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hpr3731 :: Speech recognition in Kdenlive

2022-11-21. 00:05:32. Clean. general.
A brief description of how you can use speech recognition to transcribe your clips in Kdenlive

hpr3673 :: Recording for Hacker Public Radio

2022-08-31. 00:17:46. Clean. Podcasting HowTo.
My experiences recording episodes of HPR

hpr3613 :: Man buys cheap Adirondack chair

2022-06-08. 00:07:33. Clean. general.
An anecdote about buying a cheap lawn chair and trying to get a part replaced.

hpr3583 :: takov751 and dnt talk about browsers

2022-04-27. 00:07:53. Clean. general.
After episode 3543, some messages were exchanged

hpr3573 :: Home Coffee Roasting, part 2

2022-04-13. 00:20:30. Clean. Coffee.
How I've roasted and brewed coffee

hpr3563 :: Home Coffee Roasting, part 1

2022-03-30. 00:18:43. Clean. Coffee.
What it's like to roast coffee at home

hpr3543 :: Idle thoughts on web browsers

2022-03-02. 00:07:56. Clean. general.
and a call for your own on the same

hpr3533 :: Porridge

2022-02-16. 00:29:01. Clean. general.
A show about porridge

hpr3523 :: The Compose key

2022-02-02. 00:06:46. Clean. general.
What is the compose key, and how to set it up on X, GNOME and Windows.

hpr3467 :: Protonmail in the terminal

2021-11-16. 00:37:42. Clean. general.
One way of doing Protonmail in the terminal.

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