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Jon Kulp

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hpr3819 :: Remapping Mouse Buttons with XBindKeys on Linux

2023-03-23. 00:10:00. Clean. general.
I explain how I assigned different functions to the spare buttons on my trackball mice.

hpr3494 :: Recent Generator Repairs and Maintenance

2021-12-23. 00:18:00. Clean. general.
I talk about my Generac 4000XL gasoline-powered generator and what I've done to get it running right

hpr3478 :: Audio Wiring Hack on a Classroom Podium

2021-12-01. 00:18:13. Clean. general.
Listen in while I hack the wiring on our classroom podium for custom audio routing.

hpr3471 :: The Sony Walkman WM-F41

2021-11-22. 00:08:51. Clean. general.
A quick talk about one of my favorite Legacy Audio devices, a genuine Sony FM/AM cassette Walkman.

hpr3384 :: Page Numbers in EPUB eBook Files

2021-07-22. 00:28:19. Clean. general.
Response to HPR 3367 I describe how to specify page numbers in an EPUB eBook.

hpr3237 :: Cloning a Hard Drive with Clonezilla

2020-12-29. 00:17:37. Clean. general.
I had some hard drive failures recently and am getting back to the habit of cloning for backups.

hpr3014 :: A Headless Raspberry Pi Streaming Radio

2020-02-20. 00:17:48. Clean. general.
I use a Raspberry Pi to make a streaming radio device for my pillow speaker.

hpr2979 :: Bicycle Freewheel Maintenance

2020-01-02. 00:07:30. Clean. Bicycle Hacking.
I explain how to lube a bicycle freewheel

hpr2964 :: Bolos and Bowties: Neckwear for Nerds

2019-12-12. 00:16:20. Clean. general.
I talk about ties, at least the kind I like to wear when the occasion calls for it.

hpr2929 :: Recovering Files from a Dead MacBook Air

2019-10-24. 00:08:02. Clean. general.
I talk about recovering the files from my wife's dead MacBook Air using an Ubuntu Live CD.

hpr2924 :: Hacking an Alarm Clock to Make it Quieter

2019-10-17. 00:06:05. Clean. general.
I talk about installing a resistor in the speaker wire of an alarm clock so it won't be so loud

hpr2894 :: Repairing a Musical Instrument Case

2019-09-05. 00:21:58. Clean. general.
I talked about repairing the case for a Vietnamese Dan Tranh

hpr2884 :: TASCAM Porta 02 MiniStudio 4-Track Cassette Recorder Demonstration

2019-08-22. 01:17:16. Clean. general.
I demonstrate the use of a vintage home studio device

hpr2874 :: Repair of G.E. Variable Speed Cassette Recorder

2019-08-08. 00:20:28. Clean. general.
I talk about repairing a 1997 handheld cassette recorder and demonstrate its use.

hpr2844 :: The Sony TC-222-A Portable Reel-To-Reel Tape Recorder

2019-06-27. 00:31:08. Clean. general.
I talk about my latest thrift-store gadget, a 1969 Sony portable reel-to-reel tape recorder

hpr2784 :: The Yamaha Disklavier

2019-04-04. 00:24:00. Clean. general.
I talk about the Yamaha Disklavier DKC500RW that's in my office at work

hpr2759 :: Cleaning the Potentiometers on a Peavey Bandit 65

2019-02-28. 00:20:44. Clean. general.
I disassemble and clean the pots on my Peavey Bandit 65 to fix static in the knobs.

hpr2737 :: My Pioneer RT-707 Reel-to-Reel Tape Deck

2019-01-29. 00:23:01. Clean. general.
An intro to more of my legacy audio equipment.

hpr2614 :: My 1948 Truetone D1835 Tube Radio

2018-08-09. 00:10:57. Clean. general.
I talk about my "new" 1948 D1835 Tube-powered radio.

hpr2604 :: Restoration of a Fasco L55A Hassock Fan

2018-07-26. 00:17:54. Clean. general.
I talk about my recent restoration project of a mid-century modern hassock fan

hpr2597 :: How to Fix a Remote with Buttons that Don't Work

2018-07-17. 00:06:32. Clean. general.
A response to Ken Fallon's episode about how to check whether your remote is working or not.

hpr2589 :: Saving Money: a response to Klaatu's Personal Finance Series

2018-07-05. 00:14:27. Clean. general.
A response to Klaatu's very nice series about personal finance.

hpr2354 :: Night Sounds in Rural Tennessee

2017-08-10. 00:03:30. Clean. Sound Scapes.
A recording of the night sounds outside Tullahoma, Tennessee

hpr2337 :: The Kobo Aura eReader

2017-07-18. 00:18:43. Clean. general.
A review of my new (used) Kobo Aura e-book reader

hpr2309 :: Crowdsourcing Accessibility

2017-06-08. 00:22:34. Clean. Accessibility.
A show about my efforts to get lots of students to help correct transcriptions of my online lectures

hpr2259 :: Minidiscs: A Response to HPR 2212

2017-03-30. 00:16:42. Clean. general.
Response to hpr2212 with my own uses and recollections of the awesome legacy medium of the minidisc

hpr2214 :: Upgrading Vehicle Lights From Halogen to LED

2017-01-26. 00:18:00. Clean. general.
A quick show about upgrading some of the lights on our vehicles from halogen to LED

hpr2209 :: Calibre eBook Server

2017-01-19. 00:12:30. Clean. general.
A quick rundown of how to share your ebook Library on your network using calibre-server

hpr2199 :: Replacing the Throttle Position Sensor on My Truck

2017-01-05. 00:18:58. Clean. general.
Sound-seeing episode, listen as I Replace the throttle position sensor on my truck

hpr2154 :: Replacing a Bicycle Brake Cable

2016-11-03. 00:29:29. Clean. Bicycle Hacking.
I replace the brake cable and housing on my 1985 Schwinn

hpr2124 :: Repairing a Cloth Shopping Bag with a Sewing Machine

2016-09-22. 00:21:16. Clean. general.
I talk while sewing the strap back onto a cloth shopping bag

hpr2119 :: Making Chocolate Chip Cookies

2016-09-15. 00:40:36. Clean. Cooking.
Listen live as I make a batch of really tasty chocolate chip cookies

hpr2110 :: Overhauling a Bicycle Hub

2016-09-02. 00:45:15. Clean. Bicycle Hacking.
Listen and enjoy as I overhaul the rear hub of my 1985 Schwinn.

hpr2108 :: Changing the Oil on My Wife's Car

2016-08-31. 00:32:21. Clean. general.
Listen and enjoy as I change the oil on my wife's Honda CR-V

hpr2107 :: Makefiles for Everyday Use

2016-08-30. 00:23:12. Clean. general.
I talk about how I use Makefiles in my Lilypond and HTML projects

hpr2094 :: Custom Keystrokes for Desktop Navigation on Gnome

2016-08-11. 00:14:04. Clean. Accessibility.
I demonstrate how to add custom keystrokes for desktop navigation on classic gnome

hpr2084 :: Cleaning the Throttle Body on My Pickup Truck

2016-07-28. 00:24:29. Clean. general.
I record the process of cleaning the throttle body on my truck, trying to fix an idling problem

hpr2069 :: Counting Stuff in LibreOffice Calc

2016-07-07. 00:19:55. Clean. LibreOffice.
I try to explain how to use the COUNTIF function in LibreOffice to generate reports

hpr2054 :: Blather Configuration Part 1: Desktop Management

2016-06-16. 00:24:56. Clean. Accessibility.
Blather Configuration Part 1: Desktop Management

hpr2039 :: Blather Configuration Part 0: Initial Setup

2016-05-26. 00:19:06. Clean. Accessibility.
In this episode I walk you through the process of getting blather running for the first time

hpr2024 :: Remapping Keys with xmodmap

2016-05-05. 00:08:51. Clean. general.
I describe how I use xmodmap to remap my spacebar to make underscores

hpr1994 :: Truck Repair: Serpentine Belt Replacement

2016-03-24. 01:01:28. Clean. general.
Listen as I replace the serpentine belt, idler pulley, and belt tensioner in my truck.

hpr1979 :: How to Make Perfect Steel-Cut Oats

2016-03-03. 00:10:30. Clean. Cooking.
I explain how to make the perfect tasty, nutritious breakfast in a slow cooker

hpr1954 :: Grandpa Shows Us How to Turn Custom Pens

2016-01-28. 01:06:54. Clean. general.
Live action audio of my dad teaching us how to turn pens on a mini lathe

hpr1949 :: The Kindle/Kobo Open Reader (KOReader)

2016-01-21. 00:27:18. Clean. general.
I talk about installing an alternate ebook reader app on a jailbroken Kindle

hpr1939 :: Collating Pages with pdftk

2016-01-07. 00:15:34. Clean. general.
I describe how to collate the pages of two separate PDF files using pdftk

hpr1929 :: I Found a Flashlight

2015-12-24. 00:13:40. Clean. general.
I talk about an amazing flashlight I found while walking to work one day recently

hpr1909 :: Creating an Open, Embedded-Media Music Textbook

2015-11-26. 00:29:55. Clean. general.
This is a recording of my presentation at the recent national joint CMS/ATMI meeting in Indianapolis

hpr1899 :: MyTinyTodo List

2015-11-12. 00:12:32. Clean. general.
Introduction to one of my favorite productivity tools, the web-based todo list called MyTinyTodo

hpr1879 :: Hacking a Belt to Make it Fit

2015-10-15. 00:15:06. Clean. general.
I record a show while hacking a belt to make it fit.

hpr1867 :: The Lafayette Public Library Maker Space

2015-09-29. 00:45:33. Clean. general.
My son and I visit the Lafayette Public Library to try out the 3d printer in the maker space.

hpr1854 :: Installing Ubuntu on the Asus TP500L

2015-09-10. 00:15:27. Clean. general.
I talk about the process of getting Ubuntu onto my son's UEFI-secured laptop.

hpr1844 :: The Marantz PMD 660 Professional Solid State Recorder

2015-08-27. 00:14:46. Clean. general.
I talk about the recording device I inherited from my mother-in-law and use it to record the show

hpr1839 :: My "New" Used Pickup Truck

2015-08-20. 00:22:00. Clean. general.
I talk about my pickup truck and doing some repairs and stuff

hpr1834 :: Password Cards

2015-08-13. 00:08:20. Clean. Privacy and Security.
How to hide a password using a password card

hpr1829 :: My "New" Used Kindle DX

2015-08-06. 00:13:56. Clean. general.
I talk about my latest gadget, a used Kindle DX

hpr1824 :: I'm Learning Some Python

2015-07-30. 00:32:00. Clean. general.
I discuss how I use Python and some of the cool modules and libraries that I've found

hpr1819 :: LibreOffice Tips: Horizontal Lists and Headless Operation

2015-07-23. 00:11:15. Clean. LibreOffice.
A workaround to create horizontal ordered lists in LibreOffice and run LO headless to convert files

hpr1814 :: Custom Context Menus in GNU/Linux GUI File Managers

2015-07-16. 00:12:43. Clean. general.
I describe how to add custom context menu items in the Nautilus and Thunar file managers.

hpr1812 :: Headphones and a $2 Microphone

2015-07-14. 00:19:40. Clean. general.
I talk about my various headphones as I walk to my office.

hpr1809 :: My "New" Used Kindle Touch

2015-07-09. 00:11:05. Clean. general.
I talk about why used stuff is often better than new stuff, with my new used Kindle Touch as example

hpr1804 :: What's in my Bicycle Repair Tool Box

2015-07-02. 00:24:14. Clean. What's in My Toolkit.
I describe what's in my bike repair tool box and what the tools do.

hpr1799 :: Posting From the Command Line on Open Social Networks

2015-06-25. 00:12:44. Clean. general.
I explain how to post content from the command line on open social networks and GNU Social

hpr1794 :: 12-Tone Music and My Random 12 Tone Row of the Day

2015-06-18. 00:14:01. Clean. general.
An Intro to 12-tone music and my "Random 12-Tone Row of the Day" bash script.

hpr1789 :: The Ubuntu Quickly Ebook Template and Ebooks in General

2015-06-11. 00:33:52. Clean. general.
Jon Kulp and Mike Hingley talk about ebooks in general and Mike's Quickly Ebook Template project

hpr1784 :: Intro to the Fugue and the Open Well-Tempered Clavier

2015-06-04. 00:30:26. Clean. general.
Inspired by the release of the Open Well Tempered-Clavier, I try to explain the Fugue.

hpr1779 :: Cowsay and Figlet

2015-05-28. 00:15:44. Clean. general.
Cowsay and Figlet: Two fun ASCII text commands

hpr1774 :: Router Hacking

2015-05-21. 00:19:50. Clean. general.
A Quick What, Why, and How of Hacking Routers

hpr1771 :: Audacity: Label Tracks

2015-05-18. 00:11:23. Clean. Podcasting HowTo.
Intro to my recent discovery of "Label Tracks" in Audacity

hpr1770 :: The OpenDyslexic Font

2015-05-15. 00:18:07. Clean. Accessibility.
Introduction to the OpenDyslexic font

hpr1769 :: A Demonstration of Dictation Software on my Office Computer

2015-05-14. 00:13:45. Clean. Accessibility.
I record a whole show in dictation mode to demonstrate Dragon dictation software capabilities

hpr1760 :: pdftk: the PDF Toolkit

2015-05-01. 00:20:54. Clean. general.
Intro to the command-line pdf toolkit

hpr1754 :: D7? Why Seven?

2015-04-23. 00:13:52. Clean. general.
I explain what 7th chords are and when to use them.

hpr1750 :: xclip, xdotool, xvkbd: 3 CLI Linux tools for RSI sufferers

2015-04-17. 00:20:58. Clean. Accessibility.
3 command-line tools that save me hundreds of keystrokes a day.

hpr1732 :: Renovating another Public-Domain Counterpoint Textbook

2015-03-24. 00:33:34. Clean. general.
A follow-up to ep. 1512, I reflect on what I've learned digitizing two Counterpoint textbooks.

hpr1657 :: Hacking Gutenberg eBooks

2014-12-09. 00:27:03. Clean. general.
I talk about ebook formatting and how to customize an ebook from Project Gutenberg

hpr1568 :: Blather Speech Recognition for Linux

2014-08-06. 00:06:39. Clean. general.
Jon has a conversation with his computer

hpr1538 :: Overhauling the School of Music website

2014-06-25. 00:29:00. Clean. general.
I discuss how I overhauled an outdated website for my employer.

hpr1512 :: Adopting and Renovating a Public-Domain Counterpoint Textbook

2014-05-20. 00:20:52. Clean. general.
I discuss one of my latest projects, a digital overhaul of a 100+ year old counterpoint textbook

hpr1368 :: How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

2013-10-30. 00:13:29. Clean. general.
You might think that folding a fitted sheet neatly is a challenge. Not Jon Kulp, he shows us how

hpr1349 :: Melissa Dupreast helps me with Audio Compression

2013-10-03. 00:17:48. Clean. general.
A lesson in audio compression from a professional engineer

hpr1339 :: Legacy Technology: My Victrola

2013-09-19. 00:29:23. Clean. general.
A 1917 Victrola demonstrated

hpr1313 :: How I Manage Contacts

2013-08-14. 00:11:52. Clean. general.
Strategies for de-duplicating and centralising contact information

hpr1304 :: Jon Kulp and His Son Talk Hacking

2013-08-01. 00:41:01. Clean. general.
Jon Kulp and his son talk Hacking

hpr1301 :: Conversation with Nybill and Jon Kulp

2013-07-29. 00:54:18. Clean. general.
HPR hosts Nybill and Jon Kulp meet face-to-face

hpr1299 :: What's in my Bag

2013-07-25. 00:09:03. Clean. What's in My Toolkit.
What's in my Toolkit

hpr1284 :: Blather Speech Recognition for Linux: Interview with Jezra

2013-07-04. 00:40:50. Clean. Interviews.
Jon Kulp interviews Jezra about speech recognition with Blather

hpr1282 :: My Homemade Recumbent Bicycle

2013-07-02. 00:34:49. Clean. Bicycle Hacking.
Jon made his own recumbent bicycle and tells us about it

hpr1280 :: Homemade Antennas for OTA Hi-Def TV

2013-06-28. 00:14:59. Clean. general.
Antennas for over-the-air hi-def TV

hpr1276 :: Two Hacker Public Radio hosts meet face-to-face for the first time

2013-06-24. 00:08:39. Clean. general.
A meeting between Jon Kulp and windigo (and the cat)

hpr1270 :: Fathers Day Special: Jon Kulp interviews his Dad

2013-06-14. 00:42:31. Clean. Interviews.
Jon Kulp interviews his Dad for Fathers Day

hpr1247 :: Recording Terrestrial Radio with bash scripts and cron jobs

2013-05-14. 00:14:36. Clean. Bash Scripting.
Using a Bash script to capture terrestrial radio

hpr1197 :: What I do with bash scripts

2013-03-05. 00:27:18. Clean. Bash Scripting.
Some personal anecdotes on writing Bash scripts

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