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In-Depth Series: Privacy and Security

  • Number of episodes: 84
  • Open/closed: open
  • Date of earliest show: 2008-06-19
  • Date of latest show: 2023-02-24
  • Series RSS feeds: ogg, spx, mp3
In this open series, you can contribute shows that are on the topic of Privacy and Security

hpr3800 :: NIST Quantum Cryptography Update 20221008 hosted by Ahuka

2023-02-24. 00:15:28. Clean.
An update on the preparations for quantum computing

hpr3784 :: Two factor authentication without a phone number hosted by Celeste

2023-02-02. 00:18:27. Clean.
Diving into privacy-aware and offline methods to generate one time passwords

hpr3726 :: Breaches ever reaching hosted by Lurking Prion

2022-11-14. 00:04:11. Explicit.
A short episode about the reaching effects of breaches and forgotten accounts

hpr3706 :: The Future of Technology hosted by Lurking Prion

2022-10-17. 00:50:54. Explicit.
A philosophical look at the future of technology.

hpr3697 :: Mis-information, Dis-information, and Fake News. You are a product and target for all of it. hosted by Lurking Prion

2022-10-04. 01:11:37. Explicit.
Brady and I discuss Mis-information, Dis-information, and Fake News.

hpr3692 :: What is a real hacker? hosted by Lurking Prion

2022-09-27. 00:30:40. Explicit.
I discuss the issue of what makes a real hacker with my my son

hpr3688 :: Education, Certifications, and sipping on the Socials hosted by Lurking Prion

2022-09-21. 00:30:20. Explicit.
I discuss the value of an Education, certifications, and a positive Social Media presence.

hpr3678 :: "Stupid Users" ... no, not those users, the other "stupid users" hosted by Lurking Prion

2022-09-07. 00:15:07. Explicit.
Brady & I discuss stupid things done by those of us who really should know better.

hpr3666 :: One Weird Trick hosted by Lurking Prion

2022-08-22. 00:16:37. Explicit.
I talk about getting into or advancing in cybersecurity & how keyboards could trick malware.

hpr3636 :: The Importance of Data Reduction hosted by Lurking Prion

2022-07-11. 00:39:09. Explicit.
I have a discussion about data reduction with special guest and author, R. Brady Frost

hpr3627 :: Only Key Duo hosted by operat0r

2022-06-28. 00:16:22. Explicit.
I talk about my new Hardware password manager

hpr3626 :: The stuff Evil Steve doesn't want you to know S01E06: Use a Password Manager hosted by Lurking Prion

2022-06-27. 00:18:20. Explicit.
Making ourselves a less attractive target by utilizing a password manager.

hpr3623 :: Internet Security - Child Edition hosted by Lurking Prion

2022-06-22. 00:41:27. Explicit.
I have a discussion about Internet security with R. Brady Frost along with our sons

hpr3617 :: admin admin S01E05: To Do List - 2FA hosted by Lurking Prion

2022-06-14. 00:14:34. Explicit.
Making ourselves a less attractive target by implementing 2FA.

hpr3612 :: Who is Evil Steve? Part 2 hosted by Lurking Prion

2022-06-07. 00:15:59. Explicit.
We take a closer look at the types of Evil Steve's attacking us

hpr3603 :: Who the heck is Evil Steve? Part 1 hosted by Lurking Prion

2022-05-25. 00:14:12. Explicit.
Security as a people problem: Who is actually attacking us? Meet Evil Steve.

hpr3597 :: Good Idea Fairy Hunting hosted by Lurking Prion

2022-05-17. 00:09:30. Explicit.
Tracing my security woes to the source using "Good Idea Fairy Hunting"

hpr3595 :: I am sure I changed my password last...??? hosted by Lurking Prion

2022-05-13. 00:10:41. Clean.
Pilot episode. Change your password

hpr3547 :: Password Managers hosted by Some Guy On The Internet

2022-03-08. 00:13:31. Clean.
How I manage password security.

hpr3438 :: Ten privacy friendly Google search alternatives. hosted by hakerdefo

2021-10-06. 00:09:11. Clean.
Google search is monopolistic here are some alternatives

hpr3360 :: Android Malware Alert hosted by Ahuka

2021-06-18. 00:11:05. Clean.
A look at some security issues in Android

hpr3340 :: Hacked? hosted by Ahuka

2021-05-21. 00:10:03. Clean.
People commonly say that their own, or someone else's, Facebook has been hacked.

hpr3334 :: Infosec Podcasts Part 2 - General Information Security hosted by Trey

2021-05-13. 00:08:40. Clean.
Presenting my favorite general information security podcasts

hpr3324 :: Infosec Podcasts Part 1 News and Current Events hosted by Trey

2021-04-29. 00:07:18. Clean.
Presenting my favorite information security news and current events podcasts

hpr3240 :: Linux Under Attack hosted by Ahuka

2021-01-01. 00:16:18. Clean.
A look at how malware is now targeting Linux, especially servers

hpr3232 :: Nextcloud hosted by Klaatu

2020-12-22. 00:21:19. Clean.
Nextcloud is easy. You should try it.

hpr3231 :: USB Key hosted by ToeJet

2020-12-21. 00:02:00. Clean.
Turn a Thumb drive into a Key to lock/unlock your linux machine.

hpr3183 :: Don't trust zipfiles hosted by Cedric De Vroey

2020-10-14. 00:04:37. Clean.
Zipfiles can contain all kinds of evilness and unpacking them can lead to unexpected results

hpr3158 :: Fingerprint access control? LOL... hosted by Cedric De Vroey

2020-09-09. 00:20:01. Clean.
A story about pentesting physical security

hpr3155 :: LastPass Security Dashboard hosted by Ahuka

2020-09-04. 00:11:20. Clean.
A recent update to LastPass added a Security Dashboard

hpr3147 :: NIST's Quantum Cryptography Update hosted by Ahuka

2020-08-25. 00:13:45. Clean.
NIST has concluded Round Two of the quantum encryption search and moved to Round Three

hpr3144 :: Pentesting: Insecure Object Reference hosted by Cedric De Vroey

2020-08-20. 00:12:06. Clean.
How an insecure object reference lead to a covid-related databreach

hpr2986 :: Onlykey Updated hosted by operat0r

2020-01-13. 00:23:10. Explicit.
Onlykey more like you better have two keys!

hpr2985 :: Firefox Update hosted by Ahuka

2020-01-10. 00:17:26. Clean.
Some recent updates to Firefox that add useful features

hpr2950 :: NotPetya and Maersk: An Object Lesson hosted by Ahuka

2019-11-22. 00:14:21. Clean.
Looking at an object lesson for proper IT management processes and the cost of failure

hpr2860 :: Encryption and Quantum Computing hosted by Ahuka

2019-07-19. 00:12:37. Clean.
How will quantum computing affect the security of encryption?

hpr2850 :: NIST Cybersecurity Framework hosted by Ahuka

2019-07-05. 00:28:22. Clean.
What NIST suggests as a framework to improve security at the Enterprise level

hpr2820 :: 29 - CERT Home Security Tips hosted by Ahuka

2019-05-24. 00:22:17. Clean.
What CERT recommends to mitigate security and privacy threats to your home network.

hpr2791 :: LUKS like truecrypt hosted by Klaatu

2019-04-15. 00:25:23. Clean.
Klaatu demonstrates how to use LVM and cryptsetup to create and use portable encrypted filesystems

hpr2754 :: Craigslist Scam Catch hosted by Edward Miro / c1ph0r

2019-02-21. 00:07:40. Explicit.
Helped a client avoid being scammed on Craigslist and wanted to share some tips to HPR.

hpr2727 :: Passwords hosted by Edward Miro / c1ph0r

2019-01-15. 00:07:47. Clean.
How to do passwords better.

hpr2708 :: Ghostscript hosted by Klaatu

2018-12-19. 00:22:31. Clean.
Klaatu talks about manipulating PDFs with gs and pdf-stapler

hpr2704 :: Intro to Scribus hosted by Klaatu

2018-12-13. 00:39:40. Clean.
Klaatu provides an overview of Scribus in part 1 of a mini-series about steganography

hpr2560 :: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) hosted by Ken Fallon

2018-05-25. 00:18:37. Clean.
The GDPR becomes enforceable today and Ken gives an overview on what it is and how it effects you.

hpr2556 :: Building trust hosted by Klaatu

2018-05-21. 00:42:29. Clean.
Quasi-philosophical musing about how trust is built both online and in real life

hpr2540 :: 28 - TLS 1.3 hosted by Ahuka

2018-04-27. 00:18:42. Clean.
TLS 1.3 is the newest protocol standard for secure communications on the Web.

hpr2520 :: Diffie-Hellman and Forward Secrecy hosted by Ahuka

2018-03-30. 00:17:41. Explicit.
Using Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange to implement Forward Secrecy

hpr2510 :: 26 - Diffie-Hellman-Merkle Key Exchange hosted by Ahuka

2018-03-16. 00:20:31. Clean.
A basic explanation of how Diffie-Hellman-Merkle Key Exchange works

hpr2105 :: 24 - SSL Certificates - Problems hosted by Ahuka

2016-08-26. 00:36:29. Clean.
A discussion of the problems with SSL certificates, and some solutions

hpr2095 :: 23 - SSL Certificates - How They Work hosted by Ahuka

2016-08-12. 00:41:02. Clean.
A discussion of how SSL certificates work

hpr1940 :: WASHLUG Talk on LastPass hosted by Ahuka

2016-01-08. 00:57:26. Clean.
An expanded discussion of the LastPass intrusion as delivered at our LUG.

hpr1924 :: Port Forwarding hosted by FiftyOneFifty (R.I.P.)

2015-12-17. 00:22:46. Clean.
In HPR 1900, Ahuka suggests changing the default ssh port, I ask why not employ port forwarding?

hpr1920 :: 21 - SSH Authentication - Keys hosted by Ahuka

2015-12-11. 00:18:39. Clean.
We introduce the idea of using public/private key pairs for authentication

hpr1900 :: 20 - SSH Basics hosted by Ahuka

2015-11-13. 00:16:49. Clean.
In this we tutorial explore the basics of making an ssh connection.

hpr1893 :: My LastPass Alternative hosted by ToeJet

2015-11-04. 00:03:45. Clean.
How I do password management among my devices.

hpr1888 :: Diceware Passphrase hosted by John Duarte

2015-10-28. 00:12:38. Explicit.
Demonstration of using the diceware method of passphrase generation

hpr1870 :: 19 - Home SSH Server hosted by Ahuka

2015-10-02. 00:18:35. Clean.
To learn ssh it helps to experiment, so this explains setting up a simple home server.

hpr1850 :: 18 - ssh Introduction hosted by Ahuka

2015-09-04. 00:17:02. Clean.
ssh is the secure way of connecting to a remote computer. This is an introduction to a mini-series.

hpr1834 :: Password Cards hosted by Jon Kulp

2015-08-13. 00:08:20. Clean.
How to hide a password using a password card

hpr1810 :: 17 - LastPass Hacked - What Does It Mean? hosted by Ahuka

2015-07-10. 00:23:00. Clean.
LastPass was hacked, but how bad is it?

hpr1780 :: 16 - TrueCrypt and GnuPG - An Update hosted by Ahuka

2015-05-29. 00:15:11. Clean.
GnuPG and TrueCrypt updated, and how we support free software.

hpr1728 :: Requested Topic: Favourite Browser Extensions hosted by Fin

2015-03-18. 00:20:04. Explicit.
Fin talks about his favourite browser extensions.

hpr1720 :: 15 Certificate Issues and Solutions hosted by Ahuka

2015-03-06. 00:18:11. Clean.
A look at the problems that SSL certificates can have, and offers some solutions

hpr1670 :: Digital Signatures and Certificates hosted by Ahuka

2014-12-26. 00:17:40. Clean.
This episode looks at secure connections between users and Web sites.

hpr1640 :: Symmetric vs. Asymmetric Encryption hosted by Ahuka

2014-11-14. 00:20:31. Clean.
This episode looks the two kinds of encryption keys, and why to use each one.

hpr1620 :: Passwords, Entropy, and Good Password Practices hosted by Ahuka

2014-10-17. 00:21:33. Clean.
This episode explores the best password practices from a mathematical viewpoint with recommendations

hpr1598 :: Hashing and Password Security hosted by Ahuka

2014-09-17. 00:26:28. Clean.
Understanding password security begins with understanding hashing.

hpr1581 :: Sensible Security: The Schneier Model hosted by Ahuka

2014-08-25. 00:28:18. Clean.
This episode looks at a sensible model of obtaining the right amount of security for your needs.

hpr1557 :: Encrypting E-mail on Android; Importing Keys hosted by Ahuka

2014-07-22. 00:31:05. Clean.
This episode looks at a sensible model of obtaining the right amount of security for your needs.

hpr1529 :: TrueCrypt, Heartbleed, and Lessons Learned hosted by Ahuka

2014-06-12. 00:18:37. Clean.
What is needed to have security in Open Source projects.

hpr1524 :: WASHLUG 20150515 GPG and E-mail hosted by Ahuka

2014-06-05. 01:29:39. Clean.
Using GPG to encrypt or sign e-mail

hpr1500 :: Key Signing hosted by Ahuka

2014-05-02. 00:28:53. Clean.
Ahuka and Tony Bemus discuss key signing and how you build a web of trust.

hpr1498 :: Personal OpenVPN hosted by John Duarte

2014-04-30. 00:38:15. Explicit.
John Duarte talks about setting up OpenVPN

hpr1491 :: Heartbleed hosted by laindir

2014-04-21. 00:21:37. Clean.
A summary of the "Heartbleed" OpenSSL vulnerability

hpr1481 :: Encryption and Gmail hosted by Ahuka

2014-04-07. 00:16:27. Clean.
This looks at how you can use encryption to sign email and to privately secure it in Gmail.

hpr1471 :: Encrypt Your Stuff With Blowfish hosted by sigflup

2014-03-24. 00:05:00. Clean.
@sigflup tells us how to Encrypt Your Stuff With Blowfish with openssl on the command line

hpr1462 :: Encryption and Email with Thunderbird hosted by Ahuka

2014-03-11. 00:23:41. Clean.
Ahuka discusses using Thunderbird and Enigmail to send and receive encrypted email

hpr1461 :: FOSDEM Keysigning Event hosted by Dave Morriss

2014-03-10. 00:24:17. Explicit.
I wanted to get my GPG key signed so I joined the FOSDEM 2014 keysigning event

hpr1459 :: Locational Privacy with retrotech-the lowly pager hosted by deepgeek

2014-03-06. 00:18:58. Explicit.
deepgeek advocates the use of a pager for privacy reasons

hpr1410 :: Generating Keys on the Command Line hosted by Ahuka

2013-12-27. 00:30:55. Clean.
How to generate keys on the command line in Linux using GPG

hpr1390 :: 02 - Encryption Basics hosted by Ahuka

2013-11-29. 00:22:18. Clean.
The fundamentals of encryption and asymmetric public key cryptography

hpr1373 :: 01 - Why Do We Need Privacy, And Isn't It A Waste Of Time Anyway? hosted by Ahuka

2013-11-06. 00:22:23. Clean.
The need for privacy and the practicality of achieving it

hpr128 :: Misunderstanding Privacy Part 2 hosted by Drake Anubis

2008-06-27. 00:08:18. Explicit.
Talking about different ways to define privacy.

hpr123 :: Misunderstanding Privacy Part 1 hosted by Drake Anubis

2008-06-19. 00:19:07. Explicit.
This covers the paper around internet privacy. If we don't have anything to hide, why secure it?