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FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

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hpr2382 :: A Non Spoilery Review of "git commit murder" and "Forever Falls" by Michael Warren Lucas

2017-09-19. 00:09:15. Clean. general.
I met Mike Lucas at Kansas Linux Fest 2017 and review a couple of his novels

hpr1945 :: The Quassel IRC System

2016-01-15. 00:23:15. Clean. general.
Quassel is an IRC client that routes your open chat windows into one connection to the IRC server

hpr1944 :: sshfs - Secure SHell FileSystem

2016-01-14. 00:31:01. Clean. general.
How to mount remote storage using sshfs

hpr1924 :: Port Forwarding

2015-12-17. 00:22:46. Clean. Privacy and Security.
In HPR 1900, Ahuka suggests changing the default ssh port, I ask why not employ port forwarding?

hpr1873 :: TiT Radio 21 - I Thought I Had Better Links

2015-10-07. 01:09:43. Clean. Tit Radio.
TiT Radio rides again, again

hpr1860 :: FiftyOneFifty interviews Chris Waid of Save WiFi

2015-09-18. 02:17:06. Clean. Interviews.
This could be the most important podcast you listen to this year

hpr1842 :: TiT Radio 20 You've Been Pwned (probably)

2015-08-25. 02:05:43. Clean. Tit Radio.
While Peter is on walkabout, TiT Radio returns for a very short engagement

hpr1823 :: Kansas Linux Fest 2015, March 21-22, Lawrence KS, Interview 2 of 2

2015-07-29. 00:28:09. Clean. Interviews.
Interview: Ryan Sipes, Organizer, Administrator, Coder, Innovator, Raconteur

hpr1820 :: Kansas Linux Fest 2015, March 21-22, Lawrence KS, Interview 1 of 2

2015-07-24. 00:20:48. Clean. Interviews.
Interview Alex Juarez Rackspace Principal Engineer

hpr1818 :: Review of HPR's Interview Recorder: Zoom H1

2015-07-22. 00:26:18. Clean. Interviews.
HPR has a digital recorder. You are welcome to use it for interviews at your next tech event.

hpr1742 :: How to Get Yourself On an Open Source Podcast - Presentation for Kansas Linux Fest, 22 March 2015

2015-04-07. 00:29:46. Clean. general.
Re-recording of a presentation for KLF that went unrecorded

hpr1730 :: 5150 Shades of Beer 0005 River City Brewing Company Revisited

2015-03-20. 00:38:15. Clean. Beverages.
Fifty One Fity revisits an Air Capitol brewpub to try some new flavors

hpr1722 :: Kansas Linux Fest 2015, March 21-22, Lawrence KS

2015-03-10. 00:06:07. Clean. general.
We wish to announce a new Linux Fest to serve the Midwest

hpr1718 :: What's In My Pickup Toolbox

2015-03-04. 00:26:27. Clean. What's in My Toolkit.
What's In Fifty One Fifty's Pickup Toolbox

hpr1692 :: Boulevard Brewing Company "Sample Twelve"

2015-01-27. 00:19:50. Clean. Beverages.
FiftyOneFifty explores nature and Kansas City brews while celebrating juke box heroes

hpr1684 :: 5150 Shades of Beer Jacob Leinenkugels Winter Explorer Pack

2015-01-15. 00:13:34. Clean. Beverages.
fifty tries the Leinenkugels Explore pack

hpr1650 :: OCPLive2014 Night Life In Elysburg PA

2014-11-28. 03:02:15. Clean. general.
The real Elysburg experience

hpr1647 :: Oggcast Planet Live 2014: The Cooking Show

2014-11-25. 00:21:25. Clean. Cooking.
OggCast 2014. we cook dinner, I drink beer, a time is had by all.

hpr1646 :: 5150 Shades of Beer 0003 River City Brewing Company and Wichita Brewing Company

2014-11-24. 00:36:14. Clean. Beverages.
FiftyOneFifty explores Wichita Brew Pubs, v2

hpr1643 :: Unison Syncing Utility

2014-11-19. 00:34:44. Clean. general.
Review of the Unison graphical Syncing Utility

hpr1637 :: Communities Are Made of People

2014-11-11. 00:46:44. Clean. general.
Zuckerberg, Facebook, friends having you back

hpr1632 :: 5150 Shades of Beer: 0002 Wichita Brewing Company

2014-11-04. 00:51:24. Clean. Beverages.
Beer, drinking same part 2

hpr1627 :: 5150 Shades of Beer: 0001 He'Brew Hops Selection from Smaltz Brewing Company

2014-10-28. 00:15:43. Clean. Beverages.
Beer, drinking same

hpr1364 :: Vintage Tech Iron Pay Phone Coin Box

2013-10-24. 00:17:07. Clean. general.
How the money was tallied in old payphones

hpr1363 :: Some pacman Tips By Way of Repacing NetworkManager With WICD

2013-10-23. 00:19:37. Clean. general.
So you've just installed Arch Linux now what? Arch Lessons from a Newbie Ep 02: Some pacman tips

hpr1356 :: So, you've just installed Arch Linux, now what? Arch Lessons from a Newbie, Ep. 01

2013-10-14. 00:24:23. Clean. general.
Manually installing packages from the AUR

hpr1290 :: MultiSystem: The Bootable Thumb Drive Creator

2013-07-12. 00:26:52. Clean. general.
A bootable USB thumb drive creation tool called MultiSystem

hpr1228 :: Utilizing Maximum Space on a Cloned BTRFS Partition

2013-04-17. 00:16:41. Clean. general.
Using the Btrfs Utility to make use of the entirety of a cloned disk

hpr1224 :: Podio Book Report on Jake Bible's "Dead Mech"

2013-04-11. 00:18:03. Clean. general.
A review of a well thought of book

hpr1220 :: Cinnarch 64 bit, Installation Review

2013-04-05. 00:31:38. Clean. general.
Cinnarch, an Arch-based distro running Cinnamon

hpr1194 :: Copying a Printer Definition File Between Systems

2013-02-28. 00:18:55. Clean. general.
Copying a Postscript Printer Definition (PPD) file between systems for use with CUPS

hpr1167 :: Kernels in the Boot, or What to Do When Your /boot folder Fills Up

2013-01-22. 00:15:10. Clean. general.
Some experiences learning Linux server administration

hpr1113 :: TermDuckEn aptsh - screen - guake

2012-11-07. 00:10:33. Clean. general.
A look at running apt shell inside screen inside guake

hpr1106 :: Of Fuduntu, RescaTux (or the Farmer Buys a Dell)

2012-10-29. 00:12:34. Clean. general.
An installation tale of woe

hpr1101 :: Recovery of an (en)crypted home directory in a buntu based system

2012-10-22. 00:18:27. Clean. general.
Encrypted home folder recovery

hpr1094 :: Linux, Beer, and Who Cares?

2012-10-11. 00:50:05. Clean. general.
A recording of an impromptu podcast session

hpr1000 :: Episode 1000

2012-05-31. 00:20:47. Clean. general.
Thoughts and wishes for the 1000th episode of HPR

hpr938 :: Cloning Windows WiFi Profiles and Installing Skype Under 64-bit Fedora

2012-03-06. 00:20:31. Clean. general.
Some tips on configuring Windows networking and installing Skype on 64-bit Fedora 15

hpr594 :: Using FFMPEG To Convert Video Shot With An Android Phone

2010-11-11. 00:35:40. Clean. general.
Converting a 3GP video to a more compatible file format with ffmpeg

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