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hpr3473 :: My journey into Amateur Radio

2021-11-24. 00:10:16. Clean. HAM radio.
Dave explains his journey into Amateur Radio, initial setup and successes.

hpr2921 :: Geocaching with the family

2019-10-14. 00:48:36. Clean. general.
Dave and his family take a wander around a wood looking for Geocaches

hpr2532 :: Podcrawl Glasgow 2018

2018-04-17. 00:26:24. Clean. general.
The TuxJam guys introduce and invite the HPR community to join them at Podcrawl Glasgow in July 2018

hpr2503 :: My journey into podcasting

2018-03-07. 00:14:28. Clean. general.
Dave takes us on his journey into 10 years of podcasting

hpr2400 :: My commute into work

2017-10-13. 00:36:48. Clean. general.
In this episode, Dave records an episode across his entire commute into work.

hpr2117 :: What's in my bag for Podcrawl?

2016-09-13. 00:12:51. Clean. What's in My Toolkit.
Dave shows us what is in the bag he's taking to the London Podcrawl.

hpr1890 :: A short walk with my son

2015-10-30. 00:18:42. Clean. general.
Dave takes a walk with his son Alex and spouts a bunch of random guff about things

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