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hpr3607 :: The Best Eggs in the World

2022-05-31. 00:13:19. Clean. Cooking.
Emergency Show: The Best Eggs in the World

hpr1490 :: HPR at NELF 2014 Part1

2014-04-18. 00:24:03. Clean. general.
Conference interviews

hpr1467 :: How to win Find-The-Difference games

2014-03-18. 00:05:58. Clean. general.
pokey is probably better than you at "Find The Difference" games, but he won't be after this

hpr1466 :: Thoughts on GPS

2014-03-17. 00:30:37. Clean. general.
pokey meanders through his thoughts on GPS.

hpr1441 :: Jono Bacon and Stuart Langridge talk with pokey

2014-02-10. 02:10:21. Clean. general.
Jono Bacon @jonobacon and Stuart Langridge @sil talk with pokey about how they think he got it wrong

hpr1371 :: The Lost Banner of HPR

2013-11-04. 00:44:42. Clean. general.
The sad tale of the lost HPR banner, and what to do next

hpr1296 :: Intro to camp fires

2013-07-22. 00:21:03. Clean. general.
How to light and keep a small fire going

hpr1250 :: Interview With YTCracker

2013-05-17. 01:40:46. Clean. Interviews.
Pokey interviews YTCracker

hpr1176 :: Intro to editing the Open Street Map

2013-02-04. 01:02:45. Clean. general.
The OpenStreetMap editor and how to use it

hpr1116 :: Interview with Richard Stallman

2012-11-12. 01:27:52. Clean. Interviews.
Interview with Richard Stallman

hpr1038 :: Interview with George Vlahavas and Andreas Born of the Salix OS project

2012-07-25. 00:44:31. Clean. Interviews.
Interview with George Vlahavas and Andreas Born

hpr1011 :: NELF interview with Robert_Schweikert of Open Suse

2012-06-15. 00:18:42. Clean. Interviews.
Interview with Robert Schweikert at NELF

hpr818 :: Sansa Clip Plus for podcasting

2011-09-20. 00:27:02. Clean. general.
Using a Sansa player as a podcast recorder

hpr725 :: NELF_Review

2011-05-12. 00:36:12. Clean. general.
Pokey reviews the 2011 Northeast Linuxfest

hpr713 :: NELF Interview With Matt Lee and Donald Robertson

2011-04-26. 00:37:20. Clean. Interviews.
Interview with Matt Lee and Donald Robertson of the Free Software Foundation

hpr682 :: NELF & Taxes

2011-03-15. 00:22:56. Clean. general.
Pokey discusses his plans for NELF, and some Linux-friendly tax preparation software

hpr636 :: Kid3-qt

2011-01-10. 00:27:36. Clean. general.
Using Kid3-qt to modify audio metadata, for changing playback order in some media players

hpr630 :: HPR at the Northeast GNU-Linux Fest

2010-12-31. 00:15:25. Clean. general.
Pokey outlines his plans for the Northeast GNU/Linuxfest

hpr625 :: Network Cabling at Resno's House

2010-12-24. 01:06:32. Clean. general.
Standards, equipment and techniques used for cabling your network at home

hpr606 :: Thread_Repair

2010-11-29. 00:39:01. Clean. general.
Practical techniques for repairing threads, and general tips for using screws/bolts

hpr589 :: DownThemAll SongFight and a Song

2010-11-04. 00:17:40. Clean. general.
DownThemAll, a firefox extension for downloading files from a web page

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