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hpr1542 :: Agnes is an IT Lawyer

2014-07-01. 00:12:28. Clean. general.
Today on #HPR; listen to @IT_Advokaten talk about the change in EU law regarding personal data!

hpr1458 :: Free Culture and Open Animation

2014-03-05. 00:42:30. Clean. Interviews.
fscons, interview, anime, creative commons, free culture, animation

hpr1428 :: Coffee Stain Studios and the Sanctum games

2014-01-22. 00:12:37. Clean. general.
Will #Sanctum2 come to #Linux? Hear @ArminPosts' answer in the latest #HPR!

hpr1423 :: Monty - The man behind your databases

2014-01-15. 00:14:03. Clean. general.
Tune in to today's episode of #HPR and hear Monty talk about YOUR database!

hpr1408 :: Drupal in Gothenburg with Addison Berry and others

2013-12-25. 00:18:22. Clean. general.
Today on #HPR we have a conversation with @add1sun from @lullabot about #Drupal at @DrupalGBG.

hpr1403 :: hiro from GamingGrannar at Retrospelsmässan

2013-12-18. 00:14:01. Clean. general.
Today on #HPR we talk to @grannen_hiro from @GamingGrannar about retro games at @RSMGBG.

hpr1178 :: Interviews with Laura Creighton and Armin Rigo

2013-02-06. 00:22:07. Clean. Interviews.
Seetee interviews Laura Creighton and Armin Rigo

hpr1126 :: The DrupalCamp of Adam Evertsson

2012-11-26. 00:16:03. Clean. general.
Reports and interviews from DrupalCamp Göteborg

hpr1119 :: Spread the Word

2012-11-15. 00:08:29. Clean. general.
Inspirational stories told on the road

hpr1087 :: The FSCONS of Jonas Öberg

2012-10-02. 00:20:31. Clean. Interviews.
Two interviews from FSCONS 2011

hpr1077 :: FSCONS: Haralanova Hack for Freedom!

2012-09-18. 00:13:47. Clean. Interviews.
Interview with Christina Haralanova from Canada

hpr860 :: Kaizendo, GNU Parallel and some more FSCONS

2011-11-18. 00:26:16. Clean. Interviews.
Two interviews from FSCONS 2010

hpr854 :: All In IT Radio0007 - Should Cars Get Smarter ?

2011-11-09. 01:11:59. Clean. Syndicated Thursdays.
Syndicated Thursday welcomes All In IT Radio

hpr847 :: FSCONS, MeeGo and the story of Tizen

2011-10-31. 00:23:00. Clean. Interviews.
Interviews from FSCONS relating to MeeGo and Tizen

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