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hpr3802 :: Attack of the Squishmallow

2023-02-28. 01:36:49. Clean. general.
Rho`n records replacing the screen to a MacBook Pro

hpr3787 :: It shouldn't crackle like that

2023-02-07. 00:09:44. Clean. general.
Rho`n describes fixing the wiring to a ceramic Christmas tree

hpr3737 :: Review of KOBO Libra H20 e-reader

2022-11-29. 00:11:48. Clean. general.
Rho`n talks about his new KOBO Libra H20 e-reader

hpr3727 :: Expanding your filesystem with LVM

2022-11-15. 00:24:40. Clean. general.
Rho`n describes adding a new hard drive to his work computer and expanding its filesystem

hpr3693 :: Fixing the automatic cutoff mechanism to an electric mower

2022-09-28. 00:04:34. Clean. general.
Rho`n describes fixing the safety mechanism to his electric mower

hpr3659 :: Developing an HPR static site generator

2022-08-11. 00:11:13. Clean. general.
Rho`n describes his approach to developing a static site generator for HPR

hpr3647 :: Weekend projects

2022-07-26. 00:16:44. Clean. general.
Rho`n rambles about some weekend projects

hpr3552 :: Unboxing a PineTime development kit

2022-03-15. 00:28:04. Clean. general.
Rho`n talks about his new PineTime smart watch development kit

hpr3487 :: Installing a cat door

2021-12-14. 00:24:06. Clean. general.
Rho`n installs a cat door in his interior basement door

hpr3463 :: Clonezilla: A backup story

2021-11-10. 00:34:06. Clean. general.
Rho`n walks through the process of backing up his laptop with Clonezilla

hpr3452 :: Neuton battery test

2021-10-26. 00:05:24. Clean. general.
Rho`n describes testing the battery in his Neuton EM 4.1 electric lawn mower

hpr3448 :: Installing GuixSD

2021-10-20. 00:44:39. Clean. general.
Rho`n records installing GuixSD to an external USB drive to be run on a Mac Mini computer

hpr3443 :: Neuton battery replacement

2021-10-13. 00:09:53. Clean. general.
Rho`n describes replacing the battery in his Neuton EM 4.1 electric lawn mower

hpr3408 :: Composting

2021-08-25. 00:05:36. Clean. general.
Inspired by episode 3157, Rho`n describes his experience of learning to compost

hpr3362 :: Spam Bot Honey Pot: Eating your own dog food

2021-06-22. 00:19:08. Clean. general.
Reviewing some stats and the accessibility by screen reader of this spam filter method.

hpr3296 :: Spam Bot Honey Pot

2021-03-22. 00:06:04. Clean. general.
Implementing a honey pot style spam filter for your HTML forms

hpr2102 :: AngularJS's ng-repeat, and the browser that shall not be named

2016-08-23. 00:10:36. Clean. general.
A method for optimizing the rendering of items when using AngularJS's ng-repeat directive.

hpr1688 :: Some useful tools when compiling software

2015-01-21. 00:12:46. Clean. general.
Useful tools I found when compiling software, and creating a debian package.

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