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hpr3734 :: Inetd: the internet super-server

2022-11-24. 00:16:48. Clean. general.
I talk about inetd and give an example of how to write a service for it

hpr3728 :: Pinebook Pro review

2022-11-16. 00:48:37. Clean. general.
I talk about the Pinebook Pro (and bricking various other arm devices)

hpr3705 :: The Year of the FreeBSD Desktop

2022-10-14. 01:09:15. Clean. general.
I talk about configuring FreeBSD as a desktop OS and give tips for those coming from Linux

hpr3695 :: How I watch youtube with newsboat

2022-09-30. 00:11:03. Clean. general.
Using youtube's channel RSS feeds to watch youtube from the command line

hpr3686 :: Followup for HPR3675: Clarifications on the path traversal bug

2022-09-19. 00:38:55. Clean. general.
installing a plan 9 cpu+web server, namespaces to the rescue, web app security models and more

hpr3675 :: Plan 9: An exercise in futility

2022-09-02. 01:19:31. Clean. general.
I talk about the design of Plan 9 and how I use it

hpr3665 :: UNIX Is Sublime

2022-08-19. 00:59:46. Clean. general.
I talk about all of the reasons I love UNIX

hpr3655 :: BSD for Linux users

2022-08-05. 01:07:53. Clean. general.
I attempt to explain the wacky and wonderful world of BSD in a Linux friendly way

hpr3643 :: My computing history and the software I use

2022-07-20. 00:55:45. Clean. general.
Rambling about my computing history and tech stack.

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