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Christopher M. Hobbs

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hpr3116 :: Unscripted ramblings on a walk: Crisis at The Manor

2020-07-13. 00:18:57. Clean. general.
A walk and a talk about a lightning strike zapping a network.

hpr3096 :: Unscripted ramblings on a walk: PC Building.

2020-06-15. 00:02:15. Clean. Hardware upgrades.
I take a walk and discuss my experience building a new PC after having not done so for many years.

hpr2841 :: How I got into Linux (and then some...)

2019-06-24. 00:31:04. Clean. How I got into tech.
A response to the request for "how i got into linux" and a little of my history with Linux/BSD

hpr2834 :: My favorite desktop and android applications

2019-06-13. 00:29:17. Clean. general.
Moving right along with shows from the requests list, I combine two program lists.

hpr2827 :: Unscripted ramblings from my garage about my first CTF event

2019-06-04. 00:13:52. Clean. general.
I briefly discss a CTF event I was invited to and what I plan to bring with me.

hpr2342 :: Wherein our hero fails to repair a garage door.

2017-07-25. 00:25:17. Clean. general.
I try and fail to fix my garage door.

hpr2216 :: Working AO-85 with my son

2017-01-30. 00:16:33. Clean. general.
My son and I try to make a contact on an amateur radio satellite

hpr2189 :: Working Amateur Radio Satellites

2016-12-22. 00:32:05. Clean. general.
A brief overview of how to work your first satellite.

hpr2077 :: and self hosting for friends and family

2016-07-19. 00:18:18. Clean. general.
I talk a little about my network and how you can host services for your friends and family.

hpr2068 :: Podcasts I listen to and how I fetch them.

2016-07-06. 00:08:35. Clean. Podcast recommendations.
As I drive to work, I rattle off a short list of podcasts that I listen to and how I fetch them.

hpr2026 :: What's in my Bag... Again!

2016-05-09. 00:08:23. Clean. What's in My Toolkit.
A look at what I carry in my bag every day. It's quite different than the last show.

hpr1558 :: Lunch Breaks

2014-07-23. 00:25:05. Clean. general.
Break out of your brown bag or greasy box and explore the world around your workplace!

hpr1321 :: What's in my Bag

2013-08-26. 00:09:11. Clean. What's in My Toolkit.
Things in a well-worn timbuk2 bag

hpr1311 :: Modern Inconveniences

2013-08-12. 00:24:20. Clean. general.
Reflections on how doing things manually can be cathartic

hpr1306 :: Freedom Followup

2013-08-05. 00:21:44. Clean. general.
A follow-up to 'A Week of Freedom'

hpr1293 :: A Week of Freedom

2013-07-17. 00:20:59. Clean. general.
What happened during a week spent using only FLOSS

hpr1215 :: Pair Programming

2013-03-29. 00:08:18. Clean. general.
An agile software development technique where two programmers work together at one workstation

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