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In-Depth Series: Linux Inlaws

  • Number of episodes: 46
  • Open/closed: closed
  • Date of earliest show: 2020-02-13
  • Date of latest show: 2022-01-13
  • Series RSS feeds: ogg, spx, mp3
This is Linux Inlaws, a series on free and open source software, black humour, the revolution and freedom in general (this includes ideas and software) and generally having fun.

hpr3509 :: Linux Inlaws S01E46: The Matrix Project (Without Neo) hosted by monochromec

Released: 2022-01-13. Duration: 01:11:55. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Matrix, Element, federated social network, peer-to-peer communication.
The Matrix Project Without Neo

hpr3492 :: Linux Inlaws S01E44: Pipewire Just another audio server Think again hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-12-21. Duration: 00:52:50. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Linux audio, Pipewire, PulseAudio, Jack, gstreamer, Rubik's Cube, Kefir.
Pipewire - Just another audio server? - Think again!

hpr3479 :: Linux Inlaws S01E49: Version Control Systems and why bother hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-12-02. Duration: 00:56:54. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Version control systems, git, subversion, mercurial, bazaar, how to buy guns as a minor in NL.
Version Control Systems and why bother

hpr3469 :: Linux Inlaws S01E43: The Great Battle or not hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-11-18. Duration: 01:08:58. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: SQL, NoSQL, Grumpy Old Coders, Hipster databases, mainframes, Execution planners.
The Great Battle nor Not

hpr3459 :: Linux Inlaws S01E42: The Open Source Initiative hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-11-04. Duration: 01:13:16. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: OSI, RMS, Open Core, the Cat Internet, Luca, Loki, open source licensing.
The Open Source Initiative

hpr3449 :: Linux Inlaws S01E41: The Halloween Documents hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-10-21. Duration: 01:05:56. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Microsoft, Google, The Dark Side, Halloween, Transylvania, Carmesine-colored Soy Milk, vegan vampire.
The Halloween Documents

hpr3439 :: Linux Inlaws S01E40: The One with the BSDs hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-10-07. Duration: 01:37:14. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Berkeley Software Distribution, library operating systems, Android, Copyleft, BSD License, Usenet.
The other One Operating System to Rule them all

hpr3429 :: Linux Inlaws S01E39: Ubuntu and the Community hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-09-23. Duration: 01:26:47. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Debian, Ubuntu, IBM, mainframes, snaps, Canonical.
All about your favourite Debian spin and IBM mainframes

hpr3419 :: Linux Inlaws S01E38: Tiny kernels hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-09-09. Duration: 01:02:28. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Operating systems, kernels, Usenet wars, Linus Torvalds, Andrew Tanenbaum, Minix, trainspotting.
All you ever wanted to hear and more about micro kernels and other operating system war stories

hpr3409 :: Linux Inlaws S01E37: All about Hacker Public Radio hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-08-26. Duration: 01:35:38. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: HPR, cleaning, janitoring, having a good time, Richard M. Stallman, stats.
An interview with Ken Fallon, Janitor at Hacker Public Radio

hpr3399 :: Linux Inlaws S01E36: Open Source Licenses hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-08-12. Duration: 00:56:01. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Licensing, GNU, BSD, MIT, Taking Lives, MI6, Clarkson's Farm, Open Source Initiative.
The ultimate show on open source licenses or how to fall asleep without chemicals

hpr3388 :: Linux Inlaws S01E35: The Free Software Foundation Europe hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-07-28. Duration: 01:18:15. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: FSFE, FSF, Stallman, Hackathon, Communism, Towel Day.
An interview with Matthias Kirschner, Free Software Foundation Europe

hpr3379 :: Linux Inlaws S01E34: The one with the intelligence hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-07-15. Duration: 00:45:16. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: GPT-3, OpenAI, Elon Musk, Microsoft, Bitcoin, meta-programming.
Part four of the three-part miniseries on deep learning and artificial intelligence

hpr3369 :: Linux Inlaws S01E33: The Return of the Rust hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-07-01. Duration: 01:04:29. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Rust, actix, unsafe code, bulleted lists, pubs, OpenSearch.
A show with Steve Klabnik on corroded metal, hipster programming languages and the analogue world

hpr3359 :: Linux Inlaws S01E32: Politicians and artificial intelligence part 3 hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-06-17. Duration: 00:47:10. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Keras, scitkit-learn, neural networks, Mars, Twix, Limitless, Life.
Part 3 of the miniseries on Deep Learning, politicians and other approaches to intelligence (or not)

hpr3349 :: Linux Inlaws S01E31: Interview with Paul Ramsey FOSS aficionado and entrepreneur hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-06-03. Duration: 01:05:23. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: PostgreSQL,PostGIS.
An interview with Paul Ramsey, FLOSS entrepreneur and OpenGeo fame

hpr3339 :: Linux Inlaws S01E30: Politicians and artificial intelligence part 2 hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-05-20. Duration: 00:57:33. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Policitians, artificial intelligence, deep learning.
Part 2 of the miniseries on Deep Learning, politicians and other approaches to intelligence (or not)

hpr3329 :: Linux Inlaws S01E29: The (one and only) Linux Kernel Contributor Panel hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-05-06. Duration: 01:24:29. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Linux Kernel.
An eclectic panel of Linux contributors discuss technology, anger management and other things

hpr3319 :: Linux Inlaws S01E28: Politicians and artificial intelligence part 1 hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-04-22. Duration: 01:07:03. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Policitians, artificial intelligence, deep learning, convolutions.
Part 1 of a miniseries on AI, ML, DL and other fun

hpr3309 :: Linux Inlaws S01E27: The Big Uncertainties in Life and beyond hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-04-08. Duration: 00:56:57. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Probabilistic data structures,PDS.
The two chaps discuss uncertainties and beyond in this episode on probabilistic data structure

hpr3299 :: Linux Inlaws S01E26: Make your Linux harder hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-03-25. Duration: 00:49:45. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Linux Security Modules, DAC, MAC, AppArmor, SELinux, Plan 9.
Ever wanted to know about AppArmor and SELinux? Then this is your show!

hpr3288 :: Linux Inlaws S01E25: The Grumpy Old Coders hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-03-10. Duration: 01:00:28. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: OAPs, old coders, senior citizens, Bitterfeld, communism.
Our heroes host an episode with an eclectic duo (not Waldorf or Statler)

hpr3279 :: Linux Inlaws S01E24: Legacy programming languages hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-02-25. Duration: 00:54:12. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Programming languages, Legacy, old stuff, new stuff, hipster languages, coffee.
The two chaps discuss why history keeps repeating itself in programming languages and beyond

hpr3269 :: Linux Inlaws S01E23: The first year of the five year plan hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-02-11. Duration: 00:47:35. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: communism, five year plan, world domination, FOSS, Femke.
The Inlaws review the first year: the highlights, lowlights and all the bloody rest

hpr3258 :: Linux Inlaws S01E22: The Linux Professional Institute hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-01-27. Duration: 01:08:49. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Java screw-up, Linux Professional Institute, Zombies, Grumpies.
The chaps host Evan Leibovitch from the LPI

hpr3249 :: Linux Inlaws S01E21: The Big Linux Inlaws Peep Show hosted by monochromec

Released: 2021-01-14. Duration: 00:52:45. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Nudity, tracing, debugging, extended berkeley packet filter, weapons of math destruction.
The two chaps go the full monty and reveal it all

hpr3238 :: Linux Inlaws S01E20: The Xmas and New Year Special hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-12-30. Duration: 01:39:38. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: past, present, future, artificial intelligence, b-sides, ibm, microsoft, you fill in the rest.
An episode on the past, present and future not just on FOSS - all will be explained

hpr3229 :: Linux Inlaws S01E19: Redis hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-12-17. Duration: 01:13:38. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Redis, mermaids, communism, Israel.
Our two chaps interview Itamar Haber of Redis fame

hpr3219 :: Linux Inlaws S01E18: Voice Recognition and Text to Speech hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-12-03. Duration: 01:16:43. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: voice recognition, text to speech, wavenet, tacotron 2, DeepSpeech, Lyrebird.
How to place fake prank calls into podcasts and what does TTS have to do with this

hpr3209 :: Linux Inlaws S01E17: Nextcloud hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-11-19. Duration: 01:09:49. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Nextcloud, PHP, Golang, forking a company, technical debt.
Chat with Frank Karlitschek about Nextcloud and forking your company

hpr3194 :: Linux Inlaws S01E16: The count and the questions hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-10-29. Duration: 01:07:41. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Count, questions, vlad, legends, Halloween.
Linux Inlaws S01E16: This is Linux Inlaws, a series on free and open source software, black humour a

hpr3184 :: Linux Inlaws S01E15: IT Security and stick insects hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-10-15. Duration: 00:56:08. Flag: Clean.
Tags: IT Security, stick insects, Rainbow Escorts, Grumpy Old Coders.
How to secure photos of your stick insect collection and more

hpr3174 :: Linux Inlaws S01E14: The big programming language panel hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-10-01. Duration: 00:52:54. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: C++, Python, Rust, Rainbow Escorts, Halloween.
Our heroes host an eclectic panel of experts discussion C(++), Python and Rust.

hpr3163 :: Linux Inlaws S01E13: The road to communism and freedom hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-09-16. Duration: 01:04:15. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: open source, communism, escort services, freedom, Mach, VMS, accounts.
Our old heroes discuss their legacy and how they arrived at open source software and communism

hpr3138 :: Linux Inlaws S01E12: Reminiscing in FLOSS Weekly hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-08-12. Duration: 01:34:24. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Linux inlaws, communism, free and open source software, FLOSS Weekly, Perl, ship cruises.
An interview with Randal Schwartz of FLOSS Weekly fame

hpr3128 :: Linux Inlaws S01E11 The Python Bumper Part 2 hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-07-29. Duration: 01:07:45. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Python 3.9, Mortgages in New York, Williamsburg, Wirecard, middle-aged blondes.
The chaps continue to shed more light on our beloved programming language

hpr3118 :: Linux Inlaws S01E10 The Python Bumper Part 1 hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-07-15. Duration: 01:30:36. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Python, PEP, Linux, Alia Shawkat, Brad Pitt, Stackless Python.
A discussion of Python questions and their answers (part 1). Plus news on Brad and Alia

hpr3106 :: Linux Inlaws S01E09 Postgres hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-06-29. Duration: 01:04:11. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Postgres, SQL, NoSQL, MINT.
The lads talk to Bruce Momjian Postgres evangelist

hpr3099 :: Linux Inlaws S01E08 The review of the review hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-06-18. Duration: 00:45:41. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Linus, Transmeta, EdgeOS, Arch, Californication, device tree .
In this short episode our two heroes rant about Linus, Transmeta, EdgeOS

hpr3097 :: Linux Inlaws S01E07 The Big Blue Button hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-06-16. Duration: 01:04:55. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: BigBlueButton, GDM, Focal Fossa, Ubuntu.
The lads talk to Fred Dixon, product manager for BigBlueButton.

hpr3079 :: Linux Inlaws S01E06 Porn and Trump hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-05-21. Duration: 01:19:39. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Audacity, KDEnlive, Blender, PwC mishap, The Current War, Better Things, Pamela Adlon.
The lads discuss Audacity, KDEnlive, Blender, PwC, The Current War, Better Things, and Pamela Adlon

hpr3069 :: Linux Inlaws S01E05 Porn and Skynet hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-05-07. Duration: 01:07:09. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: linux inlaws, communism, free and open source software, adult entertainment, skynet.
This is Linux Inlaws, a series on free and open source software, black humour, the revolution

hpr3050 :: Linux Inlaws S01E04 What's in a name hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-04-10. Duration: 01:13:16. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: linux inlaws,communism,free and open source software.
Season 1, Episode 4. The episode where the legacy is revealed

hpr3033 :: Linux Inlaws S01E03 32 Bit Time Travel hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-03-18. Duration: 00:59:03. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: Linux Inlaws, free open source software, revolution, FLOSS.
Linux Inlaws - a podcast on topics around free and open source software

hpr3019 :: Linux Inlaws S01E02 FOSDEM shenanigans hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-02-27. Duration: 01:05:29. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: free open source software, revolution, FLOSS.
Linux Inlaws - a podcast about on topics around free and open source software

hpr3009 :: Linux Inlaws S01E01 hosted by monochromec

Released: 2020-02-13. Duration: 00:59:30. Flag: Explicit.
Tags: free open source software revolution.
Linux Inlaws - a podcast about on topics around free and open source software