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hpr2686 :: (NOT) All About Blender - Part the Second

2018-11-19. 00:40:13. Clean. general.
A meandering conversation to sooth the nerves, and warm the soul - part 2!!

hpr2682 :: (NOT) All About Blender

2018-11-13. 00:45:53. Clean. general.
A meandering conversation to sooth the nerves, and warm the soul.

hpr2671 :: Algae farming with Desearcher

2018-10-29. 00:39:39. Clean. general.
Desearcher edumacates us all on the benefits of algae farming.

hpr2666 :: Slackware Post-Install

2018-10-22. 00:30:26. Clean. general.
A quick and dirty guide to getting Slack up and running after it's installed.

hpr2277 :: Outernet and other projects

2017-04-25. 00:14:44. Clean. general.
In this episode, I take a look at some different attempts to spread free internet access.

hpr2273 :: Fountain Pens

2017-04-19. 00:23:11. Clean. The art of writing.
In this episode, I cover some of the basics of Fountain Pens

hpr2210 :: On Freedom of Speech and Censorship

2017-01-20. 00:21:42. Clean. general.
Reflections on Freedom of Speech

hpr2192 :: Fun with Oscilloscopes

2016-12-27. 00:09:32. Clean. general.
Taking a look at oscilloscope music.

hpr2187 :: The Toshiba Libretto 100ct

2016-12-20. 00:28:27. Clean. general.
In this episode I discuss some of the quirks of setting up Toshiba Libretto for retro gaming.

hpr2142 :: Book Reviews

2016-10-18. 00:15:37. Clean. general.
I take a brief look at two books others may find of interest.

hpr2033 :: Distro Review: Bodhi Linux

2016-05-18. 00:18:02. Clean. general.
A brief review of Bodhi Linux

hpr2030 :: Book Review: The Pocket Ref

2016-05-13. 00:14:46. Clean. general.
This is a short review of the Pocket Ref

hpr1998 :: Homebrewing

2016-03-30. 00:23:58. Clean. Beverages.
A bit about making your own beer.

hpr1977 :: What's In My Bag

2016-03-01. 00:15:14. Clean. What's in My Toolkit.
EDC/Gear I carry/use

hpr1972 :: How I got into Linux

2016-02-23. 00:20:24. Clean. How I got into tech.
My first podcast. Me rambling about how I got into Linux.

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