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In-Depth Series: Travel

  • Number of episodes: 10
  • Open/closed: open
  • Date of earliest show: 2022-07-01
  • Date of latest show: 2023-03-10
  • Series RSS feeds: ogg, spx, mp3
This is an open series where our hosts can document their travel experiences

hpr3810 :: Clifton, Arizona hosted by Ahuka

2023-03-10. 00:16:03. Clean.
We move to another Arizona town, Clifton.

hpr3790 :: Tucson, Part 2 hosted by Ahuka

2023-02-10. 00:12:58. Clean.
We continue our month-long stay in Benson, a town just southeast of Tucson.

hpr3770 :: Tucson hosted by Ahuka

2023-01-13. 00:15:08. Clean.
We move to Benson, a town just southeast of Tucson, where we will stay for a month.

hpr3750 :: Southern Arizona hosted by Ahuka

2022-12-16. 00:17:02. Clean.
We move into Southern Arizona, near the Mexican border.

hpr3730 :: Into Arizona hosted by Ahuka

2022-11-18. 00:14:18. Clean.
Hitting our first major stop in Arizona.

hpr3710 :: Changing Plans Again hosted by Ahuka

2022-10-21. 00:21:02. Clean.
One more trip change, then on the road

hpr3690 :: Planning the Trip hosted by Ahuka

2022-09-23. 00:13:37. Clean.
Taking our revised plan to completion

hpr3670 :: Changing Plans hosted by Ahuka

2022-08-26. 00:16:28. Clean.
We look at some potential Covid-19 issues and consider alternatives

hpr3650 :: Major Destinations hosted by Ahuka

2022-07-29. 00:15:10. Clean.
Building a plan around major destinations, and using memberships to get discounted stays.

hpr3630 :: Planning an RV Trip hosted by Ahuka

2022-07-01. 00:19:10. Clean.
Tools and suggestions for planning a long RV trip.