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The passing of FiftyOneFifty

It is with deep sadness we announce that another of our hosts and friends Donald Grier, known to us as FiftyOneFifty, has passed away.

FiftyOneFifty's frat brother Randy Hall has written an lovely piece. The team at Linuxlugcast are preparing our own tribute if you want to contribute an audio file you can email Honkeymagoo or join the show.

Our thoughts go out to his friends and family at this difficult time.



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Host ID: 370

I'm Yannick. I'm french, I live in Switzerland. Hence, the french guy from Switzerland !
I'm a geek, a father, a podcaster.
I'm interested in programming, of all sorts, in all kinds of languages.
I like to tinker with basic electronics components, especially LEDs !
I have half a dozen Raspberry Pis, and probably twice that amount of micro controllers of all sorts.
I have many websites :

episodes: 7

hpr2836 :: Interview with Wendy Hill

Released: 2019-06-17. Duration: 00:26:16. Flag: Clean. Series: Interviews.
Tags: opensource, photography, lubuntu, darktable, rapidphotodownloader, displaycal, gimp.
In this episode, Yannick talks with Wendy Hill about her use of opensource software in her job

hpr2831 :: Interview with Robbie Ferguson

Released: 2019-06-10. Duration: 00:39:07. Flag: Clean. Series: Interviews.
Tags: nagios, network, monitoring, opensource, singleboardcomputer, sbc, raspberrypi, odroid.
In this episode, Yannick talks with Robbie Ferguson about the Nagios Enterprise Monitoring System

hpr2811 :: Interview with Alan Pope

Released: 2019-05-13. Duration: 01:29:47. Flag: Clean. Series: Interviews.
Tags: ubuntu, snap, snapcraft, flatpack, linux, appimage, alan pope, popey.
In this episode, Yannick talks with Alan Pope about snaps, snapcraft and all things related

hpr2794 :: Interview with Martin Wimpress

Released: 2019-04-18. Duration: 00:40:12. Flag: Clean. Series: Interviews.
Tags: ubuntu, mate, ubuntu mate, martin wimpress, raspberry pi, desktop environment, linux.
In this episode, Yannick talks with Martin Wimpress about the Ubuntu MATE project

hpr2740 :: Pop!_OS 18.10 (quick) review

Released: 2019-02-01. Duration: 00:07:18. Flag: Clean. Series: general.
Tags: linux,distro,distribution,pop_os,system76,ubuntu.
In this episode, Yannick does a quick review of Pop OS 18.10

hpr2711 :: Raspberry Pi 3A+ Review

Released: 2018-12-24. Duration: 00:05:36. Flag: Clean. Series: general.
Tags: raspberry pi, review.
In this episode of HPR, I will do a quick review of the Raspberry Pi 3A+.

hpr2664 :: My git workflow

Released: 2018-10-18. Duration: 00:08:15. Flag: Clean. Series: Introduction to Git.
Tags: git,github,workflow.
In this episode I talk about the workflow I use to contribute to opensource project using git

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