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Name: Izzy Leibowitz Handle: BlacKernel


I was born at a very young age and, from there, the rest is history.

It's not a skill set, it's a compultion.

Just your average korn kob on the internet; strangely not using ksh.

System Fetch

Prefered Pronouns: Any (He/She/They/It/Your Majesty/Feared Ruler of the Forbidden Languages/etc)
Prefered Languages: Rust (compuled), Lua (scripting), Fish (shell scripting)
Prefered Shell: fish
Prefered OS: Slackware
Prefered DE: -XFCE- KDE (you guys were right after all)

Other Projects

SCP Foundation: Dr. Izzy Leibowitz

Contact Me

Email: izzyleibowitz at pm dot me Mastodon: at blackernel at nixnet dot social

episodes: 3

hpr3421 :: BlacKernel's Journey Into Technology: Episode 1

Released: 2021-09-13. Duration: 00:16:07. Flag: Clean. Series: general.
Tags: technology, childhood, stories.
Learning about Assembly and Social Engineering before I could read

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