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hpr3513 :: HB9HNT and PA7KEN on SOTA, Summits on the Air

2022-01-19. 00:43:15. Clean. general.
Summits on the Air is the combination of mountain climbing and amateur radio

hpr3505 :: A DX with Hotel Bravo 9 Hotel November Tango

2022-01-07. 00:48:10. Clean. HAM radio.
Ken (PA7KEN) and Beni (HB9HNT) talk about getting your HAM ticket in Switzerland

hpr2965 :: instant feedback for students in maths

2019-12-13. 00:13:58. Clean. general.
How we use old CAS software to give students instant feedback in their maths homework

hpr1689 :: Linux Voice magazine at OggCamp

2015-01-22. 00:11:16. Clean. OggCamp.
Another interview from OggCamp with the guys from Linux Voice

hpr1660 :: Trying out Slackware

2014-12-12. 01:05:26. Clean. general.
Slackware-newbie Beni is talking to long time Slackware user mcnalu

hpr1633 :: The OggCamp organizers

2014-11-05. 00:28:32. Clean. Interviews.
I talk to Dan Lynch and Fabian Scherschel and Mark Johnson

hpr1623 :: Tech and Coffee at OggCamp

2014-10-22. 00:21:35. Clean. Interviews.
Another set of OggCamp interviews. I talk to Keith Milner and George Doscher from Tech and Coffee.

hpr1618 :: OggCamp Attendees

2014-10-15. 00:13:59. Clean. Interviews.
The first two interviews with OggCamp attendees

hpr1617 :: Spaceteam

2014-10-14. 00:10:29. Clean. OggCamp.
A game of Spaceteam

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