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hpr3816 :: Post Apocalyptic 4s5 Battery Pack

2023-03-20. 00:07:59. Clean. Hobby Electronics.
Tough Battery Design Worthy of the Post Apocalyptic Robotics Database

hpr3809 :: The Abominable Post Apocalyptic Podcast Player

2023-03-09. 00:19:54. Clean. Arduino and related devices.
Build a Three Dollar MP3 player in One Hour

hpr3798 :: Laptop Second SSD MXLinux Install

2023-02-22. 00:12:29. Clean. Hardware upgrades.
Overcoming UEFI and Windows 10 to Install MXLinux 21.3 on a 2021 Asus Laptop 2nd SSD drive

hpr3707 :: Recovering a Massive 3.5 HP Electric Motor from a Treadmill

2022-10-18. 00:16:46. Clean. general.
Retrieval of future robot parts in the field

hpr3694 :: Robo Tripping Ravelords of the Apocalypse

2022-09-29. 00:10:16. Clean. general.
Organic Synthesis of Human and Machine Occurs Post Cosmic Event

hpr3628 :: Building a Mobile Computer Battlestation: Extended Power Supply

2022-06-29. 00:20:35. Clean. general.
Mobile computer Battlestation part 1; 16 cell power supply and BMS

hpr3554 :: Guide to the Science and Technology Section of Bitchute

2022-03-17. 00:12:55. Clean. general.
Guide to some cool science and tech channels on Bitchute

hpr3524 :: Wheels Addendum - How to Reliably Attach Wheels to PAR Robot Platform

2022-02-03. 00:06:33. Clean. general.
The most difficult part of Post Apocalyptic Robotics - how to keep the wheels on

hpr3522 :: Set up your Robot Building Lab and build a $0 Robot Platform

2022-02-01. 00:26:20. Clean. general.
Ep 1 of Robot Warlords of the Apocalypse, build a free robot platform/crash buggy from old printers

hpr3482 :: Introduction to Post Apocalyptic Robotics Meta Technology

2021-12-07. 00:13:30. Clean. general.
Building robots from junk parts and tech prepping

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