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Claudio Miranda

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hpr3777 :: Running Haiku on Bhyve, the BSD Hypervisor

2023-01-24. 00:08:51. Clean. general.
Claudio talks about installing and running Haiku R1/beta4 on Bhyve

hpr3671 :: Response to Episode 3655, "BSD for Linux Users"

2022-08-29. 00:11:14. Clean. general.
Claudio responds to binrc's episode on BSD for Linux Users and rambles on about other BSD stuff.

hpr3527 :: My gEeeky Experiment - Part 3

2022-02-08. 00:13:36. Clean. general.
Claudio talks about how he upgraded the SSD on his Asus Eee PC 901 netbook.

hpr3493 :: My First Spanish HPR Episode

2021-12-22. 00:05:02. Clean. general.
A short Spanish episode inspired by discussions about non-English episodes on the HPR mailing list.

hpr3418 :: My gEeeky Experiment - Part 2

2021-09-08. 00:10:48. Clean. general.
Claudio talks about how he installed Haiku on an Asus Eee PC 900a received from a friend.

hpr3383 :: My gEeeky Experiment - Part 1

2021-07-21. 00:17:09. Clean. general.
ClaudioM talks about how he revived his lowly Asus Eee PC 901 netbook with OpenBSD.

hpr3093 :: Response to Linux Inlaws S01E06 (hpr 3079) on NeXT

2020-06-10. 00:07:10. Clean. general.
Response to Linux Inlaws S01E06 (hpr 3079) regarding NeXT, NeXTSTEP, and what would become Mac OS X.

hpr3032 :: piCore on a Raspberry Pi 1 Model B

2020-03-17. 00:10:51. Clean. general.
How I revived my Raspberry Pi Model 1 B with piCore and a tiny SD card.

hpr2783 :: The Windows "Shutdown.exe" Command Explained

2019-04-03. 00:15:23. Clean. general.
A rundown of the Windows "shutdown.exe" command.

hpr2661 :: My Music Production Setup

2018-10-15. 00:11:19. Clean. general.
ClaudioM shares his music production setup.

hpr2567 :: Son of Hunky Punk

2018-06-05. 00:04:29. Clean. general.
I follow-up on my Frotz episode by covering Son of Hunky Punk, a Z-machine interpreter for Android.

hpr2473 :: Frotz - A Portable Z-Machine Interpreter

2018-01-24. 00:10:08. Clean. general.
How to use Frotz to play those old Infocom text adventure games from the 80s.

hpr2334 :: Our Adventure Begins!

2017-07-13. 00:16:06. Clean. general.
I discuss Colossal Cave Adventure and the adventure of playing it with my son.

hpr1541 :: How I Came To Linux

2014-06-30. 00:36:19. Clean. How I got into tech.
ClaudioM talks about how he came to computers and to Linux

hpr722 :: How I Upgraded My PC - Motherboard

2011-05-09. 00:17:12. Clean. Hardware upgrades.
Claudio recaps episode 1 and covers the what, why, and how of his motherboard purchase.

hpr672 :: How I Upgraded My PC - CPU

2011-03-01. 00:18:35. Clean. Hardware upgrades.
Claudio talks about his PC and covers the what, why, and how of his new CPU purchase.

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