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episodes: 17

hpr3268 :: Video Game Review - Ark Survival Evolved

Released: 2021-02-10. Duration: 00:08:52. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: video, game, reviews.
Enigma reviews Ark survival evolved

hpr3253 :: Pandas Intro

Released: 2021-01-20. Duration: 00:20:41. Flag: Clean. Series: A Little Bit of Python.
Tags: python, data analytics, data science.
Enigma introduces one of his favorite python modules pandas

hpr3239 :: New Community Project Proposal

Released: 2020-12-31. Duration: 00:08:36. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: hpr, community_projects, ddp, binrev.
Enigma discusses a project proposal called Hacker exchange

hpr3227 :: Fresh water Aquarium Basics

Released: 2020-12-15. Duration: 00:26:29. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: Aquariums.
Enigma discusses the high level basics of getting into the aquarium hobby

hpr0500 :: 2009 Year in Review

Released: 2010-01-01. Duration: 00:30:08. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.

hpr0385 :: Why Xandros doesn't suck

Released: 2009-06-22. Duration: 00:12:02. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: Netbook OS review.

hpr0263 :: 1 year anniversary special

Released: 2009-01-01. Duration: 00:28:13. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.

hpr0261 :: Force Unleashed

Released: 2008-12-30. Duration: 00:10:33. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: Game Review.

hpr0258 :: Xmas Special

Released: 2008-12-25. Duration: 01:57:45. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.

hpr0200 :: 200th Episode Special

Released: 2008-10-06. Duration: 00:05:20. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: summation,host,compilation.
This episode has a lot of intros from different earlier shows of Hacker public radio.

hpr0178 :: Google Chrome

Released: 2008-09-04. Duration: 00:14:21. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: firefox,release,chrome,features,searchbar,"dynamic tabs",incognito,privacy.
Talking about the current state of Google Chrome and a review of this new release.

hpr0127 :: How to be Nosey on the Interwebz

Released: 2008-06-26. Duration: 00:11:26. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: driftnet,nmap,ettercap,"web traffic",wireshark,summary.
Summary of presentation about how to listen to traffic on the network around you.

hpr0063 :: WebCalendar

Released: 2008-03-27. Duration: 00:09:14. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: "server calendar apps","database tools",servers,RSS.
A show about the WebCalendar tool

hpr0042 :: Zune Review

Released: 2008-02-26. Duration: 00:07:52. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: MP3,"Media Player",Review.
Enigma reviews the Zune mp3 player

hpr0027 :: How to Record a HPR episode

Released: 2008-02-05. Duration: 00:06:03. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: podcast,recording,audacity.
Using Audacity to record an HPR episode

hpr0017 :: Torrentflux

Released: 2008-01-22. Duration: 00:06:43. Flag: Explicit. Series: general.
Tags: torrentflux,torrent,linux,apache,mysql,multi-user,php,server,LAMP,web-based,open-source.
torrentflux is an open-source web-based gui front-end for bit-tornado. Features and install info.

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