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hpr3313 :: Zoom Update

2021-04-14. 00:01:42. Clean. Social Media.
Scripted Zoom Update with History on Fedora.

hpr3297 :: Nextcloud Application Updating

2021-03-23. 00:02:16. Clean. general.
Automatically Update Nextcloud Applications via Cron

hpr3231 :: USB Key

2020-12-21. 00:02:00. Clean. Privacy and Security.
Turn a Thumb drive into a Key to lock/unlock your linux machine.

hpr2487 :: Simple LibreOffice Repo for Fedora

2018-02-13. 00:03:05. Clean. general.
Simple LibreOffice Repo for Fedora

hpr1893 :: My LastPass Alternative

2015-11-04. 00:03:45. Clean. Privacy and Security.
How I do password management among my devices.

hpr1571 :: Yahoo Mail Forwarder

2014-08-11. 00:10:24. Clean. general.
Build, configure and deploy a self maintaining Yahoo mail forwarding virtual client.

hpr1434 :: Why I made an account free android

2014-01-30. 00:09:28. Clean. general.
Account Free Android Tablet: minimal Google/Ads without Rooting

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