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Nacho Jordi

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hpr2118 :: What is App Inventor?

2016-09-14. 00:17:52. Clean. general.
An overview of the online free Android app creator

hpr2104 :: Basic Audio Production: Reverb

2016-08-25. 00:24:11. Clean. general.
A very basic description of the reverb effect

hpr2082 :: Basic Audio Production - Equalization

2016-07-26. 00:18:46. Clean. general.
The basics of one of the most fundamental audio production techniques

hpr2006 :: Basic Audio Production - Compression

2016-04-11. 00:32:07. Clean. Podcasting HowTo.
Yet another explanation of sound compression in a DAW

hpr1996 :: Xdotool magic

2016-03-28. 00:18:02. Clean. Lightweight Apps.
Overview and a few usage possibilities of the Xdotool program

hpr1993 :: Can your window manager do this?

2016-03-23. 00:33:42. Clean. general.
Where I show off my Ratpoison configurations

hpr1990 :: Pomodoro Timer - The Evolution of a Script part deux

2016-03-18. 00:28:54. Clean. Bash Scripting.
Further evolutions of a pomodoro script that got a life of its own

hpr1987 :: Pomodoro Timer - The Evolution of a Script (pt 1)

2016-03-15. 00:22:07. Clean. Bash Scripting.
The different stages of a bash script that was created accidentally

hpr1982 :: Whats in my virtual bag

2016-03-08. 00:28:30. Clean. What's in My Toolkit.
The usual programs I use everyday in my system

hpr1967 :: How I saw the Linux Light at the end of the Windows tunnel

2016-02-16. 00:14:19. Clean. How I got into tech.
My personal story of discovery of Linux

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