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hpr3596 :: Extracting text, tables and images from docx files using Python

2022-05-16. 00:08:37. Clean. A Little Bit of Python.
In this episode, I describe how I used 2 python libraries to extract import data from docx files

hpr3427 :: Ranger for the Win!

2021-09-21. 00:18:16. Clean. general.
In this episode, I go over some typical use cases for the Ranger file manager

hpr3248 :: SARS-CoV-2 detection by PCR explanation

2021-01-13. 00:24:24. Clean. Health and Healthcare.
This episode summarizes the process to detect the virus that causes COVID-19 by PCR

hpr3223 :: My COVID year summary

2020-12-09. 00:18:10. Clean. Health and Healthcare.
I summarize what I've been doing for the last year

hpr2939 :: Submit a show to Hacker Public Radio in 10 easy steps

2019-11-07. 00:10:01. Clean. Podcasting HowTo.
This is a 10 step walkthrough of submitting a show to HPR

hpr2931 :: Wallabag for on premises article aggregation

2019-10-28. 00:11:30. Clean. general.
In this episode, I describes my trials and eventual triumph in installing Wallabag

hpr2906 :: Feature Engineering for Data-Driven Decision Making

2019-09-23. 00:16:46. Clean. general.
In this episode, I explain feature engineering, and how it can be used to make decisions

hpr2804 :: Awk Part 13: Fix-Width Field Processing

2019-05-02. 00:06:21. Clean. Learning Awk.
In this episode, I discuss how to deal with fix-width field text files using Awk

hpr2752 :: XSV for fast CSV manipulations - Part 2

2019-02-19. 00:22:39. Clean. general.
Part 2 of my introduction to the XSV tool

hpr2698 :: XSV for fast CSV manipulations - Part 1

2018-12-05. 00:30:37. Clean. general.
Written in Rust, xsv is my new favorite tool for manipulating csv files

hpr2637 :: Convert it to Text

2018-09-11. 00:16:21. Clean. general.
This episode will make you want to TXT all the things.

hpr2622 :: Raspberry Pi Temperaturator

2018-08-21. 00:04:32. Clean. Hobby Electronics.
I invite my 6 year-old daughter on to discuss how we setup a temperature monitor on her pi

hpr2617 :: Exposing a Raspberry Pi database through a REST API

2018-08-14. 00:20:19. Clean. general.
In this episode, I discuss how I used python to make my speedtest data available across my network

hpr2554 :: Gnu Awk - Part 11

2018-05-17. 00:28:06. Clean. Learning Awk.
In part 11 of the series, we string and number built-in functions

hpr2511 :: Response to episode 2496

2018-03-19. 00:06:59. Clean. general.
How I am using the Raspberry Pi script discussed Episode 2496

hpr2476 :: Gnu Awk - Part 9

2018-01-29. 00:32:36. Clean. Learning Awk.
In part 9 of the series, we discuss the printf function

hpr2389 :: Thoughts on Lifetime Learning

2017-09-28. 00:09:28. Clean. general.
In this episode, I talk about my experiences in learning to be a good learner

hpr2333 :: VirtualenvWrapper for Fish Shell

2017-07-12. 00:13:55. Clean. general.
In this episode, talk about how I created my own virtualenvwrapper-like interface using Fish Shell.

hpr2330 :: Awk Part 7

2017-07-07. 00:21:11. Clean. Learning Awk.
Looping in Awk explained by a sleep-deprived host

hpr2236 :: Hoarding Raspberry Pis

2017-02-27. 00:25:15. Clean. general.
In this episode, I discuss my growing obsession with building a Raspberry Pi data center.

hpr2184 :: Gnu Awk - Part 5

2016-12-15. 00:39:54. Clean. Learning Awk.
In this episode, I describe how to use regular expressions with Awk.

hpr2143 :: Gnu Awk - Part 3

2016-10-19. 00:31:04. Clean. Learning Awk.
In this episode, I go into more advanced topics for the awk tool.

hpr2140 :: Vim Plugins I Use

2016-10-14. 00:26:30. Clean. Vim Hints.
In this episode, I talk about vim plugins as I drive home from work

hpr2114 :: Gnu Awk - Part 1

2016-09-08. 00:22:30. Clean. Learning Awk.
An introduction the the awk text parsing tool

hpr2091 :: Everyday Unix/Linux Tools for data processing

2016-08-08. 00:30:15. Clean. general.
In this episode, I give some examples of common and uncommon tools for processing data files

hpr2018 :: How to make Komboucha Tea

2016-04-27. 00:16:28. Clean. Cooking.
Here, I describe how to brew your own komboucha tea.

hpr2003 :: Using the Incron file watching daemon

2016-04-06. 00:11:38. Clean. Bash Scripting.
I briefly introduce the incron file watching daemon, and give an example of how I use it.

hpr1991 :: Adventures installing Linux on an Asus EeeBook X205A

2016-03-21. 00:17:45. Clean. general.
Installation instructions from lessons learned the hard way.

hpr1878 :: What's In My Bag

2015-10-14. 00:09:08. Clean. What's in My Toolkit.
What's in my travel bag for my upcoming client trip

hpr1832 :: Simplify writing using markdown and pandoc

2015-08-11. 00:21:28. Clean. general.
How I use Markdown and Pandoc in my writing workflow

hpr1756 :: Ranger File Manager

2015-04-27. 00:22:20. Clean. general.
Introduction to the ranger command line file manager

hpr1736 :: How I run my small business using Linux

2015-03-30. 00:18:59. Clean. general.
How I use Linux for my Business

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