be used to make drum 'n' bass songs.

hpr465 :: Failsafe security hosted by Ken Fallon

2009-10-14. 00:16:11. Explicit.
Tips on securing your Linux systems, see Episode 431

hpr464 :: Barefoot Running hosted by Dann

2009-10-14. 00:22:40. Explicit.
How to run barefoot

hpr461 :: Mibbit hosted by Thistleweb

2009-10-08. 00:17:42. Explicit.
ThistleWeb discusses why you should have an embedded Mibbit client

hpr457 :: automatic car hosted by Ken Fallon

2009-10-02. 00:13:49. Explicit.
Ken Fallon talks about an automatic car, with a twist

hpr452 :: Demo or Bust 2010 Part 4 hosted by sigflup

2009-09-24. 01:54:04. Explicit.
SigFLUP talks about software rendering and then interviews blackpawn of xplsv

hpr449 :: Fericyde and Damin talk about Ohio Linux Fest hosted by Various Hosts

2009-09-21. 00:42:51. Explicit.
A trip down memory lane with Fericyde and Damin.

hpr447 :: Lord Drachenblut Recovers Data After a Failed Dist-Upgrade hosted by Lord Drachenblut (R.I.P.)

2009-09-17. 00:06:48. Explicit.
Lord Drachenblut learns about data recovery

hpr445 :: HAR Update with Chris n' Frank hosted by finux

2009-09-15. 00:43:52. Explicit.
Hacking at Random interview with Chris and Frank

hpr444 :: Cherokee And Asyncronous Servers hosted by Thistleweb

2009-09-14. 00:23:44. Explicit.
Thistleweb discusses the Cherokee server

hpr443 :: How to Sign C Files with GPG hosted by sigflup

2009-09-11. 00:07:10. Explicit.
sigflup talks about cryptographically signing your C source files

hpr441 :: Migrating Your GPG Key and Starting GPG-Agent hosted by Klaatu

2009-09-09. 00:12:54. Clean.
Klaatu continues his discussion of all things GnuPG

hpr437 :: refit hosted by Skirlet

2009-09-03. 00:05:01. Explicit.
Skirlet tells you how to install and use rEFIt for Intel-based Mac computers

hpr434 :: HPR Roundtable 4 hosted by Klaatu

2009-09-01. 00:54:45. Clean.
Klaatu and friends discuss what free software apps they use to make life easier.

hpr433 :: Demo or Bust 2010 Part 3 hosted by sigflup

2009-08-28. 01:30:42. Explicit.
In this episode SigFLUP talks about FM-synthesis, raytracing

hpr432 :: How to use walkies hosted by Klaatu

2009-08-27. 00:32:52. Clean.
Klaatu talks all about walkies (or "CB Radios") in this episode

hpr431 :: Logwatch hosted by Ken Fallon

2009-08-26. 00:07:39. Explicit.
Ken talks about Logwatch, a customizable log analysis system

hpr430 :: Copyright hosted by Xoke

2009-08-25. 00:17:15. Explicit.
Xoke talks about Copyright and creative commons

hpr429 :: She went back to Windows hosted by lostnbronx

2009-08-25. 00:18:15. Explicit.
Going back to Windows

hpr428 :: FreeBSD Ports for Beginners hosted by rkirk

2009-08-21. 00:10:39. Explicit.
rkirk explains the basic usage of the FreeBSD Ports package management system.

hpr426 :: Hacking Sprint Voicemail hosted by willjasen

2009-08-19. 00:04:56. Explicit.
Hacking Sprint Voicemail with willjasen

hpr425 :: Daves Quick Tips hosted by Dave Yates

2009-08-18. 00:09:27. Explicit.
Dave Yates brings a couple of quick tips

hpr422 :: Comfortably Numblock'd hosted by Thistleweb

2009-08-13. 00:12:58. Explicit.
ThistleWeb explains 2 tips with the keypad / numlock function

hpr421 :: History of Copyright hosted by Xoke

2009-08-12. 00:55:32. Explicit.
Stephen Fry talks about the History of Copyright

hpr419 :: ConfCon09 - Project MF hosted by df99

2009-08-10. 00:56:21. Explicit.
Talk on Project MF by df99 presented at ConfCon 2009

hpr418 :: 700 Numbers hosted by PhreakerD7

2009-08-07. 00:11:32. Explicit.
Talk on 711 Numbers by PhreakerD7 presented at ConfCon 2009

hpr417 :: Mozilla Addon usability hosted by Thistleweb

2009-08-06. 00:47:03. Explicit.
A review of usability issues and potential improvements to Mozilla's add-on functionality

hpr415 :: Demo or Bust 2010 Part 2 hosted by sigflup

2009-08-04. 01:43:18. Explicit.
This episode of Demo or Bust 2010 I cover software-synthesizers

hpr407 :: Mono,Java and FOSS in Education hosted by Mark Clarke

2009-07-22. 00:46:29. Explicit.
Mark and Darlene talk about Open Source in education

hpr405 :: Electronic Medical Records hosted by janedoc

2009-07-20. 00:17:19. Explicit.
Janedoc discusses Electronic medical records

hpr404 :: Tikiwiki hosted by Klaatu

2009-07-17. 00:17:25. Clean.
Klaatu installs Tiki Wiki

hpr401 :: web2speech hosted by Ken Fallon

2009-07-14. 00:12:34. Explicit.
Converting wikipedia text to audio.

hpr400 :: Homeless where the heart is hosted by lostnbronx

2009-07-13. 00:22:58. Explicit.
Lostnbronx has thoughts on the FOSS community

hpr398 :: Intro to Iptables hosted by Kevin Benko

2009-07-09. 00:41:44. Explicit.
Kevin Benko gives an introduction to Linux iptables and packet filtering

hpr397 :: Nerdapalooza 2009 hosted by StankDawg

2009-07-08. 00:26:39. Explicit.
StankDawg interviews hex, the founder of Nerdapalooza

hpr395 :: Foss Migration hosted by Mark Clarke

2009-07-06. 00:42:19. Explicit.
Mark Clarke and Darlene Parker discuss Linux migration for small to medium sized businesses

hpr394 :: Networking Basics Part 4 TCP and UDP hosted by Klaatu

2009-07-03. 00:20:18. Clean.
Klaatu presents his fourth episode on networking basics--covering the UDP and TCP protocols

hpr393 :: Wine hosted by UTOSC

2009-07-03. 00:59:23. Explicit.
Meeting of the Ogden Area Linux User Group.

hpr389 :: Demo or Bust 2010 hosted by sigflup

2009-06-26. 00:12:16. Explicit.
The first in a series of HPR episodes dedicated to narrating the construction of a demo

hpr387 :: Linux Security hosted by Mark Clarke

2009-06-24. 00:43:54. Explicit.
Mark and Darlene chat with a guest about Linux security

hpr386 :: SSH config file hosted by Ken Fallon

2009-06-23. 00:13:56. Explicit.
Ken talks about user friendly identities to connect to ssh

hpr385 :: Why Xandros doesn't suck hosted by Enigma

2009-06-22. 00:12:02. Explicit.
Enigma reviews Xandros on the Asus eeePC

hpr381 ::, Twisted and Python hosted by UTOSC

2009-06-16. 02:02:20. Explicit.
Scripting Open Office with python

hpr380 :: Troubleshooting Blue screens of Death hosted by Wintermute21

2009-06-15. 00:07:15. Explicit.
Ways to resolve the Blue screen of death.

hpr379 :: SSL Ep 1 hosted by Klaatu

2009-06-12. 00:22:03. Clean.
Klaatu reveals the mysteries of self-signed SSL certificates

hpr378 :: apt-move hosted by deepgeek

2009-06-11. 00:11:31. Explicit.
Deepgeek talks about apt-move

hpr377 :: Future of Artificial Intelligence in Open Source hosted by UTOSC

2009-06-10. 00:59:18. Explicit.
Utah Open Source Conference - The Future of Artificial Intelligence

hpr375 :: SAP - the Simple Audio Player hosted by lostnbronx

2009-06-08. 00:13:34. Explicit.
lostnbronx talks about SAP - Simple Audio Player

hpr373 :: Qemu hosted by Klaatu

2009-06-04. 00:21:29. Clean.
Klaatu discussed the Qemu emulator

hpr371 :: Introduction to SELinux hosted by UTOSC

2009-06-02. 01:27:49. Explicit.
Utah Open Source Conference - SELinux

hpr369 :: UCLUG May Meeting hosted by Dave Yates

2009-05-29. 01:42:55. Explicit.
Carolina Linux User Group Meeting - GnuCash

hpr368 :: GPS with gpsbabel, gpicsync and Google Earth hosted by UTOSC

2009-05-29. 01:12:29. Explicit.
Utah Open Source Conference - GPS

hpr366 :: The Open Source Data Center hosted by UTOSC

2009-05-27. 01:25:40. Explicit.
Utah Open Source Conference - Open Source Data Center

hpr365 :: Green Computing hosted by Mark Clarke

2009-05-25. 00:40:43. Explicit.
Mark and Darlene talk about Green Computing

hpr362 :: Libre Planet 2009 Part 5 hosted by monsterb

2009-05-21. 01:45:13. Explicit.
FSF Annual Meeting :: Libre Planet 2009 Conference Episode 5 of 5

hpr359 :: Control 4 hosted by UTOSC

2009-05-16. 01:17:45. Explicit.
Utah Open Source Conference - Home Automation

hpr358 :: Libre Planet 2009 Part 4 hosted by monsterb

2009-05-15. 01:26:51. Explicit.
FSF Annual Meeting :: Libre Planet 2009 Conference Episode 4 of 5

hpr356 :: BBS hosted by Lord Drachenblut (R.I.P.)

2009-05-13. 00:29:46. Explicit.
HPR members reminisce about using and operating Bulletin Board Systems (BBS)

hpr355 :: Star Trek hosted by deepgeek

2009-05-11. 00:12:15. Explicit.
Review of the 2009 movie Star Trek. The JJ Abrams reboot of the Star Trek movies franchise.

hpr354 :: The Jerks Among us hosted by lostnbronx

2009-05-08. 00:12:07. Explicit.
Rant by lostnbronx about jerks

hpr352 :: Open Source Business Models hosted by Mark Clarke

2009-05-06. 00:36:06. Explicit.
Mark and Darlene talk about Open source business models

hpr349 :: The Hacker Within hosted by thewtex

2009-05-01. 00:25:22. Explicit.
Thewtex interviews The Hacker Within computer science group

hpr347 :: Watchmen: the motion comic hosted by Dave Yates

2009-04-29. 00:06:23. Explicit.
Dave Yates reviews Watchmen: the motion comic

hpr346 :: GridBackup hosted by UTOSC

2009-04-28. 01:41:37. Explicit.
Utah Open Source Conference - Shawn Willden presents on GridBackup: A peer to peer backup

hpr345 :: Editing the auto-generated menu in Linux hosted by Thistleweb

2009-04-27. 00:14:59. Explicit.
Thistleweb shows how to edit menus and icons

hpr344 :: EC Lug March 12th Meeting hosted by EC Lug

2009-04-24. 01:53:03. Explicit.
March 12, 2009 Eau Claire Linux User Group meeting

hpr342 :: Libre Planet 2009 Conference Episode 3 of 5 hosted by monsterb

2009-04-22. 01:01:41. Explicit.
FSF Annual Meeting - Libre Planet 2009 Conference Episode 3 of 5

hpr341 :: Libre Planet 2009 Conference Episode 2 of 5 hosted by monsterb

2009-04-21. 00:45:30. Explicit.
FSF Annual Meeting - Libre Planet 2009 Conference Episode 2 of 5

hpr340 :: RTFM hosted by Ken Fallon

2009-04-20. 00:09:43. Explicit.
Ken talks about the history behind RTFM

hpr339 :: Reasons to love Symlinks hosted by rkirk

2009-04-17. 00:14:43. Explicit.
Why rkirk loves symlinks

hpr338 :: cappuccino hosted by Klaatu

2009-04-16. 00:19:28. Clean.
Secrets of a perfect cappuccino

hpr337 :: Linux at Work hosted by knightwise

2009-04-15. 00:32:31. Explicit.
Knightwise talks about linux in the workplace

hpr336 :: Asterisk hosted by Mark Clarke

2009-04-14. 00:39:52. Explicit.
Review of Asterisk PBX. Covering hardware specs., peripherals, setup, and operations.

hpr335 :: Linux Netbooks hosted by monsterb

2009-04-13. 00:42:27. Explicit.
Multiple host talk about Linux Netbooks

hpr332 :: Libre Planet 2009 hosted by monsterb

2009-04-08. 01:11:53. Explicit.
FSF Annual Meeting - Libre Planet 2009 Conference Episode 1 of 5

hpr331 :: Snort Part 2 hosted by operat0r

2009-04-07. 00:15:10. Explicit.
Operat0r hosts a follow up episode on the Snort Intrusion Detection Tool

hpr330 :: Listgarden hosted by deepgeek

2009-04-06. 00:07:45. Explicit.
Deepgeek reviews listgarden, an rss generator

hpr329 :: SSH Part 2 hosted by Klaatu

2009-04-03. 00:19:05. Clean.
Klaatu presents a howto on using ssh keys and ssh-agent

hpr328 :: Puppet, Systems Building Systems hosted by UTOSC

2009-04-02. 01:04:34. Explicit.
Utah Open Source Conference - Puppet

hpr327 :: Mozilla Profiles hosted by Thistleweb

2009-04-01. 00:30:05. Explicit.
Thistleweb goes over profiles for Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird

hpr326 :: Setting up a Monitor hosted by Xoke

2009-03-31. 00:04:05. Explicit.
Xoke explains how he sets up his monitor

hpr324 :: webmin hosted by Mark Clarke

2009-03-27. 00:20:54. Explicit.
Mark talks about webmin

hpr323 :: zenity hosted by Dave Yates

2009-03-26. 00:06:14. Explicit.
zenity is a program that will display GTK+ dialogs

hpr322 :: EC Lug Feb 19th Meeting hosted by EC Lug

2009-03-25. 01:46:43. Explicit.
The Feb. 19th, 2009 Eau Claire Linux User Group meeting

hpr321 :: Parrot hosted by UTOSC

2009-03-24. 01:22:19. Explicit.
Presentation on the Parrot VM given by Steven Weeks at a Provo LUG on 2009-03-11.

hpr319 :: EC LUG Feb 12th Meeting hosted by EC Lug

2009-03-20. 01:14:17. Explicit.
The Feb. 12th, 2009 Eau Claire Linux User Group meeting

hpr317 :: NewsCast Ep 2 hosted by finux

2009-03-19. 00:06:10. Explicit.
finux continues his news cast series

hpr316 :: Raid LVM hosted by Mark Clarke

2009-03-17. 00:26:45. Explicit.
Mark discusses software raid and LVM

hpr314 :: LVM2 hosted by Kevin Benko

2009-03-13. 00:43:08. Explicit.
Kevin gives a brief and basic overview of Logical Volume Management, or LVM.

hpr313 :: Recesion Era Media hosted by lostnbronx

2009-03-12. 00:21:51. Explicit.
Recession era multimedia with LostNBronx

hpr312 :: Illustrious Programmer Ep02 hosted by jelkimantis

2009-03-11. 00:14:23. Explicit.
Programming with Jelkemantis

hpr311 :: Firewall Distros hosted by Mark Clarke

2009-03-10. 00:28:18. Explicit.
Mark discusses a few different firewall distros

hpr310 :: SSH tunneling hosted by knightwise

2009-03-09. 00:25:35. Explicit.
Using ssh connections for tunneling and other applications

hpr309 :: Compiling a linux kernel hosted by deepgeek

2009-03-06. 00:07:35. Explicit.
Impressions on compiling the linux kernel

hpr308 :: EC Feb 05 Meeting hosted by EC Lug

2009-03-05. 00:43:28. Explicit.
The Feb. 5th, 2009 Eau Claire Linux User Group meeting

hpr307 :: Krita hosted by Klaatu

2009-03-04. 00:19:05. Clean.
Klaatu compares Krita and Gimp

hpr305 :: Hard core Ogg player on the cheap hosted by Quvmoh

2009-03-02. 00:05:56. Explicit.
Setting up Rockbox on a Sansa device

hpr304 :: Phone Line Troubleshooting hosted by Wintermute21

2009-02-27. 00:10:32. Explicit.
Troubleshooting a telephone land line

hpr303 :: lottanzb, my computers, and a quick movie review hosted by Dave Yates

2009-02-26. 00:16:47. Explicit.
Dave Yates talks about various subjects

hpr300 :: Big 300 hosted by Various Hosts

2009-02-23. 00:28:02. Explicit.
Interviews from Morgellon, Dave Yates, Deepgeek and various other hosts

hpr299 :: LinuxTalk hosted by threethirty

2009-02-20. 01:21:18. Explicit.
Threethirty plays a presentation called The Linux Alternative

hpr298 :: AutoNessus hosted by Ken Fallon

2009-02-19. 00:28:55. Explicit.
Ken Fallon interviews Frank Breedijk of AutoNessus

hpr297 :: Open VPN hosted by UTOSC

2009-02-18. 01:00:34. Explicit.
Utah Open Source Conference - Google App Engine 101

hpr296 :: EC LUG Jan 15 meeting hosted by EC Lug

2009-02-17. 00:33:53. Explicit.
The Jan. 15th, 2009 Eau Claire Linux User Group meeting

hpr294 :: Copyfight Vol5: Filtering hosted by threethirty

2009-02-13. 00:03:41. Explicit.
MPAA copyright filtering bill

hpr291 :: moonlight discussion hosted by monsterb

2009-02-10. 00:42:30. Explicit.
Several hosts discuss the Moonlight 'plugin'

hpr290 :: hosted by lostnbronx

2009-02-09. 00:30:11. Explicit.
Lostnbronx and his experience with the NaNoWriMo writing challenge

hpr289 :: Running Linux on Compact Flash hosted by deepgeek

2009-02-07. 00:12:50. Explicit.
How Deepgeek runs Linux on a Compact Flash drive

hpr288 :: EC Lug Meeting Jan 12th hosted by EC Lug

2009-02-06. 01:57:20. Explicit.
The Jan. 12th, 2009 Eau Claire Linux User Group meeting

hpr287 :: sysctl hosted by Klaatu

2009-02-04. 00:06:59. Clean.
Klaatu talks about the kernel parameter command "sysctl"

hpr286 :: Zoneminder Install hosted by jelkimantis

2009-02-03. 00:26:01. Explicit.
jelkimantis talks about the Zoneminder video camera security solution

hpr285 :: Hacker hosted by Thistleweb

2009-02-02. 00:18:49. Explicit.
Thistleweb talks about the term Hacker, and some meanings of the word.

hpr283 :: Convert Ogg to MP3 hosted by monsterb

2009-01-29. 00:28:23. Explicit.
Monsterb and company discuss converting ogg to mp3

hpr281 :: Expressive Programming 6: How do you view programming: artistically, scientifically, or statically? hosted by UberChick

2009-01-27. 00:22:10. Explicit.
Part 6 of the Expressive Programming series

hpr280 :: Aftershow hosted by Dave Yates

2009-01-26. 01:45:13. Explicit.
Impromptu aftershow conversation

hpr279 :: cfengine hosted by Ken Fallon

2009-01-23. 00:17:06. Explicit.
Ken Fallon interviews Ian Southam about using cfengine

hpr278 :: Squashfs hosted by deepgeek

2009-01-22. 00:07:39. Explicit.
Deepgeek talks about squashfs

hpr277 :: tmpfs hosted by thewtex

2009-01-21. 00:07:17. Explicit.
Thewtex talks about tmpfs

hpr276 :: ANCIENT ORANGE MEAD hosted by lostnbronx

2009-01-20. 00:27:32. Explicit.
lostnbronx makes Orange mead wine

hpr275 :: giver hosted by monsterb

2009-01-19. 00:29:35. Explicit.
Review of Giver, a simple file sharing desktop application

hpr274 :: TiddlyWiki hosted by Thistleweb

2009-01-16. 00:20:57. Explicit.
Thistleweb review TiddlyWiki

hpr273 :: The socal Linux Expo hosted by Wintermute21

2009-01-15. 00:34:19. Explicit.
SCALE 7x, the premier Open Source Community conference in the southwestern United States

hpr272 :: EC Lug December 18th Meeting hosted by EC Lug

2009-01-14. 02:04:38. Explicit.
The Dec. 18th, 2008 Eau Claire Linux User Group meeting

hpr271 :: Stallman on Free Beer hosted by monsterb

2009-01-13. 00:12:38. Explicit.
Interview with Richard Stallman by SUPERFLEX

hpr270 :: Licensing Part 2 - AGPL and LGPL hosted by Dann

2009-01-12. 00:31:27. Explicit.
The second part of a look at licenses

hpr269 :: Cups hosted by Klaatu

2009-01-09. 00:27:13. Clean.
Klaatu discusses CUPS printing

hpr267 :: Copyfight Volume 4: Free Beatles hosted by threethirty

2009-01-07. 00:03:53. Explicit.
Threethirty talks about how to get legally free Beatles tracks

hpr266 :: EC Lug Decemeber 11th Meeting hosted by EC Lug

2009-01-06. 01:37:28. Explicit.
The Nov. 20th, 2008 Eau Claire Linux User Group meeting

hpr265 :: CrunchBang Linux hosted by monsterb

2009-01-05. 00:23:19. Explicit.
monsterb and threethirty talk about CrunchBang Linux

hpr264 :: Interacting with GSM Modems hosted by Seal

2009-01-02. 00:11:17. Explicit.
Seal talks about GSM Modems

hpr263 :: 1 year anniversary special hosted by Enigma

2009-01-01. 00:28:13. Explicit.
Enigma and Wintermute21 talk about their favorite episodes from Season 1

hpr261 :: Force Unleashed hosted by Enigma

2008-12-30. 00:10:33. Explicit.
Enigma reviews The Force Unleashed for the Wii

hpr259 :: Drupal: From blank to blog in 30 minutes hosted by UTOSC

2008-12-26. 01:02:31. Explicit.
Utah Open Source Conference - Google App Engine 101

hpr258 :: Xmas Special hosted by Enigma

2008-12-25. 01:57:45. Explicit.
Some of the HPR community visit each other on Christmas Eve via chat

hpr257 :: Apps I Installed on my eee pc hosted by Dave Yates

2008-12-24. 00:15:44. Explicit.
Dave Yates reviews applications on the eee pc

hpr256 :: Ditching ITunes hosted by pixel Juice

2008-12-23. 00:18:31. Explicit.
pixel_juice kicks iTunes out

hpr255 :: Pmount hosted by Dann

2008-12-22. 00:07:57. Explicit.
Using the pmount tool to mount hot pluggable media as a normal user.

hpr254 :: Expressive Programming Ep 5 hosted by UberChick

2008-12-19. 00:34:35. Explicit.
Part 5 of the Expressive Programming series

hpr253 :: Encryption hosted by Xoke

2008-12-18. 00:18:24. Explicit.
Xoke talks about types of encryption

hpr252 :: Google App Engine 101 hosted by UTOSC

2008-12-17. 00:30:22. Explicit.
Utah Open Source Conference - Google App Engine 101

hpr250 :: What Ogg Player hosted by Ken Fallon

2008-12-15. 00:12:31. Explicit.
Ken updates the firmware on his Samsung YP-U3

hpr249 :: Puppy 411 hosted by Roadrunner

2008-12-12. 00:30:05. Explicit.
Roadrunner reviews Puppy linux

hpr248 :: Cross Stitching with Morgellon hosted by Morgellon

2008-12-11. 00:18:19. Explicit.
Morgellon cross-stitches electronics

hpr247 :: Voice Over IP for fun and profit hosted by UTOSC

2008-12-10. 01:07:23. Explicit.
Utah Open Source Conference - Voice over IP talk

hpr242 :: Open Source in Government Panel Discussion hosted by UTOSC

2008-12-03. 01:07:24. Explicit.
A panel discussion on Open Source in Government

hpr241 :: What I learned from Oggify hosted by UTOSC

2008-12-02. 01:01:02. Explicit.
Utah Open Source Conference - What I learned from Oggify

hpr237 :: Creating Identification Cards Part 2 hosted by Klaatu

2008-11-26. 00:16:27. Clean.
Creating fake identifications - part 2

hpr236 :: UCLUG November 11th Meeting hosted by Dave Yates

2008-11-25. 01:20:55. Explicit.
The Nov. 11th 2008 Carolina Linux User Group Meeting

hpr235 :: EC Lug November 20th Meeting hosted by EC Lug

2008-11-24. 00:08:47. Explicit.
The Nov. 20th, 2008 Eau Claire Linux User Group meeting

hpr234 :: Creating Identification Cards Part 1 hosted by Klaatu

2008-11-21. 00:25:56. Clean.
Creating fake identifications - part 1

hpr232 :: EC Lug November 13th Meeting hosted by EC Lug

2008-11-19. 01:26:05. Explicit.
The Nov. 13th, 2008 Eau Claire Linux User Group meeting

hpr230 :: Expressive Programming 4: Escapism and Alternative Resources hosted by UberChick

2008-11-17. 00:19:35. Explicit.
Part 4 of the Expressive Programming series

hpr229 :: CopyFight Vol 4 - SFL Podcast hosted by threethirty

2008-11-14. 00:35:17. Explicit.
threethirty introduces the Software Freedom Law Show podcast

hpr228 :: nokia hosted by Klaatu

2008-11-13. 00:12:20. Clean.
Klaatu talks about the Nokia n800

hpr227 :: Local Squid hosted by Ken Fallon

2008-11-12. 00:19:54. Explicit.
Ken explains how to install and run a local squid proxy

hpr226 :: EC Lug November 11th meeting hosted by EC Lug

2008-11-11. 01:26:06. Explicit.
The November 11th, 2008 Eau Claire Linux User Group meeting

hpr224 :: Installing gwibber webkit hosted by threethirty

2008-11-07. 00:08:22. Explicit.
threethirty installs gwibber using webkit on Ubuntu

hpr222 :: Alpine GPG hosted by Klaatu

2008-11-05. 00:28:59. Clean.
Klaatu explains how (and why) you can use Alpine with GNU Privacy Guard (GPG).

hpr221 :: Being Powerless hosted by Xoke

2008-11-04. 00:09:26. Explicit.
Xoke reflects on spending some time without electricity

hpr220 :: EC Lug October 30th Meeting hosted by EC Lug

2008-11-03. 01:27:11. Explicit.
The October 30th, 2008 Eau Claire Linux User Group meeting

hpr219 :: Halloween WebDAV howto hosted by Dave Yates

2008-10-31. 00:04:03. Explicit.
Dave Yates talks about the WebDAV protocol on an Apache server

hpr217 :: Linux Media and Home Automation hosted by UTOSC

2008-10-29. 01:10:28. Explicit.
Brandon Beattie at Utah Open Source Conference 2008

hpr215 :: Guide to using linux Rainbow tables hosted by finux

2008-10-27. 00:35:09. Explicit.
finux's student-hacker guide to using rainbow tables on Linux

hpr214 :: EC Lug October 23 Meeting hosted by EC Lug

2008-10-24. 01:25:01. Explicit.
The October 23rd, 2008 Eau Claire Linux User Group meeting

hpr212 :: The Dark Art of Autotools hosted by UTOSC

2008-10-22. 01:02:10. Explicit.
John Jolly discusses Autotools at Utah Open Source Conference 2008

hpr211 :: Copy fight Vol 3 hosted by threethirty

2008-10-21. 00:10:15. Explicit.
threethirty continues his copyfight series

hpr209 :: Speeding Up Database Development with GenORMous hosted by UTOSC

2008-10-17. 01:00:07. Explicit.
Talking about bad ways to write SQL and how to improve performance and custom query.

hpr208 :: Expressive Programming Part 3 hosted by UberChick

2008-10-16. 00:20:51. Explicit.
Part 3 of the Expressive Programming series

hpr207 :: Vulgar Esperantist Part 3 hosted by Klaatu

2008-10-15. 00:15:29. Clean.
In this episode we talk about Esperanto; in this episode vocabulary.

hpr206 :: This Runs Linux hosted by Ken Fallon

2008-10-14. 00:09:35. Explicit.
Ken's failed attempt to set up a site that promotes devices that run linux

hpr205 :: Open Source for the Windows Addict hosted by UTOSC

2008-10-13. 01:04:42. Explicit.
This is a presentation from the Utah user group, talking about programs and what is copyrighted

hpr204 :: EC Lug October 9th meeting hosted by EC Lug

2008-10-10. 01:35:59. Explicit.
This is a recording of the Eau Claire Linux Users Group Meeting.

hpr203 :: Alpine: How to hosted by Klaatu

2008-10-09. 00:27:27. Clean.
We talk about how to setup the email client alpine using IMAP.

hpr202 :: cpanel whitelisting hosted by deepgeek

2008-10-08. 00:31:29. Explicit.
CPanel is a control panel for web hosts. In this episode: how to create an allowlist for emails

hpr201 :: phreaknic hosted by droops

2008-10-07. 00:22:30. Explicit.
Interview talking about Phreaknic convention, what it all about and what you can do.

hpr200 :: 200th Episode Special hosted by Enigma

2008-10-06. 00:05:20. Explicit.
This episode has a lot of intros from different earlier shows of Hacker public radio.

hpr199 :: EC Lug October 2 meeting hosted by EC Lug

2008-10-03. 01:35:40. Explicit.
This is a recording of the Eau Claire Linux Users Group Meeting.

hpr198 :: Installing Windows hosted by Xoke

2008-10-02. 00:20:33. Explicit.
Talking about the experience of installing windows on a virtual environment.

hpr196 :: linux file managers hosted by Dave Yates

2008-09-30. 00:22:08. Explicit.
Different subjects. How to plug a tire, file manager, linux CDs and what is my bag segment.

hpr194 :: EC Lug September 25 meeting hosted by EC Lug

2008-09-26. 01:31:54. Explicit.
This is a recording of the Eau Claire Linux Users Group Meeting.

hpr193 :: What is Free Software hosted by finux

2008-09-25. 00:36:24. Explicit.
We talk about what free software is. We talk about the different things that make software free.

hpr192 :: Linux User hosted by threethirty

2008-09-24. 00:04:34. Explicit.
I had an interesting idea, let's create many videos about what Linux Users do.

hpr191 :: EC Lug August 14 Meeting hosted by EC Lug

2008-09-23. 01:40:25. Explicit.
This is a recording of the Eau Claire Linux Users Group Meeting.

hpr190 :: Media Centers for Linux hosted by monsterb

2008-09-22. 01:09:05. Explicit.
We talk about different media centers available for Linux.

hpr188 :: Expressive Programming Part 2 Perfection vs Production hosted by UberChick

2008-09-18. 00:19:57. Explicit.
Part 2 of the Expressive Programming series

hpr187 :: Maemo hosted by riddlebox

2008-09-17. 00:33:59. Explicit.
In this discussion we talk about Memo, how it works and what it is.

hpr185 :: 3 tips hosted by Ken Fallon

2008-09-15. 00:07:43. Explicit.
Ken gives us quick bash tips

hpr184 :: License Pt1: GNU GPL v3 hosted by Dann

2008-09-12. 00:30:33. Explicit.
The first part of a look at licenses

hpr183 :: UCLUG Sepetember meeting hosted by Dave Yates

2008-09-11. 01:32:55. Explicit.
This is a recording of the Upstate Carolina Linux Users Group Meeting, with live coding.

hpr181 :: Setting up vsFTPD hosted by Klaatu

2008-09-09. 00:26:14. Clean.
In this show we talk about how to setup an FTP server, configuring user accounts and folders.

hpr180 :: Beagle Board hosted by Morgellon

2008-09-08. 00:15:14. Explicit.
In this episode, I talk about embedded boards and mainly the Beagle Board.

hpr179 :: Hack This Site hosted by Xoke

2008-09-05. 00:06:20. Explicit.
Talking about "Hack this Site" where you can train skills and learn how to hack a site via missions.

hpr178 :: Google Chrome hosted by Enigma

2008-09-04. 00:14:21. Explicit.
Talking about the current state of Google Chrome and a review of this new release.

hpr177 :: Rhythmbox Streaming hosted by weex

2008-09-03. 00:05:27. Explicit.
Streaming audio with Rhythmbox

hpr176 :: EC Lug August 21 Meeting hosted by EC Lug

2008-09-02. 02:10:49. Explicit.
This is a recording of the Eau Claire Linux Users Group Meeting.

hpr174 :: VIM is my IDE hosted by Jrullo

2008-08-29. 00:26:20. Explicit.
Jrullo goes through a basic setup and use of Vim as an IDE.

hpr173 :: Configuring Pulse Audio hosted by Klaatu

2008-08-28. 00:23:54. Clean.
Talking about how to install and configure Pulse Audio from an article written for archlinux.

hpr172 :: fluxbox tabbed windows hosted by Dave Yates

2008-08-27. 00:09:11. Explicit.
Talking about the tab feature in Fluxbox, lightweight window manager for Linux.

hpr171 :: AVID 101 hosted by jelkimantis

2008-08-26. 00:05:46. Explicit.
Talking about Advancement Via Individual Determination. A way to help students prepare for college.

hpr170 :: Resetting Windows Passwords hosted by finux

2008-08-25. 00:07:50. Explicit.
In this episode, I talk about how to reset Windows NT passwords in Linux.

hpr169 :: Steganography hosted by deepgeek

2008-08-23. 00:20:05. Explicit.
Steganography is the technique of hiding secret data within an ordinary file or message.

hpr168 :: EC LUG August 14 Meeting hosted by deepgeek

2008-08-22. 01:40:24. Explicit.
This is a recording of the Eau Claire Linux Users Group Meeting.

hpr167 :: UCLUG august Meeting hosted by Dave Yates

2008-08-20. 01:47:37. Explicit.
This is a recording of the Upstate Carolina Linux Users Group Meeting, with live coding.

hpr166 :: 10 Minute Mail hosted by Klaatu

2008-08-19. 00:06:31. Clean.
I talk about a 10-minute mail address. It creates an email address that you have for 10 minutes.

hpr165 :: Expressive Programming Part 1 hosted by UberChick

2008-08-18. 00:17:06. Explicit.
Part 1 of the Expressive Programming series

hpr164 :: Copyfight Vol 2 hosted by threethirty

2008-08-15. 00:05:04. Explicit.
Threethirty talks about freeing your DRM'ed music, licensing, copyright and copyleft.

hpr163 :: Circuit Bending hosted by Morgellon

2008-08-14. 00:13:46. Explicit.
Morgellon method in which audio circuit are modified to make new sounds

hpr162 :: Webkit hosted by riddlebox

2008-08-13. 00:17:38. Explicit.
We are talking about an article in the Linux journal about packaging a webpage in an application.

hpr161 :: Hacking WEP hosted by finux

2008-08-12. 00:24:15. Explicit.
Talking about the fragmentation attack for hacking WEP, demonstrating by example.

hpr160 :: DVgrab hosted by Ken Fallon

2008-08-11. 00:13:36. Explicit.
Ken walks us through moving off DV tapes to disk

hpr159 :: Basic Electronics hosted by Morgellon

2008-08-08. 00:30:53. Explicit.
A light hearted discussion of basic digital electronics, covering the seven types of logic gates.

hpr158 :: EC LUG July 31 Meeting hosted by EC Lug

2008-08-07. 01:06:34. Explicit.
This is a recording of the Eau Claire Linux Users Group Meeting.

hpr157 :: New Hackermedia Content hosted by droops

2008-08-06. 00:05:52. Explicit.
Talking about new releases of hacker media. Ending with a "there will be giants" release.

hpr156 :: FRS/GMRS Walkie Talkie Review hosted by deepgeek

2008-08-05. 00:16:24. Explicit.
Reviewing walkie talkie units, how it actually works, and what features they have. Also nostalgia.

hpr155 :: Installing Xubuntu hosted by Xoke

2008-08-04. 00:12:05. Explicit.
Experience of installing Xubuntu and if it's easier to use than Ubuntu.

hpr154 :: Linguistic Public Radio Episode 0 hosted by Plexi

2008-08-01. 00:08:49. Explicit.
The second episode of Linguistic Public Radio

hpr153 :: What is an algorithm hosted by Silver

2008-07-31. 00:04:02. Explicit.
This is a definition of what an algorithm is and how it's used.

hpr152 :: Pulse Audio Intro hosted by Klaatu

2008-07-30. 00:33:54. Clean.
We discuss what Pulse Audio is and how it works in Linux, talking to the kernel and drivers.

hpr151 :: Copyfight Vol 1 hosted by threethirty

2008-07-29. 00:11:40. Explicit.
Threethirty talks about the basics of DRM, licensing, copyright and copyleft.

hpr150 :: Debloat Windows hosted by Cybercod

2008-07-28. 00:11:18. Explicit.
In this episode, we talk about how to remove unwanted software from your windows machine.

hpr149 :: DynamicDNS hosted by Klaatu

2008-07-25. 00:24:52. Clean.
klaatu talks about dynamic DNS including a walkthrough for

hpr148 :: LinuxFest hosted by Dave Yates

2008-07-24. 00:23:00. Explicit.
Talking about Linux and the community, and how it's to go to LinuxFest.

hpr147 :: New DNS vunerablity hosted by mirovengi

2008-07-23. 00:05:17. Explicit.
miro talks about a current DNS vulnerability

hpr144 :: Death Note hosted by deepgeek

2008-07-20. 00:07:53. Explicit.
Review of the anime series 'Death Note'

hpr143 :: Open GPS Tracker hosted by Morgellon

2008-07-18. 00:43:29. Explicit.
Informal talk about open source hardware and the open GPS tracker, sending commands to the phone.

hpr139 :: Compiling a Kernel over the Nework with distcc hosted by Klaatu

2008-07-14. 00:20:53. Clean.
Talking about setting up and compiling with distcc and the benefits over GCC or other options.

hpr137 :: July UCLUG Meeting hosted by Dave Yates

2008-07-10. 02:24:50. Explicit.
This is a recording of the Upstate Carolina Linux Users Group Meeting, with live coding.

hpr136 :: Intercepting Satellite Transmissions hosted by Drake Anubis

2008-07-09. 00:10:28. Explicit.
Drake Anubis demonstrates the basic setups to decoding APT satellite transmissions.

hpr134 :: Kernal Patching hosted by Klaatu

2008-07-07. 00:20:27. Clean.
Adding functions or patching issues in your kernel, this is the process.

hpr133 :: Talk to Drake hosted by Drake Anubis

2008-07-04. 00:06:21. Explicit.
Drake recommends the Shure 8900 microphone and invites listeners to talk to him on a show

hpr132 :: OpenDNS hosted by rowinggolfer

2008-07-03. 00:14:10. Explicit.
Rowinggolfer discusses how to set up and configure using OpenDNS.

hpr131 :: Adding Stereo to a Computer hosted by deepgeek

2008-07-02. 00:32:35. Explicit.
Deepgeek talks about adding a Stereo to his Computer

hpr130 :: Unhosing a spyware infected system hosted by Xoke

2008-07-01. 00:15:17. Explicit.
In this show, we talk about what we can do with a windows system when it can't be trusted anymore.

hpr129 :: Panama City Linux User Group Meeting hosted by Dave Yates

2008-06-30. 01:09:47. Explicit.
This is a recording of the Panama City Linux User Group Meeting, with live coding.

hpr127 :: How to be Nosey on the Interwebz hosted by Enigma

2008-06-26. 00:11:26. Explicit.
Summary of presentation about how to listen to traffic on the network around you.

hpr126 :: Ripping the Web hosted by operat0r

2008-06-25. 00:14:24. Explicit.
Looking into techniques how to rip webpages, security and applications.

hpr124 :: Digital Picture Frame hosted by mirovengi

2008-06-23. 00:12:41. Explicit.
Encouraging listeners to create a DIY picture frame built from a very old laptop

hpr122 :: Batch processing on Linux hosted by deepgeek

2008-06-18. 00:05:28. Explicit.
We look into an application for batching jobs in sequence or at a time, an email with the result.

hpr121 :: Linguistic Public Radio hosted by Plexi

2008-06-17. 00:04:31. Explicit.
The first appearance of Linguistic Public Radio

hpr118 :: June UCLUG Meeting hosted by Dave Yates

2008-06-12. 01:46:52. Explicit.
This is a recording of the Upstate Carolina Linux Users Group Meeting, with live coding.

hpr117 :: Bilderberg Group and the Crimespace project hosted by fawkesfyre

2008-06-11. 00:41:22. Explicit.
Covering the meeting of the Bilderberg Group, the history behind the meetings. Powerful people talk.

hpr115 :: Promoting Linux hosted by Ken Fallon

2008-06-09. 00:10:51. Explicit.
Ken Fallon discusses ways to promote linux

hpr114 :: Linux video editing hosted by Morgellon

2008-06-06. 00:59:38. Explicit.
Talking about different video editors, our experience, and what they can handle. Focus on LiVES.

hpr113 :: Nintendo Wii Review hosted by Plexi

2008-06-05. 00:10:10. Explicit.
Review different games on the Wii. How to play, the look and feel of controllers.

hpr112 :: SSH Tunnelling hosted by Peter

2008-06-04. 00:14:30. Explicit.
Covering different use-cases for SSH tunneling and how to set it up.

hpr111 :: Steal this movie 2 hosted by deepgeek

2008-06-03. 00:03:47. Explicit.
A short introduction to the film "Steal This Film 2" and how it compares to the first movie.

hpr110 :: Xoke's Favorite Apps hosted by Xoke

2008-06-02. 00:19:24. Explicit.
Talking about different applications and extensions I use in my system.

hpr109 :: KDE 4 Tips hosted by Skirlet

2008-05-30. 00:05:49. Explicit.
Make your KDE look better and some shortcut tips.

hpr108 :: Handbrake - Howto hosted by Klaatu

2008-05-29. 00:13:43. Clean.
Talking about how to use handbrake a DVD ripping and conversion tool.

hpr107 :: Console fonts hosted by Dave Yates

2008-05-28. 00:20:17. Explicit.
Talking about setting up fonts in XConsole and the regular fonts.

hpr105 :: urban golf hosted by deepgeek

2008-05-26. 00:22:25. Explicit.
Covering Urban Golf. Take a tennis ball and stick get out there training to hit a target.

hpr104 :: Not about Airsoft hosted by droops

2008-05-23. 00:11:10. Explicit.
This episode discusses comments on youtube, they published a video about airsoft.

hpr103 :: Community Rant hosted by Tottenkoph

2008-05-22. 00:05:34. Explicit.
The hacker world needs to be pulled into shape... A reawakening is required.

hpr100 :: Hackermedia Awards: RFA hosted by droops

2008-05-19. 00:27:44. Explicit.
100th episode special droops and enigma cohost. RFA(Radio Freek America) Hackermedia Award

hpr98 :: Subversion hosted by mirovengi

2008-05-15. 00:10:13. Explicit.
Using the Subversion version control system

hpr96 :: Xfce, Oh I how I love you hosted by droops

2008-05-13. 00:11:50. Explicit.
Why I like XFCE and why you might want to consider using it

hpr95 :: Security Wow! hosted by rowinggolfer

2008-05-12. 00:19:39. Explicit.
rowinggolfer hosts a parody show about security

hpr93 :: Newsgroups for Media hosted by deepgeek

2008-05-08. 00:27:57. Explicit.
Deepgeek discusses using newsgroups to get media files.

hpr92 :: bugs hosted by Klaatu

2008-05-07. 00:12:51. Clean.
Bug reporting and triaging as a way of getting involved with open source software and projects

hpr91 :: Hosts File hosted by Xoke

2008-05-06. 00:12:34. Explicit.
A show about DNS and how it works

hpr90 :: Ironman hosted by Peter

2008-05-05. 00:21:50. Explicit.
A show about Iron Man and the new movie

hpr89 :: Notacon Wrapup hosted by dosman

2008-05-02. 00:22:54. Explicit.
A show about Notacon

hpr88 :: Hiding and stripping program symbols hosted by thewtex

2008-05-01. 00:13:40. Explicit.
thewtex explains how to Hide and strip program symbols

hpr87 :: Compling a Kernel hosted by Klaatu

2008-04-30. 00:21:10. Clean.
A show on Compiling a Kernel

hpr86 :: Kismet hosted by finux

2008-04-29. 00:27:38. Explicit.
finux discusses what kismet is and how to get started using it.

hpr83 :: Flock hosted by Xoke

2008-04-24. 00:16:52. Explicit.
Xoke rants about Doctor Who and talks about flock

hpr82 :: Root kits hosted by finux

2008-04-23. 00:21:43. Explicit.
In this show Finux, gives a detailed account of how rootkits work.

hpr78 :: Interview Tips hosted by Ken Fallon

2008-04-17. 00:43:28. Explicit.
Advice for job seekers

hpr74 :: UCLUG - Linux Gaming hosted by Dave Yates

2008-04-11. 02:46:53. Explicit.
Carolina Linux User Group Meeting, Linux Gaming

hpr73 :: Google 411 Update hosted by Lunarsphere

2008-04-10. 00:04:04. Explicit.
Google 411 Update, Lunarsphere gives an update on his original twatech episode

hpr72 :: Imagemagick hosted by Klaatu

2008-04-09. 00:22:21. Clean.
A show about the Imagemagick software package

hpr71 :: Beowulf Cluster Introduction hosted by deepgeek

2008-04-08. 00:10:04. Explicit.
An Introduction show about Beowulf Cluster

hpr70 :: Dr. Who hosted by Xoke

2008-04-07. 00:17:11. Explicit.
The origins and background of the series 'Doctor Who' from the BBC

hpr69 :: There's Pr0n on them there internets! hosted by StankDawg

2008-04-04. 00:49:48. Explicit.
StankDawg and T.T. Creamer discuss some history of pr0n on the internet.

hpr68 :: Shoulder Stretches! hosted by Peter

2008-04-03. 00:11:18. Explicit.
A show about repetitive strain injuries

hpr67 :: k-meleon hosted by MadRush

2008-04-02. 00:13:07. Explicit.
A show about the k-meleon web browser

hpr66 :: April Fools Day Traditions hosted by StankDawg

2008-03-31. 00:14:57. Explicit.
StankDawg discusses some famous April Fools Jokes and provides some suggestions to find others

hpr65 :: Cowon iAudio U3 review hosted by Dave Yates

2008-03-31. 00:14:24. Explicit.
A show about the Cowon iAudio U3

hpr63 :: WebCalendar hosted by Enigma

2008-03-27. 00:09:14. Explicit.
A show about the WebCalendar tool

hpr62 :: More than a wii bit of fun with the Wiimote hosted by Morgellon

2008-03-26. 00:22:04. Explicit.
More than a Wii bit of fun with the Wiimote

hpr61 :: Punk Computing hosted by Klaatu

2008-03-25. 00:15:00. Clean.
How not to get stuck by the man, while sticking it to the man.

hpr58 :: Microcontrollers hosted by Bitviper

2008-03-20. 00:25:49. Explicit.
Microcontroller description and how you can make use of them.

hpr56 :: Open Street Map hosted by Ken Fallon

2008-03-18. 00:10:08. Explicit.
Ken encourages people to add to Open Street Map

hpr55 :: Slax hosted by Klaatu

2008-03-17. 00:15:42. Clean.
Installing Slax and the cool things you can do with thumbdrive installation

hpr53 :: Codecs Part 4 hosted by Klaatu

2008-03-13. 00:17:27. Clean.
Proprietary and OGG codecs discussed plus a Theora tutorial for Linux command line.

hpr52 :: UCLUG: Newbie Shell Scripting hosted by Dave Yates

2008-03-12. 00:36:12. Explicit.
A talk from UCLUG with an introduction to shell scripting

hpr51 :: TalkBox hosted by mirovengi

2008-03-11. 00:11:37. Explicit.
A show about Talk Box

hpr49 :: XPlane hosted by operat0r

2008-03-07. 00:10:41. Explicit.
Introduction and quick start for using XPlane, version 7.

hpr47 :: Sys Internals Part 2 hosted by Xoke

2008-03-05. 00:37:52. Explicit.
Sys Internals Part 2 a follow up to hpr0040

hpr46 :: Yahoo Pipes hosted by Peter

2008-03-03. 00:33:43. Explicit.
A show about Yahoo Pipes

hpr45 :: Shell Scripting hosted by dosman

2008-03-03. 00:11:59. Explicit.
An overview of shell scripting

hpr44 :: My desktop, and the apps I use everyday hosted by Dave Yates

2008-02-28. 00:24:30. Explicit.
A show about my desktop, and the apps I use everyday

hpr43 :: Docdroppers hosted by W3lshrarebit

2008-02-27. 00:05:45. Explicit.
W3lshrarebit, introduces ; a resource for the hacking community

hpr42 :: Zune Review hosted by Enigma

2008-02-26. 00:07:52. Explicit.
Enigma reviews the Zune mp3 player

hpr41 :: Codecs Part 3 hosted by Klaatu

2008-02-26. 00:16:44. Clean.
Containers (such as .avi) and codecs are different. Klaatu explains the details.

hpr40 :: Sys internals Part 1 hosted by Xoke

2008-02-24. 00:08:34. Explicit.
an introduction to the sys internals suite

hpr39 :: Debian Live CD hosted by Alk3

2008-02-22. 00:12:27. Explicit.
Information on Debian Live CD's and a small framework to build them.

hpr38 :: R4DS Review hosted by StankDawg

2008-02-20. 00:16:22. Explicit.
Stankdawg reviews the R4DS adapter for the Nintendo DS

hpr34 :: Cowon D2 Review hosted by Chess Griffin

2008-02-15. 00:14:08. Explicit.
Chess Griffin's talks about his Cowon D2, portable media player.

hpr32 :: UCLUG - Ken Wehr Presentation hosted by Dave Yates

2008-02-13. 01:37:48. Explicit.
Ken Wehr speaks to the Upstate Carolina Linux Users Group

hpr30 :: Network Backups hosted by dosman

2008-02-10. 00:13:56. Explicit.
Overview of some free software backup solutions. Specifics of dosman's solution, with autochanger.

hpr29 :: Codecs Part 2 hosted by Klaatu

2008-02-07. 00:18:55. Clean.
The technique of video compression, the variables involved, file size and delivery method.

hpr28 :: Project Chanology hosted by slick0

2008-02-06. 00:08:20. Explicit.
A quick, neutral intro to the conflict between Anonymous and Scientology

hpr27 :: How to Record a HPR episode hosted by Enigma

2008-02-05. 00:06:03. Explicit.
Using Audacity to record an HPR episode

hpr26 :: Intro to codecs hosted by Klaatu

2008-02-04. 00:19:10. Clean.
Understanding the basics of sound and video codecs, why they are needed and how they work.

hpr25 :: Social Network Aggregation hosted by Peter

2008-02-03. 00:37:00. Explicit.
openid explanation and social network feed aggregation howto

hpr23 :: Software Review: K e e P a s s hosted by StankDawg

2008-01-31. 00:12:49. Explicit.
StankDawg talks about KeePass, a nice way to manage your passwords in a portable and secure way

hpr22 :: Chunk Parsing hosted by Plexi

2008-01-30. 00:05:25. Explicit.
A description of 'chunk parsing' and the development work being undertaken

hpr21 :: The Festival Speech Synthesis System hosted by Dave Yates

2008-01-28. 00:30:14. Explicit.
Intro to festival text-to-speech, related tools; synthesized voices; peek into host's personal life.

hpr20 :: lighttpd hosted by Chess Griffin

2008-01-27. 00:11:01. Explicit.
Introduction to lighttpd, aka "light-tee", and compare to Apache: configuration, features.

hpr19 :: SILC hosted by Alk3

2008-01-24. 00:08:07. Explicit.
The Secure Internet Live Conferencing protocol.

hpr17 :: Torrentflux hosted by Enigma

2008-01-22. 00:06:43. Explicit.
torrentflux is an open-source web-based gui front-end for bit-tornado. Features and install info.

hpr15 :: Spring Cleaning hosted by Plexi

2008-01-20. 00:04:35. Explicit.
In spring cleaning, Plexi discusses the personal information contained in trash

hpr13 :: LPI Certifications Part 1 hosted by Ken Fallon

2008-01-17. 00:16:00. Explicit.
Ken Fallon is preparing for his 'Linux Professional Institute Certification' (LPIC)

hpr12 :: Xen hosted by mirovengi

2008-01-16. 00:18:40. Explicit.
An overview of virtualisation with Xen

hpr11 :: dd_rhelp hosted by operat0r

2008-01-14. 00:08:40. Explicit.
Using dd_rescue to rescue data from a hard-disk with bad sectors

hpr8 :: Asus EeePC hosted by Mubix

2008-01-10. 00:28:08. Explicit.
Mubix and Redanthrax discuss the EEEpc

hpr7 :: Orwell Rolled over in his grave hosted by deepgeek

2008-01-09. 00:08:50. Explicit.
deepgeek reviews the film "Orwell Rolls in His Grave"

hpr6 :: Part 15 Broadcasting hosted by dosman

2008-01-08. 00:35:55. Explicit.
dosman and zach from the packetsniffers talk about Part 15 Broadcasting which is low power

hpr4 :: Firefox Profiles hosted by Peter

2008-01-03. 00:06:55. Clean.
Peter explains how to move firefox profiles from machine to machine

hpr3 :: Lost Haycon Audio hosted by Morgellon

2008-01-02. 00:47:30. Explicit.
Morgellon and others traipse around in the woods geocaching at midnight

hpr2 :: Customization the Lost Reason hosted by deepgeek

2008-01-01. 00:25:34. Explicit.
deepgeek talks about Customization being the lost reason in switching from windows to linux

hpr1 :: Introduction to HPR hosted by StankDawg

2007-12-31. 00:22:53. Explicit.
In this first ever show on Hacker Public Radio, StankDawg and Enigma introduce HPR.