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In-Depth Series: April Fools Shows

  • Number of episodes: 5
  • Open/closed: closed
  • Date of earliest show: 2013-04-01
  • Date of latest show: 2019-04-01
  • Series RSS feeds: ogg, spx, mp3

hpr2781 :: HPR Community News for March 2019 hosted by HPR Volunteers

Released: 2019-04-01. Duration: 00:59:24. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Community News.
HPR Volunteers talk about shows released and comments posted in March 2019

hpr2000 :: How to Point a Satellite Dish hosted by Ken Fallon

Released: 2016-04-01. Duration: 01:05:58. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: procrastination,orbit,satellite,satellite dish.
After 10 years, 3 months, 19 days of Procrastination, Ken finally delivers droops a show

hpr1738 :: Credit Card PIN breach hosted by Various Hosts

Released: 2015-04-01. Duration: 01:27:20. Flag: Clean.
Tags: April fools, credit card pin, security.
We expose a well known but ignored security breach

hpr1477 :: OSI layer 3 hosted by Various Hosts

Released: 2014-04-01. Duration: 00:28:40. Flag: Clean.
Tags: April Fools.
OSI layer 3

hpr1216 :: Digital Data Transfer hosted by Ken Fallon

Released: 2013-04-01. Duration: 00:22:24. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: OSI,ISO/IEC 7498-1,7-layer model.
Digital Data Transfer