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Brian in Ohio

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hpr3812 :: PeePaw's computer does nothing

2023-03-14. 00:25:27. Clean. general.
a z80 nop test

hpr3807 :: PeePaw builds a computer

2023-03-07. 00:34:00. Clean. general.
Brian starts the process of building an 8 bit retro computer

hpr3646 :: arm, slackware, forth oh my!

2022-07-25. 00:13:54. Clean. general.
a description of a laptop

hpr3537 :: getting to blinky with flashforth

2022-02-22. 00:28:28. Clean. general.
making an arduino board useful

hpr3477 :: Picking a Forth

2021-11-30. 00:21:53. Clean. general.
Available forths, old and new

hpr3403 :: Forth on microcontrollers

2021-08-18. 00:22:21. Clean. general.
A little more about forth and a couple of chapters in the novel of my life

hpr3343 :: The Forth programming language

2021-05-26. 00:12:41. Clean. general.
A less than complete history of Forth

hpr3303 :: Slackware on RaspberryPi

2021-03-31. 00:19:42. Clean. general.
An alternative to raspberrypi os

hpr3217 :: Sump Minion

2020-12-01. 00:18:26. Clean. Hobby Electronics.
My first Internet of Things device, without using python

hpr3178 :: Finishing the Recumbent Bicycle

2020-10-07. 00:04:19. Clean. Bicycle Hacking.
While channeling Stephen Hawking, Brian in Ohio describes finishing and riding the bike

hpr3112 :: finishing the frame on the long wheelbase recumbent

2020-07-07. 00:08:49. Clean. Bicycle Hacking.
a narrated slideshow of the next steps in building a bespoke recumbent bicycle

hpr2962 :: Bespoke bike building

2019-12-10. 00:24:34. Clean. Bicycle Hacking.
Brian in Ohio continues his bike building project

hpr2875 :: cutting up the frames

2019-08-09. 00:07:36. Clean. Bicycle Hacking.
you've got to crack some eggs to make an omelette

hpr2869 :: building a bike, following in John Kulp's footsteps

2019-08-01. 00:11:34. Clean. Bicycle Hacking.
turning a couple of old bikes into a long wheel base recumbent

hpr2799 :: building an arduino programmer

2019-04-25. 00:20:12. Clean. Arduino and related devices.
turn an arduino nano into a programmer

hpr2714 :: Airplane stalls and Angle of Attack

2018-12-27. 00:16:35. Clean. general.
A primer on why airplanes quit flying

hpr2506 :: Build Your Own Lisp (A Book Review)

2018-03-12. 00:09:04. Clean. general.
Learn C programming while building a LISP

hpr2449 :: Org-mode mobile solution

2017-12-21. 00:09:38. Clean. general.
My search for taking org mode on the road

hpr2415 :: bullet journal to org mode

2017-11-03. 00:15:27. Clean. general.
my journey from analog to digital

hpr2158 :: Art Club

2016-11-09. 00:06:12. Clean. general.
Have fun learning about art with your friends

hpr1988 :: Linux from Scratch

2016-03-16. 00:07:05. Clean. general.
My experience of installing Linux from source

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