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In-Depth Series

Version Control

This is an open series in which Hacker Public Radio Listeners can share their knowledge and experience of version or revision control systems such as Bazaar, Mercurial, Subversion, CVS and Git.

Foundations of git rebase - klaatu | 2018-06-13

A git rebase is like a git merge done through rose-coloured glasses.

You can see it for yourself by doing this little experiment. Assuming the alice directory is a valid git repository:

$ cd alice
$ echo "foo" >> rebase.episode
$ git add rebase.episode ; git commit -m 'begin rebase episode'
$ git checkout -b monsters

$ git branch
* monsters
$ echo "ghoul" >> ghoul.txt
$ git add ghoul.txt ; git commit -m 'ghoul'
$ git checkout master
$ echo "rogue" >> rogue.txt
$ git add rogue.txt ; git commit -m 'rogue'

$ git checkout monsters
$ echo "dragon" >> dragon.txt
$ git add dragon.txt ; git commit -m 'dragon'

$ git checkout master
$ echo "paladin" >> paladin.txt
$ git add paladin.txt ; git commit -m 'paladin'

You have now emulated a bunch of activity on two separate branches of a git repository. Create a copy of the repo so that you can perform two separate git actions.

$ cd ..
$ cp -r alice alice-merge
$ cp -r alice alice-base

Do an honest merge:

$ cd alice-merge
$ git checkout master
$ git merge monsters

The log shows you an accurate representation what got merged, and how all those changes came to be:

$ git log --oneline
123456 Merged monsters into master
789101 paladin
112131 dragon
415161 rogue
718191 ghoul
7ef217 begin rebase episode

Now perform a rebase.

$ cd ../alice-base
$ git checkout master
$ git rebase monsters

The log displays a different story than what really happened.

123456 Merged monsters into master
8e9122 paladin
21d163 rogue
912a3f dragon
51c098 ghoul
7ef217 begin rebase episode

Better? Worse? YOU DECIDE!

Gitolite - klaatu | 2018-01-08

Gitolite provides an admin a centralised interface, in the form of a configuration file, to make managing users, user permissions, repos, and user and repo groups easy. It abstracts Git users from UNIX users by defining a user by public keys, and manages permissions down to the branch-level. And better yet, it is itself managed over Git.

Proper documentation is available on

Git server and git hooks - klaatu | 2017-12-18

A sample post-receive git hook:


foreach arg ( $< )
  set argv = ( $arg )
  set refname = $1

set branch = `git rev-parse --symbolic --abbrev-ref $refname`
echo $branch

    if ( "$branch" == "master" ) then
      echo "Branch detected: master"
      echo "Do some stuff here."
    else if ( "$branch" == "dev" ) then
      echo "Branch detected: dev"
      echo "Do something else here."
        echo "Do something entirely different here."

git Blobs - klaatu | 2017-11-22

How do you manage large binary blobs, like pictures or video or sounds, when using git?

In this episode, Klaatu explains two popular options:

Thanks to CapsLok at for the sound effect.

Git push to two repositories at once - klaatu | 2016-09-30

  1. Set up your git remotes (‘origin’ and ‘foo’)

  2. Create a new remote (‘all’) entry to encompass the existing targets

  3. Adjust ssh config as needed

  4. git push all HEAD

About git - johanv | 2013-01-17

In this show I talk about the git version control system. I won't give example commands, but I discuss concepts like commits, branches, merging, push and pull, and rebasing. I also talk about the git workflow I use.

I will put some more info on

Git - UTOSC | 2009-03-20

UTOS (Utah Open Source, presentation on GIT

git - klaatu | 2008-11-06

Klaatu talks about how to set up, navigate within, commit, and push with git. This is a beginner level howto that will also help you understand SVN and CVS.

More information about git and similar apps can be found here: git tutorial
CVS, another versioning system

You can also download the ogg version of this episode.