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hpr1641 :: The real reasons for using Linux

2014-11-17. 00:17:48. Clean. general.
The real reasons for using Linux

hpr1607 :: Migrating from Drupal 6 to Nikola

2014-09-30. 00:09:33. Clean. general.
I explain how I migrated my Drupal 6 blog to Nikola.

hpr1517 :: The set of prime numbers is infinite

2014-05-27. 00:07:23. Clean. general.
johanv talks about prime numbers

hpr1238 :: Word processors are overrated

2013-05-01. 00:10:03. Clean. general.
The typical tools people use to write a text, are often the wrong tools.

hpr1164 :: About git

2013-01-17. 00:23:53. Clean. Version Control.
In this show I talk about the git version control system

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