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hpr3784 :: Two factor authentication without a phone number

2023-02-02. 00:18:27. Clean. Privacy and Security.
Diving into privacy-aware and offline methods to generate one time passwords

hpr3765 :: Fixing clock events in GBA pokemon cartridges

2023-01-06. 00:13:43. Clean. Hobby Electronics.
Tinkering with the RTC (Real Time Clock) hardware on Gameboy Advance cartridges

hpr3729 :: Contributing to SuperTuxKart

2022-11-17. 00:15:14. Clean. general.
Explaining the workflow to contribute to this foss game with media assets

hpr3699 :: Old and new videogames/board games with guest binrc

2022-10-06. 00:42:32. Clean. general.
We will dive into our favorite games or others with interesting mechanics.

hpr3644 :: Pinball Machine Repair Tips

2022-07-21. 00:24:43. Clean. Hobby Electronics.
As a first show, I introduce myself and show some repairability tips for 90s pinball machines

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