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hpr3752 :: It only took me 2 years to record using some 'new' hardware

2022-12-20. 00:09:42. Clean. general.
the why and what of some new recording hardware

hpr3512 :: Auld Acquaintance

2022-01-18. 00:10:59. Clean. general.
flappin gums aboot auld hardware and how I use it.

hpr3472 :: consuming an AQI API

2021-11-23. 00:06:26. Clean. Programming 101.
just because the sky is clear, doesn't mean the air is safe to breathe

hpr3378 :: A bit of my experience with Starlink internet service

2021-07-14. 00:10:08. Clean. general.
some ramblings about satellite internet service and how Starlink is different

hpr2983 :: my phone

2020-01-08. 00:08:17. Clean. general.
gnu-linuxy in my pocket

hpr2919 :: hosting software in HPR show notes

2019-10-10. 00:10:26. Clean. Programming 101.
boats are awesome, but might lead to hosting software in the HPR show notes

hpr2911 :: my internet connection

2019-09-30. 00:10:55. Clean. general.
a bloviated harang with a smattering of spewed expetives, while describing available ISPs

hpr2854 :: Telling myself something In The Morning

2019-07-11. 00:06:14. Clean. Programming 101.
There was a need for some software, so I wrote some

hpr2379 :: sending a text message from the command line

2017-09-14. 00:04:55. Clean. general.
a bunch of waffling on about email and text message sending from the command line

hpr2239 :: making jerky

2017-03-02. 00:12:29. Clean. general.
jezra goes talks about his process for making jerky, while making jerky

hpr2217 :: building a new voice input device

2017-01-31. 00:05:51. Clean. general.
a bunch of jibber jabber about putting a little computer into a phone

hpr2038 :: Attempting to fix a plastic boat

2016-05-25. 00:15:23. Clean. general.
Using fire and various bits of plastic, jezra attempts to repair a hole in a plastic boat.

hpr1914 :: Waking up

2015-12-03. 00:07:42. Clean. general.
A follow up episode in response to Windigo's episode about waking up

hpr1892 :: my chicken coop

2015-11-03. 00:10:10. Clean. Hobby Electronics.
jezra blabs about the brok brok brok house

hpr1531 :: How I use Linux

2014-06-16. 00:15:43. Clean. general.
jezra talks about using Linux

hpr1511 :: How to skin a snake

2014-05-19. 00:16:02. Clean. general.
How to skin a snake, and cure the skin for later use

hpr1367 :: I'm Sorry Dan

2013-10-29. 00:10:08. Clean. general.
jezra is sorry

hpr1223 :: How I got into linux

2013-04-10. 00:11:59. Clean. How I got into tech.
From Windows to Arch with a few other Linux versions along the way

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