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Andrew Conway

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hpr3781 :: The Joule Thief

2023-01-30. 00:13:11. Clean. general.
Using the Joule Thief to suck energy out of flat batteries

hpr3772 :: Adventures with a small solar panel

2023-01-17. 00:27:43. Clean. general.
I have a look at a cheap solar panel and learn a bit about how it works, and doesn't work.

hpr3544 :: All my microphones

2022-03-03. 00:10:55. Clean. general.
A show recording using every microphone I had to hand.

hpr3536 :: Laptop power problems

2022-02-21. 00:23:18. Clean. general.
This is a story of a laptop with two power problems.

hpr3464 :: Being irrational

2021-11-11. 00:12:57. Clean. general.
Being irrational is rational.

hpr3428 :: Bad disk rescue

2021-09-22. 00:29:54. Clean. general.
Bad disk rescue - tragedy or happy ending?

hpr3367 :: Making books with linux - part 1

2021-06-29. 00:56:07. Clean. general.
A discussion about assembling books using simple tools commonly found in most linux distros.

hpr3243 :: Pictor - free and open radio astronomy

2021-01-06. 00:47:34. Clean. general.
Discussion with the people that created the Pictor radio telescope.

hpr3126 :: Metrics part II

2020-07-27. 00:32:47. Clean. general.
The metric of a 2D curved surface

hpr3120 :: How open are roleplaying games?

2020-07-17. 00:46:07. Clean. general.
Klaatu and mcnalu talk through what open and free mean in roleplaying games.

hpr3101 :: Metrics

2020-06-22. 00:25:53. Clean. general.
A layman's explanation of the mathematical concept of metric.

hpr3010 :: FOSDEM first impressions

2020-02-14. 00:27:18. Clean. general.
Impressions from my first attendance at FOSDEM.

hpr2731 :: My 8 bit Christmas

2019-01-21. 00:26:19. Clean. general.
I got a new, old computer for Christmas - an Acorn BBC microcomputer model B.

hpr2384 :: Slackware in Scotland

2017-09-21. 00:56:39. Clean. general.
Beni comes to Scotland and talks to Andrew about Slackware 14.2, a year after release.

hpr1594 :: Steam and wine with linux

2014-09-11. 00:17:13. Clean. general.
How to coax a windows-only steam game to work under steam in GNU/Linux.

hpr1587 :: Beginner's guide to the night sky 3 - A wee dot on a dark sky

2014-09-02. 00:30:09. Clean. general.
A ramble about stars, by a geeky chap who resides on planet Earth.

hpr1553 :: TuxJam 33.333 - How we got into Linux

2014-07-16. 01:07:57. Clean. How I got into tech.
Kevie and Andrew release TuxJam episode 33 1/3 as an exclusive to HPR on how they got into Linux

hpr1533 :: Beginner's guide to the night sky 2

2014-06-18. 00:24:59. Clean. general.
A review of some astronomy software, as used on the planet Earth, by a geeky chap.

hpr1484 :: TuxJam31

2014-04-10. 01:21:18. Clean. general.
Andrew Conway presents TuxJam episode 31, a special for HPR

hpr1392 :: Beginner's guide to the night sky

2013-12-03. 00:17:35. Clean. general.
A personal view of the Universe, as viewed from Earth, by a geeky chap.

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