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hpr3805 :: Document File Formats on Wikipedia

2023-03-03. 00:12:16. Clean. general.
Document File Format - a continuation of Content Format

hpr3794 :: Retro Karaoke machine restored

2023-02-16. 00:08:11. Clean. general.
I fix the cassette tape mechanism to a resale shop karaoke machine

hpr3782 :: Content Format article from Wikipedia

2023-01-31. 00:05:00. Clean. general.
Wikipedia article on the various types of content formats

hpr3767 :: LP article from Wikipedia

2023-01-10. 00:42:41. Clean. general.
LP article from Wikipedia about the long playing vinyl record and its history.

hpr3745 :: Pinecil walkthrough

2022-12-09. 00:08:45. Clean. general.
Details of the Pinecil soldering iron menu with a secret menu

hpr3735 :: i3 Tiling Window Manager

2022-11-25. 00:15:53. Clean. Lightweight Apps.
i3 Tiling Window Manager with a bonus KDE Plasma integration

hpr3724 :: My top Android apps

2022-11-10. 00:09:39. Clean. general.
I walk through the top apps on my phone

hpr3704 :: Follow up to hpr3685 :: Budget and an Android app

2022-10-13. 00:01:44. Clean. general.
I add a calendar to the budget spreadsheet in LibreOffice

hpr3685 :: Budget and an Android app

2022-09-16. 00:02:02. Clean. general.
Zoho docs for budgeting

hpr3661 :: Ham Radio testing

2022-08-15. 00:06:01. Clean. HAM radio.
Study and testing for the ARRL Ham license

hpr3641 :: Turntable audio capture Part 2

2022-07-18. 00:05:54. Clean. general.
I revise previous capture scripts

hpr3618 :: The nnn terminal file manager

2022-06-15. 00:07:14. Clean. Lightweight Apps.
The nnn terminal file manager and common uses

hpr3605 :: Aspire-ing to use 13 year hardware

2022-05-27. 00:08:22. Clean. general.
Part 2 of using Slackware on the old netbook

hpr3589 :: Sample of my microphones

2022-05-05. 00:07:14. Clean. general.
Microphones I have around the apartment

hpr3579 :: PINN is not NOOBS

2022-04-21. 00:10:50. Clean. general.
Multibooting raspberry pi

hpr3561 :: Employment security

2022-03-28. 00:06:50. Clean. general.
Phone system for the state of Illinois

hpr3545 :: How I make coffee

2022-03-04. 00:05:02. Clean. Coffee.
Making coffee, and a podcast recommendation

hpr3538 :: Installing the Tenacity audio editor

2022-02-23. 00:04:32. Clean. general.
Installing Tenacity, and the reasons behind the fork.

hpr3528 :: Slackware on a netbook

2022-02-09. 00:05:46. Clean. general.
A response show to HPR3512

hpr3521 :: Upgrades to Acer Aspire 5 Slim

2022-01-31. 00:05:44. Clean. Hardware upgrades.
Upgrades to Aspire 5 Slim and Specs

hpr3507 :: USB Turntable fix and sound journey

2022-01-11. 00:08:48. Clean. general.
USB Turntable fix and sound journey with arecord, asound and ffmpeg

hpr3499 :: Fixing a noisy blower motor

2021-12-30. 00:04:24. Clean. general.
I fix a noisy blower motor that I put off since last winter.

hpr3495 :: Podcast Recommendation: The Retroist

2021-12-24. 00:01:32. Clean. Podcast recommendations.
Podcast Recommendation: The Retroist number 243 - Die Hard

hpr3484 :: My vim setup with GnuPG

2021-12-09. 00:08:21. Clean. Lightweight Apps.
My vim setup with the GnuPG vim plugin

hpr3476 :: My mutt email setup

2021-11-29. 00:12:45. Clean. Lightweight Apps.
My humble mutt email setup

hpr3455 :: Podcast Recommendation: IBM and Quantum computing

2021-10-29. 00:03:13. Clean. general.
Highlights of a podcast from Moore's Lobby

hpr3389 :: Tales of a Tagger

2021-07-29. 00:06:06. Clean. general.
Adventures and mishaps tagging past shows

hpr3363 :: Electronics podcasts I listen to

2021-06-23. 00:05:19. Clean. Podcast recommendations.
I go over the 4 electronics podcasts I am currently listening to.

hpr3318 :: Modding a Wii classic with a DNS exploit

2021-04-21. 00:07:37. Clean. general.
Modding a Wii with a DNS exploit and using a USB drive to save games

hpr3294 :: Update to MakeMKV to back up media

2021-03-18. 00:06:18. Clean. general.
Update to MakeMKV to back up media, now on Raspberry Pi

hpr3287 :: Quick tip

2021-03-09. 00:01:57. Clean. Cooking.
Quick tip and HPR needs shows

hpr3277 :: Microsoft in my Debian repo

2021-02-23. 00:04:32. Clean. general.
microsoft, raspberry pi, bash, script

hpr3259 :: Nextcloud - The easy way

2021-01-28. 00:08:02. Clean. general.
Self hosting a Nextcloud instance.

hpr3195 :: For your Consideration - the ideal Ham Radio setup

2020-10-30. 00:57:50. Clean. Podcast recommendations.
Introducing a new podcast to me, with a special guest with an interest in amateur radio.

hpr3188 :: Thrift store quick fix

2020-10-21. 00:01:07. Clean. general.
Fixing up a dog coat for the cool weather.

hpr3179 :: MakeMKV to back up media, and a Question

2020-10-08. 00:06:44. Clean. general.
Describing two ways to install MakeMKV DVD/Blu-ray backup program on Fedora 32

hpr3133 :: Quick tip - Using MPV with Youtube links

2020-08-05. 00:02:04. Clean. general.
I give a quick tip on shortcut keys for watching Youtube or other video sites in MPV

hpr3123 :: Arduino controlled Christmas lights

2020-07-22. 00:02:50. Clean. Arduino and related devices.
Controlling Christmas LED lights with an Arduino

hpr3089 :: For my Entertainment

2020-06-04. 00:07:05. Clean. general.
How I have my file server and media center put together

hpr3064 :: How I got started in Electronics

2020-04-30. 00:07:07. Clean. general.
How I got started in Electronics and some job stuff

hpr3043 :: How I record for HPR

2020-04-01. 00:01:59. Clean. general.
The tools I use to record a show for HPR

hpr3037 :: Ambient recording at Union Station

2020-03-24. 00:03:25. Clean. Sound Scapes.
Ambient recording in the main hall at Union Station, Chicago

hpr3029 :: At Union Station with a train delay

2020-03-12. 00:05:47. Clean. Sound Scapes.
This is a soundscape while waiting for a train at Union Station.

hpr2953 :: How I got started in Linux

2019-11-27. 00:04:36. Clean. How I got into tech.
How I start in Linux, computing, and Free Software

hpr2662 :: Repairing a motherboard

2018-10-16. 00:03:16. Clean. general.
I repair a motherboard and get a old tower working again.

hpr2549 :: DVD ripping using old hardware

2018-05-10. 00:05:14. Clean. general.
How I put an older machine and a little cash to repurpose it.

hpr1922 :: The case to backup Google email.

2015-12-15. 00:00:57. Clean. general.
A quick example of how I imported a backup of Gmail.

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