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hpr3592 :: A quick look at the Surface pro X

2022-05-10. 00:23:00. Clean. general.
Knightwise gives a quick overview of 3 months on the Surface pro X

hpr3581 :: My daily Linux driver.

2022-04-25. 00:22:56. Clean. general.
Knightwise talks about the Linux system he uses as a daily driver.

hpr3576 :: First impressions of Ubuntu 22.04 as a daily driver.

2022-04-18. 00:23:00. Clean. general.
Knightwise gives his first impressions on the latest LTS release of Ubuntu

hpr3117 :: The joy of retro computing

2020-07-14. 00:31:54. Clean. general.
Knightwise talks about the old computers in his attic and how it is a loverly geek getaway

hpr2813 :: Should we dump the linux Desktop.

2019-05-15. 00:20:29. Clean. general.
Knightwise wonders if we should let go of the linux desktop environments and focus on cross-platform

hpr2798 :: Should Podcasters be Pirates ?

2019-04-24. 00:12:05. Clean. general.
Knightwise waxes nostalgically on the early days of podcasting and wonders if we all sold out?

hpr2777 :: The quest for the perfect laptop.

2019-03-26. 00:31:07. Clean. general.
Knightwise is out looking for a new laptop and describes what he is looking for and why.

hpr2624 :: Cycling through Brussels

2018-08-23. 00:22:07. Clean. general.
On a hot day Knightwise rides his bike through Brussels.

hpr2587 :: Cleaning out your Digital Gutters

2018-07-03. 00:25:19. Clean. general.
Knightwise talks about being a geek and his quest to curate the library of his mind

hpr2538 :: My geeky plans for the new house.

2018-04-25. 00:26:53. Clean. general.
Knightwise talks about the new geek infrastructure in his house

hpr2534 :: Moving to Office 365 (and painting the ceiling)

2018-04-19. 00:31:28. Clean. general.
Knightwise talks about moving his company email to Office 365

hpr2457 :: Getting ready for my new Macbook Pro

2018-01-02. 00:19:25. Clean. general.
Knightwise is about to order a new macbook pro and shares some tips and tricks

hpr2165 :: Get the most out of your commute with these great audio suggestions.

2016-11-18. 00:35:56. Clean. general.
Knightwise talks about ways to stay entertained during your commute to work by listening to podcasts

hpr2088 :: How my wife's grandma got me into linux.

2016-08-03. 00:33:21. Clean. How I got into tech.
Knightwise tells us how his wife's 80 year old grandmother got him into Linux.

hpr2049 :: My Raspberry Pi Home Server

2016-06-09. 00:25:24. Clean. general.
Knightwise talks about how he uses his Raspberry Pi to get things done.

hpr1883 :: Don't Get Locked In

2015-10-21. 00:18:00. Clean. general.
Knightwise discusses how he uses tools from several major software platforms to get his work done

hpr1726 :: 15 Excuses not to Record a show for HPR

2015-03-16. 00:18:57. Clean. general.
Inspired by a recent meeting with Ken Fallon, Knightwise presents 15 excuses not to record a show.

hpr1559 :: We don't always need new gear.

2014-07-24. 00:25:40. Clean. general.
Knightwise gives some budget saving tips on why you don't always need to get new gear.

hpr1460 :: The road warrios command line combat life.

2014-03-07. 00:16:29. Clean. general.
Podcasting from the car Knightwise shows us his favorite command line applications and how he connec

hpr1450 :: My Mobile digital life

2014-02-21. 00:26:27. Clean. general.
Knightwise shows us how he stays sane during 3 hour commutes and how he safely tunes tech into his d

hpr1401 :: Huawei Mate review

2013-12-16. 00:09:36. Clean. general.
Knightwise takes a look at the Huawei Mate 6.1 smartphone and voices his opinions.

hpr1281 :: Samsung Ativ Premiere

2013-07-01. 00:09:14. Clean. general.
Knightwise attended Samsung's 2013 premiere event in London

hpr1271 :: Out of style or retro chique.

2013-06-17. 00:11:10. Clean. general.
Knightwise finds old tech at a garage sale and ponders about the pace of change

hpr1257 :: Getting things done.

2013-05-28. 00:10:55. Clean. general.
Knightwise speaks of his Apple experiences over recent years

hpr929 :: The Knightcast KC0060 : "Storytime"

2012-02-23. 00:25:14. Clean. Syndicated Thursdays.
Another visit to the Knightcast podcast

hpr884 :: Cross Platform Streaming

2011-12-21. 00:42:46. Clean. Syndicated Thursdays.
A visit to the Knightwise podcast: the Knightcast

hpr834 :: The Knightcast KC0056 : Best of KWTV Live

2011-10-12. 01:54:15. Clean. Syndicated Thursdays.
A visit to the Knightcast podcast

hpr814 :: The Knightcast KC0054 : Setting up Amahi

2011-09-14. 01:01:22. Clean. Syndicated Thursdays.
A visit to the Knightcast podcast

hpr739 :: The Knightcast KC0053 : Wirelessly syncing content to your Ipad and Ipod.

2011-06-01. 01:13:09. Clean. Syndicated Thursdays.
A visit to the Knightcast podcast

hpr337 :: Linux at Work

2009-04-15. 00:32:31. Clean. general.
Knightwise talks about linux in the workplace

hpr310 :: SSH tunneling

2009-03-09. 00:25:35. Clean. general.
Using ssh connections for tunneling and other applications

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