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hpr3432 :: Reading a license: Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 4.0 International

2021-09-28. 00:32:36. Clean. general.
We jump into the future of 2013 and see how content licensing has changed

hpr3412 :: Reading a license: Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Unported

2021-08-31. 00:34:58. Clean. general.
We are using this license but we didn't publish it on HPR ... until now!

hpr3402 :: Reading a manifesto: Declaration of Digital Autonomy

2021-08-17. 00:14:37. Clean. general.
Reading and brief commentary and background on Molly DeBlanc's and Karen Sandler's

hpr3317 :: Reading a manifesto: Towards A Cooperative Technology Movement

2021-04-20. 00:16:55. Clean. general.
If open source misses the point of free software philosophy, what point is free software missing?

hpr3302 :: Input Methods on Ubuntu

2021-03-30. 00:15:24. Clean. general.
I'm adding some input methods to a standard Ubuntu 20.04 install

hpr3102 :: RFC 5005 Part 2 – Webcomics, subscribers and feed readers

2020-06-23. 00:15:02. Clean. general.
fluffy, Jamey and I go on for another ten minutes about how webcomic artists feel about feeds

hpr3082 :: RFC 5005 Part 1 – Paged and archived feeds? Who cares?

2020-05-26. 00:35:08. Clean. general.
An interview with two passionate RFC 5005 fans on how to handle big Atom feeds

hpr3072 :: The joy of pip-tools and pyenv-virtualenv

2020-05-12. 00:24:01. Clean. A Little Bit of Python.
How to manage your dependencies and environment isolation when developing in Python

hpr3062 :: Vassal: How to play board games while remote

2020-04-28. 00:15:31. Clean. Tabletop Gaming.
How to do physical distancing while avoiding social distance using digitized boardgames

hpr2817 :: Are you successful? Click to find out more!

2019-05-21. 00:04:41. Clean. general.
The answer may surprise you!

hpr2812 :: Is 5G mobile data a danger to your health?

2019-05-14. 00:08:04. Clean. general.
Apply Betteridge’s Law of Headlines to find out the answer

hpr2807 :: Are bash local variables local?

2019-05-07. 00:11:01. Clean. Bash Scripting.
A lesson on dynamic scope vs lexical scope

hpr2802 :: Mid-life (?) assessment

2019-04-30. 00:16:31. Clean. general.
It seems life goes faster and faster and then turns around and goes slower and slower

hpr2793 :: bash coproc: the future (2009) is here

2019-04-17. 00:21:16. Clean. Bash Scripting.
clacke discovers bash's coproc keyword and explains some toy examples

hpr2623 :: Actors and Agents, Sprites and Fractals

2018-08-22. 00:57:06. Clean. general.
In which I sit down with cwebber and try to keep it short, but end up with an hour of tangents

hpr2562 :: I bought a laptop

2018-05-29. 00:21:32. Clean. general.
... in which clacke takes months (or years?) to buy a laptop, but comes out pretty pleased

hpr2557 :: Styx -- The Purely Functional Static Site Generator

2018-05-22. 00:13:52. Clean. general.
For the Fractalide web site, we are using Styx as a site generator. Here's a bit of how and why.

hpr2552 :: What is stow?

2018-05-15. 00:12:01. Clean. general.
How does stow work, why would you want it and what are its limitations?

hpr2547 :: MSYS2

2018-05-08. 00:10:57. Clean. general.
In which I talk briefly about the history of MSYS2 and Cygwin and why you might want MSYS2

hpr2542 :: How I helped my dad run a static website using SparkleShare

2018-05-01. 00:12:08. Clean. general.
In which I describe my setup of SparkleShare and GitLab Pages to maintain a static website

hpr2537 :: Recording HPR on the fly Part II

2018-04-24. 00:03:28. Clean. general.
In which I update the recommendation from HPR 1877: Just use Audio Recorder!

hpr2507 :: Racket, Nix, Fractalide and the sounds of a Hong Kong New Town

2018-03-13. 00:18:47. Clean. general.
It's a triple whammy! It's functional programming, functional package management and soundscape!

hpr2386 :: The Decline and Fall of Tcl

2017-09-25. 00:28:53. Clean. general.
... in which I'm reading Where Tcl and Tk went wrong, by David N Welton, posted on 2010-03-30

hpr2308 :: Everyday package operations in Guix

2017-06-07. 00:16:26. Clean. general.
Here's how I use Guix in my day-to-day. Fleshed out audio of a comment on ep 2198.

hpr2198 :: How awesome is Guix and why will it take over the world

2017-01-04. 01:23:31. Clean. general.
I sit down with Chris Webber and we ramble about how great Guix is

hpr2194 :: The low-down on what's up in the Taiwan Strait.

2016-12-29. 00:32:08. Clean. general.
In which I respond to "I don't get this whole Taiwan/US/China thing"

hpr2180 :: Mail to myself@myfirstemployment, Part 2 of 2

2016-12-09. 00:08:21. Clean. general.
I expand on a list of one-liner advice to myself 20 years ago, that I posted on Part 2 of 2

hpr2179 :: Mail to myself@myfirstemployment, Part 1

2016-12-08. 00:14:04. Clean. general.
I expand on a list of one-liner advice to myself 20 years ago, that I posted on

hpr2169 :: How I connect to the awesome #oggcastplanet on mobile

2016-11-24. 00:13:15. Clean. general.
I give a quick overview of the challenges of IRC on the go and how Riot and Matrix solve them for me

hpr2162 :: Review/Criticism of Hipp's "Git: Just Say No"

2016-11-15. 00:21:12. Clean. general.
In which I take an IRC rant to audio and look at what's really wrong with git.

hpr1881 :: My road to Linux

2015-10-19. 00:15:12. Clean. How I got into tech.
I'm so old I actually installed Watchtower on an Amiga and I review 22 years of Linux distributions

hpr1877 :: Recording HPR on the fly on your Android phone

2015-10-13. 00:06:18. Clean. general.
How quickly can you get an HPR recording done? 10 minutes including app install! Sort of.

hpr1876 :: MicrobeLog, or: On Shaving Yaks and Doing Things

2015-10-12. 00:09:21. Clean. general.
Why I'm making an HPR episode, and why I'm making a vaporware social network engine

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