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Open source and decentralization/P2P enthusiast


hpr2823 :: Gentoo and why I use it

2019-05-29. 00:12:28. Clean. general.

I talk about what Gentoo is, and why I love it so much.

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hpr2779 :: HTTP, IPFS, and torrents

2019-03-28. 00:11:51. Clean. general.
HTTP, IPFS, torrents.

Replacing the web with new, decentralized protocols

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hpr2774 :: CJDNS and Yggdrasil

2019-03-21. 00:10:29. Clean. general.
CJDNS, Yggdrasil.

A summary of the things I like about CJDNS and Yggdrasil, and the places I think they could improve.

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