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David Whitman

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hpr3774 :: Emergency Show posted in 2014. Chump Car Report

2023-01-19. 00:25:00. Clean. general.
The racing series for $500 cars.

hpr2513 :: Why I choose Aperture first

2018-03-21. 00:12:03. Clean. general.
David Whitman encourages you to choose Aperture as the most important setting in setting up your cam

hpr2452 :: Hydraulic Heavy Scale Project

2017-12-26. 00:22:19. Clean. general.
Hydraulic Jack Mod, DIY, Travel Trailer Balance

hpr2160 :: An Audio Illustration Tying the Bowline Knot

2016-11-11. 00:05:43. Clean. general.
David Whitman attempts an audio illustration of how to tie the bowline knot.

hpr2070 :: Adventures with Jonathan Slocum

2016-07-08. 00:11:34. Clean. general.
Join me on an audio video adventure with Captain Slocum and another Robert W Service ballad

hpr1955 :: Install Open Street Map on a Garmin 60CX

2016-01-29. 00:20:38. Clean. general.
David Whitman installs an Open Street Map of Hawaii on a Garmin 60CX. Yipee for Free.

hpr1953 :: An Interview with David Willson of the Software Freedom School

2016-01-27. 00:54:46. Clean. Interviews.
Starting with an out take, David Whitman talks to David Willson about Software Freedom School.

hpr1808 :: David Whitman reads 'The Shooting of Dan McGrew' written by Robert W Service

2015-07-08. 00:07:47. Clean. general.
For his birthday David Whitman recites the Robert W Service ballad,

hpr1802 :: An Interview with Emily Hampton a LinuxFest Northwest Volunteer

2015-06-30. 00:06:55. Clean. Interviews.
An Interview with Emily Hampton a LinuxFest Northwest Volunteer

hpr1797 :: An Interview with Aaron Wolf of the Snowdrift Co-op Project

2015-06-23. 00:14:35. Clean. Interviews.
Aaron Wolf of the Snowdrift Co-op project is interviewed by David Whitman

hpr1792 :: An Interview with Andrea Frost

2015-06-16. 00:10:07. Clean. Interviews.
David Whitman interviews Andrea Frost during LinuxFest Northwest.

hpr1773 :: LFNW 2015 interview with Deb Nicholson

2015-05-20. 00:17:32. Clean. Interviews.
David Whitman interviews Deborah Nicholson of the Open invention Network. Enjoy!

hpr1767 :: An interview with Ed Cable of the Mifos Initiative

2015-05-12. 00:11:44. Clean. Interviews.
David Whitman interviews Ed Cable of the MIFOS Iniative at Linux Fest Northwest on April 25, 2015.

hpr1729 :: Shield's Up - Wood Stove Heat Shield Project

2015-03-19. 00:15:57. Clean. general.
David Whitman builds a safety heat shield for a wood stove in his shop

hpr1547 :: My Linux Experience Birthday Special

2014-07-08. 00:15:22. Clean. How I got into tech.
The cake is not a lie, I tell how I got into Linux and what my favorite Birthday Cake is.

hpr1474 :: A behind the Curtain Look at OsmAnd (OSM Automated Navigation Directions) with Pokey and David

2014-03-27. 01:28:23. Clean. general.
David and Pokey talk about the OsmAnd app

hpr1426 :: A Visit to Reglue

2014-01-20. 00:16:11. Clean. general.
Reglue gives free Linux computers to under privileged children and their families

hpr1268 :: What's in my bag

2013-06-12. 00:11:47. Clean. What's in My Toolkit.
David Whitman describes the contents of his work backpack

hpr1246 :: David Whitman On Location at LinuxFest Northwest

2013-05-13. 01:02:18. Clean. general.
Our correspondent reports from LFNW

hpr1214 :: LinuxFest Northwest is April 27, 28,2013

2013-03-28. 00:37:32. Clean. general.
An Interview with Jakob Perry

hpr988 :: LFNW: Dawn McKenna of McKenna Interpreting Services

2012-05-15. 00:29:34. Clean. Interviews.
An interview with Dawn McKenna at Linux Fest North West

hpr987 :: LFNW: Larry Cafiero - the Crunchbang guy

2012-05-15. 00:05:13. Clean. Interviews.
An interview with Larry Cafiero at Linux Fest North West

hpr986 :: LFNW: Interview with Scott Newlon of MintCast

2012-05-13. 00:23:53. Clean. Interviews.
In this episode David Whitman interviews Scott Newlon of MintCast

hpr985 :: LFNW: A Short Talk with Thomas Stover

2012-05-10. 00:07:15. Clean. Interviews.
An interview with Thomas Stover at Linux Fest North West

hpr958 :: KDE Gathering - Plasma Active - THE Tablet

2012-04-03. 00:23:16. Clean. general.
An interview with Carl Symons and John Blanford: all things KDE

hpr946 :: HPR Interview David Whitman with Carl Symons and John Blanford

2012-03-19. 00:30:39. Clean. Interviews.
David Whitman interviews Carl Symons and John Blanford

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