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In-Depth Series: Social Media

  • Number of episodes: 24
  • Open/closed: open
  • Date of earliest show: 2019-09-13
  • Date of latest show: 2023-01-27
  • Series RSS feeds: ogg, spx, mp3
Looking at aspects of Social Media - platforms, histories, popularity, philosophies, etc.

hpr3780 :: Fediverse Update May 2022 hosted by Ahuka

2023-01-27. 00:13:44. Clean.
This episode reports on some updates to the Fediverse that I ran across in May 2022

hpr3760 :: Bookwyrm hosted by Ahuka

2022-12-30. 00:13:45. Clean.
This episode looks at a relatively new but promising alternative to Goodreads that is firmly in the

hpr3380 :: Building a Better Goodreads with ActivityPub hosted by Ahuka

2021-07-16. 00:11:38. Clean.
This episode looks at the popular application Goodreads to see if it can be done better.

hpr3313 :: Zoom Update hosted by ToeJet

2021-04-14. 00:01:42. Explicit.
Scripted Zoom Update with History on Fedora.

hpr3280 :: What We Need For the ActivityPub Network hosted by Ahuka

2021-02-26. 00:17:06. Clean.
This keynote address looks at where federated social media can go if we make it work.

hpr3220 :: PixelFed hosted by Ahuka

2020-12-04. 00:19:43. Clean.
A look at a federated alternative to Instagram.

hpr3200 :: Better Social Media 17 - OcapPub hosted by Ahuka

2020-11-06. 00:18:45. Clean.
How using Object Capabilities within ActivityPub could solve some problems with social media.

hpr3085 :: Architectures of Robust Openness hosted by Ahuka

2020-05-29. 00:19:02. Clean.
A look at how to secure social networks against attack while still being open to strangers.

hpr3075 :: Federated Blogging with WriteFreely hosted by Ahuka

2020-05-15. 00:12:20. Clean.
A look at a minimally social blogging app using ActivityPub.

hpr3065 :: The case for the unattributed message hosted by Ahuka

2020-05-01. 00:16:17. Clean.
Anonymity can cause problems (trolls) but also can be necessary.

hpr3055 :: Advice to new Fediverse administrators and developers hosted by Ahuka

2020-04-17. 00:12:34. Clean.
An experienced admin for a Mastodon Instance at a major Fediverse developer offers some tips

hpr3045 :: OSS compliance with privacy by default and design hosted by Ahuka

2020-04-03. 00:15:51. Clean.
How can Open Source Software manage the mandates of regulations like the GDPR?

hpr3035 :: Decentralised Hashtag Search and Subscription in Federated Social Networks hosted by Ahuka

2020-03-20. 00:11:09. Clean.
ActivityPub Conference 2019, a proposal for how we can use hashtags to find and subscribe to content

hpr3034 :: How to bridge Freenode IRC rooms to hosted by Thaj Sara

2020-03-19. 00:13:06. Clean.
Thaj builds upon a previous episode by Clacke to deep dive into bridging IRC to

hpr3025 :: Keep unwanted messages off the Fediverse hosted by Ahuka

2020-03-06. 00:14:41. Clean.
ActivityPub Conference 2019, techniques for fighting SPAM and unwanted messages in the Fediverse.

hpr3015 :: ActivityPub Conference 2019 - The Semantic Social Network hosted by Ahuka

2020-02-21. 00:07:18. Clean.
ActivityPub Conference 2019, building a Semantic Social Network

hpr3005 :: Is ActivityPub Paving The Way to Web 3.0? hosted by Ahuka

2020-02-07. 00:12:15. Clean.
ActivityPub Conference 2019, a talk about whether ActivityPub is leading the way to Web 3.0

hpr2995 :: ActivityPub Conference 2019 - ActivityPub: past, present, future hosted by Ahuka

2020-01-24. 00:16:01. Clean.
ActivityPub Conference 2019 Keynote

hpr2970 :: The Fediverse hosted by Ahuka

2019-12-20. 00:19:02. Clean.
The Fediverse is the open network of social media platforms

hpr2940 :: Better Social Media 05 - Mastodon hosted by Ahuka

2019-11-08. 00:12:58. Clean.
Mastodon is the federated alternative to Twitter.

hpr2930 :: Better Social Media 04 - Diaspora hosted by Ahuka

2019-10-25. 00:14:46. Clean.
Diaspora was the original alternative platform when it went up against Facebook.

hpr2920 :: Better Social Media 03 - MeWe hosted by Ahuka

2019-10-11. 00:12:09. Clean.
MeWe was advertised as another popular alternative to Google Plus.

hpr2910 :: Better Social Media 02 - Pluspora hosted by Ahuka

2019-09-27. 00:09:42. Clean.
Pluspora was advertised as the federated alternative to Google Plus.

hpr2900 :: Better Social Media 01 - Introduction hosted by Ahuka

2019-09-13. 00:11:51. Clean.
We don't have to use Twitter and Facebook. There are alternatives.