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Paul Quirk

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hpr3771 :: How I eliminated pain naturally

2023-01-16. 00:19:46. Clean. general.
I describe how I managed to eliminate pain from carpal tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis.

hpr3347 :: Ethical Analysis of Renewable Energy and Conservation

2021-06-01. 00:15:04. Clean. general.
I read a paper I wrote about the ethical issues of renewable energy and conservation efforts.

hpr3224 :: Adventures in Retrocomputing with the Mac Plus

2020-12-10. 00:24:39. Clean. Mental Health.
I talk more about my hobby with retrocomputing, and then Greensleeves.

hpr3218 :: An introduction to Darktable

2020-12-02. 00:26:14. Clean. general.
A brief introduction to RAW photography, the Darktable application, and then sheep may safely graze

hpr3213 :: Electrical Safety

2020-11-25. 00:30:35. Clean. general.
I discuss why and how I stay safe when working with electricity, with some ear candy at the end.

hpr3208 :: The Paul Quirk show: Wacom with Pinebook, and thoughts on the DMCA takedown

2020-11-18. 00:18:40. Clean. general.
I got a Wacom tablet to use with my Pinebook, and then share my thoughts on the recent DMCA takedown

hpr3203 :: The Paul Quirk show: Retro Computing

2020-11-11. 00:30:38. Clean. general.
I discuss the hobby of retro computing in this episode.

hpr3198 :: Income Life insurance and then Chopin

2020-11-04. 00:23:01. Clean. general.
I talk about my thoughts on Income Life insurance, and then we listen to some Chopin

hpr3193 :: Meet Antithesis

2020-10-28. 00:32:26. Clean. Hardware upgrades.
Meet my new computer, a Pinebook Pro, as I explain my rationale, unbox it, and set it up.

hpr3169 :: Ludwig van Beethoven with a hint of Chopin

2020-09-24. 00:41:58. Clean. All Songs Considered.
A fine treat to satisfy your earholes.

hpr3159 :: Vivaldi - The Four Seasons

2020-09-10. 00:45:03. Clean. All Songs Considered.
All four movements of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, celebrating the Creative Commons license

hpr3154 :: Make NextCloud your next cloud

2020-09-03. 00:12:51. Clean. general.
I go into my reasons for using NextCloud, what it is, and why you might want it.

hpr3148 :: Why Open Source matters (to me)

2020-08-26. 00:26:52. Clean. general.
I go briefly into my own history that has lead me to choose open source software exclusively.

hpr3017 :: Developing Black and White Film

2020-02-25. 00:42:24. Clean. general.
Join me as I develop my first roll of black and white film since over 30 years ago.

hpr3007 :: Photography 101

2020-02-11. 00:24:28. Clean. general.
I tell you everything I know about the basics of photography

hpr3002 :: World of Commodore 2019 Episode 8: Vote of thanks

2020-02-04. 00:19:16. Clean. general.
This is the final episode of the World of Commodore 2019 mini series.

hpr3000 :: Chopin Free project

2020-01-31. 00:23:53. Clean. general.
An effort to produce royalty and copyright free versions of Frédéric Chopin work.

hpr2997 :: World of Commodore 2019 Episode 7: Video Playback with 1541 Ultimate

2020-01-28. 00:19:21. Clean. Hobby Electronics.
In this seventh episode, Greg returns to tell us how he got full video playback on a Commodore 64.

hpr2992 :: World of Commodore 2019 Episode 6: Introduction to C64 OS

2020-01-21. 00:35:59. Clean. Hobby Electronics.
Greg Naçu presents to us his new operating system to the Commodore 64

hpr2987 :: World of Commodore 2019 Episode 5: New games from Double Sided Games

2020-01-14. 00:37:30. Clean. general.
A presentation by Jérémie Marsin of Double Sided games.

hpr2982 :: World of Commodore 2019 Episode 4: Bare metal c64 Emulation on Raspberry Pi

2020-01-07. 00:40:20. Clean. Hobby Electronics.
Randy Rossi's presentation of his Github project on bare metal emulation of the C64 on a Pi 3.

hpr2977 :: World of Commodore 2019 Episode 3: Life after Commodore

2019-12-31. 00:27:40. Clean. Interviews.
A presentation by Dr. Richard Immers, author of "Inside Commodore DOS"

hpr2971 :: World of Commodore 2019 Episode 2: Hacking GeckOS

2019-12-23. 00:49:20. Clean. Hobby Electronics.
Glen Holmer explains how he got Linux running on a Commodore 64.

hpr2966 :: World of Commodore 2019 Episode 1: The Interviews

2019-12-16. 00:19:34. Clean. Hobby Electronics.
In this first episode, I interview exhibitors and members at the World of Commodore in 2019.

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