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hpr3374 :: Why I love the MacBook Mid 2010

2021-07-08. 00:23:51. Clean. general.
I talk about the upgrades I made to the machine and how it's benefited me since I got it

hpr3262 :: My thoughts on diversity in Linux and open source

2021-02-02. 00:33:30. Clean. general.
I give some of my background story and certain frustrations I have experienced in life

hpr3257 :: Lack of diversity in Linux and other open source communities

2021-01-26. 00:11:54. Clean. general.
I consider some reasons that there is a lack of diversity when it comes to open source communities.

hpr3234 :: Apple products I have owned

2020-12-24. 00:23:17. Clean. general.
I talk about Apple products that I have owned over the years

hpr2467 :: I randomly talk about my laptops

2018-01-16. 00:09:34. Clean. general.
Random talk about my laptops and the linux distros that are on them

hpr2318 :: Talking about my thinkpads

2017-06-21. 00:45:15. Clean. general.
I talk about why I love my thinkpads so much and how I appreciate having them

hpr2092 :: My new love

2016-08-09. 00:31:12. Clean. general.
I talk about how I got my latest laptop

hpr2002 :: Just got a Raspberry Pi Zero

2016-04-05. 00:13:30. Clean. general.
Excited about having a Raspberry Pi Zero

hpr1983 :: Review of Sony Vaio VPC

2016-03-09. 00:33:39. Clean. general.
Sony vaio is discussed

hpr1970 :: How I got started with Linux

2016-02-19. 00:27:45. Clean. How I got into tech.
I talk at length about how I got started with Linux

hpr1966 :: Whats in my bag

2016-02-15. 00:07:00. Clean. What's in My Toolkit.
I talk about what I have in my bag today

hpr1901 :: Instaling Linux programs without internet

2015-11-16. 00:04:54. Clean. general.
I install supertuxkart at home on my PC

hpr1897 :: Installing Windows 7 Ultimate

2015-11-10. 00:22:37. Clean. general.
I talk about installing Windows 7 Ultimate on a 320 GB HDD I got from a friend

hpr1872 :: Sim City BuildIt September 2015

2015-10-06. 00:23:37. Clean. general.
I talk about one of my favorite games sim city buildit

hpr1833 :: Resurrecting an IBM T40

2015-08-12. 00:20:48. Clean. general.
I make an attempt to bring a 13 year old laptop back to life

hpr1772 :: Random thoughts

2015-05-19. 00:12:28. Clean. general.
I talk about some of the things I appreciate in life

hpr1731 :: Upgrading an old laptop

2015-03-23. 00:11:59. Clean. general.
I put brand new parts into an old fujitsu lifebook 4215

hpr1711 :: Problems with video software in Linux

2015-02-23. 00:13:47. Clean. general.
A person new to Linux is introduced to video software that was unimpressive

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