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Frank Bell

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hpr2387 :: Free Weights and a Bicycle

2017-09-26. 00:20:46. Clean. Health and Healthcare.
Frank discusses his life-long love for free weights

hpr2364 :: Managing Your Android with AirDroid

2017-08-24. 00:14:35. Clean. general.
Frank discusses AirDroid, an app for managing Your Android via a browser.

hpr2312 :: Troubleshooting Websites with XAMPP

2017-06-13. 00:14:46. Clean. general.
Frank describes how he used XAMPP to clone his website to localhost so he could shoot some trouble.

hpr2064 :: Test-Driving Devuan

2016-06-30. 00:20:13. Clean. general.
Frank Bell takes Devuan Beta out for a spin.

hpr2034 :: Frank's Five Seed Bread

2016-05-19. 00:07:06. Clean. Cooking.
Frank describes his recipe for Five Seed Bread, inspired by a Kerry Greenwood mystery novel

hpr1948 :: Check Your Spelling in Vim

2016-01-20. 00:11:39. Clean. Vim Hints.
Frank summarizes how to use spellcheck in VIM

hpr1910 :: QMMP--The Qt-based MultiMedia Player

2015-11-27. 00:11:31. Clean. general.
QMMP is a simple media player inspired by Winamp and XMMS.

hpr1848 :: Introduction to w3m, a Command Line Web Browser

2015-09-02. 00:15:01. Clean. general.
A brief introduction to using w3m, a command line web browser with tab and image support.

hpr1821 :: James Beard's Never-Fail Blender Hollandaise Sauce

2015-07-27. 00:06:53. Clean. Cooking.
Frank describes how to make perfect Hollandaise Sauce every time.

hpr1787 :: A Beginner with a Wok

2015-06-09. 00:17:05. Clean. Cooking.
Frank Bell shares some of the things he's learned about cooking with a wok.

hpr1764 :: Introduction to Rogue Class Linux

2015-05-07. 00:16:30. Clean. general.
Rogue Class Linux is a specialty distribution of Linux for playing the old games.

hpr1737 :: Five Steps to Vim

2015-03-31. 00:22:19. Clean. Vim Hints.
Frank Bell discusses how he learned to stop worrying and love the vim

hpr1727 :: Basic Mutt

2015-03-17. 00:31:42. Clean. general.
Frank Bell discusses setting up and using Mutt as an email client.

hpr1377 :: Zareason ZaTab 2 Android Tablet

2013-11-12. 00:23:35. Clean. general.
Frank Bell discusses the Zareason ZaTab ZT2 Tablet, an open, rooted Android tablet.

hpr1327 :: Frank Bell Bakes Bread

2013-09-03. 00:26:27. Clean. Cooking.
Frank bakes two loaves of honey wheat bread

hpr1319 :: Frank Bell Presents HPR to His LUG

2013-08-22. 00:24:02. Clean. general.
The Tidewater Unix Users Group hears about HPR

hpr1314 :: Impressions of Mageia

2013-08-15. 00:28:50. Clean. general.
Experiences with Mageia

hpr1269 :: Frank Bell Achieves Enlightenment Adventures with E17 Pt Two

2013-06-13. 00:36:15. Clean. general.
About Enlightenment E17, part 2

hpr1248 :: Frank Bell Achieves Enlightenment Adventures with E17 Pt One

2013-05-15. 00:28:40. Clean. general.
About Enlightenment E17, part 1

hpr1199 :: Old Time Radio on the web

2013-03-07. 00:29:55. Clean. general.
Radio shows from the early days of radio broadcasting

hpr1179 :: Interview with Mark A Davis of TWUUG

2013-02-07. 00:59:26. Clean. Interviews.
Interview: Mark Davis, head of the Tidewater Unix Users Group

hpr1123 :: Move! Bike Computer

2012-11-21. 00:14:59. Clean. general.
An Android app to track your bicycle ride

hpr1096 :: KeepassX

2012-10-15. 00:20:35. Clean. general.
A discussion of KeepassX, a cross platform password manager

hpr1081 :: Preparing Pictures for Posting with the GIMP

2012-09-24. 00:25:04. Clean. general.
Preparing photographs for posting on a website

hpr1026 :: Setting up a WordPress blog: part 4

2012-07-09. 00:23:05. Clean. general.
Episode 4 of the series Setting up a Wordpress blog

hpr993 :: Setting up a Wordpress blog: part 3 - tweaking appearance

2012-05-23. 00:28:19. Clean. general.
Episode 3 of the series Setting up a Wordpress blog

hpr977 :: Setting Up a WordPress Blog: part 2

2012-04-30. 00:29:55. Clean. general.
Episode 2 of the series Setting up a Wordpress blog

hpr927 :: Setting up a WordPress blog: part 1

2012-02-21. 00:23:40. Clean. general.
Episode 1 of the series Setting up a Wordpress blog

hpr918 :: How I Started with Linux Part 2

2012-02-07. 00:15:32. Clean. How I got into tech.
Frank Bell continues the story of his journey to Linux

hpr877 :: Welcome Frank Bell

2011-12-12. 00:17:34. Clean. How I got into tech.
Frank Bell begins the story of his journey to Linux

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