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hpr3823 :: Gitlab Pages for website hosting

2023-03-29. 00:26:00. Clean. general.
Three examples of using Gitlab's CICD to generate a website.

hpr3799 :: My home router history

2023-02-23. 00:32:01. Clean. general.
Recent router maintenance makes me remember all the fun I've had with my home network router

hpr3758 :: First sysadmin job - war story

2022-12-28. 00:28:05. Clean. general.
How I got my first job as a sysadmin and a story about NFS

hpr3656 :: Importance of Small toy projects

2022-08-08. 00:19:09. Clean. general.
Toy projects are a great way to learn a new language, and a project I did just for fun.

hpr3654 :: Use the data in the Ogg feed to create a website.

2022-08-04. 00:13:27. Clean. general.
How much of of site can I make using only the data from the feed?

hpr3637 :: HPR feed to Sqlite

2022-07-12. 00:07:34. Clean. general.
First step in creating a static copy of HPR

hpr3496 :: How I record HPR Episodes

2021-12-27. 00:28:27. Clean. general.
Some python to record short segments of audio.

hpr3305 :: Nagios part 2

2021-04-02. 00:23:48. Clean. general.
Follow up to hpr3264 - Notifications, SNMP, Remote Checks

hpr3264 :: Intro to Nagios

2021-02-04. 00:20:00. Clean. general.
Introduce some nagios basics and walk through setting up nagios on Ubuntu

hpr3187 :: Ansible for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

2020-10-20. 00:08:38. Clean. general.
How I use ansible to configure my OpenBSD router

hpr3177 :: Zero cost VPN

2020-10-06. 00:06:47. Clean. general.
OpenVPN on a Free Tier VPS for securing phone trafic

hpr3168 :: FreeBSD Jails and iocage

2020-09-23. 00:08:51. Clean. general.
Use iocage to manage freebsd jails

hpr2181 :: Install OpenBSD from Linux using Grub

2016-12-12. 00:08:21. Clean. general.
Install OpenBSD from Linux using Grub

hpr2145 :: Daily notes and todo list with markdown

2016-10-21. 00:24:50. Clean. general.
How I use markdown and git to keep up with what I do

hpr2113 :: sqlite and bash

2016-09-07. 00:14:54. Clean. general.
Using cron, du,sqlite, and bash to find directory growth

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