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hpr2994 :: Wrestling As You Like It Episode 3

2020-01-23. 00:22:07. Clean. general.
A podcast on why I like wrestling and how it works to draw in fans.

hpr2967 :: Wrestling As You Like It Episode 2

2019-12-17. 00:26:39. Clean. general.
Wrestling As You Like It Episode 2

hpr2954 :: Wrestling As You Like It episode 1

2019-11-28. 00:07:42. Clean. general.
A Wrestling podcast reporting on indie wrestling. Today we are talking about different TV styles.

hpr2630 :: Open Source Gaming: Revisiting Meridian 59

2018-08-31. 00:03:49. Clean. general.
Discussing the steam release of Meridian 59 (recorded before release)

hpr2583 :: Random Rant

2018-06-27. 00:15:17. Clean. general.
Rant on how US sound recordings copyright laws are weird & how I miss Juiced Penguin

hpr2474 :: Open Source Gaming #3 The Atari Jaguar

2018-01-25. 00:13:52. Clean. general.
Episode 3 is about the Atari Jaguar which has been open source since 1999

hpr2423 :: Open Source Gaming #2: Oolite

2017-11-15. 00:07:11. Clean. general.
Episode 2 is about the space travel simulator Oolite, which is an open source remake of Elite

hpr2404 :: Open Source Gaming #1: Meridian59

2017-10-19. 00:14:34. Clean. general.
A showcase of Open Source games, Starting with the revived MMORPG Meridian59

hpr2401 :: Music Theory Hara-Kiri

2017-10-16. 00:16:10. Clean. general.
A show on music theory, and figuring out what viewers on hear actually want with a music theory show

hpr2285 :: The Tick Conspiracy

2017-05-05. 00:10:21. Clean. general.
A show that covers the ongoing war between ticks (may they rot in hell) and everything else.

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